Advisor Minister to the President of Afghanistan showed his appreciation to President of FUM ( Archive )

During the visit of Prof. Mohammad Kafi to Kabul as President of FUM, Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi, Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor Minister to the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education showed his appreciation to Prof. Kafi for the extensive cultural and scientific cooperation between FUM and University of Kabul and other Afghan universities as well as providing the grounds for the education of Afghan students at FUM.

Head of International Academic Relations Department, Dr. Ehsan Ghabool, expressed the significance of this visit. “Afghanistan is considered as one of the major countries for promotion of scientific relationships as it is a neighboring country having cultural and historical ties with Khorasan. So far, several MOUs have been signed with important universities of Afghanistan, such as University if Kabul, University of Kandahar, Eshragh Higher Education Institute, and University of Harat; the visit of FUM President to Afghanistan will open a new chapter for promotion of relationships especially attraction of Afghan students at FUM.”, he added. 

It should be noted that a delegation headed by the Head of International Academic Relations Department will be sent to Afghanistan for operationalizing the signed MOUs and attraction of Afghan students. 

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