FUM was put in charge of promoting Persian language in Syria ( Archive )

By virtue of the letter of Dr. Salaramoli, Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology in International Affair, and Head of International Scientific Cooperation Center of MSRT, FUM was given the task of promotion of Persian language in Syria.

“During the recent visit of Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Humanities and me to Syria during April, where meeting with presidents of Syrian universities, such as President of Damascus University, as well as Iranian Ambassador and Cultural Attaché were held, it was understood that almost empty teaching positions of Persian language and literature and lack of sent professors to Syria from Iran were among the major problems”, said Dr. Ehsan Ghabool, Director of Scientific and International Academic Relations and International Student Affairs of FUM. 

As a result, FUM and the Center for Teaching Persian to Non-Persian Speakers of FUM proposed accepting the responsibility for promotion of Persian Language in Syria, which was welcomed unilaterally by all the parties involved. This and the readiness of FUM was communicated to the Deputy Minister of MSRT, which resulted in appointment of FUM with the task of promotion of Persian language in Syria.

The main achievement is that a university named after the guardian and promoter of Persian language and literature, i.e. Abolghasem Ferdowsi, and the largest center for teaching Persian language in the world, i.e. Ferdowsi Center are involved, which shows they have fulfilled their fundamental mission that is the promotion of Persian language in the world. Additionally, all the financing of the program will be done by MSRT, which will secure three specialized job positions for the alumnus and Ph.D. students of FUM. Finally, it is important to note that presence of FUM in Syria can set the ground for playing future roles in other academic and technology areas in Syria.

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