Inauguration of Laboratory of Basic and Strategic Sciences of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad ( Archive )

The Laboratory of Basic and Strategic Sciences was inaugurated on December 16 in the presence of Prof. Ahmad Reza Bahrami, Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology, Prof. Hossein Ansari, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, and a group of faculty members.

In this ceremony, Prof. Bahrami, while appreciating the activities carried out in the development of laboratory infrastructure, emphasized the importance of modeling purposeful research to achieve scientific authority with a view to social impact and solving society's problems from a scientific perspective.

Also, Prof. Alireza Salimi, Head of the University Innovation Department and Head of the Basic and Strategic Sciences Laboratory, explained the technical features of this laboratory, which for the first time was designed to be completely flexible and conceptual. This laboratory is conceptually designed to purposefully support projects in the fields of Advanced Material, Biological Science, Computing Science, and Cognitive Science.

The interesting point in this laboratory is the possibility of implementing 5 laboratory maps in the common space so that according to the approved projects and the specialized field, it can be rearranged and can be converted in less than a few hours with the intended infrastructure. Currently, 3 projects in the fields of new catalysts, high-performance surface coatings, and synthesis of favipiravir replacement drugs are being executed in this laboratory and its research teams are engaged in research activities.

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