FUM Signed MOUs with Turkmen National Institute of World Languages, and Turkmen Agricultural University ( Archive )

During the visit of the Iranian President, Dr. Hasan Rohani, to Turkmenistan on April 27-28, 2018, MOUs were signed between FUM and Turkmen National Institute of World Languages and Turkmen Agricultural University.

During an interview with Public Relations of FUM on the signed MOU with Turkmen Officials, Prof. Kafi, FUM President, mentioned the priority of scientific cooperation with neighboring countries, especially Turkmenistan.  

President of FUM continued that geographical proximity with Turkmenistan, cultural and historical ties between Turkmenistan and Khorasan are among the reasons for establishing scientific cooperation between FUM as the biggest university of Eastern Iran and recognized Turkmen universities.

Prof. Kafi introduced Turkmen National Institute of World Languages as one of the recognized and mission-oriented universities of Turkmenistan, which makes expansion of collaborations totally feasible, considering high capabilities and capacities of FUM in agronomy and language teaching 

The high global rank of Agronomy Department of FUM as well existence of several language departments and the Center of Teaching Persian to Non-Persian speakers are capacities of FUM which make it possible to enter the operational phase of the signed MOU’s contents.

During the interview, Dr. Ehsan Ghabool, Head of International Academic Relations Department, asserted: “Based on the contents of the MOU in the area of agronomy, operationalizing the joint research plants, exchange of information, holding joint conference, and running joint academic programs is feasible. As for teaching foreign languages part, exchanging academic and faculty members, cultural and scientific collaborations, and running Persian language programs with Turkmen National Institute of World Languages is possible

He mentioned the capacities and experiences of the International Center for Teaching Persian to Non-Persian speakers in promotion of Persian language abroad and hoped that teaching Persian via FUM is made possible at this institution and other scientific and academic centers of Turkmenistan.

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