Japanese Ambassador visits Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Japanese Ambassador visits Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

The Ambassador of Japan Ikawa Kazutoshi visited Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM) with a delegation on December 21, 2021. One of the plans of the delegation was to meet with Prof. Mohammad Kafi, President of FUM.

In this meeting, the Ambassador of Japan, while expressing his satisfaction with attending FUM, introduced this university as one of the most experienced and prestigious universities. He referred to the education of ten faculty members of FUM from Japan and expressed hope that by expanding academic relations between the universities of Japan and FUM, the capacity of professors on both sides will be improved.

Referring to the education of more than 1,200 students from Afghanistan and the problems they encounter, Prof. Kafi asked the Japanese government to cooperate in solving some of the problems of dear students from Afghanistan.

Dr. Ehsan Ghabool, Director of International Academic and Scientific Relations and International Student Affairs, first presented a report on the international activities of FUM and then, referring to the history of cooperation between FUM and scientific institutions in Japan, proposed cooperation in the field of cultural tourism for students and professors of Japan with Taftash Union Universities (Tehran, Ferdowsi Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, and Shiraz), cooperation in engineering and technology and study opportunities for professors and students of FUM in prestigious Japanese universities, and implementation of joint research projects based on international grants and grants by Japanese scientific institutions and the exchange of professors and students. He asked the Japanese embassy to facilitate the presence of academic delegations from Japan at FUM.

Following the meeting, the Japanese Ambassador promised to help to improve the situation of students from Afghanistan and provide the necessary conditions for the expansion of scientific diplomacy between FUM and Japanese universities.

After visiting the museum of FUM, the delegation met with the vice-chancellors, management, and international officials of the university and faculties who are graduated from Japan. In this meeting, after introducing the city of Mashhad and the national, regional, and global achievements of FUM, the outlines of the university's cooperation with Japan in the university, faculties, and research institutes were discussed. The most important of them include cooperation in establishing Persian language training centers in Japan, data science hub, renewable energy, and modern energy research centers, seismology, and regional studies of Iran and Japan. Research in the fields of Islamic economics, medicinal plants, scientific and economic cooperation through Iranian free ports, introduction, and use of Japanese research scholarships for the university were other issues discussed at the meeting.

The faculty members from Japan also welcomed the participants in Japanese and presented their views, which were considered by the ambassador and the accompanying delegation. Emphasizing the abundant scientific and research capabilities of FUM, the Ambassador spoke about the development of Japan's cooperation with FUM in line with the proposals made in the meetings.