Professors and scholars of some Pakistani religious institutes visit the FUM ( Archive )

The professors and scholars of some Pakistani religious institutes met the international administrators of the FUM on Saturday, March 10th. In this meeting, they reviewed the FUM scientific collaborations with these institutes.

Dr. Zeinab Moazzenzadeh, the head of the International Students Office of the FUM, introduced the capabilities of the FUM to attract and provide scientific services to international students. She also described the admission process and the welfare facilities that are present for the non-Iranian students.

Then Dr. Ozra Ghandeharion, the director of Planning and Development of Scientific and International Collaborations Group of the FUM, highlighted the international collaborations and activities of the FUM and discussed the possible areas of collaboration between the FUM and the Pakistani universities.

Dr. Ehsan Gabool, the head of the International Center for Teaching Persian to Non-Persian Speakers of the FUM, introduced this center as one of the most internationally prominent Persian language teaching centers and emphasized on the constructive role of the FUM in promoting the scientific and cultural indices of non-Iranian students.

At the end of the meeting, the Pakistani professors raised their questions and received the FUM international administrators’ answers. Dr. Ghabool donated three courses of modern Persian language teaching along with the bust of Ferdowsi to the library of the Pakistani universities and institutes.

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