Holding of “Translation and Discovery of Franco-Persian Literary Heritage Conference” at the University of Strasbourg, France ( Archive )

Translation and Discovery of the Franco-Persian Literary Heritage Conference was held with presence of Iranian and French academic members and Iranologists at the University of Strasbourg, France, on March 28-29, 2018. 

At the opening ceremonies of this conference, Ms. Jacoberger, Deputy of International Affairs and Head of Oriental Studies at the University of Strasbourg expressed her satisfaction with the signed scientific/academic MOU between the two Universities; by mentioning the significant paragraphs of the said MOU, she noted that promotion of studies and research pertinent to French language and literature in Iran in one hand, and research on Iranology as well as Persian language and literature in Strasbourg were among the main objectives of the MOU.

She pointed out the activities at the Iranology and Persian language and literature department of the University of Strasbourg and announced that the University of Strasbourg supports cooperation between the said department and FUM.  

Prof. Hashemi, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, introduced FUM and its background in his speech, and stressed on the importance of promotion of interdisciplinary and inter-university activities and announced it as part of FUM policies for improving its international status. He noted that joint holding of this conference with the University of Strasbourg was the second significant joint activity with a French university, after the “Comparative Literature of Iran and France” was jointly held with the University of Sorbonne during the previous year.   

Of the 60 submitted papers to the secretariat of the conference, 22 articles were selected. The said articles presented within two days by faculty members from the universities of FUM, Tabriz, Tarbiat Modarres, Tehran, Allameh Tabatabaei, Alzahra, University of Strasbourg, University of Lille III, Oxford University, Sorbonne University, etc. Five papers were presented by FUM faculty members at the Faculty of Letters.  

It should be noted that Iranology research and Persian language and Literature Department at the University of Strasbourg has a 140-year background in teaching Iranology and Persian language and offers programs at associate, bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. levels to students from various countries and it is one of the 26 language departments of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the University of Strasbourg.

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