Holding the first thesis defense session in the field of Islamic Studies of an international student (Iraqi) at FUM ( Archive )

First defense thesis defense session of an international student from Iraq enrolled in Master’s degree program of Islamic Studies was held at the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Thoughts of FUM.

At the first defense session of the thesis entitled “ISIS Terrorism in Iraq, Roots, Thoughts, and How to Confront it”, Mr. Ahmad Aziz Abdulsajjad presented the thesis under the supervision of Dr. Gholamreza Raeisian and his thesis advisor, Dr. Hossein Seyyedi. The thesis was judged by Dr. Hamidreza shariatmadari and Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Emamzadeh.

During the second defense session, Mr. Adel Jasim Kadhim presented his thesis entitled “Review of Speeches and Positions of Shiite Marja'iyya in Iraq (With an Emphasis on Interactions of Tribes) under the guidance of his supervisor Dr. Gholamreza Raeisian and his advisor, Dr. Hamidreza Shariatmadari. The dissertation was judged by Dr. Hassan Seyyedi and Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Emamzadeh at the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Thoughts, FUM.

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