Interview with Professor Madjid Mirzavaziri about Arithalnd’s presence in France ( Archive )

Arithland, which is now internationally famous, having more than 21 thousand participants in its 16th anniversary, drew international mathematical society’s attention. Giving speech and holding competition in different countries, Mirzavaziri’s presence in Poland, Brazil and France and inviting outstanding Polish Mathematicians to visit Arithland finals in the past year made Arithland even more famous. Mirzavaziri’s trip to France for presenting Arithland in G-SCOP university of Grenoble convinced us to have an interview with him.

+Although there is no need to introduce Arithland, but let’s start with a short introduction.

-I will give a summary about Arithland. The idea of Arithland competition was first mentioned in one of my story books in 1999. A fictional country with its own currency and rules. Compilation of such a book was a motivation for creating a competition which was later named “Arithland” by students. The first competition was held with only 21 participants but in the last year, we had a total of 21 thousand participants.

+How comes that Arithland has a lot of fans nowadays?

-The point is that all of the mathematics competitions around the world are designed for people who are good at maths. But we know there are really few people who are eligible to compete in those and students’ hate on mathematics has found another reason for decreasing the participants of these competitions. Unlikely, Arithland in designed for students who don’t have a lot of mathematical knowledge, don’t like mathematics or even hate it, which we know are numerous.

+How did Arithland grow worldwide?

-I had a friendly speech in Stanford University for school and university mathematics teachers on February 2014. It was a beginning to inform others about the competition. On the other hand, students who had participated in Arithland and applied to foreign universities, held some competitions which helped Arithland grow internationally.

Also introducing Arithland in AGH university of Krakow in Poland in summer 2017, introducing Arithland and MathBall in UFAL university of Maceió in Alagoas, Brazil in fall 2017 and presenting Arithland in G-SCOP university in Grenoble of France in spring 2018 made the competition internationally famous. Presence of two Polish mathematicians in Arithland final competitions in winter 2018 made it even more credible.

+So Arithland does not need any advertisement, right?

-I completely agree with you. I have never advertised for Arithland because I believe that the best advertiser is the customer himself. If students like Arithland, that I already know they do, they will spread their love. They both advertise for Arithland and tell us the problems about it. This shows how much they really love Arithland and that they don’t want to see any problems in it.

+Do you think that Arithland can present a new method for modern education systems?

-Of course. That’s what I insist on. Not Only I’m sure that it can but I believe that it actually has done already. It has been done with students help and Arithland method.

+It’s my pleasure talking to you and thank you for spending your time with our interview.

-You are very welcome. Thank you for taking your time on Arithland. Arithland is one of my children which has now grown up. Anyone who sees that people are taking their time for his child , gets very happy. Have a nice day.


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