Nowruz Celebration and Unveiling the Busts for FUM Notable Figures ( Archive )

The traditional and Iranian ceremonies of Nowruz were held at FUM with the presence of Prof. Yahaghi, an academic member and the Head for the Center of Excellence for Ferdowsi and Shahnameh Studies at FUM, Dr. Ghabool, the Head for FUM Ferdowsi Center, and Persian learners from 14 countries across the world at the Ferdowsi Center of FUM.The ceremony began with two of the Chinese students of Persian language giving an introduction on Nowruz in Persian. Also, the youngest Persian learner of the Center from Ukraine recited some poems about Nowruz.Next, Prof. Yahaghi congratulated the advent of the ancient Nowruz to the Persian learners, mentioned some of the advantages of Nowruz over Christmas, held in the winter, and gave a review on the ancient traditions of Nowruz among Iranians, which is a legacy of King Jamshid. He also donated the Ferdowsi timeline to the Ferdowsi Center of FUM.Dr. Ghabool also congratulated Nowruz in advance and extended his welcome as well as giving a briefing on the busts of the FUM figures (in order of time: Ferdowsi, Avicenna, Khayyam, Attar, Molana, Khajehnasir Toosi). He mentioned that one of the advantages of studying at FUM Persian Language Center is learning the language in Khorasan, the cradle for the Iranian Culture and Knowledge.As part of the ceremony, fun competitions were run and video clips on Nowruz were shown for the Persian leaning participants as well as giving Ferdowsi busts as gifts. 

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