Meeting of the President of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM) with the President of the University of Istanbul ( Archive )

At the invitation of Prof. Mehmet Ak, President of the University of Istanbul, Prof. Mohammad Kafi, President of FUM, met with his counterpart and visited various departments of the University of Istanbul.

Prof. Kafi, President of FUM, mentioned the high international status of FUM in Iran and emphasized that there are no restrictions as to academic cooperation with the University of Istanbul, such as holding joint PhD programs, engaging in mutual cooperation in training of Persian and Turkish, and joint research plans.

During the meeting the Presidents of the two universities decided that international cooperation directors of the two universities investigate areas of pragmatic cooperation between the two universities and prepare them within the form of a memorandum of understanding acceptable to both parties, which is to be signed during the visit of Prof. Ak to FUM.

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