For the first time, FUM was placed on the list of top 500 universities of the world in Leiden Ranking System ( Archive )

According to the last ranking of CWTS Leiden Ranking, FUM is among the top universities of the world in 2018 for the first time.

CWTS Leiden Ranking is a recognized university ranking, which evaluates and ranks major world universities in the world using scientometric criteria. In 2018, world universities were ranked according to 9 criteria within the framework of two general indicators of citation impact and scientific diplomacy (collaboration) in Leiden. These evaluations used the scientific productivity of universities between 2013 and 2016, found in the Web of Science website.

Scientific authority criterion (citation impact) benefits from criteria such as top one percent papers, top five percent papers, top ten percent papers, and top 50 percent papers.

scientific diplomacy criterion uses criteria such as scientific cooperation, international cooperation, industrial cooperation, scientific cooperation within less than 100 km geographical distance, and scientific cooperation within less than 5,000 km geographical distance.

According to this ranking, FUM got promoted from rank 509 in 2017 to rank 478 and has improved its domestic rank from the fourth comprehensive university to the third rank.

It should be noted that in this year’s ranking of this system, 23 Iranian universities were among the top 938 universities of the world, while Turkey, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia had 19, 5, and 4 universities, respectively.

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