International Congress on Avant-Garde Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in Islamic Countries ( Archive )

The architectural and urban layout of the built environment and the cities are the most prominent manifestations of cultures and civilizations. As impossibility of segregation of sciences with their origins, the lore and knowledge blossomed and flourished in every civilization are often interwoven with their philosophical and religious beliefs.

What is manifested as Islamic architecture and urbanism is a narration of the culture evolved during centuries after presence of Islam in different territories. This architecture and urbanism style is simply a platform for disclosure of a Muslim notion. Hence, it can be said that Islamic architecture and urbanism is a mean to reflect the spiritual thoughts and is an allegory of a mystical culture. There are indexes and principals that after presence of Islam were synchronized with celestial principles and religion. The transforming corpus of the civilizations emanating from this change represents a fresh and innovative manner in the field of architecture and urbanism.

The city and its architectural elements and the principles associated with them, are not excluded from this rule. Islamic buildings and cities are the reflection of Islamic values without considering all the diversities emanating from natural factors; they are rather formed from a unique belief as a way to live and achieve celestial truth. Islamic architectural creation adheres to a set of principles, however, evolves according to the needs of the time and the environment. In Islamic architecture and urbanism, buildings and cities are not prior to citizens; because the formation of Islamic cities is meaningful in the presence of Muslim citizens. When such a balance is disrupted, the city finds merely physical corpus due to conceptual loss. Therefore, in order to revive the authentic Persian-Islamic architecture that has lost its deserving place in creation of built environment, actions are needed. Excessive energy consumption, environmental pollution, loss of spiritual sanctums and feeling of belonging are some examples of what grows from the dark side of ignorance of this issue. All has made us to conduct the international congress of "Eminent Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in the Islamic Countries" in pursuance of the above objectives with cooperation and empathy of the academic community with relevant institutions in the field; this can be a step in the long journey of reviving the Persian-Islamic architecture and urbanism. Also, there is the hope that through the researchers and inquiries of the professors, the students and other enthusiasts to the raised topics, valuable outcomes through the article presentations, posters and lectures would be achieved.

The first requisite of this congress is to express the theoretical foundations of Islamic architecture and urbanism and then to present practical solutions. Hence, in this Congress, through recognition of actual situation of the world and Islamic world, we will try to incorporate this cognition with technologies and beliefs and establish extensive communication in this field. In fact, through incorporation of theory and technology, we try to improve the objectives in cooperation with the relevant delegates. This congress is an appropriate opportunity to interweave sectors of concept and implementation. There is a hope for being able to deliver a proper result after cognition and analysis of the current strategies and guidelines.

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