Presence of Deputy Minister of Health Care of the Republic of Tatarstan at FUM ( Archive )

Dr. Yzotolov, Tatar Deputy Minister of Health Care and accompanying delegation met with Prof. Mohammad Kafi, President of FUM.

Prof. Mohammad Kafi mentioned the visit of the President of Tatarstan to FUM and said:” FUM is serious in its cooperation with the Republic of Tatarstan and your presence at this university makes our willingness stronger.”

President of FUM pointed out the cooperation capacity and potentials of FUM in the field of health and said: “We believe the very word health is a comprehensive umbrella term, which is not limited to bodily health and treatment of diseases. Attention to mental health and social health in addition to bodily health is of great importance.”

Education, psychology, sport sciences, and engineering are the fields for which Prof. Kafi announced the readiness of FUM for cooperation in establishment and development of these fields at the universities of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Dr. Yzotolov also added: “upon arrival in Iran and at FUM, I noticed the greatness of this country and universities.” He mentioned high scientific capability and research facilities as well as the high number of published papers of the faculty members of FUM as significant aspects of FUM.

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