FUM and University of South Florida Signed an MOU ( Archive )

In March 2018, an MOU was signed between the Seismology Center of FUM and University of South Florida.

Upon signing this MOU, Dr. Keivan Hosseini, Head of FUM Seismology Center, announced the main contents of the MOU concerns research on seismological data, especially earthquakes occurring in the vicinity of Mashhad. He introduced the seismology research department of University of South Florida as one of the most advanced international scientific centers, and therefore signing an MOU will lead to recognized joint researches. 

Dr. Ehsan Ghabool, Head of International Academic Relations Department, said that the FUM strategy is establishing relationships with high ranking universities of the world with aim of improving the scientific level of FUM. He hoped that signing this MOU in the field of seismology research is an onset for further scientific cooperation with the University of South Florida. 

It should be noted that University of South Florida is one the leading universities of the world, and the aforementioned MOU was signed between the directors of Seismology Center, directors of international relations department, and vice-presidents of research from both universities. 

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