International Conference on Smart Cities and Internet of Things (SCIoT2018) ( Archive )


The international conference on smart cities and internet of things aims at providing a platform for reputed researchers, scientists, engineers, and technicians from all over the world to present their latest ideas and innovations on smart cities and internet of things.

The conference includes following topics:

  • Case studies of applying the notion of Internet of Things in the domain of smart cities.

  • Predictive modeling based on data collected from different smart city domains, e.g., transportation prediction, parking prediction, energy consumption prediction.

  • Newly developed IoT middleware or applying existing IoT middleware in the domain of smart cities

  • Developing edge processing devices and techniques for managing data collection and distributed computing in smart cities & Developing streaming techniques for the domain of Internet of Things and smart cities

  • User modeling and smart cities, e.g., predicting users’ daily activities including recurring actions and usage of city services and proposing actions to improve user experience and energy saving.

  • Innovative network communication and IoT protocols suited for the domain of smart cities.

  • Social networks and smart cities, e.g., social trends and city related topics, predicting citizen impressions of different aspects of the cities, community input and feedback required area for city improvement.

  • Integrating and analyzing internal (proprietary) data with data collected from the city and developing new market opportunities for the city.

  • Datasets and Evaluation methodologies for predictive modeling in the smart city domain.


Conference paper submissions: July 7, 2018 (formerly July 1, 2018)

Conference paper acceptance notifications: August 20, 2018

Camera-ready papers due: September 5, 2018

Conference: September 26-27, 2018

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