Dr. Rahimi, Vice President for Research of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Visited the Research Centers of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad ( Archive )

Dr. Rahimi, Vice President for Research of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, accompanied by a delegation, visited the research centers of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM) on Thursday, October 15, 2020, and attended a meeting of heads and deputies of the faculties.

Dr. Rahimi in this meeting, stating that FUM has a high position among the country's universities in terms of research, and said: FUM is an intelligent university that has taken the right path and has been completed many programs that have already been prioritized.

The Vice President for Research of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology pointed out the importance of publishing articles in international journals and reminded: The scientific authority of professors and researchers will not be determined until their data are reviewed in an international context

He appreciated the efforts of FUM in creating and strengthening postdoctoral courses and reminded: the postdoctoral regulations will be approved in the coming months as a general regulation that other Iranian universities will act according to these instructions.

He pointed to the initiative of FUM in continuing the research of doctoral graduates and continued: This action of FUM can be introduced as a model for other universities so that doctoral students can upgrade their research projects by using the benefit from the facilities and capacities of the university after graduation.

Dr. Rahimi added: "The admission capacity of doctoral students should be limited, and in return, we should take measures so that doctoral students are not left in the community and we should provide the capacity to attract them in industry and academia."

Referring to the superiority of FUM among the universities in the east of the country, he said: "The impact of universities in their city and region should be a priority for universities, and the mission of FUM is to share its experiences with universities in the region." Gradually, the quality gap and scientific efficiency of the province's universities will be improved.

Before Dr. Rahimi's speech, Prof. Bahrami, Vice President for Research and Technology of FUM, introduced the university's research plan in recent years and said: The Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology operates based on an ecosystem whose values ​​are defined based on world leadership, resilience, and public and social welfare.

He continued: To achieve these values, FUM has prioritized three major activities, including research, innovation, and commercialization, which will result in access to satisfaction for the academic community.

Following this meeting, Prof. Sal Moslehian, Research Director, and Dr. Malekzadeh, Director of Technology Development and Transfer, presented a selection of activities and actions of the relevant unit.

Before the meeting, Dr. Rahimi and the accompanying delegation visited the Sun Air Research Institute, the Robotics Laboratory, and the Advanced Technology Center, which hosted an exhibition of extracurricular projects and growth center companies.

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