Latest Scientific Discovery of Researchers at the FUM Herbarium (FUMH) ( Archive )

FUM Public Relations reports that many years of research of the botanists at FUMH came to fruition at the onset of the new Persian Year, where a new plant specimen was discovered and the existence of another plant was reported for the Iranian flora. 

Linum khorassanicum is a new plant specimen, which has been collected for the first time from the Ghorkhud Reserve and the Aladagh mountains in Northern Khorasan Province and after long and meticulous studies, it was introduced to the world of plant science.

Also, Linum turcomanicum, which was not reported to be in Iran, was discovered and added to the list of Iranian Plants. Novel botanical studies, including morphological methods and DNA sequencing, confirmed the correctness of this discovery, the results of which was published at a recognized international journal. Those interested may refer to the following links for access to the report: 299.2.1

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