Regional Conference on Geomorphology (IAG-RCG 2020)

Regional Conference on Geomorphology (IAG-RCG 2020)

The International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG), Regional Conference on Geomorphology (IAG-RCG 2020) will be held on 26-28 October 2020 in Mashhad, IRAN.AG-RCG 2020 will provided the opportunity to visit desert and arid zone landforms in Iran which has more than 85% arid areas. Participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new ideas and challenges for geomorphologists and to discuss desert geomorphology and landscape dynamics in arid zones. The conference intends to promote interaction and networking for young geoscientists, while its field trips will provide an enticing introduction to the many varied landforms of desert geomorphology.

Preliminary Scientific Sessions:

  • Desert Geomorphology

  • Climatic Geomorphology

  • Tectonic Geomorphology

  • Epistemology in Geomorphology

  • Karst Geomorphology

  • Quantitative Geomorphology and Modeling

  • Fluvial Geomorphology

  • Hillslope Processes and Landforms

  • Geomorphology and Landscape Change

  • Urban Geomorphology

  • Quaternary Geomorphology

  • Geoheritage, Geodiversity, and Geoparks

  • Anthropocene, Civilization, and Geoarchaeology

  • Geomorphological Hazards

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