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The Department of Fishery Sciences started its activities in 2012. Its major aim is to train experts in different branches of fisheries. Regarding the rapid growth of population in Iran and the limited food produced from natural resources, the aquaculture as an important food industry is taken into account in the recent decades. The importance of food production, issues related to food security and people's interest in organic products shifts the society’s attentions to fishery industry as an important civil defense strategies.

The production of farmed fisheries such as fishes (warm water, cold water, cool water), crustaceans (shrimps, prawns, crayfishes, lobsters), clams (oysters), and reptiles (crocodiles) from industrial point of view and ornamental fishes (from the recreational point of view) at one side and the production of foods and food-medicines and even cosmetics (produced from unicellular algae) all have made this educational program a very attractive one. Graduates from our Bachelor’s degree can continue their education in four educational concentrations such as Reproduction and Culture of Aquatic Species, Ecology of Fisheries, Processing of Fishery Products, and Fishing and Aquaculture Exploitation. The concentration in Reproduction and Culture of Fisheries covers topics such as feeding of different fishes and rearing systems using special designs (open, semi-open, and closed circuit). The focus on Aquatic Ecology covers subjects such the study of Aquatic Behaviors, Preservation and Protection of Aquatics as well as establishing a Genetic Bank. More

Head of the Department of Fishery Sciences
Azita_Farashi Azita Farashi
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Science

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