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Exercise Physiology

Statistical Analysis In Sports ScienceM.Sc.
Advanced Sport NutritionPh.D
Advanced Biology Statistics In The Sport SciencesM.Sc.
Advanced Cardiovascular Exercise PhysiologyPh.D
Advanced ComputerM.Sc.
Advanced Corrective ExerrcisesM.Sc.
Advanced Exercise BiochemistryPh.D
Advanced Exercise PhysiologyM.Sc.
Advanced Field And Laboratory Testing TechniquesM.Sc.
Advanced Human Physiology Special For Physical ActivityM.Sc.
Advanced Laboratory TechniquesM.Sc.
Advanced Laboratrory And Field TechniquesM.Sc.
Advanced Metabolism Adjustment In Sport PerformancesM.Sc.
Advanced Methodology Of TrainingM.Sc.
Advanced Methods Of Programming And Implementing Health Promotion ProgramsM.Sc.
Advanced Neuromuscular Exercise PhysiologyPh.D
Advanced Paraplegic SportM.Sc.
Advanced Physiological Assessment Skills Of AthleteM.Sc.
Advanced Physiology Of The Central Nervous SystemsM.Sc.
Advanced Planning For Strength And EnduranceM.Sc.
Advanced Programming For Strength And EnduranceM.Sc.
Advanced Research Method In Exercise PhysiologyPh.D
Advanced Research Methods And Statistics Of Exercise PhysiologyPh.D
Advanced Sport Injuries RehabilitationM.Sc.
Advanced Sport NutritionM.Sc.
Advanced Statistic Methods In Exercise PhysiologyPh.D
Advanced Topics In Sport PhysiologyM.Sc.
Applied Exercise Physiology LaboratoryPh.D
Biological Aspects Of Public HealthM.Sc.
Biomechanic And Orthopedic Consideration In Exercise TrainingsM.Sc.
Biostatistics Special For Physical ActivityM.Sc.
Cardiovascular Adaptations To ExercisePh.D
Cellular Adaptation To Physical ActivityPh.D
Conceptualization, Implementation And Evaluation Of HealthM.Sc.
Conditioning For Athletic FieldsM.Sc.
Conditioning For Specific SportsM.Sc.
Contemporay Problems In Corrective ExegesisM.Sc.
Corrective Exercises LabroratoryM.Sc.
Drug Use And Abused In SportM.Sc.
Drugs And Supplements In Sports And ExercisePh.D
Envionment Stress To Physiology To Physical ActivityM.Sc.
Environmental Stress In Exercise And Physical ActivityM.Sc.
Epidemiology Of Physical Activity And HealthM.Sc.
Epidemiology, Research And PracticeM.Sc.
Exercise , Immunological Disorders & CancerPh.D
Exercise And Cardiovascular Respiratory DisordersPh.D
Exercise And Metabolic DisordersPh.D
Exercise And Neuromuscular DisordersPh.D
Exercise Cellular & Molecular LaboratoryPh.D
Exercise Physiology And Performance DevelopmentM.Sc.
Exercise Physiology In Special PopulationPh.D
Exercise Training And Environmental StressPh.D
Fatigue And ExercisePh.D
Genetics And ExercisePh.D
Hormonal Adaption To ExercisePh.D
Hormonal Function And Physical ActivityPh.D
Immune Responses To Physical ActivityPh.D
Immunological Adaptation To ExercisePh.D
Introduction To Assessment And Planning Physical ActivityM.Sc.
Laboratory For Exercise PhysiologyM.Sc.
Laboratory Methods Of Biochemistry And Exercise MetabolismPh.D
Laboratory Techniques In Exercise And Physical ActivityM.Sc.
Metabolic Adaption To ExercisePh.D
Metabolic Aspects Of Physical ActivityPh.D
Metabolic Disorders And Physical ActivityPh.D
Metabolism Of Exercise And Physical ActivityM.Sc.
Molecular & Cellular Adaptation To ExercisePh.D
Monitoring Skills For The Athlete's HealthM.Sc.
Neuromuscular Adaptations To ExercisePh.D
Nutrition And Weight Control For HealthM.Sc.
Nutrtion & Weight Control Special HealthM.Sc.
Pathokinsiology Of The Neuromuscular SystemM.Sc.
Physical Activity And General Health InternshipM.Sc.
Physical Activity And Prevention Of Chronic Diseases And DisabilitiesM.Sc.
Physical Activity And Prevention Of Chronic Diseases And DysfunctionsM.Sc.
Physiological And Metabolic Adaptation To Exercise TrainingM.Sc.
Physiology Of Physical Activity ,women And Elderly And Specific PeopleM.Sc.
Physiology Of Physical Activity And HealthM.Sc.
Physiology Of Physical Activity In Children And AdolescentsM.Sc.
Physiology Of Physical Activity In Women, The Elderly And Special PeopleM.Sc.
Practical Skills For Applied Exercise Physiology (internship)M.Sc.
Principles Of Designing And Planning Physical ActivityM.Sc.
Principles Of Clinical Skills In Exercise PhysiologyM.Sc.
Principles Of Planning In Exercise And Physical ActivityM.Sc.
Principles Of Training ScienceM.Sc.
Programming Basics Of Corrective ExercisesM.Sc.
Psychological Aspects Of Physical ActivityM.Sc.
Psychology Of Physical Activity And ExerciseM.Sc.
Research Method In Exercise PhysiologyM.Sc.
Research Methodology For The Sport ScienesM.Sc.
Research Seminar In Exercise TrainingM.Sc.
Research Seminar Of Physical Activity And HealthM.Sc.
Respiratory Adaptations To ExercisePh.D
Seminar In Corrective ExercisesM.Sc.
Seminar Of Biochemistry And Exercise MetabolismPh.D
Seminar On Exercise PhysiologyPh.D
Special LanguageM.Sc.
Special Topic In Professional SportM.Sc.
Specializied Foreign LanguageM.Sc.
Sport ErgonomicsM.Sc.
Supervised StudyPh.D
Test Prescription And Supervision Of Physical FitnessM.Sc.
Testing, Prescribing And Monitoring Of Physical FitnessM.Sc.
Use And Abuse Of DrugsM.Sc.
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Accounting Information SystemM.Sc.
Accounting Information SystemsM.Sc.
Accounting SystemsM.Sc.
Accounting Text In English - IiiB.Sc.
Accounting Text In English - IvB.Sc.
Accounting Texts In EnglishM.Sc.
Accounting TheoriesM.Sc.
Accounting TheoryM.Sc.
Accounting Theory IM.Sc.
Accounting Theory IiM.Sc.
Acorporate GovernanceM.Sc.
Advanced Accounting - IB.Sc.
Advanced Accounting - IiB.Sc.
Advanced AuditingM.Sc.
Advanced Corporate FinancePh.D
Advanced EconometricsPh.D
Advanced EnglishM.Sc.
Advanced Financial EconometricsPh.D
Advanced Governmental AccountingM.Sc.
Advanced Management Accounting: A Strategic ApproachM.Sc.
Advanced Micro And Microeconomic TheoriesPh.D
Advanced Operations ResarchM.Sc.
Advanced Organizational Behavior In AuditingM.Sc.
Advanced Research MethodsM.Sc.
Advanced Research Methods In AuditingM.Sc.
Advanced Statistical Analysis For Quantitative And Qualitative ResearchPh.D
Advanced Strategic ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced Theories In Financial AccountingPh.D
Application Laws And Regulation Finance Banking And Commercial In AuditingM.Sc.
Application Laws And Regulations Finance, Banking And Commercial In AuditingM.Sc.
Auditing - IB.Sc.
Auditing - IiB.Sc.
Auditing 1M.Sc.
Auditing 2M.Sc.
Auditing TheoriesM.Sc.
Business Mathematics And StatisticsPh.D
Case Stady In AccountingM.Sc.
Computer Applications In Accounting And Decision MakingPh.D
Contemporary Issues In Management Accounting (empirical Researches)M.Sc.
Corporate Finance With A Strategic ApproachM.Sc.
Cost Accounting - IiiB.Sc.
Cost Accounting - IB.Sc.
Cost Accounting - IiB.Sc.
Cost Control And Management AccountingPh.D
Current Issues In AccountingB.Sc.
Current Research In AccountingPh.D
Development And Contemporary Researches In AccountingPh.D
Development Of Ideas And Thoughts Of AccountingPh.D
Development Of Thoughts And Ideas Of AccountingPh.D
Economic Systems And TheoriesPh.D
Economics PrinciplesM.Sc.
Empirical Accounting ResearchPh.D
Ethics And Social ResponsibilityPh.D
Experimental Research In AccountingPh.D
Finance And Investment DecisionsM.Sc.
Financial Decision MakingM.Sc.
Financial Investment DecisionsM.Sc.
Financial Management (ii)M.Sc.
Financial Management - IiB.Sc.
Financial Management -iB.Sc.
Financial Reporting Conceptual Fram WorkM.Sc.
Finintermediate Accounting (i)M.Sc.
Governmental Auditing And AccountingB.Sc.
Human Relations And Management TheoriesPh.D
Integrated Managerial Accounting Information SystemsM.Sc.
Intermediate Accounting - IB.Sc.
Intermediate Accounting - IiB.Sc.
Intermediate Accounting 1M.Sc.
Intermediate Accounting 2M.Sc.
Internal Audit And Internal ControlM.Sc.
Internal AuditM.Sc.
International Accounting StandardsM.Sc.
It AuditingM.Sc.
Logic And MethodologyM.Sc.
Management AccountingM.Sc.
Management And Performance Evaluation Systems And ToolsM.Sc.
Management EconomicsM.Sc.
Mathematical Applications In ManagementB.Sc.
Money , Exchange And BankingB.Sc.
Operation Research -iB.Sc.
Operation Research -iiB.Sc.
Operational AuditingM.Sc.
Ph.d. ThesisPh.D
Philosophy Of Science And Research MethodPh.D
Planning And Economical DevelopmentB.Sc.
Practical Issues In Auditing (audit Project )M.Sc.
Practical Issues In Auditing (audit Project)M.Sc.
Principles And Application Of Computer In ManagementB.Sc.
Principles Of Accounting - IB.Sc.
Principles Of Accounting - IiB.Sc.
Principles Of Accounting - IiiB.Sc.
Principles Of Economics -iB.Sc.
Principles Of Economics -iiB.Sc.
Principles Of Islamic AuditingM.Sc.
Project Management Control And EvaluationM.Sc.
Public FinanceB.Sc.
Public PsychologyB.Sc.
Public Sector AccountingM.Sc.
Public Sector Accounting: Theories Of Developments And ResearchPh.D
Qualitative Research In Accounting And AuditingPh.D
Research And Internal Control And RiskPh.D
Research In Decision Making And Judgment In Accounting And AuditingPh.D
Research Methodology And WritingPh.D
Research Methods In ManagementB.Sc.
Risk Management Systems And ToolsM.Sc.
Securities Management And In VestmentPh.D
Seminar On Financial DerivativesPh.D
Special Case Stadies In AccountingM.Sc.
Tax AccountingB.Sc.
Teaching And Learning In AccountingPh.D
The Audit Of Specific ItemsM.Sc.
The Audit Of Specific Items (case Study)M.Sc.
The Principles Of Governmental Planning And BudgetingB.Sc.
Theories And Research AuditsPh.D
Theories And Research In Management AccountingPh.D
Theories Of Finance And InvestmentPh.D

Agricultural Economics

Analysis Of Agricalfurel PoliciesPh.D
Application Of Statistics In Agrichltural EconomicsB.Sc.
Aadvanced Price AnalysisM.Sc.
Accounting Principles In The Agrichltural UnitsB.Sc.
Advance Agriicultudal Productione EconomicsPh.D
Advance MacroeconomicsPh.D
Advanced Agricultural ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced Application Of Mathematical Programming In AgriculturePh.D
Advanced Economic Develepmentsl AgriculturePh.D
Advanced Envionment EconomicPh.D
Advanced Agricultural PolicyPh.D
Advanced Agricultural Production EconomicPh.D
Advanced Applied EconometricsPh.D
Advanced Denand Analysis Of Agricultural ProductsPh.D
Advanced International Trade In Agricultural ProductsPh.D
Advanced Management Of Agricultural UnitsPh.D
Advanced Marketing Of Agricultural ProductsPh.D
Advanced MicroeconomicPh.D
Advanced Natural Resources EconomicPh.D
Advanced Natural Resources EconomicM.Sc.
Agricalture And Natural Resources LowB.Sc.
Agricultural Crop InsurarceB.Sc.
Agricultural Policy And DevelopmentM.Sc.
Agricultural Risk ManagementM.Sc.
Agricultural Commodities ExchangeM.Sc.
Agricultural Cooperative EconomicsM.Sc.
Agricultural Decision AnalysisPh.D
Agricultural Development In Third WorldPh.D
Agricultural Entrepreneurship EcosystemB.Sc.
Agricultural Extention And EducationB.Sc.
Agricultural Extention And Education PrincipleB.Sc.
Agricultural FinanceM.Sc.
Agricultural Irrigation And ClimatologyB.Sc.
Agricultural Marketing ProductisB.Sc.
Agricultural PoliciesM.Sc.
Agricultural PolicyB.Sc.
Agricultural Production Activities MangementM.Sc.
Agricultural Production PlanningM.Sc.
Agriculture BusinessB.Sc.
Agro-ecotourism EconomicsM.Sc.
Analysis Of Agricultural PoliciesB.Sc.
Analysis Of Agricultural Products PricesPh.D
Analysis Of Food Security PoliciesM.Sc.
Application Econometries Inagricultural EconomicsPh.D
Application Of Computer In Agricultural EconomicB.Sc.
Application Of Data Mining In Agricultural Decision MakingM.Sc.
Application Of Econometrics In AgricultureB.Sc.
Application Of Game Theory In AgricultureM.Sc.
Application Of Mathematical Programers In Farm ManagementPh.D
Application Of Mathematical Programing In Agriculture And Natural ResourcesB.Sc.
Application Of Mathematical Programming In AgricultureM.Sc.
Application Of Statistical Methods In Agricultural EconomicsM.Sc.
Appliction Of Econometrics In AgricultureM.Sc.
Applied Agricultural ManagementB.Sc.
Applocation Of Linear Programming In AgricultureM.Sc.
Basic Agricultural BusinessB.Sc.
Complementary Economics Evaluation Of Agricultural And Natural ResourcesM.Sc.
Complementary Agricultural Economics DevelepmentM.Sc.
Complementary Agricultural PoliciesM.Sc.
Complementary Agricultural Production EconomicsM.Sc.
Complementary Agricultural Sustainble Develepments And Natural EconomicsM.Sc.
Complementary Econometrics - IM.Sc.
Complementary Econometrics - IiM.Sc.
Complementary Envionmental EconomicsM.Sc.
Complementary MacroeconomicsM.Sc.
Complementary Management Of Agricultural UnitsM.Sc.
Complementary Matematical EconomicsM.Sc.
Complementary MicroeconomicsM.Sc.
Econometrics - IM.Sc.
Econometrics - IiM.Sc.
Economic And Mangements Of Natural ResourcesB.Sc.
Economic Development Of AgricultureB.Sc.
Economic Of Agrinltural CooperativesB.Sc.
Economic Text To English LanguageB.Sc.
Economics Devlopment And Sustainable Devlopment Of In AgricultB.Sc.
Economics Of Agricultural Development And PolicyB.Sc.
Economics Of Agricultural ProductionB.Sc.
Economics Of Agroecology DevelopmentB.Sc.
Economics Of Forest . Pasture And FishingB.Sc.
Economics Of IranB.Sc.
English Agricultural Economics TextM.Sc.
English Agricultural Economics TextsB.Sc.
Environmental EconomicsB.Sc.
Environmental Economics And SustainabilityB.Sc.
Evaluating Of Agricultural PlansB.Sc.
Farm AccountingB.Sc.
Farm And Livestock MangementsB.Sc.
Farm ManagementB.Sc.
Financial Markets And Agricultural ContractsB.Sc.
Financing AgricultureM.Sc.
Financing In AgricultureM.Sc.
Food Retail Marketing ManagementM.Sc.
General Horticulture (lab)B.Sc.
Intermediate Agricultural Supply Chain ManagementM.Sc.
Intermediate Agriculture Decision Making AnalysisM.Sc.
Intermediate Analysis Of Agricultural And Natural Resource PoliciesM.Sc.
Intermediate Analysis Of Agricultural Products PricesM.Sc.
Intermediate Application Of Econometrics In AgricultureM.Sc.
Intermediate Application Of Mathematical Programing In AgricultureM.Sc.
Intermediate Computational EconomicsM.Sc.
Intermediate International Trade Of Agricultural Products And FoodsM.Sc.
International Marketing Of Agricultural Products And FoodsM.Sc.
International Trade Of Agricultural ProductsB.Sc.
Internnational Markteting Of Agriculturalof ProductsM.Sc.
Iran's EconomyB.Sc.
Knowledge Of Natural Resources And EnvironmentB.Sc.
Labour Economic In The AgrcultureB.Sc.
Limited Deperdent Variables EconometricsPh.D
Macro Economic - IB.Sc.
Macro Economics -iiB.Sc.
Macro Economics -iiiM.Sc.
Management Of Agricultural UnitsB.Sc.
Management Pest And Disease Of PlantsB.Sc.
Marketing Of Agricultural Products And Nathral ResourcesB.Sc.
Marketing Of Agricultural Products And FoodsB.Sc.
Markteting And Supply Chain Of Agriculturalof ProductsM.Sc.
Mathematical EconomicB.Sc.
Mathematical Programming Application In Agriculture And In NaturalB.Sc.
Methods Of Self-employmentB.Sc.
Micro Economic - IB.Sc.
Micro Economics - IiiM.Sc.
Modern Topicsin MicticcoutomiesPh.D
Natural Resource EconomicB.Sc.
Natural Resources Economics 1B.Sc.
Natural Resources Economics 2B.Sc.
Operation ResearchM.Sc.
Preparation Economics Evaluating Of In Agricultural And NaturalB.Sc.
Preparing Of Agricultural Business PlanB.Sc.
Price Economics Of Agricultural ProductsM.Sc.
Principles Of Agricultural Extension And EducationB.Sc.
Principles Of Agricultural InsurarceB.Sc.
Principles Of Cooperative EconomicsB.Sc.
Probability And Statistics - IiB.Sc.
Problems Of Irans Agricultural EconomicsB.Sc.
Processing And Keeping Of Agricultural ProductsB.Sc.
Research Methodology In Agroecology EconomicsB.Sc.
Research Methods In Agricultural EconomicsB.Sc.
Rural And Agricultural Development StrategiesM.Sc.
Special Language Agricultural EconomicsM.Sc.
Special ProblemB.Sc.
Time Series EconometricsM.Sc.
Trade In Agricultural ProductsB.Sc.
Trade Of Agricultural Products And FoodsB.Sc.
Training 1B.Sc.
Training 2B.Sc.
Traning - IB.Sc.
Traning - IiB.Sc.
Water And Land Ecoonomics OfB.Sc.

Animal Sciences

Aadvanced Statistical MethodsPh.D
Advanced Animal Breeding IiM.Sc.
Advanced Animal Breeding IiiPh.D
Advanced Animal BiochemistryM.Sc.
Advanced Animal BreedingM.Sc.
Advanced Animal Breeding IM.Sc.
Advanced Animal NutnitionM.Sc.
Advanced Animal NutritionM.Sc.
Advanced BiochemistryM.Sc.
Advanced BiostatisticsM.Sc.
Advanced Carbohydrates On LipidsPh.D
Advanced CarboydratesPh.D
Advanced English LanguageM.Sc.
Advanced Experiments Lab. DesignPh.D
Advanced Molecular GeneticsPh.D
Advanced Nutition Fats And CarbonhydratesPh.D
Advanced Nutition Protein And Amino AcidsPh.D
Advanced NutritionM.Sc.
Advanced Nutrition (fats And Carbohydrates)Ph.D
Advanced Nutrition (minerals)Ph.D
Advanced Nutrition (protein And Amino Acids)Ph.D
Advanced PhysiologyM.Sc.
Advanced Physiology ReproductionM.Sc.
Advanced Reproductive Physiology1M.Sc.
Advanceds Perspective In Animal And Poultry GeneticsPh.D
Advannced PhysiologyM.Sc.
Advannced Physiology - IiM.Sc.
Agricultural Field TrainingB.Sc.
Amino Auds And Proteins In Ruminant And Non-ruminent HutritionPh.D
Anatomy & Physiology And Animal BreedingB.Sc.
Anatomy & Physiology Of Dmeotion Animal LabB.Sc.
Animal Anatomy And PhysiologyB.Sc.
Animal Anatomyand PhysiologyB.Sc.
Animal BiotechnologyPh.D
Animal BreedingB.Sc.
Animal Breeding _iiB.Sc.
Animal Breeding - IB.Sc.
Animal Gastrointestinal MicrobiologyPh.D
Animal GeneticB.Sc.
Animal GeneticsB.Sc.
Animal Housing And EquipmentB.Sc.
Animal HygeneB.Sc.
Animal Nutrition - Lab WorkB.Sc.
Animal Nutrition -iB.Sc.
Animal Nutrition -iiB.Sc.
Animal Nutrition -iiiB.Sc.
Animal Products And ProcessingB.Sc.
Animal Products ProcessingB.Sc.
Animal Reproduction PhysiologyB.Sc.
Animal Reproduction TechnialeB.Sc.
Animal Yarn And SkintechnologyB.Sc.
Application Of Biotechnology In Animal And Poultry SciencesM.Sc.
Application Of Statistics In Genomics EvaluationPh.D
Applied Animal BreedingB.Sc.
Avian PhysiologyM.Sc.
Basics Of ImmunologyM.Sc.
Beef Cattle ProductionB.Sc.
Behavior And Stress In Farm AnimalsB.Sc.
Biochemistry -iB.Sc.
Biochemistry -iiB.Sc.
Bioenergetic In UntritionPh.D
Bioenergetics In Poultry NutritionPh.D
Biotechnology HusbandaryM.Sc.
Broiler ProductionB.Sc.
By-production In Animal And Pouttry NutritionB.Sc.
Calf And Heifer ProductionB.Sc.
Carbohydrat And Fots In Ruminant And Non-raminantnutrrtionPh.D
Carbohydrates And Lipids Nutrition In PoultryPh.D
Dairy Cattle NutritionB.Sc.
Dairy Cattle PrinciplesB.Sc.
Deases In Animal And PoultryB.Sc.
Digestion And Metabolism In AnimalM.Sc.
Digestion And Metabolism In PoultryM.Sc.
Digestire Tract PhilosophyPh.D
Digestive Tract PhysiologyPh.D
Doctoral-level Thesis ResearchPh.D
Domestic Animal BehaviorB.Sc.
Economy & MarketingB.Sc.
Enviromental Stress On LivestockB.Sc.
Enzymology In Animal NutritionPh.D
Estimation Of Variance ComponentsPh.D
Estimation Of Variance CoponentsPh.D
Evaluation And Judging Of Farms AnimalsB.Sc.
Evaluation Of Animal And Poultry ProductsB.Sc.
Experimental Desigain AnimalB.Sc.
Experimental Design In Agricalture -iB.Sc.
Experimental Design In Animal SciencePh.D
Experimental Designs In Animal ScienceB.Sc.
Farm MabagementB.Sc.
Fats And Carbohydrates In Animal NutritionPh.D
Fats And Carbohydrates In Poultry NutritionPh.D
Feed AdditivesPh.D
Feed And FeedingB.Sc.
Feed TechnologyB.Sc.
Fish ProductionB.Sc.
Fundamental Of BioinformaticsM.Sc.
Gastrointestinal Microbiology Of PoultryPh.D
General AgronomyB.Sc.
General ChemisteryB.Sc.
General GrchemistryB.Sc.
General MathB.Sc.
General MecrobeologyB.Sc.
Gheep Goat PrinciplesB.Sc.
Goat ProductionB.Sc.
Growth PhysidogyPh.D
Growth PhysiologyM.Sc.
Honey Bees PrinciplesB.Sc.
Hormone And EndocrinologyM.Sc.
Horse PrinciplesB.Sc.
Horse RaisingB.Sc.
How To ResearchM.Sc.
Identification And Processing Of FeedstuffsB.Sc.
Incubatian And Hatching ManagementB.Sc.
Internship In Animal ScienceB.Sc.
Introduction To Application Of Laboratory EquipmentsM.Sc.
Introduction To Molecular Technologies In Animal ScienceB.Sc.
Lab NutritionB.Sc.
Laying Hens ProductionB.Sc.
Linear Modeles And Their Application In Genetic Improvement Of Farm AnimalsPh.D
Linear Models And Its Application In Animal BreedingM.Sc.
Linear Models In Genetic EvaluationM.Sc.
Livestock And Poultry Sanitation& DiseasesB.Sc.
Livestock Animal Housing And EquipmentsB.Sc.
Management And AccountingB.Sc.
Management Of Animal ScienceB.Sc.
Metabolic DisordersPh.D
Metabolic Disorders In AnimalPh.D
Metabolic Disorders In PoultryPh.D
Minerals In Ruminant And Non-ruminant HutritionPh.D
Molecular Genetics And Genetic EngineeringM.Sc.
Molecular Genetics And Gentic EngineeringM.Sc.
Molecular TechniquesM.Sc.
New Topics In Poultry And Animal BreedingPh.D
Non-ruminant Nidritional PhysiologyPh.D
Nutrition Proteins In PoultryPh.D
Nutritional GenomicsPh.D
Organic Animal ProductionB.Sc.
Parent And Broilerbrader ProductionB.Sc.
Physiology Of Digestive Tract In PoultryPh.D
Physiology Of ReproductionB.Sc.
Popnlation GeneticM.Sc.
Poultry House And EquipmentsB.Sc.
Poultry Housing And EquipmentB.Sc.
Poultry NutritionB.Sc.
Poultry Principles IB.Sc.
Poutry PrinciplesB.Sc.
Practical Repreduction PhysiologyB.Sc.
Principle Of Preservasion And Processing Of Agricaltural ProductsB.Sc.
Principles Of Anatomy And PhysiologyB.Sc.
Principles Of Animal BreedingB.Sc.
Principles Of Animal HusbandryB.Sc.
Principles Of Animal HygenB.Sc.
Principles Of Animal NutritionB.Sc.
Principles Of Animal NvtvitionB.Sc.
Principles Of ImmunologyB.Sc.
Principles Of Ration FormulationB.Sc.
Principles Of Statistics And Its Application In Animal ScienceB.Sc.
Protein And Amino Acids In Animal NutritionPh.D
Protein And Amino Acids In Poultry NutritionPh.D
Raising Companion AnimalB.Sc.
Range LandB.Sc.
Ration FormulationB.Sc.
Reproduction PhysiologyB.Sc.
Ruminant And Poultry DiseasesB.Sc.
Ruminant Digetive Tract MicroboligyPh.D
Ruminant NutritionM.Sc.
Ruminant Nutritional PhysiologyPh.D
Safty And Lab WorksM.Sc.
Seminar -iiPh.D
Seminar IM.Sc.
Sheep And Goat PrinciplesB.Sc.
Sheep ProductionB.Sc.
Silk Worm PrinciplesB.Sc.
Special Topic In Animal ScienceB.Sc.
Special Topics In Animal ScienelB.Sc.
Speiaf Topics In Ruminant And Non-ruminant HutritionPh.D
Statistical Design In Animal ScienceB.Sc.
Statistical Methods In BioinformaticsPh.D
Sustainable AgricultureB.Sc.
Turky And Avian ProductionB.Sc.
Vilamins In Rumnant And Non-rumint HutrionPh.D
Vitamins And MineralsM.Sc.
Vitamins And Minerals In Animal NutritionM.Sc.
Vitamins And Minerals In Poultry NutritionM.Sc.
Wool And Skin TechnologyB.Sc.

Arabic Language And Literature

: Hadith Texts And Nahju L BalaghahB.Sc.
(methods Of) WritingM.Sc.
A Survey Of Arabic Literature History From The Beginning Until Modern EraM.Sc.
Abbasid Poetry Texts (1)B.Sc.
Abbasid Poetry Texts (2)B.Sc.
Abbasid Prose Texts (1)B.Sc.
Abbasid Prose Texts (2)B.Sc.
Acquaintance With InterpretationB.Sc.
Acquaintance With Tourism IndustryB.Sc.
An Introduction And Analysis Of Modern Islamic LiteraturePh.D
Analysis And Criticism Of Arabic Poetry From The Pre-islamic Period To The End OPh.D
Analysis And Criticism Of Contemporary Literary And Narrative ProsePh.D
Analysis And Criticism Of Contemporary PoetryPh.D
Analysis And Criticism Of Prose From The Jahili Period To The End Of The MamlukPh.D
Analysis Of Arabic Accents (based On Iraqi Accent)M.Sc.
And Prose Texts Since Pre-islamic Epoch Until End Of Umayyad EpochB.Sc.
And Translation Of Quranic Commentary Texts ReadingsB.Sc.
Andulusian LiteratureB.Sc.
Andulusian Verse And Prose TextsB.Sc.
Application Of New Technologies In TranslationM.Sc.
Approaches To Contemporary Arabic LinguisticsPh.D
Arabic And Prose Texts In Iran Form Its Early Days To The Fall Of BaghdadB.Sc.
Arabic DialectologyM.Sc.
Arabic Literary Texts In EnglishB.Sc.
Arabic News Papers And MagazinesB.Sc.
Arabic Newspapers And MagazinesB.Sc.
Arabic Poetry From Itsunitl Umayyeds PeriodM.Sc.
Arabic Poetry In Abbasid PeriodsM.Sc.
Arabic Prose From Itsunitl Umayyeds PeriodM.Sc.
Arabic Prose In Abbasid PeriodsM.Sc.
Arabic Rhetoric And ProsodyM.Sc.
Arabic Verse And Prose Texts In Iran Form The Fall Of BaghdadB.Sc.
Audioisual TranslationM.Sc.
Commentary Texts On Holy QuranPh.D
Comparative LiteratureB.Sc.
Comparative Literature StudiesPh.D
Comprative LiteratureB.Sc.
Contemporary Arabic Resistance LiteratureB.Sc.
Contemporary Fictional IiteratureB.Sc.
Contemporary Poetry TextsB.Sc.
Contemporary Prose TextsB.Sc.
Conversation 1B.Sc.
Conversation 2B.Sc.
Conversation 3B.Sc.
Conversation 4B.Sc.
Conversation 5, Iraqi And Syrian AccentB.Sc.
Conversation Part - IB.Sc.
Conversation Part - IiB.Sc.
Conversation Part - IiiB.Sc.
Craticism If TranslatedM.Sc.
Criticism Of Translated Fictional MasterpiecesM.Sc.
Eloquency Saiences Part IiB.Sc.
English For Specific Purposes Part - IB.Sc.
English For Specific Purposes Part IiB.Sc.
English For Students Of ArabicB.Sc.
Examining Approaches In The Analysis Of Religious TextsPh.D
Figues Of Speech And Rhetoric TextsPh.D
Flogurnry Sciences Part - IB.Sc.
Grammar Execises Part - IB.Sc.
Grammar Exercies - IiB.Sc.
Grammar Part - IB.Sc.
Grammar Part - IiB.Sc.
Grammar Syntax Part - IB.Sc.
Grammar Syntax Part - IiB.Sc.
Grammatical IssuesM.Sc.
History Of Abbasid Literature 1B.Sc.
History Of Abbasid Literature 2B.Sc.
History Of Andalusian LiteratureB.Sc.
History Of Arabic Literature In Period Of Mamluki And UthmanyB.Sc.
History Of Modern Literature After The Second World WarB.Sc.
History Of Modern Literature To The Second World WarB.Sc.
Inflection Of Quran And Nahju L BalaghahB.Sc.
Interpretation (i) (arabic To Persian)M.Sc.
Interpretation (ii) (persian To Arabic)M.Sc.
Issues Arabic LinguisticsM.Sc.
Jurnalism And SummarizingB.Sc.
Language LaboratoryM.Sc.
Language Laboratory (1)B.Sc.
Language Laboratory (2)B.Sc.
Language Laboratory Part - IB.Sc.
Language Laboratory Part - IiB.Sc.
Language Laboratory Part - IiiB.Sc.
Literary CriticismB.Sc.
Literary Criticism And Literary Criticisms SchoolsM.Sc.
Literary Criticism And Critical SchoolsPh.D
Literary History Form The Abbassides Era To The Fall Of BaghdadM.Sc.
Literary History From Pre - Islamic Era To The End Of Umayyeds EraM.Sc.
Literary History From Pre Islamic Era To The End Of Umayyeds EraB.Sc.
Literary History From The Dayhdad To The Modern EraB.Sc.
Literary History Of The First Abbasids EraB.Sc.
Literary History Prom Fall Of Baghdad To Modern EraM.Sc.
Literary History Prom Pre Islamic Era To The End Of Umayyeds SecondB.Sc.
Literary SchoolsB.Sc.
Literary Studies In EnglishPh.D
Maghrib And Andalusia LiteratureM.Sc.
Mamluki And Uthmany Poetry TextsB.Sc.
Mamluki And Uthmany Prose TextsB.Sc.
Methods And Techniques Of TeachingB.Sc.
Modern Literary CriticismPh.D
Modern Literary History Part - IB.Sc.
Modern Literary History Part - IiB.Sc.
Modern Literary TextsM.Sc.
Modern Revse And Prose Texts Part - IiB.Sc.
Modern Revse And Prosetexts Part - IB.Sc.
Modern Verse And Pinsc TrytsPh.D
Modern Verse And Prose TextsM.Sc.
Morphological And Syntactic StudiesPh.D
Morphology 3B.Sc.
Morphology In TranslationM.Sc.
Mystica LiteratureM.Sc.
Mystical TextsB.Sc.
Mythological LiteratureB.Sc.
Poetry To The Modern EraM.Sc.
Political And Committed Literature Of Ahlul Bayt (pbuh)B.Sc.
Political Literature - Literature Of The Blessed FamilyB.Sc.
Political Literature IslamB.Sc.
Principles Of TranslationB.Sc.
Prose To The Modern EraM.Sc.
Prosody And RhymB.Sc.
Prosody And RhymesB.Sc.
Reading The Gemmrnlary Text On Holy QuranB.Sc.
Reading The Mystic TextsB.Sc.
Reading Translation AndB.Sc.
Rerearch Methodology And SeminarM.Sc.
Rerearch Methodology And Seminar Of The Scientific Issues Related To CourseM.Sc.
Research In Arabic Rhetoric And ProsodyPh.D
Research In Grammatical IssuesPh.D
Research Methodology And Article WritingM.Sc.
Research Methodology And ReferenceB.Sc.
Research Methodology And The Study Of SourcesB.Sc.
Research Methods And Article WritingM.Sc.
Researches In History Of Arabic LiteraturePh.D
Review And Analysis Of Translated Famous WorkM.Sc.
Review And Analysis Of Translations Of Religious Texts (quran, Nahj) Al-balaghaM.Sc.
Review And Criticism Of Poetry And Prose Texts Of The Fatimid, Ottoman And AndalPh.D
Rhetoric (albadia)B.Sc.
Rhetoric (almaani)B.Sc.
Rhetoric And Figares Of SpeechM.Sc.
Rhetorical TranslationM.Sc.
Scientific - Islamic Texts Part - IM.Sc.
Scientific Texts Logic Mysticism And Kalaam ( Speech )Ph.D
Seminars Lectures And Writing Papers In ArabicPh.D
Shiites Educational TextsB.Sc.
Simultanenous Interpretation IM.Sc.
Simultaneous Interpretation(arabic Into Farsi) (2)M.Sc.
Specialized English Language TextM.Sc.
Studies In Classic And Modern RhetoricPh.D
Syntactics 1B.Sc.
Syntactics 2B.Sc.
Syntactics 3B.Sc.
Syntactics 4B.Sc.
Teaching MethodsM.Sc.
Texts Of TraditionB.Sc.
The Literary Interpretations Of The QuranM.Sc.
The Study Of Literary And Historical Texts In EnglishPh.D
Thesis 1Ph.D
Thesis 2Ph.D
Translating Contemporary Literary TextsM.Sc.
Translating Farsi Into Arabic IM.Sc.
Translating Farsi Into Arabic IiM.Sc.
Translating Journalistic TextsM.Sc.
Translating Specialized TextsM.Sc.
Translation Form Arabic Into Persian AndB.Sc.
Translation From Arabic To PersianB.Sc.
Translation From Persian To ArabicB.Sc.
Translation History, Methodologies, Principles And TheoriessM.Sc.
Translation Of Literary Texts (i), Advanced; (arabic To Persian)M.Sc.
Translation Of Literary Texts Advanced (ii) (persian Into Arabi)M.Sc.
Translation Of Official Correspondence And Legal DocumentsM.Sc.
Translation Of Prose TextesM.Sc.
Translation Of Specialized Political, Economic, Historical Texts (i),M.Sc.
Translation Of Specialized Political, Economic, Historical Texts (ii), AdvancedM.Sc.
Translation Of Verse Textes+M.Sc.
Translation Skills In Educational-research-cultural FieldM.Sc.
Translation Skills In Medical AffairsM.Sc.
Translation Skills In The Field Of SportM.Sc.
Translation Skills In Tourism AffairsM.Sc.
Translation WorkshopM.Sc.
Vers And Prose Texts From Abbasides Era To The Fall Of BaghdadM.Sc.
Vers And Prose Texts From The Fall Of Baghdad To Modern EraB.Sc.
Verse And Prose Of The First Abbassides EraB.Sc.
Verse And Prose Of The First Abbassides SecondB.Sc.
Verse And Prose Texts From Pre - Islamic Era To The End Of Umayyeds EraB.Sc.
Verse And Prose Texts Of Pre-islamic And Umayyeds ErasPh.D
Verseand Prose Texts Of The Abbassides Era And The Fall PeriodPh.D
Women LiteratureM.Sc.
Writing 1B.Sc.
Writing 2B.Sc.
Writing 3B.Sc.
Writing Papers And LecturesM.Sc.
Writing Part IB.Sc.
Writing Part IiB.Sc.
Writing Part IiiB.Sc.

Audio Visual Technology

Acquaintance Water ColourB.Sc.
Anahysis And Critic Of Graphic DesignsB.Sc.
Animation Studio - IiB.Sc.
Animation Studio -iB.Sc.
Art History IB.Sc.
Calligraphy And Typography - IB.Sc.
Calligraphy And Typography - IiB.Sc.
Calligraphy And Typography - IvB.Sc.
Calligraphy And Typography -iiiB.Sc.
Colour Photography StudioB.Sc.
Comprehensive Practical Project Of Graphic DesignB.Sc.
Final Project And ThesisB.Sc.
Graphic Workshop Level I - IB.Sc.
Graphic Workshop Level I - IiB.Sc.
Graphic Workshop Level Ii - IB.Sc.
Graphic Workshop Level Ii - IiB.Sc.
Graphic Workshop Level Iii - IB.Sc.
Graphic Workshop Level Iii - IiB.Sc.
History Of WritingB.Sc.
Illustration Techniques Studio Level I - IB.Sc.
Illustration Techniques Studio Level I - IiB.Sc.
Illustration WorkshopB.Sc.
Introduce/to Iradetion's ArtB.Sc.
Introduction To Contenpravy ArtsB.Sc.
Manual Printing Studio - IiB.Sc.
Manual Printing Studio - IiiB.Sc.
Mechanical PrintsB.Sc.
Printing StudioB.Sc.
Specialize Photography Studio - IiB.Sc.
Specialize,photography Studio - IB.Sc.
Specialized Using ComputerB.Sc.
Wisdom Of Islamic ArtB.Sc.
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Basical Sciences

Laboratory Animals BreedingM.Sc.
Research Methods In Life SciencesM.Sc.
Applied Anatomy Of Domestic And LaboratoryPh.D
Avian HistologyM.Sc.
Advanced EmbriologyPh.D
Advanced Histology -iPh.D
Advanced Histology -iiPh.D
Advanced Research MehodologyPh.D
Anatomy And Histology Field PracticeB.Sc.
Apiculture And Bee Diseases
Applied AnatomyPh.D
Aquatic HistologyM.Sc.
Aquatic ToxicologyM.Sc.
Avian HistologyPh.D
Basic AnatomyM.Sc.
Behavior PhysiologyPh.D
Bio ToxinM.Sc.
Biochemistry - I
Biochemistry And Toxicology Field PracticeB.Sc.
Biochemistry Of CancerM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of Enzmes And Their Veterinary ApplicatioinM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of Enzymes And Their Velerinary ApplicationM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of Hormones In VeterinaryM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of Membrane And TransportM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of NutritionM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of TissuesM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of Veterinary And Minerals And Their Application In VeterinaryM.Sc.
Biology ( Cellular And Molecular)M.Sc.
Biology And Application Of Stem CellsPh.D
Body Fluid And Electrolyte Balance And Renal PhysiologyM.Sc.
Body Fluids And Renal PhilosophyM.Sc.
Body Fluids And Renal PhysiologyM.Sc.
Breeding Laboratory AnimalsM.Sc.
Cardiovascular PhysiologyPh.D
Cardiovascular PhysiologyM.Sc.
Castrointestinal PhysiologyM.Sc.
Cell And Molecular BiologyM.Sc.
Cell CultureM.Sc.
Cell HistologyM.Sc.
Cellular PhysiologyM.Sc.
Cellular And Molecular PhysiologyPh.D
Clinical BiochemistryM.Sc.
Clinical Pathology Field PracticeB.Sc.
Clinical ToxicologyM.Sc.
Comparative (special) HistologyPh.D
Comparative AnatomyM.Sc.
Comparative Anatomy - I
Comparative Anatomy - Ii
Comparative Biochemistry Of HormonesM.Sc.
Comparative HistologyM.Sc.
Comparative Histology (1)Ph.D
Comparative Histology (2)Ph.D
Comparative Metabolism Of Three ConstituentsM.Sc.
Complementary Topics In Physiology (i)Ph.D
Complementary Topics In Physiology (ii)Ph.D
Computer Modelling Of Toxic PhenomenaM.Sc.
Digestive PhysiologyPh.D
Electron MicroscopeM.Sc.
Electron Microscope And Microstructural TissueM.Sc.
Electron Microscope And Tissue MicrostructuresM.Sc.
Electronmicroscopy Operating ProceduresPh.D
Endocrine PhysiologyM.Sc.
Endocrine PhysiologyPh.D
English For Special Purposes - Ii
English For Student Of Veterinary I
Environmental And Industrial PollutantsM.Sc.
Environmental ToxicologyM.Sc.
Experimental AnimalsM.Sc.
Experimental Physiology 1M.Sc.
Experimental Physiology 2M.Sc.
Fish Culture And Propagation
Food Animal Production And Health
Food-related ToxinsM.Sc.
Gastrointestinal PhysiologyPh.D
General HistologyM.Sc.
General HistologyM.Sc.
General Ichtyology
General ImmunologyM.Sc.
General PathologyM.Sc.
General Zoology
Histological Techniques And Fundamentals Of HistochemistryPh.D
Histology - I
Histology - Ii
Histology And Health StandardsM.Sc.
Histology Of Digestive System And Respiratory SystemM.Sc.
Histology Of Lymphatic System, Skin And Endocrine GlandsM.Sc.
Histology Of Urogenital StstemM.Sc.
Histotechnique And HistochemistryM.Sc.
Immunoassay Methods In ToxicologyM.Sc.
Instrumental Analysis In ToxicologyM.Sc.
Internship In Laboratory Diagnostic CenterM.Sc.
Laboratory Amimal HusbandryM.Sc.
Laboratory Management And SafetyM.Sc.
Laboratory MethodsPh.D
Laboratory Methods And Application Of Lab DevicesM.Sc.
Laboratory Methods And Work With DevicesM.Sc.
Laboratory Models And Toxicity TestsM.Sc.
Laboratory Practices 1M.Sc.
Laboratory Practices 2M.Sc.
Laboratory Practices 3M.Sc.
Livestock And Poultry Feed Analysis Field PracticeB.Sc.
Medical Physics
Membrane Biochemistry And TransportM.Sc.
Metabolism Of Three Major Constituents In AnimalsM.Sc.
Methodology And BiostatisticsM.Sc.
Molecular Diagnosis TechniquesM.Sc.
Molecular HiologyM.Sc.
Nutritional BiochemistryM.Sc.
Occupational ToxicologyM.Sc.
Pathology ToxicologyM.Sc.
Pharmaceutical ToxicologyM.Sc.
Pharmacological ToxicologyM.Sc.
Pharmacology - I
Pharmacology - Ii
Physical Chemistry PrinciplesM.Sc.
Physiology - I
Physiology 1Ph.D
Physiology 2Ph.D
Physiology Ii
Poultry Production And Health
Principles Of Animal Breeding And Genetics
Principles Of Feed & Food ToxicityM.Sc.
Principles Of ToxicologyM.Sc.
Quality Control And Laboratory ManagementM.Sc.
Radioisotopes ApplicattionM.Sc.
Regulatory ToxicologyM.Sc.
Renal PhysiologyPh.D
Reproductive And Endocrine PhysiologyPh.D
Reproductive PhysiologyM.Sc.
Reproductive TechniquesPh.D
Reproductive TechnologyM.Sc.
Research Method And Statistic In Life SciencesM.Sc.
Research Method In ToxicologyM.Sc.
Research Methodology In Biological Basic SciencesPh.D
Research Methods In ToxicologyM.Sc.
Research Poject -iPh.D
Research Poject -iiiPh.D
Research Poject -ivPh.D
Research Project - IM.Sc.
Research Project - IiM.Sc.
Research Project -iPh.D
Research Project -iiPh.D
Research Project -iiiPh.D
Researeh Procedures
Respiratory PhysiologyM.Sc.
Special Livestock Feeds And Nutrition
Special Poultry Feeds And Nutrition
Special Subjects In HistologyM.Sc.
Special Subjects Of HistologyM.Sc.
Specific LanguageM.Sc.
Statistics And Rwsearch MethodologyPh.D
Thesis - Iii
Thesis - ViPh.D
Thesis (1)Ph.D
Thesis (2)Ph.D
Thesis (3)Ph.D
Tissue Engineering And Clinical ApplicationM.Sc.
Tissue Engineering And Its Clinical ApplicationsM.Sc.
Toxic PlantM.Sc.
Toxicity TestsM.Sc.
Toxicology Of Emerging CompoundM.Sc.
Toxicology Of MetalsM.Sc.
Toxicology Of PesticidesM.Sc.
Veterinary Basic AnatomyM.Sc.
Veterinary History And Regulotion


Advanced ImmunologyM.Sc.
Advanced Industrial MicrobiologyM.Sc.
Absorptuh And Tronsport Of MatericlsM.Sc.
Advanced Animal BiosytematicsM.Sc.
Advanced BacteriologyM.Sc.
Advanced BioinformaticsPh.D
Advanced Cell BiologyM.Sc.
Advanced CytochemistryPh.D
Advanced EndocrinologyM.Sc.
Advanced English - IM.Sc.
Advanced English - IiM.Sc.
Advanced Growth And Development Of PlantsM.Sc.
Advanced Molecular Biology 1M.Sc.
Advanced Molecular Biology 2M.Sc.
Advanced Molecular Biology Of EukaryotesPh.D
Advanced Molecular Biology Of ProkaryotesPh.D
Advanced MycologyM.Sc.
Advanced Plant Cytology And AnatomyM.Sc.
Advanced Plant EcophysiologyM.Sc.
Advanced Plant Growth And DevelopmentM.Sc.
Advanced Plant MetabolismPh.D
Advanced Plant SystematicsM.Sc.
Advanced Population GeneticsM.Sc.
Advanced Statistic And Data Analysis In BiologyM.Sc.
Advanced Statistics And Probibility In BiologyM.Sc.
Advanced VirologyM.Sc.
Advaneced Genetic EngineeringPh.D
Alellochemy In PlantsPh.D
Analytical And Comparative PhylogenyPh.D
Analytical BiogeographyPh.D
Analytical PhylogenyPh.D
Animal BehaviourB.Sc.
Animal BiologyB.Sc.
Animal Biology Lab.B.Sc.
Animal BiosystematicsM.Sc.
Animal Cell And Tissue CultureM.Sc.
Animal Cell And Tissue Culture LabM.Sc.
Animal Contemporary ClassificationPh.D
Animal EcologyB.Sc.
Animal EmbryologyB.Sc.
Animal Embryology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Animal GeographyM.Sc.
Animal HistologyB.Sc.
Animal Histology Lab.B.Sc.
Animal PhysiologyB.Sc.
Animal Physiology Lab.B.Sc.
Animal Physiology - IB.Sc.
Animal Physiology - I Lab.B.Sc.
Animal Physiology - IiB.Sc.
Animal Physiology - Ii Lab.B.Sc.
Animal Physiology - IiiB.Sc.
Animal Structure And DiversityB.Sc.
Animal Structure And Diversity LaboratoryB.Sc.
Antibiotics And Mechanism Of ActionM.Sc.
Antibiotics And Mode Of ActionsM.Sc.
Applied Plant EcologyPh.D
Applied MicrobiologyB.Sc.
Applied Microbiology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Applied ZoologyB.Sc.
Aquatic Ecology And AquacultureB.Sc.
Aquatic Plant EcologyPh.D
Aquatic PlantsB.Sc.
Bachelor ProjectB.Sc.
Bacterial Toxins And Mechanism Of ActionM.Sc.
Basic ComputrM.Sc.
Basic Genetics LaboratoryB.Sc.
Bidogy Of Animal Parasites .lab.B.Sc.
Bio DiversityM.Sc.
Bio-fuels And Bio-mining BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Biochemistry .lab.B.Sc.
Biochemistry IB.Sc.
Biochemistry I Lab.B.Sc.
Biochemistry IiB.Sc.
Biochemistry Ii Lab.B.Sc.
Biochemistry Of Vitamins And HormonesB.Sc.
Biodiversity And ConservationB.Sc.
Biodiversity And SpeciationM.Sc.
Bioenvivo Mental HealthM.Sc.
Bioethics And SafetyB.Sc.
Biological RhythmsPh.D
Biological ToolsM.Sc.
Biology Of Animal ParasitesB.Sc.
Biology Of InsectsB.Sc.
Biophysics Of The CellM.Sc.
Bioseparation PrinciplesM.Sc.
Biostatistics - BiometryB.Sc.
Biotechnology And Genetic EngineeringPh.D
Biotechnology Of Fermentation ProcessesM.Sc.
Biotechnology Of FungiM.Sc.
Biotechnology Of ProteinM.Sc.
Bsc ThesisB.Sc.
Calculus IiB.Sc.
Calculus IB.Sc.
Cancer BiologyM.Sc.
Cell And Molecalar PhysiologyB.Sc.
Cell And Molecular Specialized TextsB.Sc.
Cell And Tissue CulturePh.D
Cell Membrane PhysiologyM.Sc.
Cell PhysiologyB.Sc.
Cell Receptors And Signaling
Celll ReceptorsPh.D
Cellular And Molecular Biology Of CancerPh.D
Cellular And Molecular ImmunologyPh.D
Cellular And Molecular Mechanism Of CancerM.Sc.
Cellular And Molecular Mechanisms Of DevelopmentM.Sc.
Cellular And Molecular NeurobiologyPh.D
Cellular BiologyB.Sc.
Cellular Biology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Cellular Biology Of EukaryotesPh.D
Central Nervous System Physiology - Cns PhysiologyM.Sc.
Chemistry - IB.Sc.
Chemistry - I Lab.B.Sc.
Chemistry - IiB.Sc.
Chemistry - Ii Lab.B.Sc.
Classification Of MicroorganismsM.Sc.
Cognitive Neuroscience 1Ph.D
Cognitive Neuroscience 2
Comparative Anatomy Of The VertebratesM.Sc.
Comparative Animal PhysiologyB.Sc.
Comparative EmbryologyM.Sc.
Comparative Embryology Animals - LabM.Sc.
Comparative Embryology Of AnimalsM.Sc.
Comparative Histolgy And Cell Biology Of PbntsM.Sc.
Comparative Neurophysiology
Complementary BiotechnologyPh.D
Computer Application In BiologyB.Sc.
Compwtr Application In Biologicas SciencesM.Sc.
Contemporary Animal ClassificationsPh.D
Developemental Biology Of PlantsM.Sc.
Developmental BiologyB.Sc.
Developmental Biology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Developmental Biology Of AnimalsM.Sc.
Developmental GenticsM.Sc.
Dna Structure And ReplicationM.Sc.
Ecology .lab.B.Sc.
Ecology Of Plant AdaptationsPh.D
Ecosystems Of IranPh.D
Electro PhysiologyPh.D
Electrolytes And Ph Regulation MechanismPh.D
Electron MicroscopyM.Sc.
Embryology Lab.B.Sc.
Embryology And Embryogenesis In PlantsPh.D
Enfomology Lab.B.Sc.
English For Animal BiologyB.Sc.
English For Plant BiologyB.Sc.
Entrepreneurship In BiologyB.Sc.
Environmental BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Environmental MicrobiologyB.Sc.
Eommunity EcologyPh.D
Epigenetic In Biology And MedicinePh.D
Ethnobotany And Economic BotanyB.Sc.
Eukaryotic Cellular Biology IPh.D
Eukaryotic Cellular Biology IiPh.D
Expression Rgulation Of GenesM.Sc.
Field Methods In Biosystematic StudiesPh.D
Field Study In BotanyM.Sc.
Flora Of IranM.Sc.
Flora Of Iran LaboratoryM.Sc.
Food BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Foodl BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Foundation Of BiologyB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of BiologyB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Organic ChemistryB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Organic Chemistry LaboratoryB.Sc.
General Chemistry LaboratoryB.Sc.
General MathematicsB.Sc.
General MicrobiologyB.Sc.
General Microbiology LabB.Sc.
General Physics IB.Sc.
Genetic EngineeringM.Sc.
Genetics .lab.B.Sc.
Genetics Engineering Of EukaryotesM.Sc.
Genetics Engineering Of ProkaryotesM.Sc.
Genetics IB.Sc.
Genetics I LabB.Sc.
Genetics IiB.Sc.
Genetics Ii LabB.Sc.
Genetics Of EukaryotesM.Sc.
Genetics Of ProkaryotesM.Sc.
Growth AnalysisM.Sc.
Halophytes Of IranPh.D
Halophytes PhysiologyM.Sc.
Histology LaboratoryB.Sc.
History And Philosophy Of BiologyB.Sc.
Histotechnique And HistochemistvyB.Sc.
Human GeneticsB.Sc.
Immunology - LabB.Sc.
Insect BiologyM.Sc.
Introduction To Developmental BiologyB.Sc.
Introduction To Plant PhysiologyB.Sc.
Invertebrate ZoologyB.Sc.
Invertebrate Zoology LabratoryB.Sc.
Lab Methods In Biosystematic StudiesPh.D
Laboratory Of Biochemistry-metabolismB.Sc.
Laboratory Skills In BiologyB.Sc.
Limnology - Fresh Water EcologyB.Sc.
Marine MicrobiologyM.Sc.
Marinr MicrobiologyM.Sc.
Material And Methods In Animal BiologyB.Sc.
Mechanisms Of Hormones FunctionsM.Sc.
Medern Techniques In NeurphysiologyM.Sc.
Medicinal PlantsB.Sc.
Medicinal Plants LaboratoryB.Sc.
Medicinal Poisonus PlantsB.Sc.
Metabolism Biochemistry OfB.Sc.
Metabolism In Cell And Tissue CultureM.Sc.
Methodological Basic In Animal BiosystematicsM.Sc.
Methods In Animal BiologyB.Sc.
Methods In BiosystematicsPh.D
Methods In BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Methods In MicrobiologyM.Sc.
Microbial BiologyB.Sc.
Microbial Biology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Microbial EcologyM.Sc.
Microbial ToxinsM.Sc.
Microbiol EpiedmiologyM.Sc.
Microbiol PhysiologyM.Sc.
Microbiol EcologyM.Sc.
Microbiol BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Microbiology IB.Sc.
Microbiology I Lab.B.Sc.
Microbiology IiB.Sc.
Microbiology Ii LabB.Sc.
Microbiology Of Fuel And EnergyM.Sc.
Microbiology Of Waste ManagementM.Sc.
Mineral NutritionM.Sc.
Mineral Nutrition Of PlantsM.Sc.
Mining And Fuel BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Modeling In Plant EcologyPh.D
Modern GeneticsB.Sc.
Modern Subjects In BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Modern TaxonomyM.Sc.
Molecuar And Cellalar Mechanisms In Plant Growth And DevelopmentM.Sc.
Molecular And Cellular BiologyB.Sc.
Molecular And Cellular Biology .lab.B.Sc.
Molecular And Cellular Biology Lab.B.Sc.
Molecular BiologyB.Sc.
Molecular Biology 1B.Sc.
Molecular Biology 2B.Sc.
Molecular Biology And EvolutionM.Sc.
Molecular Biosystematics Of PopulationsPh.D
Molecular BiotechnologyPh.D
Molecular Cell Biology IB.Sc.
Molecular Cell Biology I LaboratoryB.Sc.
Molecular Cell Biology IiB.Sc.
Molecular Cell Biology IiiB.Sc.
Molecular EcologyPh.D
Molecular GeneticsB.Sc.
Molecular Genetics LaboratoryB.Sc.
Molecular Genetics Of ProkaryotesM.Sc.
Molecular ImmunologyM.Sc.
Molecular Mechanisms Of PhotosynthesisM.Sc.
Moleculor And Cellulav Biology- LabM.Sc.
Msc ThesisM.Sc.
Mushrooms And ToodstolsM.Sc.
Mycology Lab.B.Sc.
Mycoses And DermatophytesM.Sc.
Neural Mechanisms Of Cognitive Vision
Neuro AnaatomyM.Sc.
Neuro Physiology Of BehaviourM.Sc.
Neuroendocrinology ( Reproduction )Ph.D
Neuroendocrinology MolecularPh.D
Neurophysiolog And EndocrinologyB.Sc.
Organeles Structure And Comparative GeneticsB.Sc.
Organic Chemistry - IB.Sc.
Organic Chemistry - I LabB.Sc.
Organic Chemistry IB.Sc.
Organic Chemistry I LabB.Sc.
Organic Chemistry I Lab.B.Sc.
Organic Chemistry IiB.Sc.
Organic Chemistry Ii LabB.Sc.
P. M. And A. LabB.Sc.
Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Phycology Lab.B.Sc.
Phylogentic ClassificationM.Sc.
Physic - IiB.Sc.
Physical BiochemistryB.Sc.
Physics - I Lab.B.Sc.
Physilogy Of StressPh.D
Physilogy Of SymbiosisPh.D
Physiology Of BehaviorPh.D
Physiology Of Nerve And MuscleM.Sc.
Physiology Of OrgansB.Sc.
Physiology Of Organs LaboratoryB.Sc.
Phytogeoyraphy - Plant GeographyM.Sc.
Plant - Biotic InteractionsPh.D
Plant - Soil - Water RelationshipsB.Sc.
Plant Biochemistry Ii (secondary Metabolism)Ph.D
Plant BiologyB.Sc.
Plant Biology Lab.B.Sc.
Plant Carography (vegetation Mapping )Ph.D
Plant Cortography - Vegetation MappingM.Sc.
Plant Developmental BiologyB.Sc.
Plant EcologyB.Sc.
Plant Ecology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Plant Ecology Poulation GeneticsPh.D
Plant GeneticsB.Sc.
Plant Genetics And BreedingB.Sc.
Plant MetabolismsM.Sc.
Plant MicrobiologyM.Sc.
Plant Molecular SystematicsM.Sc.
Plant MorphologyB.Sc.
Plant Morphology And AnatomyB.Sc.
Plant Morphology And Anatomy LaboratoryB.Sc.
Plant Organogenesis And MorphogenesisB.Sc.
Plant PathologyB.Sc.
Plant Pathology .lab.B.Sc.
Plant PhysiologyB.Sc.
Plant Physiology Lab.B.Sc.
Plant Physiology - IB.Sc.
Plant Physiology - I Lab.B.Sc.
Plant Physiology - IiB.Sc.
Plant Physiology - Ii Lab.B.Sc.
Plant Physiology - IiiB.Sc.
Plant PropagationB.Sc.
Plant Structure And DiversityB.Sc.
Plant Structure And Diversity LboratoryB.Sc.
Plant Systematics - IB.Sc.
Plant Systematics - I Lab.B.Sc.
Plant Systematics - IiB.Sc.
Plant Systematics - Ii Lab.B.Sc.
Plant Tissue And Cell CultureB.Sc.
Plants And Environmental StressesB.Sc.
Plants Systematics 3B.Sc.
Plants Systematics 3 LaboratoryB.Sc.
Population GeneticsB.Sc.
Populations GeneticsB.Sc.
Practical Cell And Molecular BiologyM.Sc.
Practical BiostatisticsB.Sc.
Principal GeologyB.Sc.
Principales Of BiotechnologyB.Sc.
Principales Of Genetic EngineeringB.Sc.
Principles And Methods Of Phylogenetic ClassificationM.Sc.
Principles Of Animal BiotechnologyB.Sc.
Principles Of Animal PhysiologyB.Sc.
Principles Of Animal Physiology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Principles Of Animal TaxoromyB.Sc.
Principles Of Biodiversity And Conservation BiologyB.Sc.
Principles Of BioinformaticsB.Sc.
Principles Of BiomimeticsB.Sc.
Principles Of BiotechnologyB.Sc.
Principles Of ComputerB.Sc.
Principles Of Developmental BiologyB.Sc.
Principles Of EcologyB.Sc.
Principles Of Phylogenetic SystematicsM.Sc.
Principles Of Plant BiotechnologyB.Sc.
Principles Of Plant Ecophysiology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Principles Of Plant PhysiologyB.Sc.
Principles Of Plant Physiology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Principles Of Plant TaxonomyB.Sc.
Principles Of Stem Cell BiologyB.Sc.
Principles Of ZoologyB.Sc.
Principles Of Zoology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Protein EngineeringM.Sc.
Proteomics And GenomicsM.Sc.
Protozoology LaboratoryB.Sc.
Radiation BiologyB.Sc.
Renal PhysiologyM.Sc.
Reproduction And SexualityM.Sc.
Research Methodology And Data Presentation In BiologyM.Sc.
Research Methodology And Experimental DesignM.Sc.
Research Methods In PhysiologyM.Sc.
Scientific Language In BiologyB.Sc.
Seminar -iPh.D
Seminar -iiPh.D
Seminar 1, Research Methodology And Presentation The Results In BiologyM.Sc.
Seminarprinciples Of Plant EcophysiologyB.Sc.
Sensory PhysiologyM.Sc.
Signal Processing And Analysis In Neuroscience
Special Topics In Cognitive Neuroscience
Special Topics In Cognitive Neuroscience 1
Special Topics In Reproduction
Specialized TextsB.Sc.
Specialized Texts In Cell And Molecular BiologyB.Sc.
Species And SpeciationM.Sc.
Stem CellsM.Sc.
Stem Cells Biology And GeneticsPh.D
Structural BiochemistryB.Sc.
Structural Biochemistry LaboratoryB.Sc.
Structure And Cell CommunicationsM.Sc.
Structure And Function Of Biological MacromoleculesM.Sc.
Structure And Function Of Synapse In BrainM.Sc.
Structure Of Biological MacromoleculesM.Sc.
Taxonomy Of VertebratesM.Sc.
Transcriotion And TranslationM.Sc.
Treatise On The Teachings Of The Qur'an And HadithB.Sc.
Uptake And Transport In PlantsM.Sc.
Uptake Physiology
Vegetation AnalysisPh.D
Vegetation DynamicsPh.D
Vegetation EcologyM.Sc.
Vertebrate ZoologyB.Sc.
Vertebrate Zoology LabratoryB.Sc.
Water And Waste Water MicrobiologyM.Sc.
Water Relations Of Plants And SoilsB.Sc.
Zoogeography Of IranB.Sc.
Zoology - IB.Sc.
Zoology - I Lab.B.Sc.
Zoology - IiB.Sc.
Zoology - Ii Lab.B.Sc.
Zoology Of DeutrostomesB.Sc.
Zoology Of Deutrostomes LaboratoryB.Sc.
Zoology Of Protostomes IB.Sc.
Zoology Of Protostomes I LaboratoryB.Sc.

Biosystems Engineering

Advanced Finite Element MethodPh.D
Advanced Human Factors EngineeringPh.D
Advanced Precision AgriculturePh.D
Agricultural Products Preservation TechnologiesPh.D
Agriculture And Sustainable DevelopmentB.Sc.
Application Of Hydraulics And Pneumatics SystemsB.Sc.
Artificial Nervous NetworkingM.Sc.
Automatic Control SystemsM.Sc.
Basic Physics Lab. - IiB.Sc.
Biogas TecnologyPh.D
Computer Basid DesignM.Sc.
Computer ProgramingB.Sc.
Crop Production Technologies And EquipmentB.Sc.
Decisions With Multiple CriteriaM.Sc.
Design Of Harvesting MachineryB.Sc.
Design Of Planting And Cultivation MachineryB.Sc.
Design Of Refrigeration Cold Store SystemsB.Sc.
Design Of Renewable Energy Production SystemsPh.D
Design Of Tillage MachineryB.Sc.
Diesgn Of Mechanization ProjectsPh.D
Dynamic ProgrammingPh.D
Economics Of EnergyB.Sc.
Electrincs Fundamentals Laboratory - IB.Sc.
Electromechanical Power Conversion SystemsB.Sc.
Energy AuditingPh.D
Energy From Non-fossil SourcesPh.D
Engineering ManagementB.Sc.
Engineering Properties Of Biological MaterialsB.Sc.
Engineering Properties Of Biological Materials LaboratoryB.Sc.
Engineering Properties Pf Biological MaterialsPh.D
Expert And Fuzzy SystemsM.Sc.
Fuel Cells EngineeringB.Sc.
Fundamental And Applications Of BisensorsB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineering-iB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Electrincs- IlB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Engineering Electricity 1B.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Precision AgricultureB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Soil Physics And MechanicsB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Soil Physics And Mechanics; LaboratoryB.Sc.
General Farm MachinaryB.Sc.
General Farm Machinary LaboratoryB.Sc.
Global WarmingB.Sc.
Heat TransferB.Sc.
Heat Transfer LaboratoryB.Sc.
Horticultural Production Technologies And EquipmentB.Sc.
Industrial AutomationPh.D
Industrial Waste TreatmentM.Sc.
Instrumentation And ControlB.Sc.
Instrumentation And Control Lab.B.Sc.
Instrumentation And Control LabratoryM.Sc.
Intermediate Design And Analysis Of Enginedesign Of Engineering ExperimentsM.Sc.
Internal Combustion Engines LaboratoryB.Sc.
Introduction To Environmental ScienceB.Sc.
Livestock Production Technologies And EquipmentB.Sc.
Machine TestM.Sc.
Material And Energy BalanceB.Sc.
Mathematics( Iii) Differential EquationsM.Sc.
Mechanics Of TractorB.Sc.
Mechanization Development Systems In Developing CountriesPh.D
Mechanization Of Farm Animal UnitsPh.D
Metal-cutting And Machine Tools WorkshopB.Sc.
Moderm Topices In Alternative Energy
Modern Topics In Alternative EnergyPh.D
Non - Destructive Tests In AgricaltureM.Sc.
Non-destructive Tests In AgriculurePh.D
Off-road VehiclesB.Sc.
Organic Waste RecyclingM.Sc.
Photovoltaic Systems In AgricaltureM.Sc.
Physics -iiB.Sc.
Physics -ii LaboratoryB.Sc.
Physics I LaboratoryB.Sc.
Postharvest EngineeringPh.D
Postharvest Technology And StorageB.Sc.
Powertrain Systems In Agriculture MachineryB.Sc.
Recycling And Resource ManagementM.Sc.
Renewable Energy Based VehiclesM.Sc.
Repair And Maintenenc EngineeringB.Sc.
Robotics In AgriculturePh.D
Selection And Application Of Techology And MachineM.Sc.
Special Topics Agricultural MachinesB.Sc.
Thermal Systems Of Solar Energy In AgricultureB.Sc.
Training -iB.Sc.
Training -iiB.Sc.
Training -iiiB.Sc.
Transport Phenomena In Porous MediumPh.D
Wind EnergyB.Sc.
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Chemical Engineering

A Comprehensive Approach To Characterization ToolsM.Sc.
Adhesive, Resin And FoamB.Sc.
Advanced Food ProcessingM.Sc.
Advanced Kinetics And Reactor DesignM.Sc.
Advanced Kineties And Reactor DesignM.Sc.
Advanced Mass TransferM.Sc.
Advanced Mathematics In Polymer EbgineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Nomerical AnalysisM.Sc.
Advanced Physical Chemistry PolymersM.Sc.
Advanced Refining ProcessesM.Sc.
Advanced Rheology Of Polymeric FluidsM.Sc.
Advanced Separations In Food IndustriesM.Sc.
Advanced TranspophenaM.Sc.
Advanced Transport Phenomena IM.Sc.
Analytical ChemistryB.Sc.
Analytical Chemistry .lab.B.Sc.
Applied Mathematics -iB.Sc.
Applied Mathematics In Chemical Eng.B.Sc.
Applied Mathematics In Petroleum EngineeringB.Sc.
Applied Mathematics In Polymer EngineeringB.Sc.
Asvanced ControlM.Sc.
Asvanced TransporphenaM.Sc.
Bio Chemistry EngineeringM.Sc.
Biochemical EngineeringB.Sc.
Biochemical Engineering And Fermentation ProcessB.Sc.
Bioprocess Modeling And SimulationM.Sc.
Bioreactor DesignM.Sc.
Bioseparation And RecoveryM.Sc.
Characteristics And Production Methods Of NanomaterialsM.Sc.
Chemical Engineering Softwares WorkshopB.Sc.
Chemical Engineering Special LanguageB.Sc.
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 1B.Sc.
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 2B.Sc.
Chemical Process SafetyM.Sc.
Color Science And Technology In PolymersB.Sc.
Combustion EngineeringB.Sc.
Composite EngineeringB.Sc.
Composite Engineering WorkshopB.Sc.
Computer Aided DesignM.Sc.
Computer Aided Control Systems DesignM.Sc.
Computer Aided Design And Simulation In Gas IndustryM.Sc.
Computer-aided Design Of Polymer ProcessingM.Sc.
Conceptual Design Of ProcessesM.Sc.
Construction GeologyB.Sc.
Corrosion And Protection Of Gas FacilitiesM.Sc.
Corrosion In Oil IndustriesB.Sc.
Drilling EngineeringB.Sc.
Drilling FluidsB.Sc.
Drilling LaboratoryB.Sc.
Drying PhenomenaM.Sc.
Enginecsing Measksements & In StrumentationB.Sc.
Engineering Properties Of PolymersM.Sc.
Engineering Softwares WorkshopB.Sc.
Enhanced Oil Recovery MethodsB.Sc.
Enzyme TechnologyM.Sc.
Extensive Control Chemical UnitsM.Sc.
Fiber EngineeringB.Sc.
Fluid Mechanics .lab.B.Sc.
Fluidized Bed Reactors Design And AnalysisM.Sc.
Food IndustriesM.Sc.
Food Microbiology Lab.M.Sc.
Food Processing TechnologyM.Sc.
Food Quality Control Lab.M.Sc.
Forming Polymers ProcessM.Sc.
Foundations Of Electrical And Electronic EngineeringB.Sc.
Fundamental Of ElectricityB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Chemistry And Polymer TechnilogyB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Combustion EngineeringB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Combustion In Gas Phase & Natural Gas ApplicationB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Environmental Protection And Industrial Waste Water TreatmentB.Sc.
Gas Compression Transmission And DistributionM.Sc.
Gas ProcessingB.Sc.
Gas Reservoir EngineeringB.Sc.
Gas Transmission And DistributionB.Sc.
General BiochemistryB.Sc.
General Chemistry .lab.B.Sc.
General Chemistry - IiB.Sc.
General Chemistry - Ii Lab.B.Sc.
General Chemistry Of Chemical Eng.B.Sc.
General GeologyB.Sc.
Health, Safety And EnvironmentB.Sc.
Heat Transfer Lab.B.Sc.
Hetrogenous CatalysisM.Sc.
Hydrocarbon ReservoirsB.Sc.
Industrial Drawing - IB.Sc.
Industrial Microbiology & Fermentation ProcessesM.Sc.
Industrial Microbiology & Fermentation ProcessesM.Sc.
Interfacial Engineering In PolymersB.Sc.
Introduction To Carbonate ReservoirsB.Sc.
Introduction To Chemical Eng.B.Sc.
Introduction To Nano-bioM.Sc.
Introduction To Petroleum EngineeringB.Sc.
Introduction To Reservoir EngineeringB.Sc.
Kinetics And Reactor DesignB.Sc.
Kinetics And Reactor Design Of PolymersM.Sc. ThesisM.Sc.
Mass & Energy BalanceB.Sc.
Mass & Heat Exchanger Equipment DesignB.Sc.
Mass TransferB.Sc.
Masstransfer In Membrane Separation ProcessesM.Sc.
Material PropertiesB.Sc.
Materials Properties And Corrosion In Gas And Oil IndustryB.Sc.
Measurement Of Engineering QuantitiesB.Sc.
Membrane Separation ProcessesM.Sc.
Metabolic EngineeringM.Sc.
Methods Of Identifying Nanomaterials, Including Tem,sem,xrdM.Sc.
Microbiology - General And FoodM.Sc.
Modeling And SimulationM.Sc.
Modeling And Simulation Of ProcessM.Sc.
Modelling And Simulation In Food IndustriesM.Sc.
Multicomponent DistillationB.Sc.
Nano BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Nano EngineeringM.Sc.
Nanostructured AbsorbentsM.Sc.
Natural Gas Processing IB.Sc.
Natural Gas Processing IiB.Sc.
Oil And Gas Project MangementM.Sc.
Optomization In Cheical EngineeringM.Sc.
Organic Chemistry 1B.Sc.
Organic Chemistry 2B.Sc.
Organic Chemistry Lab.B.Sc.
Organic Chemistry Of Chemical Eng.B.Sc.
P.h.d ThesisPh.D
Petrochemical ProcessesB.Sc.
Petroleum Engineering Planning And EconomicsB.Sc.
Petroleum Surface TreatmentfacilitiesB.Sc.
Physical Chemistry Of Polymers LabB.Sc.
Physical And Mechanical Properties Of PlasticsM.Sc.
Physical Chemistry Lab.B.Sc.
Physical Chemistry Chemical EngineeringB.Sc.
Physical Chemistry Of Chemical Eng.B.Sc.
Physical Chemistry Of PolymersB.Sc.
Physical Mechanical Properties Of PolymersB.Sc.
Physical Mechanical Properties Of Polymers LabB.Sc.
Plant Design And EconomicsB.Sc.
Plastic EngineeringB.Sc.
Plastic Engineering WorkshopB.Sc.
Polymer CharacterizationB.Sc.
Polymer Characterization LabB.Sc.
Polymer Chemistry LabB.Sc.
Polymeric Fluids Transfer PhenomenaM.Sc.
Polymerization EngineeringB.Sc.
Polymerization Engineering LabB.Sc.
Polymerization Process EngineeringM.Sc.
Polymers And EnvironmentB.Sc.
Principles Of Polymer EngineeringB.Sc.
Process ControlB.Sc.
Process Control Of Polymeric SystemsB.Sc.
Process Control - IB.Sc.
Process Control - IiB.Sc.
Process Control LabB.Sc.
Process Control Lab.B.Sc.
Process Equipment DesignM.Sc.
Process Gas IndustryB.Sc.
Process IntegrationM.Sc.
Product Design By PolymersB.Sc.
Production Engineering 2B.Sc.
Production Engineering IB.Sc.
Production Engineering1B.Sc.
Properties Of Reservoir FluidB.Sc.
Properties Of Reservoir RocksB.Sc.
Propertites And Applieations Of Natural PolymersB.Sc.
Refinery Engineering CalculationsB.Sc.
Refining ProcessesB.Sc.
Reinforced PlasticsM.Sc.
Research Method And Technical WritingM.Sc.
Reservoir Engineering IiB.Sc.
Reservoir Engineering1B.Sc.
Reservoir Estimation And EvaluationB.Sc.
Reservoir Fluid Phase BehaviorM.Sc.
Reservoir Fluids Properties LabB.Sc.
Reservoir ManagementB.Sc.
Reservoir Rock Properties LabB.Sc.
Reservoir SimulationB.Sc.
Rheology Of FoodsM.Sc.
Rheology Of PolymersB.Sc.
Rubber EngineeringB.Sc.
Rubber Engineering WorkshopB.Sc.
Saftey And Environment In Gas IndustriesM.Sc.
Spacial TopicsM.Sc.
Special Seperation MethodsM.Sc.
Special Topics In Petroleum EngineeringB.Sc.
Static And Strength Of MaterialsB.Sc.
Statistics For Engineering ProcessesM.Sc.
Summer TrainingB.Sc.
Systema BiologyM.Sc.
Thermodynamics Of Chemical Eng. IB.Sc.
Thermodynamics Of Chemical Eng. IiB.Sc.
Transport PhenomenaM.Sc.
Transport Phenomena In Biological SystemsM.Sc.
Transport Phenomena In Food IndustriesM.Sc.
Two - Phase FlowB.Sc.
Two Puase FlowM.Sc.
Unit Operation - IB.Sc.
Unit Operation - IiB.Sc.
Unit Operation Lab.B.Sc.
Well LoggingB.Sc.
Well TestingB.Sc.


Abv. Organic ChemestryPh.D
Activation, Deactivation, And Poisoning Of CatalystsM.Sc.
Adv. Hcterceyclcc ChcmcstryPh.D
Adv. PhotochemistryPh.D
Advanced Analytical ChemistryM.Sc.
Advanced Analytical SpectroscopyPh.D
Advanced Chemical KineticsM.Sc.
Advanced In Natural CompoundPh.D
Advanced Inorganic ChemistryM.Sc.
Advanced Molecular BiologyM.Sc.
Advanced Nmr SpectroscopyPh.D
Advanced Organic ChemistryM.Sc.
Advanced Physical ChemistryM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Analytical ChemistryPh.D
Analysis Of Inorganic Real SamplesB.Sc.
Analytical Atomic SpectroscopyM.Sc.
Analytical Chemistry - IiB.Sc.
Analytical Chemistry ( 1 )B.Sc.
Analytical Chemistry (2)B.Sc.
Analytical Chemistry (3)B.Sc.
Analytical Chemistry In Nonaqueous SolventsPh.D
Analytical Chemistry Lab. (3)B.Sc.
Analytical Chemistry Of Real SamplesB.Sc.
Analytical ElectrochemistryM.Sc.
Analytical Electrochemistry 1M.Sc.
Analytical Electrochemistry2M.Sc.
Analytical Molecular SpectroscopyM.Sc.
Analytical Nano ChemistryM.Sc.
Analytical Spectroscopy - IM.Sc.
Analytical Spectroscopy - IiM.Sc.
Appilcation Of Haserin ChemstryPh.D
Application Of Computer, Electronics And Statistics In Analytic ChemistryPh.D
Application Of EnzymesB.Sc.
Application Of Group Theory In ChemistryB.Sc.
Application Of Nanomaterials In Extraction And SeparationPh.D
Application Of Spectroscopy In Organic ChemistryB.Sc.
Application Of Statistics Methods In Analytical ChemistryPh.D
Applications Of Transition Metals To Organic SynthesisM.Sc.
Applied ElectrochemistryB.Sc.
Applied Electronics For ChemistryB.Sc.
Applied EnzymologyPh.D
Atomic-level Simulations Of Materials And MoleculesM.Sc. Research ProjectB.Sc.
Bio EntrepreneurshipPh.D
Bioanalytical ChemistryM.Sc.
Biochemical ChemistryM.Sc.
Biochemistry And Biophysical MethodsM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of Cell Signaling PathwaysPh.D
Biochemistry Of ChromatinM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of HormonesM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of Lipid And SugarM.Sc.
Biochemistry Of Neuronal System And Cognitive NetworksPh.D
Biochemistry Of Nucleic AcidsPh.D
Biochemistry Of Proteins And Nucleic AcidsM.Sc.
Bioinorganic ChemistryPh.D
Biomolecular RecognitionM.Sc.
Biophysical - Chemical MethodsB.Sc.
Biophysical ChemistryM.Sc.
Biotechnology PrinciplesB.Sc.
Catalysis In Organic SynthesisM.Sc.
Catalyst And EnvironmentM.Sc.
Catalyst Characterization MethodsM.Sc.
Catalysts For Synthesis Of Organic CompoundsM.Sc.
Catalysts In Oil And Gas RefineryM.Sc.
Catalysts In Petrochemical ProcessM.Sc.
Catalysts PrinciplesB.Sc.
Catalytic PolymerizationM.Sc.
Chemical Biology Of PeptidesPh.D
Chemical Kinetics And Reaction DynamicsM.Sc.
Chemical LiteraturesB.Sc.
Chemical Reactor DesignM.Sc.
Chemical Synthetic BiologyPh.D
Chemical Thermodynamics Of SolidsM.Sc.
Chemistry And Kinetics Of PolymerizationM.Sc.
Chemistry And Technology Of PaintsB.Sc.
Chemistry And Technology Of PetroleumM.Sc.
Chemistry And Technology Of Petroleum And GasB.Sc.
Chemistry And Technology Of PolymerB.Sc.
Chemistry And Technology OilB.Sc.
Chemistry Of Renewable EnergiesM.Sc.
Chromatin And EpigeneticsPh.D
Comouter In ChemcstryPh.D
Comparison BiochemistryM.Sc.
Complementary Molecular BiologyPh.D
Computational ChemistryM.Sc.
Computational Chemistry IM.Sc.
Computational Chemistry In CatalystsM.Sc.
Computational Chemistry In Catalytic ReactionsM.Sc.
Computational Drug DesignPh.D
Computational Methods In Analytical ChemistryM.Sc.
Computational Modeling Of Chemical KineticsPh.D
Consideration On Highschod Toxt BookB.Sc.
Control Of MetabolismM.Sc.
Corrosion Of MetalsB.Sc.
Crystallography By X-rayPh.D
Design Of Catalytic Chemical ReactorsM.Sc.
Design Of Enzyme InhibitorsPh.D
Development Of Chemical Processes From Laboratory To IndustryM.Sc.
Dna Recombinant MethodsM.Sc.
Drug ChemistryB.Sc.
Electrochemical Analysis In Non-aqueous SolventsPh.D
Elements Of Polymers ChemistryB.Sc.
Elements Of Purification Of Water And Industrial Waste WaterB.Sc.
English For ChemistryB.Sc.
Environmental Analytical ChemistryM.Sc.
Environmental CatalysisM.Sc.
Environmental ChemistryB.Sc.
Enzyme KineticsM.Sc.
Excite State Chemistry And Active IntermediaPh.D
Food Chemistry And TechnologyB.Sc.
Fundamental Of BiochemistryB.Sc.
Fundamentals, Structures, And Applications Of NanophotocatalystsM.Sc.
General Chemistry - I Lab.B.Sc.
General Chemistry ( 1 )B.Sc.
General Chemistry ( 2 )B.Sc.
General Chemistry Laboratory ( 2 )B.Sc.
General Mathematics (1)B.Sc.
General Mathematics (2)B.Sc.
General Physics (1)B.Sc.
General Physics (2)B.Sc.
General Physics Laboratory (1)B.Sc.
General Physics Laboratory (2)B.Sc.
Graphics And Industrial Map ReadingB.Sc.
Green Analytical ChemistryM.Sc.
Green And Environmental ChemistryB.Sc.
Green ChemistryB.Sc.
Groupe TheoryB.Sc.
Heterocyclic Compounds ChemistryM.Sc.
Heterogeneous CatalystsM.Sc.
Hetrogeneous CatalystB.Sc.
History And Philosophy Of ChemistryB.Sc.
Homogeneous CatalysisM.Sc.
Homogeneous CatalystsM.Sc.
Identification Of Organic CompoundsB.Sc.
Identification Of Organic Compounds LabB.Sc.
Identification Of Polymeric MaterialsM.Sc.
Industerial ChemistryB.Sc.
Industrial CatalystsM.Sc.
Industrial Chemistry Lab.B.Sc.
Industrial Chemistry - IiB.Sc.
Industrial Chemistry (1)B.Sc.
Industrial Chemistry (2)B.Sc.
Industrial Chemistry LabB.Sc.
Industrial ElectrochemistryB.Sc.
Industrial Inorganic ChemistryB.Sc.
Inorganic BiochemistryM.Sc.
Inorganic Chemical IndustryB.Sc.
Inorganic Chemistry - IiB.Sc.
Inorganic Chemistry (1)B.Sc.
Inorganic Chemistry (2)B.Sc.
Inorganic Chemistry (3)B.Sc.
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (1)B.Sc.
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (2)B.Sc.
Inorganic Polymers ChemistryPh.D
Instrumental AnalysisB.Sc.
Instrumental Analysis Lab.B.Sc.
Interfacial Phenomena In ChemistryM.Sc.
Intransurface Pheomrna In ChemistryM.Sc.
Intrasurface Phenomena In ChemistryPh.D
Kinetic And Thermal Analysis MethodsPh.D
Kinetic EnzymeM.Sc.
Laboratory Of Analytical Chemistry ( 3 )B.Sc.
Laboratory Of Analytical Chemistry ( 1 )B.Sc.
Laboratory Of Analytical Chemistry ( 2 )B.Sc.
Lasers And Its Application In Analytical ChemistryPh.D
Leather Chemistry And TechnologyB.Sc.
Mathematic In Phyical ChemistryPh.D
Mathematics For ChemistryB.Sc.
Mechanism Of HaematopoiesisM.Sc.
Mechanisms Of Enzyme CatalysisPh.D
Medicinal ChemistryB.Sc.
Medicinal Chemistry :dna Targeting DrugsPh.D
Medicine ChemistryM.Sc.
Membrane BiochemistryM.Sc.
Metal Corrosion LabB.Sc.
Metheods Of Structure And Function BiologyicalPh.D
Methods Of Structure And Function BiologicalM.Sc.
Methods Of Surface Analysis And NanostructuresM.Sc.
Methods Of Using Chemistry Scientific TextsB.Sc.
Models Of BiocatalystsM.Sc.
Modern Methods For Chemical And Physical SeparationsPh.D
Modern Methods Of Pharmaceutical And Food AnalysisM.Sc.
Modern Techniques In Instrumental AnalysisPh.D
Molecular Dynamics S ImulationPh.D
Molecular Dynamics SimulationM.Sc.
Molecular EngineeringM.Sc.
Molecular ModelingPh.D
Molecular Spectra And Molecular StructureM.Sc.
Molecular SpectroscopyB.Sc.
Molecular Spectroscopy 1M.Sc.
Molecular Spectroscopy 2M.Sc.
Molecular Spectrosvopy - IiPh.D
Multicomponent SeparationM.Sc.
Nano CatalystsPh.D
Nano ElectrochemistryPh.D
Nanomaterials: Design And SimulationM.Sc.
New Electrochemical ProceduresPh.D
New Instrumental Analysis MethodsPh.D
New Sabject In Physical ChomcstryPh.D
New Subject In Analgtical EhemistryM.Sc.
New Subject In Analytical ChemistryM.Sc.
New Subject In Inorganic ChemistryM.Sc.
New Subject In Organic ChemistryM.Sc.
New Subjects In Analytical ChemistryPh.D
New Subjects In Analytical ChemistryM.Sc.
New Subjects In Inorganic ChemistryPh.D
New Topics In CatalystsM.Sc.
Non-aqueous Analytical ChemistryB.Sc.
Nonaqueous ElectrochemistryPh.D
Organic Chemical IndustriesB.Sc.
Organic Chemistry ( 1 )B.Sc.
Organic Chemistry ( 2 )B.Sc.
Organic Chemistry ( 3 )B.Sc.
Organic Chemistry Laboratory ( 1 )B.Sc.
Organic Chemistry Laboratory ( 2 )B.Sc.
Organic Physical ChemistryM.Sc.
Organic SynthesisB.Sc.
Organic Synthesis MethodsM.Sc.
Organometallic ChemistryB.Sc.
Petrochemical TechnologyM.Sc.
Photo ChemistryB.Sc.
Physical , Chemical Separation MethodsM.Sc.
Physical Biochemistry -1M.Sc.
Physical Biochemistry -2M.Sc.
Physical Chemistry Laboratory ( 1 )B.Sc.
Physical Chemistry ( 1 )B.Sc.
Physical Chemistry (2)B.Sc.
Physical Chemistry (3)B.Sc.
Physical Chemistry 3M.Sc.
Physical Chemistry Laboratory (2)B.Sc.
Physical Chemistry Of Polymer - IM.Sc.
Physical Chemistry Of ProteinsM.Sc.
Physical Inorganic ChemistryM.Sc.
Physical Organic ChemistryB.Sc.
Physics - IB.Sc.
Physics - IiB.Sc.
Physics And Chemistry Of NanostructuresPh.D
Polymer ChemistryB.Sc.
Polymer Chemistry LaboratoryB.Sc.
Polymer Degeadation And StabilizationM.Sc.
Polymer RecyclingM.Sc.
Polymer Synthesis - IM.Sc.
Polymer Technology - IM.Sc.
Principal Of Computer And ProgrammingB.Sc.
Principles Of BiochemistryB.Sc.
Principles Of Chemical IndustriesB.Sc.
Principles Of CorrosionM.Sc.
Principles Of Imaging MethodsM.Sc.
Principles Of Industrial Chemistry CalculationsB.Sc.
Principles Of Industrial Water And Wastewater TreatmentB.Sc.
Principles Of Research And TechnologyPh.D
Project - IvPh.D
Project & ReportB.Sc.
Quantum ChemistryB.Sc.
Quantum Chemistry - IiiPh.D
Quantum Chemistry 1M.Sc.
Quantum Chemistry 2M.Sc.
Racliochemical MethadsPh.D
Recombinant Dna MethodsPh.D
Research And Development DepartmentsB.Sc.
Research Ethics, Method, And LogicM.Sc.
Safety In The LaboratoryB.Sc.
Seminar - IiM.Sc.
Separation And Identification Of Organic SubstanceB.Sc.
Separation And Identification Of Organic Substance. LabB.Sc.
Separation Techniques In Analytical ChemistryB.Sc.
Solid State And Surface ChemistryB.Sc.
Solid State ChemistryM.Sc.
Special Topics In BiochemistryPh.D
Special Topics In Catalytic ChemistryM.Sc.
Special Topics In Physical ChemistryM.Sc.
Spectroscopy In Inorganic ChemistryM.Sc.
Speual Subject (crystallogrophy)Ph.D
Speual Subject Asymmetvic SynthpsisPh.D
Statistical Thermadynamic - IiPh.D
Statistical ThermodynamicsM.Sc.
Statistical Thermodynamics 2M.Sc.
Statistical Treatment & ResultPh.D
Statistics For Analytical ChemistryB.Sc.
Structural BioinformaticsPh.D
Structure And Bonding In Inorganic CompoundsPh.D
Summer Training,report And SeminarB.Sc.
Surface ChemistryM.Sc.
Surface Chemistry And CatalysisM.Sc.
Synthesis And Identification Of Inorganic ComplexesM.Sc.
Synthesis Of PolymersM.Sc.
Techniques For The Study Of Biological Structure And FunctionM.Sc.
Technology Of EnzymesB.Sc.
Technology Of PolymersB.Sc.
The Application Of Computer In ChemistryB.Sc.
The Chemistry Of Cosmeticology MaterialsB.Sc.
The Safety In LaboratoryB.Sc.
Thermodynamic For Revevsible ProcossPh.D
Thermodynamics, Kinetics And Mechanism Of Inorganic ReactionsM.Sc.
Time-dependent Statistical MechanicsM.Sc.
Topics In Biochemistry Of ProteinsPh.D
Topics In Carbohydrates And LipidsPh.D
Topics In Crystallography Of MacromoleculesPh.D
Topics In Structure Of ProteinPh.D
Tracy ElementB.Sc.
Transport Phenomena In Porous MediaM.Sc.
Ultrasound Its Chemical Physical And Biological EffectsPh.D
Ultrasound: Its Chemical, Physical, And Biological EffectsM.Sc.
Understanding The Chemical Industries Of IranM.Sc.
Water Treatement Lab.B.Sc.
Water TreatmentB.Sc.
Zeolite CatalystsM.Sc.

Civil Engineering

Architectural Design And UrbanismB.Sc.
Evolutionary AlgorithmsM.Sc.
3d Geo-visualization And Augmented RealityM.Sc.
Adavnced Concrete TechnologyM.Sc.
Adavnced Water And WaterwasteM.Sc.
Advanced Foundation EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Pavement DesignM.Sc.
Advanced Traffic EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Bridge EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Computatinal Hydraulics Advanced Numerical Methods In Water EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Concrete TechnologyM.Sc.
Advanced Earthquake EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Engineering EconomicsM.Sc.
Advanced Engineering EconomyM.Sc.
Advanced Engineering GeologyM.Sc.
Advanced Engineering MathematicsM.Sc.
Advanced Geographic Information SystemsM.Sc.
Advanced GroundwaterM.Sc.
Advanced HydraulicM.Sc.
Advanced HydraulicsM.Sc.
Advanced Materials TechnologyM.Sc.
Advanced Pavement Analysis And DesignM.Sc.
Advanced Programing In GisM.Sc.
Advanced Reinforced Concrete StructuresM.Sc.
Advanced Remote Sensing And Digital Image ProcessingM.Sc.
Advanced Road Geometric DesignM.Sc.
Advanced Rock MechanicsM.Sc.
Advanced Soil MechanicsM.Sc.
Advanced Soil Mechanics - IiM.Sc.
Advanced Soil Mechanics Lab.M.Sc.
Advanced Soil Mechanics LaboratoryM.Sc.
Advanced Spatial Analysis And Modelling In GisM.Sc.
Advanced Steel StructuresM.Sc.
Advanced Traffic EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Transportation PlanningM.Sc.
Air Pollution And Control MethodsB.Sc.
Analysis And Management Of Water Resources System 2M.Sc.
Application Of Computer In Civil EngineeringB.Sc.
Application Of Gis In Transportation EngineeringM.Sc.
Application Of Numerical Methods In GeotechnicsM.Sc.
Application Of Probability And StatisticsB.Sc.
Application Of Statistics And Probability In Geotechnical EngineeringPh.D
Application Of Statistics And Probability In Soil MechanicsM.Sc.
Applied Mathematics
Architectural DesignB.Sc.
Asphalt TechnologyM.Sc.
Astrology - Ii
Astrology - Ii .lab
Basics Of Air Pollution EngineeringM.Sc.
Basics Of Solid Waste Enginerring And ManagementM.Sc.
Behavior Of Unsaturated SoilsM.Sc.
Bitumen And Asphalt Concrete Lab.M.Sc.
Boundary Element MethodM.Sc.
Boundary ElementsM.Sc.
Bridge EngineeringB.Sc.
Building Information ModelingM.Sc.
Building Loads AnalysisB.Sc.
Building Mater And LabB.Sc.
Building MaterialsB.Sc.
Civil Engineering Materials Lab.B.Sc.
Computational HydraulicM.Sc.
Computational Hydraulics - IiM.Sc.
Computational Intelligence In GisM.Sc.
Conccete TechnologyB.Sc.
Concrete DamsM.Sc.
Concrete Structures Construction MethodsB.Sc.
Concrete TechnologyB.Sc.
Concrete Technology Lab.B.Sc.
Construction Equipment And MethodsM.Sc.
Construction Equipment ManagementM.Sc.
Construction EquipmentsB.Sc.
Construction Issues In Foundation EngineeringB.Sc.
Construction Maintenance And ReinforcementM.Sc.
Construction Methods - IM.Sc.
Construction Modeling MethodsM.Sc.
Construction Poject Planning And ControlM.Sc.
Construction Project ManagementM.Sc.
Construction Safety, Health And Environment ManagementM.Sc.
Construetion Methods -iiM.Sc.
Continuum MechanicsM.Sc.
Contracts Regulations And ManagementM.Sc.
Control Of StructuresM.Sc.
Data Base Management And Gis DesignM.Sc.
Data Menagement And Gis ApplicationsM.Sc.
Design Of BridgeM.Sc.
Design Of Experiment And Statistical AnalysisM.Sc.
Design Of Hydraulic StructuresM.Sc.
Design Of Masonry StructuresM.Sc.
Design Of Pre-stressed Concrete StructuresB.Sc.
Design Of Reinforced Concrete Structures IB.Sc.
Design Of Reinforced Concrete Structures IiB.Sc.
Design Of Steel Structures IB.Sc.
Design Of Steel Structures IiB.Sc.
Design Of Tall BuildingsB.Sc.
Design Tall BuildingsM.Sc.
Digital Terrain Modeling(dtm)M.Sc.
Discrete Element MethodsM.Sc.
Distributed GisM.Sc.
Drone Data Collection And ProcessingM.Sc.
Dynamic Of StructuresM.Sc.
Dynamics Of StructuresM.Sc.
Dynamics Of Structures - IiM.Sc.
Earth-fill DamsM.Sc.
Earthquake Hazard AnalysisM.Sc.
Embankment DamsM.Sc.
Emulsion Bitumen And Cold AsphaltM.Sc.
Energy And Sustainable DevelopmentB.Sc.
Engineering And Flood Management And Dam FailutrM.Sc.
Engineering DrawingB.Sc.
Engineering HydrologyB.Sc.
Engineering Principles AirportB.Sc.
Environmental EngineeringB.Sc.
Environmental Engineering LaboratoryM.Sc.
Environmental GeotechnicsM.Sc.
Environmental Programming And ManagementM.Sc.
Erath Quake Enginerring PrinciplesB.Sc.
Evolutionary Algorithms And Spatial OptimizationM.Sc.
Financial Management And Accounting ProjectsM.Sc.
Finite Element MethodM.Sc.
Finite Element Methods In HydraulicsM.Sc.
Fluid Mechanics - IiB.Sc.
Fluid-structure InteractionM.Sc.
Foundamentals Of Bridge EngineeringB.Sc.
Foundation Engineering IB.Sc.
Fracture MechanicsM.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Advanced And Diffustion And Pollution ModelingM.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Architecture And UrbanismB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Bridge EngineeringB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Earthquake EngineeringB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Gis In Civil EngineeingB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Gis In Civil EngineeringB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Structural StabilityM.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Waste Water TreatmentB.Sc.
Funddmentals Of Tunnel EngineeringB.Sc.
Fundomentols Of Ocean HydroulicsM.Sc.
Geographic Information Systems IM.Sc.
Geographic Information Systems IiM.Sc.
Geotechnical EarthquakeM.Sc.
Gis And Environmental ModelingM.Sc.
Global Navigation Satellite Systems (gnss) And ApplicationsM.Sc.
Global Positioning System(gps) And Its Applications In Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry And GisM.Sc.
Ground Water HydrologyM.Sc.
Ground Water ModelingM.Sc.
Groundwater Hydrology DesignM.Sc.
Health Monitoring Of StructuresM.Sc.
Highway Airport And Parking Pavement ManagementM.Sc.
Highway And Intersection CapasityM.Sc.
Highway Engineering
Highway Engineering ProjectB.Sc.
Hydraulic Design Of StructuresM.Sc.
Hydraulic EngineeringB.Sc.
Hydraulic Engineering Lab.B.Sc.
Hydraulic StructuresB.Sc.
Hydraulie MachinesB.Sc.
Hydrodynamics StructuresM.Sc.
Inelastic Analysis Of StructuresM.Sc.
Inspection , Maintenance And Restoration Of StructuresB.Sc.
Internet Programing And Web GisM.Sc.
Internship IB.Sc.
Land Management And Land Information SystemsM.Sc.
Limit Analysis In Soil MechanicsM.Sc.
Machine Learning And Spatial Data MiningM.Sc.
Maintenance And Repair Of StructuresM.Sc.
Management Of Construation MachineryM.Sc.
Management SystemsB.Sc.
Marine GeotechnicsM.Sc.
Masonry StructuresB.Sc.
Matrix Analysis Of StructuresB.Sc.
Matrix Analysis Of StructursM.Sc.
Measurement And Cost Estimation Of ProjectB.Sc.
Measurement Cost Estimation And ProjectB.Sc.
Mechanic And Applications Of Composite MaterialsM.Sc.
Mechanics And Electrical InstallationB.Sc.
Mechanics Of Composits MaterialsM.Sc.
Micro MechanicM.Sc.
Microwave SystemsM.Sc.
Modeling Groundwater Flow And PollutionM.Sc.
Modelng Of Groundwater PollutionM.Sc.
Multi-criteria Decision MakingM.Sc.
National Structure PressriptionB.Sc.
Nomericd MethodsM.Sc.
Non-linear Finite ElementM.Sc.
Non-linear ProgrammingM.Sc.
Numerical Methods In Hydraulic EngineeringM.Sc.
Numerical Modelling Of StructuresM.Sc.
Optimization Civil EngineeringM.Sc.
Optimization Of StructuresM.Sc.
Pavement Analysis And DesignM.Sc.
Pavement DesignB.Sc.
Pavement Engineering Lab.B.Sc.
Pavement LaboratoryM.Sc.
Pavement Management SystemsB.Sc.
Pavement Materials And TechnologyM.Sc.
Physics In Remote SensingM.Sc.
Pirnciples And Treaty PrescriptionM.Sc.
Pirnciples Of Construction ManagementB.Sc.
Planning Methods And Project ControlM.Sc.
Plastic Design Of StructuresM.Sc.
Plastic Theory Of StructuresB.Sc.
Prestressed ConcreteM.Sc.
Principles Of Water And Wastewater EngineeringM.Sc.
Principles Of Construction ManagementB.Sc.
Principles Of Dam EngineeringB.Sc.
Principles Of Harbor EngineeringB.Sc.
Principles Of Wastewater Treatment EngineeringM.Sc.
Principles Of Water Treatment EngineeringM.Sc.
Probability And Statistics EngineeringB.Sc.
Ra&gis Application In Civil Engineering AndlaboratoryM.Sc.
Ra&gis Application In Civil Engineering AndlaboratoryM.Sc.
Railway Analysis And DesignM.Sc.
Railway EngineeringB.Sc.
Random VibrationM.Sc.
Random VibrationsM.Sc.
Rehabilitation Of StructuresB.Sc.
Reinforced Concrete Structures ProjectB.Sc.
Reinforced SoilM.Sc.
Reliability Of StructuresM.Sc.
Remote Sensing ApplicationsM.Sc.
Remote Sensing Data ManagementM.Sc.
Remote Sensing Digital Image ProcessingM.Sc.
Research Methods In GeotechnicsPh.D
Risk Analysis Of Structures Against EarthquakesM.Sc.
Road And Tunnel SurveyingM.Sc.
Road Constructions Methods And EquipmentsB.Sc.
Road Maintenance And ManagementM.Sc.
Rs An Gis Appliction In Civil Engineering (water Resources)&laboratoryM.Sc.
Rs And Gis Application In Civil Engineering (water Resources) & LaboratoryM.Sc.
Safety And Management Of WorkshopM.Sc.
Sediment EngineeringM.Sc.
Seismic Design BuildingsM.Sc.
Seismic Design Of StructuresM.Sc.
Seismology And Earthquake EngineeringM.Sc.
Seminar And Research MethodologyM.Sc.
Seminar And Research MethodsM.Sc.
Site - InvestigationM.Sc.
Site InvestigationM.Sc.
Soft ComputationM.Sc.
Soft ComputingM.Sc.
Soil DynamicsM.Sc.
Soil Dynamics LabM.Sc.
Soil ImprovementM.Sc.
Soil Mechanics IiB.Sc.
Soil Mechanics Lab.B.Sc.
Soil-structure InteractionM.Sc.
Soils ImprovementM.Sc.
Space PhotogrammetryM.Sc.
Spatial Decision Support System (sdss)M.Sc.
Spatial Ontology, Semantic Web And Decentralized Spatial ComputingM.Sc.
Spatial Programing, Land Use Planning And LisM.Sc.
Spatial Statistics And Digital Terrain ModellingM.Sc.
Special FoundationsM.Sc.
Special Topics In Solid MechanicsM.Sc.
Stability Of StructuresM.Sc.
Statistical Methods And ReliabilityM.Sc.
Statistics Mthods In Transportation And TrafficM.Sc.
Steel Structures Construction MethodsB.Sc.
Steel Structures ProjectB.Sc.
Strength Of Materials Lab.B.Sc.
Strength Of Materials IB.Sc.
Strength Of Materials IiB.Sc.
Strengthen Of StructuresM.Sc.
Structue Construction MethodsB.Sc.
Structural Analysis IB.Sc.
Structural Analysis IiB.Sc.
Surface Water Flow And Pollution ModelingM.Sc.
Surreying And Field Work - Ii
Surveying And Field Work - IiB.Sc.
Surveying And Field Work IB.Sc.
Technical English
Theory Of ElasticityM.Sc.
Theory Of Elasticity And PlasticityM.Sc.
Theory Of Elasticity And Plasticity In Geotechnical EngineeringM.Sc.
Theory Of PlasticityM.Sc.
Theory Of Plasticity In Soil MechanicsM.Sc.
Theory Of Plates And ShellsM.Sc.
Theory Of Structural ReliabilityM.Sc.
Traffic EngineeringB.Sc.
Traffic SafetyPh.D
Training - IB.Sc.
Training - IiB.Sc.
Transportation EngineeringB.Sc.
Transportation ModelingM.Sc.
Transportation PlanningM.Sc.
Tunneling EngineeringM.Sc.
Underground StructuresM.Sc.
Unit Operations In Water And WastewaterM.Sc.
Universal And Mobile GisM.Sc.
Unsteady FlowsM.Sc.
Volunerability And Seismic Retrofitting Of StructuresM.Sc.
Volunteered Geographic Information And Location-based Social NetworkM.Sc.
Wastewoter Treatment MethodsB.Sc.
Wasts Water TreatmentM.Sc.
Water And Waste Water Engineering And ProjectB.Sc.
Water And Wastewater MicrobiologyM.Sc.
Water Resources EconomicsM.Sc.
Water Resources Planning And ManagementM.Sc.
Water Resources System AnalysisM.Sc.
Water Resources Systems AnalysisM.Sc.
Water Resoures System Analusis IM.Sc.
Waves TheoryM.Sc.
Welding WorkshopB.Sc.

Clinical Psychology

Complementary Cognitive PsychologyM.Sc.
Cognitive Science PrinciplesPh.D
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy TechniquesM.Sc.
Addiction - Etiology And TherapyB.Sc.
Addiction PsychologyB.Sc.
Adult CounselingPh.D
Advanced Research Method And Inferential StatisicPh.D
Advanced Cognitive PsychologyPh.D
Advanced Counseling And Psychotherapy TheoriesM.Sc.
Advanced DevelopmentM.Sc.
Advanced Developmental PsychologyM.Sc.
Advanced General PsychologyM.Sc.
Advanced Inferential StatisticsM.Sc.
Advanced InternshipPh.D
Advanced Method In StatisticsM.Sc.
Advanced Resarch Method In Educational Science And PsychologyM.Sc.
Advanced Social PsychologyM.Sc.
Advanced Statistics And Data AnalysisM.Sc.
Advanced Statistics And Research In Psy.M.Sc.
Advanced Theories In Developmental PsychologyPh.D
Advanced Theories In Personality PsychologyPh.D
Analysis Of Psych-social PsychopathologyPh.D
Anthropology In IslamPh.D
Application Of Cognitive TestsB.Sc.
Application Of Computer In PsychologyB.Sc.
Application Of Computer And Planning In Statistics MethodsB.Sc.
Application Of Introductional Of Treatment Methods - InterviewB.Sc.
Application Of Preliminary Methods Of Clinical DiagnosticB.Sc.
Application Of Psychotherapy Methods-individual ApprenticeshipM.Sc.
Applied Social PsychologyB.Sc.
Applied Tests In PsychologyM.Sc.
Apprenticeship In Family And Marriage CounselingM.Sc.
Assessment Of PersonalityB.Sc.
Attitude And Attitude ChangeB.Sc.
Attitude And Them ChangeB.Sc.
Basic Cognitive Neuroscience And Neuropsychology Approches To Emotion And AffectionM.Sc.
Basic Logbirive Neurosciene And Neuropsy Chology Of High Level CogniriveM.Sc.
Basis Of SociologyB.Sc.
Behavior Modification ProceduresB.Sc.
Behavior TherapyM.Sc.
Child And Adolescence PsychopathologyB.Sc.
Child Clinical PsychologyB.Sc.
Child Exceptional PsychologyB.Sc.
Child Psychology With Exceptional Needs 1B.Sc.
Child Psychology With Exceptional Needs 2B.Sc.
Child PsychopathologyB.Sc.
Clinical Evaluation :clinical InterviewM.Sc.
Clinical Evaluation 2: Objective Cognitive And Projective TestsM.Sc.
Clinical Intern ShipM.Sc.
Clinical Intern Ship 2M.Sc.
Clinical Intern Ship1M.Sc.
Clinical PsychologyPh.D
Cognition In Islamic Philosophy And Philosophy Of MindPh.D
Cognitive Approach To Education Of Children With Special NeedsM.Sc.
Cognitive Assessment 1: Behavioral Methods And PsychophysicsPh.D
Cognitive Assessment2: Neuroscience MethodsPh.D
Cognitive DevelopmentM.Sc.
Cognitive Foundations Of PsychologyM.Sc.
Cognitive ModelingM.Sc.
Cognitive NeuroscienceB.Sc.
Cognitive Neuroscience And Higher Mental ProcessesM.Sc.
Cognitive PsychologyB.Sc.
Cognitive Psychology - IM.Sc.
Cognitive Psychology - IiM.Sc.
Cognitive Psychology 1M.Sc.
Cognitive Psychology 2M.Sc.
Cognitive Rehabilitation And Psychological DisordersPh.D
Cognitive Tests In Clinical Psy.M.Sc.
Cognitive-behavioral InterventionM.Sc.
Complementary Inferential StatisticsM.Sc.
Complementary PsychopathologyM.Sc.
Compression And Analysis Of Theories & Method Of Family CounselingPh.D
Compression Of Theories And Method Of Group CounselingPh.D
Compression Of Theories And Method Of School & Occupation CounselingPh.D
Compression The Theories Of Counseling &psychotherapyPh.D
Comprhensive MpdelingM.Sc.
Consciousness And AttentionPh.D
Consumer Behavior PsychologyB.Sc.
Counseling & Psychotherapy TechniquesB.Sc.
Counseling And Guidance PsychologyB.Sc.
Counseling In IslamM.Sc.
Counseling Techniques Practicing In LaboratoryM.Sc.
Counseling& ComputerPh.D
Criminology PsychologyB.Sc.
Crisis InterventionM.Sc.
Developmental Psychology - IB.Sc.
Developmental Psychology - IiB.Sc.
Developmental Psychology 1B.Sc.
Developmental Psychology 2B.Sc.
Developmental PsychopathologyM.Sc.
Digital Media Psychology Propaganda AndM.Sc.
Educational PsychologyB.Sc.
Endocrine And Nervous System PhysiologyB.Sc.
Ethical Issue In CounselingPh.D
Evaluation In Family And Marriage CounselingM.Sc.
Exceptional Childern PsychologyPh.D
Experimental Design & Data AnalysisPh.D
Experimental Methods And Designs In Cognitive ScienceM.Sc.
Experimental PsychologyB.Sc.
Experimental Psychology & NeuropsychologyPh.D
Experimental PsyhologyB.Sc.
Family And Marriage Issues SeminarM.Sc.
Family Health-prevention Of Birth Of Mental RetardationB.Sc.
Family Psychology & CounselingB.Sc.
Family Therapy - TheoryM.Sc.
Fundamental Issues In Psychology 1B.Sc.
Fundamental Issues In Psychology 2B.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Cognitive In Islamic Philosophy & Philosophy Of MindM.Sc.
Fundamentals Of NeuroscienceM.Sc.
Gender PsychologyB.Sc.
General PhilosophyB.Sc.
General Physiology Nerves And GlandsB.Sc.
General PsychiatryB.Sc.
General Psychology - IB.Sc.
General Psychology - IiB.Sc.
Group Counseling Theories And MethodsM.Sc.
Group Dynamic PsychologyB.Sc.
Group TherapyM.Sc.
Health PsychologyB.Sc.
History And Theories Of PsychologyB.Sc.
History Of PsychologyB.Sc.
History Of Systems Models - Theories And RerearchesM.Sc.
Holy Defense PsychologyB.Sc.
Human Interaction & Communication In CounselingPh.D
Individual And Practicable Research In General PsychologyB.Sc.
Individual And Practicable Researches In Clinical PsychologyB.Sc.
Individual And Practicable Researches In Exceptional Children PsychologyB.Sc.
Individual Differences In ChildrenB.Sc.
Industrial And Organizational PsychologyB.Sc.
Intelligence Psychology And That AssessmentB.Sc.
Intelligent Children Psychology And Them Teaching MethodsB.Sc.
Internship IiM.Sc.
Introduction Guidance And CounselingB.Sc.
Introduction Of NeuropsychologyB.Sc.
Introduction Of SociologyB.Sc.
Introduction To MathematicsB.Sc.
Introduction To Physical And Medicin TreatmentsM.Sc.
Introductory Cognitive PsychologyPh.D
Islamic AnthropologyB.Sc.
Islamic PhilosophyB.Sc.
Islamic PsychologyM.Sc.
Laboratory Methods In Cognitive PsychologyM.Sc.
Learning And MemoryPh.D
Learning DisabilitiesB.Sc.
Learning DisorderB.Sc.
Learning PsychologyB.Sc.
Learning Psychology - Theories And ExperimentsB.Sc.
Learning Psychology Theories And ExperimentsB.Sc.
Management PsychologyB.Sc.
Marriage CounselingM.Sc.
Measurement Theories & Measure In Counseling PracticePh.D
Medicen Psy. And NeuropsychologyM.Sc.
Mental HealthB.Sc.
Mental Health Of Exceptional ChildernPh.D
Mentavetardation Children Psychology And Them Teaching MethodsB.Sc.
Method Of Research In PsychologyB.Sc.
Methods Of Modification And Correction Of Children BehaviorB.Sc.
Mind And ConsciousnessM.Sc.
Mind Consciousness And SelfawarenessM.Sc.
Moral PsychologyB.Sc.
Motivation And EmotionB.Sc.
New Issues In Psycho PathologyM.Sc.
Old And New Histories Of Psychology TheoriesPh.D
Organizational CounselingPh.D
Personality - Conception & TheoriesB.Sc.
Personality PsychologyB.Sc.
Philosophy Of LanguageM.Sc.
Philosophy Of MindM.Sc.
Philosophy Of Science In PsychologyB.Sc.
Physiological PsychologyB.Sc.
Political PsychologyB.Sc.
Positive Psychology And HealthM.Sc.
Principles Of Cognitive LinguisticsM.Sc.
Principles Of PsychotherapyM.Sc.
Principles Of Basic NeuroscienceM.Sc.
Principles Of Clinical PsychologyB.Sc.
Principles Of Cognitive ScienceM.Sc.
Principles Of LinguisticsM.Sc.
Problem Solving, Intelligence And CreativityPh.D
Professional EthicsB.Sc.
Professional Ethics In Clinical PsychologyM.Sc.
Projection Objection Tests In Cli. PsyM.Sc.
Propaganda And Media PsychologyB.Sc.
Psych NeurologyPh.D
Psycho Motor DisordersB.Sc.
Psychological And Neuropsychological PsychologyPh.D
Psychological Interventions For Couples And FamilyM.Sc.
Psychological Issues In Quran And Hadith 1B.Sc.
Psychological Issues In Quran And Hadith 2B.Sc.
Psychological Tests 1B.Sc.
Psychological Tests 2B.Sc.
Psychology And Education Of Hearing ChildrenB.Sc.
Psychology And Teaching Of Maladjastment ChildrenB.Sc.
Psychology From The Muslim Scientists PerspectiveB.Sc.
Psychology Of Cognitive DevelopmentM.Sc.
Psychology Of AgingB.Sc.
Psychology Of ArtM.Sc.
Psychology Of LangugeM.Sc.
Psychology Of Learning & Thinking And LanguagePh.D
Psychology Of Learning And ThginkingM.Sc.
Psychology Of Work And ManagementB.Sc.
Psychology Teaching To Blind ChildrenB.Sc.
Psychology Texts In English 1B.Sc.
Psychology Texts In English 2B.Sc.
Psychopathology - IB.Sc.
Psychopathology 1B.Sc.
Psychopathology 2B.Sc.
Psychopatology - IiB.Sc.
Psychophisiology And NeuropsychologyM.Sc.
Psychotherapy TheoriesM.Sc.
Reasoning And Decision MakingPh.D
Rehabilitation Of Children With Exceptional NeedsB.Sc.
Religion PsychologyB.Sc.
Research In PsychologyB.Sc.
Research Method (quantitative & Qualitative)B.Sc.
Research Methods In Cognitive ScienceM.Sc.
Research Methods In PsychologyM.Sc.
Self Science From Islamic Scientists ApproachB.Sc.
Self Science Of Islamic Scientists ApproachM.Sc.
Seminar In Problems Of General PsychologyB.Sc.
Seminar Of Clinical Psychology In World And IranB.Sc.
Seminar Of Exceptional Children Problems In World And IranB.Sc.
Sensation And PerceptionB.Sc.
Sensation And Perception PsychologyB.Sc.
Social PathologyB.Sc.
Social WorkB.Sc.
Speach Disorder And Vocal TherapyB.Sc.
Special Texts In Foreign LanguagesB.Sc.
Special Topics In PsychologyM.Sc.
Spiritual Religious Interventions In Clinical PsychologyM.Sc.
Sport PsychologyB.Sc.
Statistical Methods In Cognitive ScienceM.Sc.
Statistics - Ii InferentialB.Sc.
Statistics And Advanced Quantitative And Qualitative Research MethodsM.Sc.
Statistics In Psychology: (descriptive Statistics)B.Sc.
Statistics In Psychology: (inferential Statistics)B.Sc.
Statistics-i DescriptiveB.Sc.
Stress ManagementB.Sc.
Study Of Introductional Of Psychotherapy TheoriesB.Sc.
Techniques Of DiagnosticM.Sc.
Texts Of Clinical Psychology To Foreign Languages -iiB.Sc.
Texts Of Exceptional Children Psychology To Foreign LanguagesB.Sc.
Texts Of General Psychology To Foreign Languages -iiB.Sc.
Texts Of Psychology To Foreign Languages - IB.Sc.
Theories And Method Of Marital CounselingPh.D
Theories And Methods In Family CounselingM.Sc.
Theories Of Personality And PsychotherapyPh.D
Theories Of Counseling And PsychotherapyB.Sc.
Theories Of PersonalityM.Sc.
Theories Of Personality Psychology And Islamic PsychotherapyM.Sc.
Theories Of PsychotherapyM.Sc.
Theories Of Social PsychologyM.Sc.
Thinking And LanguageB.Sc.
Totality Of PhilosophyB.Sc.
Totality Of PsychiatryB.Sc.
Vocational & Educational Guidance And CounselingB.Sc.

Clinical Sciences

Endocrine And Hemolymphatic System Surgery
Advanced Theriogenology
Advanced Small Internal Medicine
Advanced Animal Reproductive Technology (biotechnology Of Reproduction)
Advanced Biology And Endocrinology Of Animal Reproduction
Advanced Large Animal Internal Medicine
Advanced Methodology Biostatistics
Advanced Pathology
Advanced Reproductive Surgery Female & Male Animal
Advanced Toxicoology
Advanced Veterinary Epidemiology
Advanced Veterinary Obstetrics
Anesthesia And Critical Care I
Anesthesia And Critical Care Ii
Animal Poisonings
Animal Reproductive Diagnosis Laoratory Techniques
Animal Toxicology And Poisonings
Applied Reproductive Surgery
Artificial Insemination
Avian Surgery
Biology And Endocrinology Of Reproduction
Biood Trensfusion In Animals
Blood Transfusion In Animals
Camel Dieases
Cellular-molecular Biology
Cinical Bacteriology
Cinical Immunology
Cinical Mycology
Cinical Virology
Clinical Biochemistry - I
Clinical Biochemistry - Ii
Clinical Biochemistry 1
Clinical Biochemistry 2
Clinical Cytology
Clinical Diagnosis Of Animal Reproduction
Clinical Hematology - I
Clinical Hematology - Ii
Clinical Hematology 1
Clinical Hematology 2
Clinical Interpretation Of Laboratory Findings
Clinical Orientation
Clinical Pathology Of Laboratory And Exotic Animals And Birds
Clinical Pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacology Reproduction
Clinical Practice -i
Clinical Practice -ii
Clinical Practice -iii
Clinical Practice -iv
Clinical Practice 1
Clinical Practice 2
Clinical Practice 3
Clinical Practice 4
Clinical Practice 5
Clinical Practice In Large Animal Medicine
Clinical Practice In Small Animal Medicine
Clinical Practice In Theriogenology
Clinical Practice Of Poultry Diseases
Clinical Practice Of Surgery
Clinical Surgery Training - Iv
Clinical Surgery Training -i
Clinical Surgery Training -ii
Clinical Surgery Training -iii
Critical Care
D Doctorate Dissertation (1)
D Doctorate Dissertation (2)
D Doctorate Dissertation (3)
D Doctorate Dissertation (4)
Diaganostic Imaging - I
Diagnostic Imaging - Ii
Diagnostic Imaging (1)
Diagnostic Imaging (2)
Diagnostic Immunology
Diagnostic Laboratory
Diagnostic Parasitology
Diagnostic Techniques And Therapeutic Interventions
Diagnostic Techniques Of Infectious Agents 1 (diagnostic Parasitology And Mycolo
Diagnostic Techniques Of Infectious Agents 2 (diagnostic Bacteriology And Virolo
Diseases Of Cardiovascular System
Diseases Of Equine Alimentary System
Diseases Of Eye And Ear
Diseases Of Integumentary System
Diseases Of Locomotive System
Diseases Of Mammary Gland (mastitis)
Diseases Of Nervous System
Diseases Of Reproductive System
Diseases Of Respiratory System
Diseases Of Ruminant Alimentary System
Diseases Of Urinary System
Ear And Eye Surgery
Endocrine And Hemolymphatic System Surgery
Equine Gastrointestinal Surgery
Equine Lameness
Equine Lameness (1)
Equine Lameness (2)
Exotic Animals Surgery
Experimental Surgery
Experimental Surgery
Field - I
Field - Ii
Fish Diseases
Fundamental Of Surgery
Fundamentals Of Surgery
General Cytology
General Large Animal Surgery
General Small Animal Surgery
Head And Neck Surgery
Infectious Diseases
Infectious Diseases In Animals
Infectious Diseases In Donmestic Animald
Internship Radiology And Sonography - I
Internship Radiology And Sonography - Ii
Internship: Diagnostic Laboratory
Internship: Large Animal Medicine - I
Internship: Large Animal Medicine - Ii
Internship: Large Animal Surgery - I
Internship: Large Animal Surgery - Ii
Internship: Postmortem Examination
Internship: Poultry Diseases - I
Internship: Poultry Diseases - Ii
Internship: Small Animal Medicine - I
Internship: Small Animal Medicine - Ii
Internship: Small Animal Surgery - I
Internship: Small Animal Surgery - Ii
Internship: Theriogenology - I
Internship: Theriogenology - Ii
Journal Club - I
Journal Club - Ii
Lab ManagementB.Sc.
Laboratory Techniques For Detection Of Toxins
Large Animal Clinical Rotation
Large Animal Gastrointestinal Surgery
Large Animal Urogenital Surgery
Large Animals Internal Medicine
Livestock Metabolic Diseases
Livestock Metobolic Diseases
Neonatal Diseases
Noninvasive Surgery
Orthopedics - I
Orthopedics - Ii
Postmortem Examination
Poultry Diseases
Practice In Central Diagnostic Lab 1
Practice In Central Diagnostic Lab 2
Practice In Diagnostic Lab Center - I
Practice In Diagnostic Lab Center - Ii
Principles Of Orthopedic Surgery
Principles Of Surgery And Anesthesia
Reproduction Biotechnology
Reproductive Diseases Of Camel And Buffalo
Reproductive Diseases Of Camel And Buffalo & Exotic Animal
Reproductive Diseases Of Canine & Feline
Reproductive Diseases Of Equine
Reproductive Diseases Of Male Animal
Reproductive Diseases Of Ruminants
Research Methodology And Scientific Communication
Research Project (thesis- I)
Research Project (thesis- Ii)
Research Project (thesis- Iii)
Rsearch Methodology And Biostatistics
Ruminant Gastrointestinal Surgery
Ruminant Lameness
Ruminant Lameness (1)
Ruminant Lameness (2)
Scientific Lecture - I
Scientific Lecture - Ii
Skin/ Reconstructive Surgery
Skin/ Reconstrucve Surgery
Small Animal Urogenital Surgery
Small Animal Clinical Rotation
Small Animal Gastrointestinal Surgery
Small Animal Lameness
Small Animal Neurosurgery
Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery
Small Animal Thoracic Surgery
Small Animal Urogenital Surgery
Small Animals Internal Medicine
Special Topics (1)
Special Topics (2)
Special Topics (3)
Specific Cytology
Specific Pathology
Specifice Reproductive Pathology Of Female & Male Animals
Surgery Clinical Rotation (1)
Surgery Clinical Rotation (2)
Surgery Clinical Rotation (3)
Surgery Clinical Rotation (4)
Surgery Clinical Rotation (5)
Surgery Clinical Rotation (6)
Surgical Pathology
Thoracic Surgery
Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine
Veterinary Clinical Laboratory Reports
Veterinary Obstetrics And Reproductive Diseases Seminar - I
Veterinary Obstetrics And Reproductive Diseases Seminar - Ii
Veterinary Obstetrics And Reproductive Diseases Seminar - Iii
Veterinary Radiology
Zoonotic Diseases

Computer Engineering

Distributed Artificial IntelligenceM.Sc.
Smart Signal And Systems Processing LabB.Sc.
A Safe Computer SystemsM.Sc.
Accelerators Of Object Oriented ArchitectureB.Sc.
Advanced Artificial IntelligenceM.Sc.
Advanced Mathematics In Computer EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Artificial IntelligenceM.Sc.
Advanced Algorithm Analysis And DesignM.Sc.
Advanced Algorithm DesignM.Sc.
Advanced AlgorithmsM.Sc.
Advanced Computational GeometryM.Sc.
Advanced Computer ArchitectureM.Sc.
Advanced Computer ArchitectureM.Sc.
Advanced Computer NetworksM.Sc.
Advanced Concepts In Computer Architecture 1M.Sc.
Advanced Concepts In Computer Architecture 2M.Sc.
Advanced Concepts In Computer Networks 1M.Sc.
Advanced Concepts In Computer Networks 2M.Sc.
Advanced Concepts In Computer Networks 3M.Sc.
Advanced Concepts In Software 1M.Sc.
Advanced Concepts In Software2M.Sc.
Advanced Concepts In Software3M.Sc.
Advanced Concepts1 In Artificial IntelligenceM.Sc.
Advanced Concepts2 In Artificial IntelligenceM.Sc.
Advanced Data BasesM.Sc.
Advanced DatabasesM.Sc.
Advanced Logic CircuitsB.Sc.
Advanced Mathematics In Artificial IntelligenceM.Sc.
Advanced Mathematics In Computer EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Mathematics In Computer NetworksM.Sc.
Advanced Network SecurityM.Sc.
Advanced Operating SystemsB.Sc.
Advanced ProgrammingB.Sc.
Advanced Programming WorkshopB.Sc.
Advanced Recovery InformationM.Sc.
Advanced Software EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Tooics In Software NetworksM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Computer ArchitecttureM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Computer NetworksM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Computer ScienceB.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Computer VisionM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Evolutionary ComputingM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Information SecurityM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Neural NetworksM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Neural SystemsM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Operating SystemsM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Parallel Computing ModellingM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Parallel Programming LanguagesM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Pattern IdentificationM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Processing ImagesM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Security Of Software SystemsM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Software EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Topics Research In OperationsM.Sc.
Ai In Embedded SystemsM.Sc.
Application Performance And Network PlanningM.Sc.
Application Perforormance And Network PlanningM.Sc.
Applied CryptologyM.Sc.
Applied Linear AlgebraB.Sc.
Architecture Of Network ImplementsM.Sc.
Artificial IntelligenceB.Sc.
Artificial Intelligence And Expert SystemsB.Sc.
Automatic Design Of Logical Circuits (vhdl)B.Sc.
Autonomous Mobile RobotsM.Sc.
Based Security SystemsB.Sc.
Broadband NetworksM.Sc.
Business Development For StartupsB.Sc.
Calculation TheoryB.Sc.
Cloud ComputingM.Sc.
Co-opco-op -iB.Sc.
Codeing And I Formation TheoryM.Sc.
Cognitive ScienceM.Sc.
Complex Dynamic NetworksM.Sc.
Computational GeometryM.Sc.
Computational Geometry AlgorithmM.Sc.
Computational IntelligenceB.Sc.
Computer Aided Digital System DesignB.Sc.
Computer And Telecommunication Network ManagementM.Sc.
Computer Architecture LabB.Sc.
Computer Architecture ProjectB.Sc.
Computer Foundations And ProgrammingB.Sc.
Computer Game DesignB.Sc.
Computer Games LabB.Sc.
Computer GraphicsB.Sc.
Computer Graphics LaboratoryB.Sc.
Computer Logic Circuits LabB.Sc.
Computer Network SecurityM.Sc.
Computer NetworksB.Sc.
Computer Networks LabB.Sc.
Computer Networks 2B.Sc.
Computer Organization And LanguageB.Sc.
Computer SimulationB.Sc.
Computer Systems Performance EvaluationB.Sc.
Computer VisionM.Sc.
Computer WorkshopB.Sc.
Concealment InformationM.Sc.
Concurent ProgrammingB.Sc.
Cryptography And Net Work SecurityB.Sc.
Data ComunicationB.Sc.
Data StructuresB.Sc.
Database LaboratoryB.Sc.
Database SecurityM.Sc.
Decision Support SystemsM.Sc.
Deductive DatabaseM.Sc.
Design & Implementation Of Programming LanguagesB.Sc.
Design And Analysis Of Real-time Embedded SystemsM.Sc.
Design Of AlgorithmsB.Sc.
Design Of High Density Integrated SystemsB.Sc.
Design With Hardware Description LanguagesM.Sc.
Digital ElectronicsB.Sc.
Digital Electronics Lab.B.Sc.
Digital ImagingM.Sc.
Digital Systems SynthesisM.Sc.
Discrete StructuresB.Sc.
Distribiuted SystemsM.Sc.
Distributed Processing SystemsM.Sc.
Distributed SystemsM.Sc.
E-commerce SecurityM.Sc.
Either Hardware-software DesignB.Sc.
Electerisity WorkshopB.Sc.
Electric CircuitsB.Sc.
Electrical And Electronic Circuit LaboratoryB.Sc.
Electrical Circuit LaboratoryB.Sc.
Electrical Circuits - 2B.Sc.
Electrical Circuits -1B.Sc.
Electrical Circuits -1 LabB.Sc.
Electronic CircuitsB.Sc.
Electronic Electrical CircuitsB.Sc.
Electronical Circuits-labB.Sc.
Electronics - I LabB.Sc.
Evolutionary ComputingM.Sc.
Expert SystemsM.Sc.
Expert Systems And Knowledge EngineeringM.Sc.
Expert Systems Design And Implementation ConceptsB.Sc.
Fault-tolerant SystemsM.Sc.
Fault-tolerant Systems DesignM.Sc.
Formal Methods In Software EngineeringB.Sc.
Formal Models And Information SecurityM.Sc.
Foundations Of Computer VisionB.Sc.
Foundations Of Data MiningB.Sc.
Foundations Of Information Retrieval And Web SearchB.Sc.
Foundations Of Language And Speech ProcessingB.Sc.
Fundamentals And Applications Of Artificial IntelligenceB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Compiler DesignB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Computer ProgrammingB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Secure ComputingB.Sc.
Fuzzy LogicM.Sc.
Fuzzy Systems And SetsM.Sc.
Game TheoryM.Sc.
Green ComputingM.Sc.
High Speed NetworkM.Sc.
High-frequency Digital CircuitsB.Sc.
Image ProcessingM.Sc.
Impacted And Promptly SystemsB.Sc.
Implement A Database SystemB.Sc.
Industrial Automation LaboratoryB.Sc.
Inflab Design Principles CompilerB.Sc.
Information And Coding TheoryM.Sc.
Information HidingM.Sc.
Information Security FundamentalsM.Sc.
Information Security ManagementB.Sc.
Information Storage & RetrievalB.Sc.
Information Technology - IM.Sc.
Information Theory & CodingM.Sc.
Interface Circuits DesignB.Sc.
Internet Basics Of ThingsB.Sc.
Internet EngineeringB.Sc.
Introduction To BioinformaticsB.Sc.
Introduction To Numbers TheoryM.Sc.
Knowledge Based SystemsM.Sc.
Laboratory Computer-aided Design ToolsB.Sc.
Laboratory Of Industrial AutomationB.Sc.
Laboratory Of Linear Control SystemsB.Sc.
Laboratory Of RbatykzB.Sc.
Learning TheoryM.Sc.
Linear Control SystemB.Sc.
Linear Control SystemsB.Sc.
Logic CircuitsB.Sc.
Logic Circuits And Computer Architecture LabB.Sc.
Logic In Computer Science And EngineeringB.Sc.
Low Power Systems DesignM.Sc.
Machine And Assembly LanguagesB.Sc.
Machine Language And System ProgrammingB.Sc.
Machine LearingM.Sc.
Machine VisionM.Sc.
Management Knowledge BaseM.Sc.
Massive Data Analysis And SystemsM.Sc.
Mathematical Games TheoryM.Sc.
Mathematical Modeling Of Neural SystemsM.Sc.
Matlab Programming WorkshopB.Sc.
Methodology And PresentationB.Sc.
Microprocessor - IB.Sc.
Microprocessor - IiB.Sc.
Microprocessor And Assembly LanguageB.Sc.
Microprocessor Lab.B.Sc.
Mining ProcessM.Sc.
Modelling And Performance Evaluation Of Computer SystemM.Sc.
Multi Media EnvironmentsB.Sc.
Multi-core ProgrammingB.Sc.
Multi-operating SystemsB.Sc.
Multimedia NetworksM.Sc.
Multiprocessor ArchitecturesM.Sc.
Network ManagementM.Sc.
Network ProcessorM.Sc.
Network ProcessorsM.Sc.
Network SecurityB.Sc.
Network Security LabB.Sc.
Network Security-labB.Sc.
Network-based ProcessingM.Sc.
Networks QosM.Sc.
Neural Networks And Deep LearningM.Sc.
Numerical Analysis MethodsB.Sc.
Object Oriented SystemsB.Sc.
Object-oriented Systems DesignB.Sc.
Operating System Lab.B.Sc.
Operating SystemsB.Sc.
Operating Systems - IB.Sc.
Optical NetworksM.Sc.
Optimal Control And CalculusM.Sc.
Optimization And Neural NetworksM.Sc.
Optimization TheoryM.Sc.
Optimization Theory With Computer Network ApplicationsM.Sc.
Parallel Algorithm Analysis And DesignM.Sc.
Parallel AlgorithmsM.Sc.
Parallel ProcessingM.Sc.
Parallel ProgrammingM.Sc.
Parallel Systems ArchitectureM.Sc.
Paralles Systems ArchitectureM.Sc.
Patterns In Software EngineeringM.Sc.
Performance Evaluation Of Computer SystemsM.Sc.
Physics IB.Sc.
Physics IiB.Sc.
Population-based And Evolutionary ComputingM.Sc.
Principles Of Cloud ComputingB.Sc.
Principles Of Computational IntelligenceB.Sc.
Principles Of Database DesignB.Sc.
Principles Of Robot ScienceB.Sc.
Probabilistic Graphical ModelsM.Sc.
Project - IM.Sc.
Project - IiM.Sc.
Quantum ComputingM.Sc.
Random ProcessesM.Sc.
Real _ Time SystemsB.Sc.
Reinforcement LeamingM.Sc.
Reliable Software DesignM.Sc.
Reliable Software Systems DesignM.Sc.
Research And Technical PresentationB.Sc.
Robot Manufacturing WorkshopB.Sc.
Robotics PrinciplesB.Sc.
Search Engines And Web MiningM.Sc.
Secure Communication SystemsM.Sc.
Secure Computer SystemsM.Sc.
Secure Systems ManagementM.Sc.
Security ArchitectureM.Sc.
Security ProtocolsM.Sc.
Semantic WebM.Sc.
Signal And Systems ProcessingB.Sc.
Signals And SystemsB.Sc.
Smart Signal And Systems ProcessingB.Sc.
Software ArchitectureM.Sc.
Software EngineeringB.Sc.
Software Engineering - IB.Sc.
Software Engineering - IiM.Sc.
Software Engineering -iiB.Sc.
Software Engineering LaboratoryB.Sc.
Software Sepcification , Test And MaintenanceM.Sc.
Software Systems ReliablyM.Sc.
Software Systems SecurityM.Sc.
Software TestingB.Sc.
Special Tapics 2B.Sc.
Special Tapics1B.Sc.
Special Topics In CeM.Sc.
Special Topics In Computer Architecture 1M.Sc.
Special Topics In Computer Architecture 2M.Sc.
Special Topics In Computer NetworksM.Sc.
Special Topics In Computer Networks 1M.Sc.
Special Topics In Computer Networks2M.Sc.
Special Topics In Computer Networks3M.Sc.
Special Topics In Software 1M.Sc.
Special Topics In Software2M.Sc.
Special Topics In Software3M.Sc.
Special Topics1 In Artificial IntelligenceM.Sc.
Special Topics2 In Artificial IntelligenceM.Sc.
Statistical Learning TheoryM.Sc.
Statistical Pattern IdentificationM.Sc.
Statistical Signal ProcessingM.Sc.
Stochastic ProcessM.Sc.
Storage Area NetworksM.Sc.
Storage Networking Architecture And Data CentersM.Sc.
Structural Pattern IdenificationM.Sc.
Structural Pattern RecognitionM.Sc.
Systems Analysis And DesignB.Sc.
Systems Design And AnalysisB.Sc.
Systems On ChipM.Sc.
Systems ReliablyM.Sc.
Technical DrawingB.Sc.
Test And TestabilityM.Sc.
The Basics Of Information SecurityB.Sc.
The Requirements EngineeringM.Sc.
The Theory Of Formal Languages And AutomataB.Sc.
Variations Intopics In Nonlinear ProgrammingM.Sc.
Virtual Reality LabB.Sc.
Vlsi System DesignB.Sc.
Wasit Circuits LabB.Sc.
Web ProgrammingB.Sc.
Wireless And Mobile NetworksM.Sc.
Wireless Networking BasicsB.Sc.
Wireless NetworksM.Sc.
Workshop (familiar With Computer Engineering)B.Sc.
Workshop On Computer Basics And ProgrammingB.Sc.

Crop Biotechnology And Breeding

Advanced CytogeneticsPh.D
Advanced Genetic EngineeringPh.D
Advanced GeneticsM.Sc.
Advanced Plant BiochemistryPh.D
Advanced Plant BreedingM.Sc.
Advanced Plant Cell And Tissue CulturePh.D
Advanced Topics In Fram Plant BreedingM.Sc.
Application Of Computer In BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Application Of Statistical Methods In BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Application Of Statistical Soft Wares In Plant BreedingM.Sc.
Biodiversity And Genetic ResourcesM.Sc.
Bioethics And BiosafetyM.Sc.
Biotecnology Application In Plant BreedingM.Sc.
Breeding And Biotechnology In Medicinal PlantsM.Sc.
Cellular And Molecular BiologyM.Sc.
Elementary Molecular GeneticsM.Sc.
Elementary Plant BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Functional GenomicsM.Sc.
Microbial GeneticsM.Sc.
Micropropagation And Plant Tissue CultureM.Sc.
Microptopagation And Plant Tissue CultareM.Sc.
Molecular EvolutionPh.D
Molecular Mechanisms Of Response To StressesPh.D
Molecular Plant BreedingM.Sc.
Multivariate AnalysisM.Sc.
New Topics In BiotechnologyM.Sc.
New Topics In Plant BreedingM.Sc.
Plant CytogeneticsM.Sc.
Plant CytogenteicsM.Sc.
Population GenomicsPh.D
Seed Production TechnologyM.Sc.
Statistical GenomicsPh.D
Synthetic BiologyPh.D
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Department Of Agrotechnology

Advanced AgronomyM.Sc.
Advanced Weed IdentificationPh.D
Advanced Agricultural DesignB.Sc.
Advanced Crop PhysiologyM.Sc.
Advanced Medicinal Plants ProductionM.Sc.
Advanced Micropropogation And Plant Tissu CulturePh.D
Advanced Organic AgriraltuersPh.D
Agricultural MachineryB.Sc.
Agricultural MechanizationB.Sc.
Agricultural ClimatologyB.Sc.
Agricultural MachinaryB.Sc.
Agricultural Meteorology And ClimatologB.Sc.
Agriculture Economics And MarketingB.Sc.
Agro Ecology SustainabilityM.Sc.
Agroecosystems AnalysisPh.D
Agronomical PracticesB.Sc.
Analysis Of Ecological DetaPh.D
Application Of Biotechnology In Crop ProductionPh.D
Application Of Modeling In Seed ScienceM.Sc.
Applied Plant BreedingB.Sc.
Assessment Of Land And Town And Country PlanningM.Sc.
Beeding For Environmental StressesPh.D
Biociads & EnvironmentPh.D
Biodiversity And Genetical ResourcesM.Sc.
Biodiversity And Genetical Resources ManagementM.Sc.
Biodiversity In AgroecosystemsPh.D
Biology Of Parasitic WeedsM.Sc.
Biology Of Seedling Growth And EstablishmentPh.D
Biometery - IiM.Sc.
Biotechnology And EnvironmentB.Sc.
Biotechnology PlantB.Sc.
Breeding For Crop QualityPh.D
Breeding Of Horticultural And Medicinal PlantsB.Sc.
Canopies EcologyPh.D
Cell BiologyPh.D
Cereal Crops ProductionB.Sc.
Cereal ProductionB.Sc.
Climate Change And Its Impacts On Agriculturul SystemsPh.D
Climate Change And Plant ProductionPh.D
Computer Application In Agricultural SciencesB.Sc.
Computer Application In Statistical Analysis ApproachM.Sc.
Conservation AgricultureB.Sc.
Conservation EcologyPh.D
Crop Adaptation In Stress-pruned EcosystemsM.Sc.
Crop And Weed Herbicide ResistancePh.D
Crop BreedingB.Sc.
Crop Breeding For Abiotic Stress ResistancePh.D
Crop Ecological AdaptationsM.Sc.
Crop NutritionM.Sc.
Crop PhysiologyB.Sc.
Crop Production EcologyM.Sc.
Crop Production Under Abiotic StressesB.Sc.
Crop Production Under Water Defiant ConditionsB.Sc.
Crop Production, Climate Change And Environmental StressrsB.Sc.
Crop Responses Of Environmental StressM.Sc.
Crop Yield PhysiologyPh.D
Crop-weed Competition EcologyM.Sc.
Crop-weed Competition:simulation And ModelingPh.D
Cropping Pattern PlanningM.Sc.
Crops And Weeds EcophysiologyPh.D
Cultural EcologyPh.D
Disease Management In Crop ProductionB.Sc.
Disease Of Field CropsB.Sc.
Dryland FarmingB.Sc.
Ecological Aspects Of AgroecosystemsPh.D
Ecological Aspects Of Energy In AgriculturePh.D
Ecological Functions And ServicesPh.D
Ecological Intensification In Food ProductionPh.D
Ecological Management Of Pests, Plant Pathogens And WeedsM.Sc.
Ecological Management Of Pests;diseases And WeedsM.Sc.
Ecology Of Agricultural SystemsPh.D
Ecology Of Crop ProductionPh.D
Ecology Of Multiple Cropping SystemsM.Sc.
Economical, Legal And Ethical Aspects Of BiotechnologyPh.D
Ecophysiology Of Crop ProductionM.Sc.
Ecosystem Funstions And ServicesPh.D
Effect Of Environmental Stress On PlantsM.Sc.
Elementary GenomicsB.Sc.
Embryogenesis And Tissue Differentiation In SeedM.Sc.
English In AgricultureB.Sc.
Environmental BiophysicsB.Sc.
Experimental Data Analysis MethodsPh.D
Experimental Designs In Agricultural Science (2)B.Sc.
Experimental Designs In Agriculture (1)B.Sc.
Farm Management And MechanizationB.Sc.
Field TripB.Sc.
Food And Nutrition EcologyM.Sc.
Forage CropB.Sc.
Forage CropsB.Sc.
Free Topics In AgroecologyPh.D
Fungal GeneticPh.D
G.i.s & Rs Appeications In AgricultarePh.D
Genetics - LabB.Sc.
Genetics And Biotechnology In Seed ProductionPh.D
Genetics BacteriologyPh.D
Geography Of Iranian And World AgricultureB.Sc.
Greenhouse ProductsB.Sc.
Growth Hormones And Tissue DifferentiationM.Sc.
Herbicide Mode Of ActionM.Sc.
Herbicide Mode Of Action And ApplicationM.Sc.
Herbicide Mode Of Action And MetabolismPh.D
Herbicide Resistance In PlantsPh.D
Herbicides And The EnvironmentPh.D
Herbicides Application TechnologiesM.Sc.
Herbicides PhysiologyM.Sc.
Human Ecology In AgriculturePh.D
Industrial Crop ProductionB.Sc.
Integrated Agricultural SystemsB.Sc.
Integrated Management In Weed SciencesPh.D
International Regulations In Seed IndustryM.Sc.
Invasive PlantsPh.D
Irrigation Methods -theoryB.Sc.
Laboratory Methods Crop PhysiologyPh.D
Laboratory Methods In Crop PhysiologyPh.D
Landscape EcologyM.Sc.
Lawn And Vegetation CoverageB.Sc.
Management Of Production Resources In AgricultureB.Sc.
Management Of Water Resources In AgricultureB.Sc.
Mathematical Models In Plant Growth And DevelopmentPh.D
Medelling In AgrecologyPh.D
Medicinal And Spice PlantsM.Sc.
Medicinal Plants ProductionB.Sc.
Medicinal Plants And Spice AgronomyB.Sc.
Meteorology And ClimatologyB.Sc.
Meteorology And Climatology .labB.Sc.
Methods And In Strumentd In Weed SciencePh.D
Micro ClimatologyPh.D
Modeling Crop GrowthPh.D
Modeling In Plant Growth And DevelopmentPh.D
Modeling In Seed BiologyM.Sc.
Moleculor Aspects Of Abrotic StressPh.D
Mothod & Applying HerbicidesM.Sc.
New And Forgotten CropsM.Sc.
New CropsM.Sc.
New Topics In AgronomyM.Sc.
Novel Agricultural TechnologyB.Sc.
Open Subjects In AgroecologyM.Sc.
Optional CoursePh.D
Organic AgricultureM.Sc.
Organic Crop ProductionB.Sc.
Organic FarmingPh.D
Pest Management In Crop ProductionB.Sc.
Pesticides And EnvironmentM.Sc.
Pests Of Field CropsB.Sc.
Phenomenology In AgroecologyPh.D
Photosynthesis And Metabolism: New AspectsPh.D
Physiology Of Crop Growth And DevelopmentM.Sc.
Physiology Of Crop NutritionM.Sc.
Physiology Of Crop ProductionM.Sc.
Physiology Of Crop YieldPh.D
Physiology Of Seed Development And LongevityPh.D
Physiology Of Seed Dormancy And GerminationPh.D
Plant Anatomy And PhysiologyB.Sc.
Plant Anatomy And TaxonomyB.Sc.
Plant BiochemistryB.Sc.
Plant BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Plant Biotechnology And IndustriayPh.D
Plant Breeding And EnvironmentB.Sc.
Plant DiseaseB.Sc.
Plant EcophysiologyPh.D
Plant Growth And Climate ChangePh.D
Plant Growth RegulatorsM.Sc.
Plant Growth Undo Abiotic StressesM.Sc.
Plant HormonesM.Sc.
Plant MicroclimatologyPh.D
Plant Molecular PhysiologyPh.D
Plant Morphology And SystematicB.Sc.
Plant Nutrition And Seed QualityPh.D
Plant Physiology Under StressPh.D
Plant Propagation And Tissue CultureM.Sc.
Plant Tissue Culture And Micro PropagationM.Sc.
Plant-soil -water Relation - AdvancedM.Sc.
Policy And Management In Seed IndustryM.Sc.
Practical Skill 1B.Sc.
Practical Skill 2B.Sc.
Practical Skills 2 (plant Biotechnology)B.Sc.
Practical Skills 2 (plant Breeding)B.Sc.
Principals Of Agricultural ExtensionB.Sc.
Principals Of Ecological EconomicsM.Sc.
Principals Of Plant BreedingB.Sc.
Principals Of Remote SensingM.Sc.
Principals Of Sustainable AgricultureB.Sc.
Principles And Practice In IrrigationB.Sc.
Principles Of Agricultural Extension And EducationB.Sc.
Principles Of AgronomyB.Sc.
Principles Of Animal And Poultry ProductionB.Sc.
Principles Of Crop ProductionB.Sc.
Principles Of Ecological EconomicsM.Sc.
Principles Of EntrepreneurshipB.Sc.
Principles Of Genetic Engineering And Gene TransferB.Sc.
Principles Of Horticultural Crop ProductionB.Sc.
Principles Of MathematicsB.Sc.
Principles Of Molecular MarkersB.Sc.
Principles Of Plant BreedingB.Sc.
Principles Of Plant Cell And Tissue CultureB.Sc.
Principles Of Plant NutritionB.Sc.
Principles Of Plant Products ProcessingB.Sc.
Principles Of Remote Sensing And Geographical Information SystemM.Sc.
Principles Of Seed EcologyM.Sc.
Principles Of Seed Production And ProcessingM.Sc.
Principles Of Weed Science And Weed ManagementB.Sc.
Production Of Local CropsB.Sc.
Pulse CropB.Sc.
Pulses And Regional CropsB.Sc.
Ragined Planning In Sustainable AgirieatarePh.D
Range ManagementB.Sc.
Registration And Conservation Of Plant VarietiesB.Sc.
Registration And Commercialization Of New VarietiesM.Sc.
Research Methodology In AgroecologyM.Sc.
Research Methods In Weed SciencePh.D
Response Of Plants To Environment StressesM.Sc.
Saline And Alkaline SoilsB.Sc.
Saline And Sodic SoilsB.Sc.
Seed And Seedling ProductionM.Sc.
Seed BiochemistryPh.D
Seed Biology And TechnologyB.Sc.
Seed Breeding And BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Seed Bussiness And Management In Seed IndustryPh.D
Seed CertificationB.Sc.
Seed Control And CertificationB.Sc.
Seed EcologyM.Sc.
Seed EcophysiologyPh.D
Seed Embryogenesis And Tissue DifferentiationM.Sc.
Seed Genetics And BiotechnologyM.Sc.
Seed HealthM.Sc.
Seed PhysiologyM.Sc.
Seed Physiology And MetabolismM.Sc.
Seed Processing And StorageM.Sc.
Seed Production Technology In Self-pollinated And Cross- Pollinated CropsPh.D
Seed TechnologyM.Sc.
Seed Testing MethodsM.Sc.
Seminar - IB.Sc.
Society, Agriculture And EnvironmentB.Sc.
Soil Fertility And BiofertilizersM.Sc.
Soil And Bio-fertilizer EcologyM.Sc.
Soil Ecology And Tillage MengamentPh.D
Soil Fertility And FertilizersB.Sc.
Soil Recognition And Management In Plant ProductionB.Sc.
Soil-water PhysiologyPh.D
Special Research WorkM.Sc.
Special Topic CourseM.Sc.
Specific Plant LoveedingB.Sc.
Statistic In MeteorologyB.Sc.
Statistical Methods In Agricultural ScienceM.Sc.
Statistical Methods In Crop ScienceM.Sc.
Stress PhysiologyPh.D
Survey And MappingB.Sc.
Sustainable Crop ProductionM.Sc.
Sustainable Management In Agricultural EcosystemPh.D
Sustainable Management Of AgroecosystemsPh.D
Sustainable Water And Soil ManagementM.Sc.
Sustainable Weed ManagementPh.D
Sustaninable Sol Ans And Water Recourses Management And ConservationM.Sc.
Teaching SkillsPh.D
Urban AgricultureB.Sc.
Viruses GeneticsPh.D
Water- Soil-plant RelationshipB.Sc.
Weed Biological ControlPh.D
Weed EcophysiologyM.Sc.
Weed IdentificationM.Sc.
Weed Identification (complementary)Ph.D
Weed ManagementM.Sc.
Weed Management In Sustainable AgriculturePh.D
Weed PhysiologyM.Sc.
Weed-crop InterferenceM.Sc.

Department Of English

Applied Linguistics And TranslationM.Sc.
A Study Of Major Literary TranslationsM.Sc.
A Study Of The Works Ofthe World Greatest DramtistsM.Sc.
A Survey Of American LiteratureB.Sc.
A Survey Of English Literature History IB.Sc.
A Survey Of English Literature 1B.Sc.
A Survey Of English Literature 2B.Sc.
A Survey Of English Literature History IiB.Sc.
A Survey Of English Literature History IiiB.Sc.
Academic WritingM.Sc.
Advanced Grammar -iB.Sc.
Advanced Grammar -iiB.Sc.
Advanced Reading -iiiiB.Sc.
Advanced Reading Comprehension -iiB.Sc.
Advanced Research MethodologiesPh.D
Advanced Research Methodology In TranslationM.Sc.
Advanced TestingPh.D
Advanced Translation AssessmentM.Sc.
Advanced Writing -iB.Sc.
Advanced Writing -iiB.Sc.
American LiteratureM.Sc.
An Introduction To Literature 1B.Sc.
An Introduction To Literature 2B.Sc.
Basic WritingB.Sc.
Basics Of TranslationB.Sc.
Basics Of WritingB.Sc.
Childrens LiteratureM.Sc.
Classical WorksM.Sc.
Clinical Language EducationPh.D
Comparative Stylistics In Prose TranslationsM.Sc.
Computational Linguistics And LexicographyPh.D
Computer In TranslationM.Sc.
Computers And TranslationPh.D
Contemporary English DramaM.Sc.
Contemporary World PoetryB.Sc.
Contrastive LinguisticsB.Sc.
Contrastive Linguistics And Error Analgsis
Conversation IB.Sc.
Conversation IiB.Sc.
Corpus Linguistics For Language Teaching & ResearchM.Sc.
Critical Analysis Of Modern Translation TheoriesPh.D
Critical Review Of Translation TheoriesPh.D
Culture , Ideology TranslationPh.D
Culture And Politics In Language EducationM.Sc.
Drama 1B.Sc.
Drama 2B.Sc.
Drama IB.Sc.
Drama IiB.Sc.
Educational LinguisticsM.Sc.
Elementry -iPh.D
Elementry -iiPh.D
Elt Leadership And ManagementPh.D
Emo-sensory EducationM.Sc.
English For Specific Purposes (esp)M.Sc.
English For Specific Purposes E.s.p.M.Sc.
English Literature 17&18 CenturiesM.Sc.
English PhoneticsB.Sc.
English PoetryB.Sc.
English Teaching MethodologyB.Sc.
Entrepreneurship In LanguagesB.Sc.
Error AnalysisB.Sc.
Esl Study SkillsB.Sc.
Essay WritingB.Sc.
Essay Writing In EnglishM.Sc.
Essay Writing In LiteratureM.Sc.
European LiteratureM.Sc.
Evaluation Of Teaching MeathodsPh.D
First Language AcquisitionPh.D
Gender Studies In Language And LiteratureM.Sc.
Grammar 1B.Sc.
Grammar 2B.Sc.
Grammar And Composition IB.Sc.
Grammar And Composition IiB.Sc.
Great World PoetsM.Sc.
Greek And Roman MythologyB.Sc.
Greek And Roman MythsB.Sc.
History Of Literary Translation In IranM.Sc.
Interlanguage PragmaticsPh.D
Introduction To Literature -iB.Sc.
Introduction To Literature IB.Sc.
Introduction To Literature IiB.Sc.
Introduction To Translation IB.Sc.
Introduction To Translation IiB.Sc.
Issues In LinguisticsM.Sc.
Journalistic Texts ReadingB.Sc.
Language And CognitionPh.D
Language And IdentityPh.D
Language And TourismB.Sc.
Language AssessmentB.Sc.
Language Curriculum DevelopmentPh.D
Language PlanningPh.D
Language Study SkillsB.Sc.
Language Teacher Education & DevelopmentM.Sc.
Language Teaching In PracticeB.Sc.
Language Teaching MethodsB.Sc.
Language TestingM.Sc.
Letter Writing And Typingusing The Computer
Lexicology In TranslationM.Sc.
Linguistic Approach To Literature(stylistics)Ph.D
Linguistics IiB.Sc.
Linguistics 1B.Sc.
Linguistics 2B.Sc.
Linguistics IB.Sc.
Literacy In Language EducationPh.D
Literary Criticism - IiM.Sc.
Literary Criticism 1B.Sc.
Literary Criticism 2B.Sc.
Literary Criticism IB.Sc.
Literary Criticism IiB.Sc.
Literary RenaissancePh.D
Literary Schools IiB.Sc.
Literary TerminologyB.Sc.
Literary TermsB.Sc.
Literary Translation IB.Sc.
Literary Translation IiB.Sc.
Literature And Comparative StudiesM.Sc.
Literature And Media StudiesM.Sc.
Literature In Language EducationM.Sc.
Material PreparationM.Sc.
Materials DevelopmentM.Sc.
Materials PreparationPh.D
Media TranslationB.Sc.
Mixed Methods Research And Action ResearchPh.D
Modern And Post Modern World LiteratureB.Sc.
Modern Approaches To Language AssessmentPh.D
Modern English PoertyM.Sc.
Motivation In Language EducationM.Sc.
Multimedia TranslationPh.D
Multimedia Translation Training MethodologyPh.D
Nineteenth Century English LiteratureM.Sc.
Novel 1B.Sc.
Novel 2B.Sc.
Novel IB.Sc.
Novel IiB.Sc.
Oral Reproduction Of Stories IB.Sc.
Oral Reproduction Of Stories IiB.Sc.
Oral Reproduction Of Story 1B.Sc.
Oral Reproduction Of Story 2B.Sc.
Pedagogical PhoneticsM.Sc.
Persian And Lslamic Literature In EnglishM.Sc.
Persian Literature In World LiteratureM.Sc.
Philosophy Of Language EducationM.Sc.
Plrinciples Of EducationPh.D
Poetics TranslationPh.D
Poetry And Metaphysical And Philosophical Ideas In English LiteraturePh.D
Practical Considerations In Teaching Language SkillsM.Sc.
Practical Criticism In English LiteratureM.Sc.
Practical Teaching -iiB.Sc.
Practical Teacling
Pragmatics And Discourse AnalysisM.Sc.
Preparation For Undergraduate Teaching At UniversityPh.D
Principles & Philosophy Of Education
Psychology Of Language EducationM.Sc.
Qualitative And Mixed Research MethodsPh.D
Quantitative And Qualitative Research Methods In LanguageM.Sc.
Reading Comprehension 1B.Sc.
Reading Comprehension 2B.Sc.
Reading Comprehension 3B.Sc.
Reading Comprehension IB.Sc.
Reading Comprehension IiB.Sc.
Reading Comprehension IiiB.Sc.
Reading Literary TextsB.Sc.
Reading Simple ProseB.Sc.
Renaissance LiteratureM.Sc.
Report WritingB.Sc.
Research From Progmatic Textological And Cda PerspectivesPh.D
Research Mcthod In Education
Research Methodology In LiteratureM.Sc.
Research MethodsB.Sc.
Research Methods In Multimedia TranslationPh.D
Research Methods In Translation StudiesM.Sc.
Research Mothodoloy In Translation StudiesPh.D
Research Principles And Methodology IB.Sc.
Research Principles And Methodology IiB.Sc.
Revising And Editing Persian TranslationM.Sc.
Romantic PoetryM.Sc.
Science Of LanguagePh.D
Second Language LearningPh.D
Selected Texts Of Literary ProseB.Sc.
Seminar In Language Teaching IssuesM.Sc.
Shakespeare StudiesM.Sc.
Short StoryB.Sc.
Simple English PoetryB.Sc.
Simple English ProseB.Sc.
Social CognitionPh.D
Sociology Of Language EducationM.Sc.
Sociology Of TranslationM.Sc.
Statistical Softwares In Language ResearchM.Sc.
Study Skills -iB.Sc.
Syntactic ArgumentationPh.D
Teaching English LiteraturePh.D
Teaching English To Young LearnersM.Sc.
Teaching Language SkillsB.Sc.
Teaching Language To ChildrenB.Sc.
Teaching Methods - Iii
Teaching Methods -iv
Technology- Enhanced Language LearningPh.D
Terminology And LexicographyPh.D
Testing -i
Testing -ii
The Analysis Of English Textbook And The Meltad Of Teaching
The Application Of Computer Softwarel In Teaching
The Impact Of Persian Literature On Western LiteratureM.Sc.
The Study Of Langusge
The Study Of Learning And Teaching Issves
Theoretical Foundations Of TranslationM.Sc.
Theories Of Lamgua Acquisition
Theories Of LearningPh.D
Thesis (translation)Ph.D
Thesis/article WritingM.Sc.
Translation And Applied LinguisticsPh.D
Translation And Cognitive StudiesPh.D
Translation And Communication StudiesPh.D
Translation And ComputersM.Sc.
Translation And DiscourseM.Sc.
Translation And Intercultural CommunicationM.Sc.
Translation And TechnologyPh.D
Translation Assessment And CriticismPh.D
Translation CriticismM.Sc.
Translation Criticism Theory And PracticePh.D
Translation History In IranM.Sc.
Translation Methods And PrinciplesB.Sc.
Translation ModelsM.Sc.
Translation Of Childrens LiteratureM.Sc.
Translation Of Scientific And Specialized TextsM.Sc.
Translation Of Scientific And Technical TextsB.Sc.
Translation Of Scientific TextsM.Sc.
Translation Of Simple TextsB.Sc.
Translation Of Texts In HumanitiesB.Sc.
Translation SeminarM.Sc.
Translation Teaching And AssessmentM.Sc.
Translation TheoriesM.Sc.
Translation Theories IM.Sc.
Translation Theories IiM.Sc.
Translation, Profession And SocietyPh.D
Translator EducationPh.D
Translator Training MethodologyPh.D
Usage Of Idioms And Expressions In TranslationB.Sc.

Department Of French

17th And 18th Century French LiteratureB.Sc.
19th Century French LiteratureB.Sc.
20th Century French LiteratureB.Sc.
Advanced French ComprehensionB.Sc.
Advanced French ConversationB.Sc.
Advanced French GrammarB.Sc.
Advanced WritingB.Sc.
Analyse Dune Uvre LittraireM.Sc.
Anglais 1B.Sc.
Anglais 2B.Sc.
Anglais 3B.Sc.
Anglais 4B.Sc.
Approche Des Nouvelles Thories De La LittraturePh.D
Atelier De TraductionB.Sc.
Audiovisual TranslationB.Sc.
Basic FrenchB.Sc.
Basic French CompositionB.Sc.
Basic French ComprehensionB.Sc.
Basic French ConversationB.Sc.
Basic French GrammarB.Sc.
Classicisme Et RomantismeM.Sc.
Commentaire De Textes Littraires Du XixesicleB.Sc.
Commentaire De Textes Littraires Du XxesicleB.Sc.
Commentry On 17th And 18th Centuries TextesB.Sc.
Complementary French GrammarB.Sc.
Composition SimpleB.Sc.
Comprhension De Textes SimplesB.Sc.
Contemporary French LiteratureB.Sc.
Cours Prparatoire De Langue FranaiseB.Sc.
Critique LittraireB.Sc.
Critique De La TraductionB.Sc.
Critique De La Traduction De Textes LittrairesM.Sc.
Critique De TraductionM.Sc.
Critique InterprtativeM.Sc.
Critique ThmatiquePh.D
Critiques Des Uvres ExistentialistesM.Sc.
Debating And LecturingB.Sc.
Dissertation LittraireM.Sc.
Dramaturgie Du Xixe SicleM.Sc.
Dramaturgie Du Xxe SicleM.Sc.
Etude Contrastive De Traduction De Textes IslamiquesM.Sc.
Etude Contrastive De Traduction De Textes LittrairesM.Sc.
Expos Et DbatB.Sc.
Expressions Et Proverbes FranaisB.Sc.
Exrose Et DebatB.Sc.
Franais Avanc 1B.Sc.
Franais Avanc 2B.Sc.
French For TourismB.Sc.
French LanguageB.Sc.
French Literature From The Middle Ages To The 16th CenturyB.Sc.
French PoetryB.Sc.
French TheaterB.Sc.
General LinguisticsB.Sc.
Genres ProsaquesB.Sc.
Grammaire 1B.Sc.
Grammaire 2B.Sc.
Grammaire 3B.Sc.
Grammaire 4B.Sc.
Grammaire Avance Du PersanM.Sc.
Grammaire Contrastive Du Fransais Et Du PersanM.Sc.
Grammer And Dictation IB.Sc.
Grands Crivains ContemporainsM.Sc.
Grands Crivains Contemporains FranaisM.Sc.
Great Realists Of 19 CenturyM.Sc.
Histoire De La Langue FranaiseM.Sc.
Histoire De La TraductionM.Sc.
Histoire De La Traduction En IranB.Sc.
Informatique Et TraductionM.Sc.
Initiation Linterprtation De ConfrenceM.Sc.
Initiation La TraductionB.Sc.
Intermediate French ComprehensionB.Sc.
Intermediate French ConversationB.Sc.
Intermdiate French GrammarB.Sc.
Intermediate WritingB.Sc.
Interprtariat 1B.Sc.
Interprtariat 2B.Sc.
Interprtation De Confrence Persan-franaisM.Sc.
Introduction La Littrature FranaiseB.Sc.
Introduction To Comparative LiteratureB.Sc.
Introduction To Francophone LiteratureB.Sc.
La Litrature Et SavoirsPh.D
La Posie De Victor HugoM.Sc.
La SociocritiquePh.D
La Stylistique LittrairePh.D
Language Assessment And EvaluationB.Sc.
Langue Srcande -iB.Sc.
Le Thtre FranaisB.Sc.
Lecture De Textes DiversB.Sc.
Lecture De Textes En Sciences Humaines Et SocialesB.Sc.
Lecture De Textes IslamiquesB.Sc.
Lecture De Textes JournalistiquesB.Sc.
Les Thories De La TraductionPh.D
Lexicologie Et TraductionM.Sc.
Lexicologie FranaiseB.Sc.
Linguistique Applique Et TraductionM.Sc.
Linguistique FranaiseB.Sc.
Linguistique GnraleB.Sc.
Literary CommentaryB.Sc.
Literary CompositionB.Sc.
Literary TranslationB.Sc.
Literature SchoolsB.Sc.
Littrature CompareM.Sc.
Littrature Contemporaine PersanePh.D
Littrature Et ArtsPh.D
Littrature Franaise Aux Xviie Et Xviiie SiclesB.Sc.
Littrature Franaise Du Moyen Age La RenaissanceM.Sc.
Littrature Franaise Du Xixe SicleB.Sc.
Littrature Franaise Du Xxe SicleB.Sc.
Mmoire De LicenceB.Sc.
Mmoire De MasterM.Sc.
Mini-mmoire En TraductionB.Sc.
Mouvements Littraires Du Xviie SicleM.Sc.
Mythologie CompareM.Sc.
Note_taking And Research MethodesB.Sc.
Nouveau RomanM.Sc.
Nouvelles FranaisesM.Sc.
Phontique FranaiseB.Sc.
Posie Du Xixe SicleM.Sc.
Posie Du Xxe SicleM.Sc.
Principes De La Critique De La TraductionM.Sc.
Principes De La Critoque De La TraductionM.Sc.
Principes De Rdaction Et De RvisionM.Sc.
Principles Of Language TeachingB.Sc.
Principles Of Learning And Teaching Materials DesignB.Sc.
Proverbs And Idiomatic ExpressionsB.Sc.
Reading Comprehension: Islamic TextsB.Sc.
Reading Journalistic TextsB.Sc.
Rdaction AvanceB.Sc.
Resistance LiteratureB.Sc.
Simple CompositionB.Sc.
Story TellingB.Sc.
Story WritingB.Sc.
Structures Grammaticales Du FranaisM.Sc.
Structures Grammaticales Du PersanM.Sc.
Study SkillsB.Sc.
Stylistique FranaiseM.Sc.
Techniques De La TraductionB.Sc.
Textes En Franais FacileB.Sc.
Textes Populaires Et Rvolutionnaires Dauteurs FrancophonesB.Sc.
The History Of French LanguageM.Sc.
Thtre Du Xviie SicleM.Sc.
Thtre Franais Du Xxe SicleM.Sc.
Thematic ConversationB.Sc.
Thories De La RceptionPh.D
Thories Linguistiques ContemporainesM.Sc.
Thse De DoctoratPh.D
Traduction An Rersan De Textes Francais VariesB.Sc.
Traduction Audio-visuelleM.Sc.
Traduction Audiouisuelle _ IM.Sc.
Traduction Darticles Littraires Franais-persanB.Sc.
Traduction De Textes Administratifs 1B.Sc.
Traduction De Textes Administratifs 2B.Sc.
Traduction De Textes Divers Persan-franaisM.Sc.
Traduction De Textes En Prose Et En PomeB.Sc.
Traduction De Textes En Sciences Humaines Et SocialesB.Sc.
Traduction De Textes IslamiquesB.Sc.
Traduction De Textes JournalistiquesB.Sc.
Traduction De Textes Littraires Franais-persanM.Sc.
Traduction De Textes Scientifiques Et TechniquesB.Sc.
Traduction Et SmantiqueM.Sc.
Translating Childrens LiteratureB.Sc.
Translating Legal DocumentsB.Sc.
Translating Scientific TextsB.Sc.
Translation In Social Sciences And HumanitiesB.Sc.
Translation Of French Simple TextsB.Sc.
Translation Of Islamic TextsB.Sc.
Translation Of Various Persian Textes To French And Vice VersaB.Sc.
Versification FranaiseB.Sc.

Department Of Industrial Engineering

Accounting And Financial ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced Linear ProgrammingM.Sc.
Advanced Production PlanningM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Inventory ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced Topics In Macro Systems 1M.Sc.
Advances In Dyeing And Finishing Of TextilesM.Sc.
Applied Statistical AnalysisB.Sc.
Automation And Manufacturing DesignsM.Sc.
Business Process ManagementB.Sc.
Computer Simulation LanguagesM.Sc.
Computer Application In Industrial EngineeringB.Sc.
Computer Infomation SystemB.Sc.
Cost AccountingB.Sc.
Discrete - Event SimulationB.Sc.
Engineering StatisticsB.Sc.
English For Industrial EngineeringB.Sc.
Experimental Design And Statistical MethodsM.Sc.
Facilities PlanningB.Sc.
Facility Layout And LocationM.Sc.
Finanacical ManagementB.Sc.
Financial Engineering And ManagementB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineering & WorkshopB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineering-lab.B.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Engineering Design 1B.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Engineering Design 2B.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Operations ResearchB.Sc.
Fuzzy Sets TheoryM.Sc.
Fuzzy Theory And ApplicationsM.Sc.
General Economy-iB.Sc.
General Economy-iiB.Sc.
General Workshop 2B.Sc.
General Workshop1B.Sc.
Human Factors EngineeringB.Sc.
Industrial Feasibility StudyB.Sc.
Industrial Graphics-iB.Sc.
Industrial Graphics-iiB.Sc.
Industrial Safety And HealthB.Sc.
Integer ProgrammingM.Sc.
Introduction To Industrial EngineeringB.Sc.
Linear ProgrammingM.Sc.
Machine Tools Workshop-iB.Sc.
Machine Tools Workshop-iiB.Sc.
Maintenance PlanningB.Sc.
Management And Strategic ThinkingB.Sc.
Management Information SystemsB.Sc.
Management Information Systems 1B.Sc.
Manufacturing Processes 2B.Sc.
Manufacturing Processes 1B.Sc.
Manufacturing SystemsM.Sc.
Manufacturing Technology-iB.Sc.
Manufacturing Technology-iiB.Sc.
Marketing AnalyticsM.Sc.
Material Management In Clothing ProductionM.Sc.
Mathematical ProgrammingM.Sc.
Metal Casting WorkshopB.Sc.
Metrology And Quality Control Lab.B.Sc.
Metrology And Quality Control LaboratoryB.Sc.
Motion And Time StudyB.Sc.
Multi - Criteria Decision MakingM.Sc.
Multi-criteria Decision Making MethodsM.Sc.
Multivariate Statistical AnalysisM.Sc.
Multivariate Statistical Analysis And Regression AnalysisM.Sc.
Operations ManagementM.Sc.
Operations Research-iB.Sc.
Operations Research-iiB.Sc.
Optimization Of Nonlinear ModelsM.Sc.
Payroll Payment SystemsB.Sc.
Phases Of Technology DevelopmentM.Sc.
Pricing And Revenue ManagementM.Sc.
Principles Of Managament And Organization TheoryB.Sc.
Principles Of Management And Organization TheoryB.Sc.
Principles Of Systems EngineeringM.Sc.
Probability Theory And ApplicationsB.Sc.
Probability Theory And ApplicationsB.Sc.
Production And Inventory Control-iB.Sc.
Production And Inventory Control-iiB.Sc.
Production Management 1M.Sc.
Production PlanningB.Sc.
Project Management And ControlB.Sc.
Project Planning And ControlB.Sc.
Quality ManagementB.Sc.
Quantitative Models In Decision MakingM.Sc.
Queuing SystemsM.Sc.
Queuing Theory And Probability ModelsB.Sc.
Safety Systems Design And AnalysisB.Sc.
Selected Topics In Industrial EgineeringM.Sc.
Selected Topics In Production And ServicesM.Sc.
Sequencing And SchedulingM.Sc.
Statistical LearningM.Sc.
Strategic Planning For ManagersM.Sc.
Strenghth Of MaterialsB.Sc.
Supply Chain & Logistics EngineeringM.Sc.
Supply Chain And Logistics: Basics And PrinciplesM.Sc.
System DynamicsM.Sc.
System Dynamics ModelingM.Sc.
System EngineeringM.Sc.
Systems AnalysisB.Sc.
Textile PhysicsM.Sc.
Theory And Application Of ReliabilityM.Sc.
Time Series Analysis And ForecastingM.Sc.
Welding General WorkshopB.Sc.

Department Of Russian

Persian To Persian Translation 1B.Sc.
Adjectives And Active And Passive SentencesB.Sc.
Advanced ConversationB.Sc.
Advanced InterpretationB.Sc.
Advanced Reading And Interpretation TextsB.Sc.
Advanced Reading SkillsB.Sc.
An In Troduction To Russian Literature 2B.Sc.
An Introduction To Method Of TeachingB.Sc.
An Introduction To Russian Language -iiB.Sc.
An Introduction To Russian Literature 1B.Sc.
Analysis And Translation Of Artistic And Cultural 1B.Sc.
Analysis And Translation Of Sport And Social Texts 1B.Sc.
Analysis And Translation Of Sport And Social Texts 2B.Sc.
Analysis Of Idioms And ExpressionsB.Sc.
Analysis Of Islamic And Philosophic Texts 1B.Sc.
Analysis Of Translated Islamic TextsB.Sc.
Applications Of NumeralsB.Sc.
Audio-visual TranslationB.Sc.
Basic Grammar Of Russian LanguageB.Sc.
Basic LinguisticsB.Sc.
Basic Reading SkillsB.Sc.
Basic Russian LanguageB.Sc.
Coinage Of WordsB.Sc.
Comparing Resistance Literature In Iran And RussiaB.Sc.
Conjunctions And PronounsB.Sc.
Documents And Corresponding TranslationB.Sc.
Elementary ConversationB.Sc.
Grammatical Analysis Of TextB.Sc.
History And Culture RussiaB.Sc.
Humanities Texts TranslationB.Sc.
Idioms And Proverbs In TranslationB.Sc.
Idioms In Russian LangugeB.Sc.
Introduction To Russian LanguageB.Sc.
Introduction To Russian GrammerB.Sc.
Introduction To Russian Language -iB.Sc.
Introduction To Russian LiteratureB.Sc.
Introduction To Russian SyntaxisB.Sc.
Iranian Cultural And Literaal Influence On RussiaB.Sc.
Islamic Text Reading And TranslationB.Sc.
Issues In Russian SyntaxB.Sc.
Laboratory And Conversation -iB.Sc.
Laboratory And Conversation -iiB.Sc.
Lecture & DiscussionB.Sc.
Lecturing And Dispute IB.Sc.
Lecturing And Dispute IiB.Sc.
Lecturing And Dispute IiiB.Sc.
Litrature SchoolsB.Sc.
Mass Media 1B.Sc.
Oral Reproduction Of Stories -iB.Sc.
Oral Reproduction Of Stories -iiB.Sc.
Oral Reproduction Of Stories -iiiB.Sc.
Oral Reproduction Of Stories 2B.Sc.
Oral Retelling Of Stories1B.Sc.
Oral Rproduction Of Stories 3B.Sc.
Oral Translation 1B.Sc.
Oral Translation 2B.Sc.
Oral Translation 3B.Sc.
Oratory Skills For InterprettingB.Sc.
Paragraph WritingB.Sc.
Persian To Persian Translation 2B.Sc.
Persian To Russian Advanced TranslationB.Sc.
Persian To Russian Newspeper TranslationB.Sc.
Precise WritingB.Sc.
Prenciples Of Translation -iB.Sc.
Principles And Mothodoloy Of TranslationB.Sc.
Principles Of Translation 2B.Sc.
Reading And Comprehending Of Advanced TextB.Sc.
Reading And Comprehension -iiB.Sc.
Reading And Comprehention -iB.Sc.
Reading And Comprehention -iiB.Sc.
Reading And Translating Of Journalistic TextsB.Sc.
Reading Comprehension -iB.Sc.
Reading Interpretation Simple TextsB.Sc.
Reading QuestioningB.Sc.
Reperod OpuningB.Sc.
Research And Mothodoloy Of TranslationB.Sc.
Russian CorrespondingB.Sc.
Russian Grammar -iiiB.Sc.
Russian Grammar 4B.Sc.
Russian Grammar 5B.Sc.
Russian Grammatical CasesB.Sc.
Russian Grammer Excercises - IB.Sc.
Russian Grammer Excercises - IiiB.Sc.
Russian Grammer Excercises - IvB.Sc.
Russian Grammer - IB.Sc.
Russian Grammer - IiB.Sc.
Russian Grammer - IiiB.Sc.
Russian Grammer - IvB.Sc.
Russian Grammer -iB.Sc.
Russian Grammer Dictation And ExcercisesB.Sc.
Russian Grammer Excercises - IiB.Sc.
Russian Grammer IiB.Sc.
Russian History And Culture IB.Sc.
Russian History And Culture IiB.Sc.
Russian Literary Works (19 Century)B.Sc.
Russian Literary Works (20 And 21 Centuries)B.Sc.
Russian Literary Works (from The Beginning To 18 Century)B.Sc.
Russian Literature -iB.Sc.
Russian Literature -iiB.Sc.
Russian Literature-3B.Sc.
Russian Media LangugeB.Sc.
Russian ProverbsB.Sc.
Russian To Persian Newspeper TranslationB.Sc.
Russian To Persian Translation 3B.Sc.
Russian To Persian Translation 1B.Sc.
Russian To Persian Translation 2B.Sc.
Russian Word FormationB.Sc.
Second Language -iB.Sc.
Second Language -iiB.Sc.
Second Language -iiiB.Sc.
Selected News Text 2B.Sc.
Selected Newsaper Texts -iB.Sc.
Simple WritingB.Sc.
Speaking And Listening SkillsB.Sc.
Spearing And Listening Lab.iB.Sc.
Spearing And Listening Lab.iiB.Sc.
Spearing And Listening Lab.iiiB.Sc.
Specch And DebateB.Sc.
Study And Translate Legal And Commec Cial Texts IiB.Sc.
Sussian IdiomsB.Sc.
Texts SummarizingB.Sc.
The Application Of Syntatic Relations Into RussianB.Sc.
The Application Of Verb-derived Adjectives In RussianB.Sc.
The Application Of Verb-derived Adverbs In RussianB.Sc.
Translatin If Literary TextsB.Sc.
Translating Islamic Texts From Russian To PersianB.Sc.
Translating Juridical- Commercial TextsB.Sc.
Translating Russian Official CorrespondenceB.Sc.
Translating Text Of HumanitiesB.Sc.
Translating Texts From Persian To RussianB.Sc.
Translating Texts From Russian To PersianB.Sc.
Translation Of News Peper Texts 1B.Sc.
Translation Of Newspaper Texts - 2B.Sc.
Translation Of Official Letters And DocumentsB.Sc.
Translation Of Simple Texts 1B.Sc.
Translation Of Simple Texts - 2B.Sc.
Translation Skills From Persian Into Russian 1B.Sc.
Verbal Adjective And AdverbsB.Sc.
Verbs Of MotionB.Sc.
Writing -iB.Sc.
Writing -iiB.Sc.
Writing And ComprehensionB.Sc.
Writing And Comprehension - IiB.Sc.

Department Of Water Science And Engineering

Advanced GroundnaterM.Sc.
Aadvanced Topics In Water And Soil PhysicsPh.D
Advance HydraulicsPh.D
Advance Sutface HydrologyM.Sc.
Advance Topics In Water And Soil PhysicsM.Sc.
Advanced Hydrogeology 1M.Sc.
Advanced Design Of Earth DamsM.Sc.
Advanced DrainageM.Sc.
Advanced Engineering StatisticPh.D
Advanced Flood Hydralic And Compound ChannelPh.D
Advanced Flood Hydraulics And Compound ChannelsPh.D
Advanced Flood Hydraulics And Compound Channels,labPh.D
Advanced HydrometeorologyPh.D
Advanced MeteorologyPh.D
Advanced Plant PhysiologyPh.D
Advanced Reading Comprehension -iB.Sc.
Advanced River EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Rivev EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Soil PhysicsM.Sc.
Advanced Soil Physics -lab.M.Sc.
Advanced Soil,water,plant RelationshipM.Sc.
Advanced Structures AnalysisM.Sc.
Advanced SurveyingB.Sc.
Advanced Synoptic MeteorologyM.Sc.
Advanced Technologiey In Water ResercesM.Sc.
Advanced Water QualityM.Sc.
Aerial Photographs And Satellite ImagesB.Sc.
Aerial Photographs And Satellite Images LabB.Sc.
Agro MeteorologyB.Sc.
Analaysis Water Recourses SystemsM.Sc.
Analysis Of Structures 1B.Sc.
Application Of Satellite Agro MeteorologyM.Sc.
Application Of Satellite In MeteorologyM.Sc.
Arabic IB.Sc.
Atmospheric HazardsM.Sc.
Botany -iiM.Sc.
Botany 1B.Sc.
Classical Numerical MethodsM.Sc.
Climate ChangePh.D
Climate ModelsPh.D
Complementary Groundwater ResourcesM.Sc.
Complementary HydrologyM.Sc.
Complementary Open Channel HydraulicsM.Sc.
Complementary RsM.Sc.
Complementary Surface Water HydrologyM.Sc.
Complementary Water QualityM.Sc.
Complementary Water ResourcesM.Sc.
Complementary Water Resources EngineeringM.Sc.
Computational Hydraulics 1Ph.D
Computational Hydraulics IPh.D
Computational Hydraulics,lab IPh.D
Computational Methods In Water EngineeringM.Sc.
Computer Methods In Water ScienceM.Sc.
Construction Materials And MethodsB.Sc.
Construction Materials And Methods LaboratoryB.Sc.
Construction Materials And NethodsB.Sc.
Constructuraction Materials & MethodsB.Sc.
Constructuraction Materials & MethodsB.Sc.
Constructuraction Materials & Methods - LabB.Sc.
Cost Estimation In Hydraulic ProjectsB.Sc.
Cost Estimation In Hydraulic ProjectsB.Sc.
Crop EcologyB.Sc.
Crop Water RequirementPh.D
Dams And RelatedstructuresB.Sc.
Data Processing In Agro-meteorologyM.Sc.
Data-driven Models In Water EngineeringM.Sc.
Design Of Agricultural ExperimentsB.Sc.
Design Of Agricultural Experiments LabB.Sc.
Design Of Drainage SystemsB.Sc.
Design Of Drainage Systems LabB.Sc.
Design Of Earth DamsB.Sc.
Design Of Farm Irrigation SystemsB.Sc.
Design Of Hydraulic StructuresB.Sc.
Design Of Hydraulic StructuresB.Sc.
Design Of Irrigation And Drainage NetworksM.Sc.
Design Of Pressurized Irrigation SystemsB.Sc.
Design Of Pressurized Irrigation Systems LabB.Sc.
Design Of Pressurized Irrigation Systems Lab.B.Sc.
Design Of Rural (water And Wast Waternet WorlsB.Sc.
Design Of Surface Irrigation SystemsB.Sc.
Design Of Surface Irrigation Systems Lab.B.Sc.
Design Of Transferring And Distribution Structars - IB.Sc.
Design Of Transferring Structures IB.Sc.
Design Of Water And Wastewater NetworksM.Sc.
Design Of Water Conveycince StructuresB.Sc.
Design Of Water DistributionsystemsB.Sc.
Design Of Water Regulation StructuresM.Sc.
Design Of Water Structures - IiB.Sc.
Design Of Water Supply NetworksB.Sc.
Design Of Watere And Wastewater NetworksM.Sc.
Drainage EngineeringB.Sc.
Drainage Systems DesignB.Sc.
Drawings - IB.Sc.
Earth DamsM.Sc.
Engineering EthicsB.Sc.
Engineering Hydrology Lab.B.Sc.
Enuviromental EngineeringB.Sc.
Evaluation Of Irrigation And Drainage ProjectsPh.D
Evapotranspitation And Crop Water RequirrmentPh.D
Field Surveying - IiB.Sc.
Filed Training Of Irrigation Systems DesignB.Sc.
Flood Control EngineeringM.Sc.
Flow In Poous MediaM.Sc.
Foundation EngineeringB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of MeteorologyB.Sc.
Fundemental Of Dynamic MeteorologyM.Sc.
Fundemental Of MeteorologyM.Sc.
Fundementals Of Dam EngineeringB.Sc.
General HydrologyM.Sc.
General Irrigation - LabB.Sc.
General Irrigation - TheoryB.Sc.
Geo Technic Of Hydraurilc StructuresM.Sc.
Global ClimatologyM.Sc.
Grammar IB.Sc.
Grammar IiB.Sc.
Ground Water ResourcesB.Sc.
Ground Water Resources Lab.B.Sc.
Groundwater HydrologyB.Sc.
Harmful Atmospheric PhenomenaM.Sc.
Hydraulic Flow In Porous MediaPh.D
Hydraulic LaboratoryB.Sc.
Hydraulic ModellingB.Sc.
Hydraulic Structures SoftwaresB.Sc.
Hydraulics .labB.Sc.
Hydraulics Of Sediment TransportM.Sc.
Hydro-system ModelingM.Sc.
Hydroinformatics In Water ResourcesB.Sc.
Hydroinformatics In Water Resources LabB.Sc.
Hydrolic (lab)-iB.Sc.
Hydrolic (lab)-iiB.Sc.
Introduction To Engineering SoftwareB.Sc.
Irrigation And Drainage Systems EvaluationB.Sc.
Irrigation Engineering SoftwaresB.Sc.
Irrigation Engineering Softwares LabB.Sc.
Irrigation PrinciplesB.Sc.
Irrigation Principles (lab)B.Sc.
Management And Operation Of Irrigation And Drainage NetworksM.Sc.
Management Of Irrigation And Drainage NetworksB.Sc.
Mathematic - IM.Sc.
Mathematic - IiM.Sc.
Measurmentcost Estimtion Of Water ProjectB.Sc.
Menege Ment Of Irrigate On & DrairageB.Sc.
Menegement Of Irrigateon & DrairageB.Sc.
Methodology Of Science And EngineeringPh.D
Modeling And Introduction To Agro-meteorology ModelsPh.D
Modern Technologies Water ResourcesPh.D
Monitoring Tools And Techniques Of AgrometeorologyM.Sc.
Multi - Disiplinary Operation From Water ResourcesM.Sc.
Novel Issues In AgrometeorologyM.Sc.
Numerical MethodsB.Sc.
On Farm Water ManagementPh.D
On- Farm Water ManagementM.Sc.
Open Channel HydraulicsB.Sc.
Optimization Of Water Conveyance And Distribution SystemsM.Sc.
Physical And Hydraulic ModelsM.Sc.
Physical Hydraulic ModelsM.Sc.
Physics -mechanicsB.Sc.
Pipes And Closed Conduit HydraulicsB.Sc.
Plant - Environment RelationshipM.Sc.
Plant And Environment RelationshipM.Sc.
Poject Of Design Of Transferring And Distribbetton StracturesB.Sc.
Poject Of Irrogation Systems DesignB.Sc.
Potable Water Supply For Rural AreasB.Sc.
Pressurized IrrigationM.Sc.
Pressurized Irrigation System DesignB.Sc.
Principles And Methods Of IrrigationB.Sc.
Principles And Methods Of Irrigation Lab.B.Sc.
Principles Of EnvironmentB.Sc.
Principles Of AgricultureB.Sc.
Principles Of DrainageB.Sc.
Principles Of Irrigation & Drainags Projects EvaluationPh.D
Principles Of Remote Sensing And GisB.Sc.
Principles Of Remote Sensing And Gis LabB.Sc.
Project Of Water Resources EngineeringB.Sc.
Pumps And Pump StationsB.Sc.
Pumps And Pumping StationsB.Sc.
Pumps And Pumping StationsB.Sc.
Reinforced ConcreteB.Sc.
Reinforced Concrete LabB.Sc.
Remote Sensing & GisB.Sc.
Reservoirs Design And OperationB.Sc.
Reservoirs Design And Operation LabB.Sc.
River EngineeringB.Sc.
Rivev EngineeringB.Sc.
Sediment HydraulicsM.Sc.
Soil And Water Conservation LabB.Sc.
Soil Mechanics - LabB.Sc.
Soil Physic (practical)B.Sc.
Soil, Water And Plant Relation .labB.Sc.
Soil, Water And Plant Relation .theoryB.Sc.
Special Issues In Ground WaterM.Sc.
Special TopicPh.D
Special Topics In Irrigation And DrainagePh.D
Sprinkle IrrigationM.Sc.
Sprinkler IrrigationM.Sc.
Statics Lab.B.Sc.
Statistics For Meteorology - IiM.Sc.
Statistics In Meteorology1M.Sc.
Statistics Meteorology - IM.Sc.
Stochastic Methods In HydrologyM.Sc.
Structures AnalysisB.Sc.
Supplemental Engineering StatisticsM.Sc.
Supplemental Hydraulic StructuresM.Sc.
Supplemental Hydraulic Structures,labPh.D
Supplemental River EngineeringM.Sc.
Supplementary Water Quality LaboratoryM.Sc.
Surface HydrologyB.Sc.
Surface IrrigationM.Sc.
Surface Irrigation HydraulicsPh.D
Surface Irrigation System DesignB.Sc.
Surface Water HydrologyB.Sc.
Surface Water Hydrology .labB.Sc.
Surveing - IB.Sc.
Surveing - IiB.Sc.
Surveying - IiB.Sc.
Surveying -iB.Sc.
Surveying -iiB.Sc.
Surveying (field Work) -iB.Sc.
Surveying (field Work) -iiB.Sc.
Surveying 1B.Sc.
Surveying 2B.Sc.
Surveying 2 Lab.B.Sc.
Surveying Lab. 1B.Sc.
Synoptic Meteorology IM.Sc.
Synoptic Meteorology IiM.Sc.
Systems ManagementB.Sc.
Systems Management LabB.Sc.
Technical Drawing Lab.B.Sc.
Trickle IrrigationM.Sc.
Unconventional Water UsagePh.D
Under Pressure Channel HydroulicsB.Sc.
Urban And Small Basin HydrologyM.Sc.
Water Productivity In AgricultureM.Sc.
Water AnalysisM.Sc.
Water And Wastewater EngineeringB.Sc.
Water Issues Of IranM.Sc.
Water QualityB.Sc.
Water Quality LabB.Sc.
Water Quality Lab.B.Sc.
Water Resource Engineering SoftwaresB.Sc.
Water Resource Engineering Softwares LabB.Sc.
Water Resources EngineeringB.Sc.
Water Resources Engineering Lab.B.Sc.
Water Resources ManagementB.Sc.
Water Resources Management ProjectB.Sc.
Water Resources Management SoftwaresB.Sc.
Water Resources Management Softwares LabB.Sc.
Water Resources Systems Analysis IM.Sc.
Water Structure Design IB.Sc.
Water- Soil Plant RelationshipB.Sc.
Water- Soil Plant Relationship Lab.B.Sc.
Weather Forecast In AgricultureM.Sc.
Weather Forecasting TheoriesPh.D
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Accounting For CompaniesB.Sc.
Accounting Principles -iB.Sc.
Accounting Principles -iiB.Sc.
Advance Macro Economics -iM.Sc.
Advance Macro Economics -iiM.Sc.
Advance Micro Economics -iM.Sc.
Advance Micro Economics -iiM.Sc.
Advance MicroeconomicPh.D
Advanced English For EconomicsPh.D
Advanced International Economics IPh.D
Advanced International Economics IiPh.D
Advanced Macroeconomics IPh.D
Advanced Macroeconomics IiPh.D
Advanced Mathemtics For EconomicsPh.D
Advanced Microeconomics IPh.D
Advanced Microeconomics IiPh.D
Advanced Monetary TheoriesPh.D
Advanced Monetary Theories IPh.D
Advanced Monetary Theories IiPh.D
Agricultural EconomicsB.Sc.
Applide Housing EconmoicsB.Sc.
Applied EconometricsM.Sc.
Business Communications In EnglishB.Sc.
Cost Accounting -iB.Sc.
Development Economics IPh.D
Development Economics IiPh.D
Domestic Banking OperationsB.Sc.
Economic PlaningM.Sc.
Economic PlanningB.Sc.
Economic Project EvaluationM.Sc.
Economic Projects EvaluationB.Sc.
Economic SystemsB.Sc.
Economical Development - IiiPh.D
Economical Development IPh.D
Economics Of Natural Resources And EnvironmentB.Sc.
Economics Of DevelopmentB.Sc.
Economics Of Energy - IPh.D
Economics Of Energy - IiPh.D
Economics Of Natural ResourcesB.Sc.
Economics Of Oil And EnergyB.Sc.
Economics Of Tourism And Cultural HeritageB.Sc.
Economy Of IranB.Sc.
Economy Of Iran I : General Principles And Economic HistoryB.Sc.
Economy Of Iran Ii : Policies And Economic ChallengesB.Sc.
Economy Of Iran Iii : Planning And BudgetingB.Sc.
Economy Of Iran IPh.D
Economy Of Iran IiPh.D
Energy EconomicsB.Sc.
Energy Institutions And International OrganizationsB.Sc.
English For Economic StudentsB.Sc.
Ethical EconomicsB.Sc.
Financial EconomicsB.Sc.
Financial ManagementB.Sc.
Financial Management - IB.Sc.
Financing And Contracts In EnergyB.Sc.
Fossil Fuels Energy: Markets And PoliciesB.Sc.
Game Theory And Its Application In EconomicsB.Sc.
General Principles Of EconomicsB.Sc.
Government BudgetingB.Sc.
History Of Economic ThoughtsB.Sc.
Industrial EconomicsB.Sc.
Institutional EconomicsB.Sc.
Insurance LawB.Sc.
Insurance Of PersonsB.Sc.
International BankingB.Sc.
International FinacePh.D
International FinanceB.Sc.
International TradeB.Sc.
Introduction To Economic JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Introductory To Islamic EconomicsB.Sc.
Irans EconomyM.Sc.
Islamic BankingB.Sc.
Islamic Capital MarketB.Sc.
Islamic EconomicsB.Sc.
Islamic Iranian Pattern Of Progress And Resistive EconomicsB.Sc.
Juridical Basics Of Islamic EconomicsB.Sc.
Labor Economics And Human ResourceB.Sc.
Law And EconomicsB.Sc.
Macroeconomics -iB.Sc.
Macroeconomics -iiB.Sc.
Macroeconomics 1B.Sc.
Macroeconomics 2B.Sc.
Managerial EconomicsB.Sc.
Mathematical EconomicsB.Sc.
Mathematics - IB.Sc.
Mathematics - IiB.Sc.
Mathematics - IiiB.Sc.
Mathematics For Economic 1B.Sc.
Mathematics For Economic 2B.Sc.
Microeconomics -iB.Sc.
Microeconomics -iiB.Sc.
Microeconomics -iiiB.Sc.
Microeconomics 1B.Sc.
Microeconomics 2B.Sc.
Monetary EconomicsM.Sc.
Monetary PoliciesPh.D
Money And BankingB.Sc.
Oil, Gaz&petrochemical Proudcts TransportationM.Sc.
Peroperty Insurance -iB.Sc.
Peroperty Insurance -iiB.Sc.
Petrochemical IndustriesM.Sc.
Philosophical Foundations And Methodology Of EconomicsB.Sc.
Policy In Industry SectorM.Sc.
Political EconomyB.Sc.
Principle Of Economic SociologyB.Sc.
Principles And Foundations Of Islamic EconomicsB.Sc.
Principles Of AccountingB.Sc.
Principles Of Economic SociologyB.Sc.
Principles Of InsuranceB.Sc.
Principles Of ManagementB.Sc.
Principles Of MarketingB.Sc.
Production ManagementB.Sc.
Public Economics - IB.Sc.
Public Economics - IiB.Sc.
Public Sector EconomicsM.Sc.
Public Sector Economics - IB.Sc.
Public Sector Economics - IiB.Sc.
Quntitative Methods In BusinessB.Sc.
Regional EconomicsB.Sc.
Renewable Energy: Markets And PoliciesB.Sc.
Research Methdology And Using Of Software PakagesM.Sc.
Research Method In EconomicsB.Sc.
Selccted Topics In EconomicsM.Sc.
Selected Topics In Economics -iB.Sc.
Selected Topics In Economics IM.Sc.
Selected Topics In Economics IiM.Sc.
Selected Topics In Islamic EconomicsM.Sc.
Selected Topics In MacrocconemicsM.Sc.
Selected Topics In MicroeconomicsM.Sc.
Seminar In International EconomicsPh.D
Seminar In Monetary EconomicsPh.D
Seminar In Natural Resources And EnvironmentPh.D
Seminar In Development EconomicsPh.D
Seminar In Economy Of IranPh.D
Specialized English LanguageB.Sc.
Statistics - IB.Sc.
Statistics - IiB.Sc.
Statistics For Economic 1B.Sc.
Statistics For Economic 2B.Sc.
Stock Exchange And FinancingB.Sc.
The Problems Of Irans Economy - IPh.D
The Problems Of Irans Economy - IiPh.D
The Probloms Of Irans EconomyM.Sc.
The Process Of Economic Thoughts: Muslim And West ThinkersB.Sc.
Theories Of Economic DevelopmentB.Sc.
Theories Of Islamic Economis - IPh.D
Theories Of Islamic Economis - IiPh.D
Transport EconomicsB.Sc.
Urban EconomicsB.Sc.
Urbon EconomicsM.Sc.


: Tests, Assessment And Educational EvalutionM.Sc.
Administration Of Primary And Preschool CentersB.Sc.
Adolt EducationB.Sc.
Adolt Semce ProblcmsB.Sc.
Adult LearningM.Sc.
Advanced Assessment And MeasurmentPh.D
Advanced Child CounselingM.Sc.
Advanced Educational TechnologyM.Sc.
Advanced Islamic EducationM.Sc.
Advanced Methods In MeasurementM.Sc.
Advanced Methods Of TeachingM.Sc.
Advanced Psychometric MethodsPh.D
Advanced Research Methods And Computer Applications In Educational ResearchM.Sc.
Advanced StatisticsPh.D
Advanced Teaching MethodsM.Sc.
An Introduction To Computer ProgrammingB.Sc.
Analysing Systems And Its Mplications For Edn. ManagementM.Sc.
Analysis Of Behavior And Human Relationships In Educational AdministrationPh.D
And Religious And Moral Education TechniquesM.Sc.
Anthropologyin IslamPh.D
Application Of The Theory And Principles Of Learning In The CurriculumM.Sc.
Applied Cognitive PsychologyM.Sc.
Applied Computing In EdificationB.Sc.
Applying Computer In Educational ResearchM.Sc.
Art EducationB.Sc.
Arts EducationB.Sc.
Basic MatamaticsM.Sc.
Basics MathenticsM.Sc.
Basics Of Qualitative And Quantitative Research MethodsB.Sc.
Behavior Modification ProceduresB.Sc.
Behavior And Human Relations In Educational OrganizationM.Sc.
Behavioral And Cognitivc MethodsM.Sc.
Behavioral And Emotional DisordersB.Sc.
Budgeting And Financial MaagementM.Sc.
Change And Innovation In EducationM.Sc.
Child CounselingB.Sc.
Children LiteratureB.Sc.
Children's LiteratureB.Sc.
Children's Play SongsB.Sc.
Children's Psychological Development And PathologyM.Sc.
Communication HumanB.Sc.
Comparative EducationB.Sc.
Comparative EducationB.Sc.
Comparative Educational AdministrationPh.D
Comparative Studies In Higher EdeucationM.Sc.
Comparative Studies Of Human Resource Training And Development :M.Sc.
Computer Application In Educational ResearchM.Sc.
Counselling Methods With Children With Special NeedsB.Sc.
Culriculum (philosopnical Approaches In Curriculun)Ph.D
Curricculum Design And ImplementationPh.D
Curricculum TheoryPh.D
Curriculum EvaluationPh.D
Curriculum Development In Preprimary And Primary EducationB.Sc.
Curriculum For Preschool EducationM.Sc.
Curriculum In Secondary Education (secondary High Schools)M.Sc.
Curriculum Planning And ImplementationPh.D
Curriculum Planning In Secondary EducationB.Sc.
Curriculum TheoriesPh.D
Descriptive StatisticsB.Sc.
Developemental Psycholog
Developemental Psychology -i Child HoodB.Sc.
Developemental Psychology -ii YoungstairsB.Sc.
Developmental PsychologyB.Sc.
Developmental TheoriesM.Sc.
Distance EducationB.Sc.
Economic's IntroductionB.Sc.
Economics Of EducationB.Sc.
Education EconomyB.Sc.
Educational Philosophy And Assessment Of AchievmentM.Sc.
Educational And CareercounselingB.Sc.
Educational And Psychology MeasurementM.Sc.
Educational DesignM.Sc.
Educational EntrepreneurshipB.Sc.
Educational EvaluationB.Sc.
Educational Films ProductionB.Sc.
Educational Ideas Of Muslim ThinkersB.Sc.
Educational Issues In IranB.Sc.
Educational Leadership PhilosophyM.Sc.
Educational Supervision And GuidanceM.Sc.
Electronic Content DevelopmentB.Sc.
Elementary And Juniur EdeucationM.Sc.
Elementary Guidanc And Seconday EducationB.Sc.
English Acodemic Text - IM.Sc.
English Acodemic Text - IiM.Sc.
English For Educational Research Studies StudentsM.Sc.
English Language TextsM.Sc.
English Special Tests (1)Ph.D
English TextB.Sc.
English Text - IM.Sc.
English Text - IiM.Sc.
Essentials Of Social SupportB.Sc.
Evaluating Educational ProgramsM.Sc.
Evaluation Of Training EffectivenessM.Sc.
Exceptional Children EducationB.Sc.
Experimental Science And Social Studies Teaching MethodsB.Sc.
Factor AnalysisPh.D
Family And Parenting InstructionM.Sc.
Family In IslamB.Sc.
Foreighn Languagc - In Curriculm DevclopcmcntB.Sc.
Foreighn Languagc In Cducational AdministrationB.Sc.
Foundation And Principles Of Curriculum PlanningB.Sc.
Foundation And Principles Of Educational PlanningB.Sc.
Foundations & Principles Of Educational AdministrationB.Sc.
Foundations And Principles Of EducationB.Sc.
Foundations Of Instructional MultimediaB.Sc.
Foundations Of Islamic ManagementB.Sc.
Foundations Of Finance And Budgeting In EducationB.Sc.
Foundations Of Guidance And CounselingB.Sc.
General ManagementB.Sc.
General PsychologyB.Sc.
General SociologyB.Sc.
Guidence And And CnancelingM.Sc.
High School EdeucationM.Sc.
Higher Education ManagementM.Sc.
History Of Education In IranB.Sc.
History Of Education In Islam And IranB.Sc.
History Of Educational Thoughts (1)Ph.D
History Of Educational Zhoughts (2)Ph.D
Human Relationship In Educational OrganizationsB.Sc.
Human Resources ManagementM.Sc.
Implications Of Referencial Statistics In Edu. ManagementM.Sc.
Inferential StatisticsB.Sc.
Inferential Statistics In Educational ResearchM.Sc.
Inservice Education PlanningB.Sc.
Instructional DesignB.Sc.
Instructional Messages DesignB.Sc.
Instructional TechnologyB.Sc.
Internship In ResearchM.Sc.
Introduction To Educational TechnologyB.Sc.
Introduction To Leading And CovncollingB.Sc.
Introduction To Mathematical Concepts And Itsteaching MethodB.Sc.
Introduction To Measurement In EducationB.Sc.
Introduction To Psychological TestsB.Sc.
Introduction To Research In EducationB.Sc.
Introduction To Socio Educational ActivitiesB.Sc.
Introductions To Educational AdministrationB.Sc.
Introductions To Educational PlanningB.Sc.
Islamic Education PhilosophyPh.D
Islamic ManagementB.Sc.
Knowledge ManagementM.Sc.
Knowledge Management In Educational OrganizatiosM.Sc.
Leadership Theories In Educational OrganizationsM.Sc.
Leading The Self-managing SchoolM.Sc.
Learning PsychologyB.Sc.
Learning And Development Theories In CurriculumPh.D
Learning And Developmental Theory In CurriculumPh.D
Learning LeadershipM.Sc.
Legal Aspects Of Educational AdministrationM.Sc.
Mamagement Pracical Work In CducationB.Sc.
Management DevelopmentM.Sc.
Management Of Higher EducationPh.D
Management Of Performance ImprovementM.Sc.
Management Practical Work In Organization - FieldexpeinceB.Sc.
Managing Knowledge-based OrganizationsPh.D
Maternal And Child Health And NutritionB.Sc.
Measurement And TestingM.Sc.
Measurement AndassessmentB.Sc.
Media EducationB.Sc.
Mental Health In AcademyM.Sc.
Methods Of Edeucational AssessmentM.Sc.
Methods Of TeachingB.Sc.
Methods Of Teaching Farsi To Persian & Bilingual ChildrenB.Sc.
Mixed Research MethodsM.Sc.
Models And Methods Of TeachingB.Sc.
Modern Educational Technologyies In CurriculumPh.D
Moral EducationB.Sc.
Mother And Child's Health And NuitritionB.Sc.
Motivation In EducaationM.Sc.
Multivariate Statistics In Educational ResearchM.Sc.
Oeganizational Rules Of Education In IranB.Sc.
Organization And Rules Of EducationB.Sc.
Organization And Rules Of EducationB.Sc.
Organizational Behavior & Human Relations In Educational Organizations|B.Sc.
Organizational Behavior AnalysisM.Sc.
Organizational Behavior In Educational OrganizationsM.Sc.
Organizational LearningM.Sc.
Organizational TransformationM.Sc.
Philosophical Foundation And Domains Of Educational PsychologyM.Sc.
Philosophical Schools And CurriculumPh.D
Philosophical Schools And Educational IdeasM.Sc.
Philosophy EducationM.Sc.
Philosophy Of EducationB.Sc.
Philosophy Of Science And MethodologyM.Sc.
Physical Education - School Plays And GavesB.Sc.
Play PsychologyB.Sc.
Policy Making In EducationM.Sc.
Policy Making In Educational SystemsPh.D
Practical And Research InternshipM.Sc.
Practice In Me Thods Of TeachingB.Sc.
Practicum - I Preschool Student Teacher PracticumB.Sc.
Practicum - Ii School Student Teacher Practicum CoursesB.Sc.
Practicum - Iii Case StudyB.Sc.
Pre Elementary And Elementary English TextB.Sc.
Preprimary, Primary And Secondary Education In IranB.Sc.
Preschool Courses Language LearningB.Sc.
Primary And Preschool EducationB.Sc.
Principals And Methods Of CurriculumM.Sc.
Principle And Philosophy Of EducationB.Sc.
Principles And Fandamentals Of EducationB.Sc.
Principles Of AccountingB.Sc.
Principles Of Photography And FilmingB.Sc.
Principles Of AccumantingB.Sc.
Principles Of Cureculum DevelopementB.Sc.
Principles Of Educational ManagementB.Sc.
Principles Of Educational PlanningM.Sc.
Principles Of Health And First AidsB.Sc.
Principles Of Islamic ManagementM.Sc.
Principles Of Or CureculumB.Sc.
Problems Of EducationB.Sc.
Process Of Educational CurriculumM.Sc.
Production And Application Of Educational MaterialB.Sc.
Production Of Radio And Television ProgramsB.Sc.
Professional Ethics For Educational LeadersM.Sc.
Professional Ethics In EducationB.Sc.
Professional Ethics In HrdM.Sc.
Providing Educational MaterialsB.Sc.
Psychology & Education Of Children With Hearing ImpairmentB.Sc.
Psychology & Education Of Children With Intellectual DisabilityB.Sc.
Psychology & Education Of Children With Special NeedsB.Sc.
Psychology & Education Of Children With Visual ImpairmentB.Sc.
Psychology & Education Of Gifted & Creative ChildrenB.Sc.
Psychology And Educational ResearchM.Sc.
Psychology Of Intelligence And ThinkingPh.D
Psychology Of PlayB.Sc.
Psychology Of Reading In StructionB.Sc.
Psychology Of Social EducationM.Sc.
Qualitative Methods In Edeucational ResearchM.Sc.
Qualitative ResearchesM.Sc.
Qualititaittive Research In CurricculumPh.D
Quantitative And Qualitative Research Methods IM.Sc.
Quantitative ResearchesM.Sc.
Quranic Educational TeachingsB.Sc.
Religious Education CurriculumPh.D
Religious Foundation In CurriculumPh.D
Religious Science And ResearchM.Sc.
Research And Educational Need AssessmentM.Sc.
Research Method 1M.Sc.
Research Methods (methods Of Philosopnical Research)Ph.D
Research Methods In Education - IM.Sc.
Research Methods In Education - IiM.Sc.
Research Methodsin Edu Cational ManagementM.Sc.
Research Mothod In Educational ManagementPh.D
Sampling MethodsM.Sc.
Sampling In Educational ResearchM.Sc.
School And Academic ConsultationM.Sc.
School HealthB.Sc.
Schools Of Philosophy And CurriculumPh.D
Schools Of Philosophy And Education Views (1)Ph.D
Schools Of Philosophy And Educational TheoriesB.Sc.
Seminar In Educational ResearchM.Sc.
Seminar In Higher EducationPh.D
Seminar In Inservice CurriculumPh.D
Seminar In Prionary And Preschool CurriculumPh.D
Seminar In Secondary CurriculumPh.D
Seminar Of Research In Edeucational ProblemsM.Sc.
Smart Educational OrganizationsM.Sc.
Social And Economic Foundations Of Educational AdministrationPh.D
Social And Natural Sciences Teaching MethodB.Sc.
Socio-emotional DevelopmentM.Sc.
Sociology And CurriculumPh.D
Sociology Ans CurriculumPh.D
Sociology Of EducationB.Sc.
Sociology Of EducationB.Sc.
Specialized Language In PsychologyM.Sc.
Statistical Methods In EducationB.Sc.
Statistical Methods In Experimental DesignsM.Sc.
Statistical Methods In PsychologyM.Sc.
Statistical Methods In Psychology 2M.Sc.
Statistical Methods In Psychology1M.Sc.
Statistics 1M.Sc.
Statistics And Research PlansPh.D
Statistics InferentialM.Sc.
Statistics Methods - IM.Sc.
Statistics Methods - IiM.Sc.
Storytelling And Creative DramaB.Sc.
Strategies Of HrdM.Sc.
Supervision And Instructional LeadershipB.Sc.
Talent ManagementM.Sc.
Teaching - Learning StralegiesPh.D
Teaching Methods And TechniquesM.Sc.
Teaching Methods Exceptional ChildrenPh.D
Telling TalesB.Sc.
The Economics Of EducationB.Sc.
The Foundation Of Budgeting In EducationB.Sc.
The Ories Of Organizational ManagementM.Sc.
The Philosophy Of Educutional ManagementM.Sc.
The Problems Of Educational Systems In IranM.Sc.
Theorical Foundation And Mental Test ApplicationsM.Sc.
Theories Of CurriculumM.Sc.
Theories Of Educational Management In Todays WorldPh.D
Theories Of Learning In EducationM.Sc.
Theory And Application Of Systematic Approach In Educational Planning LessonsM.Sc.
Thinking Education For Children And YouthB.Sc.
Training And Organizational DevelopmentPh.D
Training In Organizations|B.Sc.
Training Need AssessmentM.Sc.
Training StandardsM.Sc.
Work And Introduction To Nature And Social LifeB.Sc.
Writing Texts And Scientific ReportsB.Sc.

Electrical Engineering

Ac Felexible Transfer SystemsM.Sc.
Active Microwave CircuitsM.Sc.
Adaptive Control SystemsM.Sc.
Adaptive FiltersM.Sc.
Advanced Analog Ic DesignM.Sc.
Advanced And Special Machihes Lab.B.Sc.
Advanced And Special MachinesB.Sc.
Advanced Comm. TheoryM.Sc.
Advanced Control SystemsB.Sc.
Advanced Digital Signal ProcessingM.Sc.
Advanced Electro MagneticsM.Sc.
Advanced Electromagnetics IM.Sc.
Advanced Eng - MathematicsM.Sc.
Advanced Operation Of Power SystemM.Sc.
Advanced Power System ProtectionM.Sc.
Advaned Eng - MathematicsM.Sc.
Analog Integrated Circuits DesignM.Sc.
Antenna And Electromagnetic Wave PropagationB.Sc.
Antenna IiM.Sc.
Artlficial Fntelligence AndM.Sc.
Asymptotically Methods In ElectromagneticsM.Sc.
Biological ComputatationsM.Sc.
Biomedical InstrumentationM.Sc.
Biomedical SensorsM.Sc.
Bsc ProjectB.Sc.
Building Electrical InstallationsB.Sc.
Cellular CommunicationsM.Sc.
Communication CircuitsB.Sc.
Communication Circuits Lab.B.Sc.
Computer ArchitectureB.Sc.
Computer Architecture Lab.B.Sc.
Computer ProgrammingB.Sc.
Control Of Stochastic ProcessesM.Sc.
Data Communication NetworksM.Sc.
Data ConvertersM.Sc.
Dielectrics And High VoltagesB.Sc.
Dielectrics And High Voltages LabB.Sc.
Digital And Non-linear Control SystemsB.Sc.
Digital And Nonlinear Control Lab.M.Sc.
Digital CommunicationsB.Sc.
Digital ControlM.Sc.
Digital Control Systems-labB.Sc.
Digital Image ProcessingM.Sc.
Digital Signal ProcessingB.Sc.
Digital Signal Processing-labB.Sc.
Dynamical Systems NeuroscienceM.Sc.
Dynamics Of Power SystemsM.Sc.
Electric Machinery I Lab.B.Sc.
Electric Circuits IB.Sc.
Electric Circuits IiB.Sc.
Electric Circuits Lab.B.Sc.
Electric Machinery IiB.Sc.
Electric Machinery IB.Sc.
Electric Machinery IiB.Sc.
Electric Machines - IiiB.Sc.
Electric Machines Lab - IiB.Sc.
Electric Power QualityM.Sc.
Electrical Circuits - IB.Sc.
Electrical MeasurementB.Sc.
Electrical WorkshopB.Sc.
Electromagnetic CompatibilityM.Sc.
Electromagnetic Fields And WavesB.Sc.
Electronic MeasurementB.Sc.
Electronical Engineering Technical DrawingB.Sc.
Electronics IB.Sc.
Electronics I Lab.B.Sc.
Electronics IiB.Sc.
Electronics Ii Lab.B.Sc.
Electronics IiiB.Sc.
Electronics Iii Lab.B.Sc.
Electronics Project Lab. IiiB.Sc.
Engineering MathematicsB.Sc.
Engineering EconomicsB.Sc.
Engineering Instrumentation And Industrial Control SystemsB.Sc.
Engineering ProbabilityB.Sc.
Filters And Circuits SynthesisB.Sc.
Finite Element Methods In ElectromagnetiesM.Sc.
General WorkshopB.Sc.
High Frequency Electronic Circuit Design IiM.Sc.
High Frequency Electronic Circuits DesignM.Sc.
High Voltage Substations DesignB.Sc.
Industrial ControlB.Sc.
Industrial Control IiM.Sc.
Industrial Control Lab.B.Sc.
Industrial DrawingB.Sc.
Industrial ElectronicsB.Sc.
Industrial Electronics LabB.Sc.
Information Theory And Coding IM.Sc.
Information Theory And QuntumM.Sc.
Integrated OpticsM.Sc.
Intelligent AntennaM.Sc.
Interface CircuitsM.Sc.
Introduction To Electrical EngineeringB.Sc.
Introduction To Medical And Biological EngineeringM.Sc.
Linear And Nonlinear ProgrammingM.Sc.
Linear System And Control Lab.B.Sc.
Linear Systems And ControlB.Sc.
Logic Circuits And Digital DesignB.Sc.
Logic Circuits Lab.B.Sc.
Macroprocessors -iiB.Sc.
Medical Illustrator SystemsM.Sc.
Microelectromechanical SensorsM.Sc.
Microelectromechical SemsorsM.Sc.
Microprocessor IiM.Sc.
Microprocessors Lab.B.Sc.
Microwave And AntennasB.Sc.
Microwave And Antennas-labB.Sc.
Microwave IiM.Sc.
Microwave Lab.B.Sc.
Mimo Communication SystemsM.Sc.
Modeling Of Biological SystemsM.Sc.
Modern ControlM.Sc.
Modern PhysicsB.Sc.
Multi-user Information TheoryM.Sc.
Multivariable Control SystemsM.Sc.
Multivarible ControlM.Sc.
Neural NetworksM.Sc.
Neural SystemsM.Sc.
Nonlinear And Digital Control SystemsM.Sc.
Nonlinear Control SystemsM.Sc.
Numerical Methods In EleetromagneticsM.Sc.
Operations Research FundamentalsB.Sc.
Optical CommunicationsM.Sc.
Optical ProcessorsM.Sc.
Optimal ControlM.Sc.
Patern RecognitionM.Sc.
Power ElectronicM.Sc.
Power Electronic IiM.Sc.
Power Generation And Power StationsB.Sc.
Power System DynamicsM.Sc.
Power System PlanningM.Sc.
Power Systems Analysis IB.Sc.
Power Systems Analysis IiB.Sc.
Power Systems Analysis Lab.B.Sc.
Power Systems ReliabilityM.Sc.
Power Tarnsmission Lines DesignB.Sc.
Predictive ControlM.Sc.
Principles Of MechatronicsB.Sc.
Principles Of Microcomputer .labB.Sc.
Principles Of Communication SystemsB.Sc.
Principles Of LasersM.Sc.
Principles Of Micro ComputersB.Sc.
Probabilistic Methods In Power System AnalysisM.Sc.
Protection And RelaysB.Sc.
Protection And Relays LabB.Sc.
Quantum CommunicationM.Sc.
Quantum LightM.Sc.
Qvantum Electronics IM.Sc.
Radar SystemsM.Sc.
Reactive Power Control In Power SystemsM.Sc.
Robust ControlM.Sc.
Satellite CommunicationsM.Sc.
Scattering Of WavesM.Sc.
Semiconductor Device Theory IM.Sc.
Semiconductor Device Theory IiM.Sc.
Semiconductor Devicesi - IM.Sc.
Signals And Systems AnalysisB.Sc.
Solid-state PhysicsB.Sc.
Solid-state Pulse CircuitsB.Sc.
Solid-state Pulse Circuits Lab.B.Sc.
Special Issues In Electronics IiM.Sc.
Special Topics In TelecommunicationsM.Sc.
Special Topics In The Power EngineeringB.Sc.
Special Topics In Biomedical Engineering IM.Sc.
Special Topics In Biomedical Engineering IiM.Sc.
Special Topics In Communications IiM.Sc.
Special Topics In Control IM.Sc.
Special Topics In Control IiM.Sc.
Special Topics In Control IiiM.Sc.
Special Topics In Electrical Engineering IM.Sc.
Special Topics In Electrical Engineering IiM.Sc.
Special Topics In Electrical Engineering IiiM.Sc.
Special Topics In ElectronicsB.Sc.
Special Topics In Electronics IM.Sc.
Special Topics In Medical EngineeringM.Sc.
Special Topics In Power SystemM.Sc.
Speech ProcessingM.Sc.
Statistical Array Signal Processing IM.Sc.
Statistics LightM.Sc.
Switching SystemsM.Sc.
System IdentificationM.Sc.
Technical English LanguageB.Sc.
Telecommunications IiB.Sc.
Telecommunications IB.Sc.
Telephone Switching SystemsB.Sc.
Television SystemB.Sc.
Television System .labB.Sc.
Theory And Technology Of High Voltage EngineeringM.Sc.
Theory Of Electrical MachinesM.Sc.
Training IB.Sc.
Trainning IiB.Sc.
Transient States In Power SystemsM.Sc.
Vlsi Circuit DesignM.Sc.
Vlsi Circuits DesignM.Sc.
Wireless Communication SystemsM.Sc.
Wireless CommunicationsM.Sc.
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Food Science Industry

Actvanced Statististical Methods In Food Seience And TechnologyM.Sc.
Advance Statistical MethodsPh.D
Advancecl NutritionM.Sc.
Advanced Applicatied ModernPh.D
Advanced Cereal TechnologyM.Sc.
Advanced Dairy TechnologyM.Sc.
Advanced Food AdditivesPh.D
Advanced Food Analysis MethodsM.Sc.
Advanced Food CarbohydratesPh.D
Advanced Food ChemistryM.Sc.
Advanced Food EngineeringM.Sc.
Advanced Food MicbiologyM.Sc.
Advanced Food MicrobiologyM.Sc.
Advanced Food PackagingPh.D
Advanced Food PakagingPh.D
Advanced Food ProteinPh.D
Advanced Food RheologyPh.D
Advanced Food TechnologyM.Sc.
Advanced Meat TechnologyM.Sc.
Advanced Meat ThechnologyPh.D
Advanced Oil TechnologyM.Sc.
Advanced Oil ThechnologyPh.D
Advanced Statistical MethodsM.Sc.
Advanced Statistical Methods In Food TechnologyPh.D
Animal SciencesB.Sc.
Application Image Processing In Food EngineeringPh.D
Application Of Computational Techniques In Food EngineeringM.Sc.
Application Of Computer Food Science TechnologyB.Sc.
Beverages TechnologyB.Sc.
Bioinformatics And Modeling In Food MicrobiologyPh.D
Biological Methods And ToolsPh.D
Biophysical Properties Of Agricaltural ProductsM.Sc.
Bioprocess EngineeringM.Sc.
Biotechnology Food -iiPh.D
Canning IndustriesB.Sc.
Canning Industries Lab.B.Sc.
Carbohydrate ChemistryM.Sc.
Cereal TechnologyB.Sc.
Cereal Technology Lab.B.Sc.
Chemistry And Biochemistry Of Food - IB.Sc.
Chemistry And Biochemistry Of Food - IiB.Sc.
Chemistry Of Bipactive CompoundsM.Sc.
Chemistry Of Cereals - Legumes And OilseedsM.Sc.
Chemistry Of Coreals ProductsM.Sc.
Chemistry Of Fruits And VegetablesM.Sc.
Chemistry Of Meat And Meat ProductsM.Sc.
Chemistry Of Organoleptic Properties : Color, Flavpr, TexturePh.D
Chemistry Of Tocic SubstancesM.Sc.
Chromatography MethodsM.Sc.
Computer Application In Food EngineeringPh.D
Computer Application In Food ProcessingPh.D
Computer Application In Food TechnologyM.Sc.
Confectionary And Snack Food IndustriesB.Sc.
Confectionary And Snack Food Industries Lab.B.Sc.
Dairy ChemistryM.Sc.
Dairy TechnologyB.Sc.
Dairy Technology Lab.B.Sc.
Diet TherapyB.Sc.
Ding ThechnologyB.Sc.
Ecology MicrobiaPh.D
Economics Managemant And Marketimg Of Agricultural ProducB.Sc.
Electrical Magnetic PhysicsB.Sc.
Electritical Magnetic PhysicsB.Sc.
Electromagnetism Properties Of FoodPh.D
Energy Management In Food IndustryM.Sc.
Energy Momagenerd In Food InductryM.Sc.
English For Food Sciene And TechnologyB.Sc.
Enyzyme KineticsPh.D
Enzymes Application In Food TechnologyPh.D
Experinental Designs In Food Soiencs And TeclnologyB.Sc.
Fermentation TechnologyB.Sc.
Field WorksB.Sc.
Fluid Food TheologyPh.D
Food AdditivesM.Sc.
Food AnalysisB.Sc.
Food Analysis LabB.Sc.
Food BiochemistryPh.D
Food BiotchnologyPh.D
Food Biotechnology 1M.Sc.
Food Biotechnology And IntroductionB.Sc.
Food ChemistryB.Sc.
Food EnzymologyPh.D
Food FormulationPh.D
Food Handling And StorageB.Sc.
Food MicrobiologyB.Sc.
Food Microbiology - IB.Sc.
Food Microbiology - IiB.Sc.
Food Microbiology Lab - IiB.Sc.
Food Microbiology Lab.B.Sc.
Food NanotechnologyM.Sc.
Food PackagingB.Sc.
Food PreservationB.Sc.
Food Process Engineering CalculationM.Sc.
Food Quality ControlB.Sc.
Food Technology And The OnvironmcntPh.D
Food ToxicologyM.Sc.
Food VicoelasticityPh.D
Fundamental Of Food PackagingB.Sc.
Generul Animul HusbandryB.Sc.
Heat Transfer And Thermodynamic Properties Of Food MaterialsM.Sc.
Human NutritionB.Sc.
Hygien And Safety Of Food PlantsB.Sc.
Industrial CropsB.Sc.
Industrial MicrobiologyM.Sc.
Instrumental Analysis And FoodM.Sc.
Instrumental Food AnalysisPh.D
Lab . General MicrobiologyB.Sc.
Lab Analytical ChemistryB.Sc.
Lab Electrical Magnetic PhysicsB.Sc.
Lab Organic ChemistryB.Sc.
Laboratory Of Oil TechnologyB.Sc.
Lipid L ChemistryM.Sc.
Manegment Quality AssuranceB.Sc.
Mass PropertiesM.Sc.
Mass Transfer Properties Of FoodM.Sc.
Mathematics Application & Food EngineringM.Sc.
Mattemetics Application And Food EngineringPh.D
Meat & Seafood ThechnologyB.Sc.
Meat & Seafood Thechnology Lab.B.Sc.
Meat & Seafood ThechnologyB.Sc.
Meat ChemistryM.Sc.
Meat TechnologyB.Sc.
Mechanical Properties Of Food MaterialsM.Sc.
Mechanical Proporties & FoodM.Sc.
Microbial EcologyM.Sc.
Microbial Metabolites And Their Identification MethodsPh.D
Mierobial MetabolitesPh.D
Modelling And Simalation Food ProcessingPh.D
Modelling And Strnalation Food PlocessingPh.D
Modern DevelopmentPh.D
Modern Development In Food TechnologyPh.D
Molecular Biological Of MicroorganismsPh.D
My CologyM.Sc.
Novel Instrumental MethodsM.Sc.
Oil TechnologyB.Sc.
Physical Analysis MethodsM.Sc.
Physical Chemistry IM.Sc.
Physical Chemistry IiPh.D
Physical Chemistry Of HydrocolloidsPh.D
Physical Properties Of Food Packaging MaterialsM.Sc.
Physiology & MicroorganismsM.Sc.
Practical Activities In Food FactoriesB.Sc.
Principals Of Physical ChemistryB.Sc.
Principle Of Process Control In Food EngineeringM.Sc.
Principles & Food EngineringM.Sc.
Principles & Food Enginering - IiiM.Sc.
Principles Of Food EngineeringB.Sc.
Principles Of Food Engineering - IvPh.D
Principles Of Food Engineering -ivPh.D
Principles Of Food Engineering IiB.Sc.
Principles Of Food Freezing And Cooling And StoringB.Sc.
Principles Of Food PreservationB.Sc.
Principles Of Food Process DesignB.Sc.
Principles Of Food Process Engineering IB.Sc.
Principles Of Fruit And Vegetables DryingB.Sc.
Probiotic BacteriaM.Sc.
Protein ChemistryM.Sc.
Quality Assurance ManegmentM.Sc.
Rheological Properties Of Food - IM.Sc.
Rheological Properties Of Food - IiPh.D
Seafood TechnologyB.Sc.
Seminar -iM.Sc.
Sensors For The Food IndustryM.Sc.
Sensory Evaluation FoodsM.Sc.
Solid Food TheologyPh.D
Special Issues In Food EngineeringM.Sc.
Special ProblemsM.Sc.
Spectroscopy MethodsM.Sc.
Sugar TechnologyB.Sc.
Sugar Technology Lab.B.Sc.
Supple Mentary Of Food PackagingM.Sc.
Surface And Interfacial Properties Of FoodM.Sc.
Technical Characteristics Of Food EquipmentPh.D
Technical Drawing -iB.Sc.
Technology Of Edible Fats & OilB.Sc.
Technology Of Edible Fats And OilB.Sc.
Technology Of Tradidional And Industrial BeveragesB.Sc.
The Effect Of Processing On Food QualityPh.D
Thermal Properties Of FoodM.Sc.
Tools And Biological InstrumentsPh.D
Treatments Of Water And SewageB.Sc.
Underscanding Entreprenew Rmtheds In SocietyB.Sc.
Unit Operation In Food Process EngineeringM.Sc.
Unit Operation In Food ProcessingPh.D
Unit Operations In Food Process EngineeringM.Sc.
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Acquaintance With Art In History Of IranB.Sc.
Advanc Horticultural Corps BreedingPh.D
Advanced Postharvest PhysiologyM.Sc.
Advanced In Temperate Fruit TreesM.Sc.
Advanced Medicinal Plant ProductionM.Sc.
Advanced Plant PropagationM.Sc.
Advanced SmallfruitsM.Sc.
Aerial Photographs (photograninetry)B.Sc.
Aerial Photography And Remote Sensing For LandscapeM.Sc.
Agricultural EconomyB.Sc.
Agricultural SkillsB.Sc.
Agriculture Experimental Designs (1)B.Sc.
Agriculture Experimental Designs (2)B.Sc.
Application Of Computer HorticultureB.Sc.
Application Of Gis And Aerial PhotosB.Sc.
Basics Of Organic Greenhouse Crop ProductionM.Sc.
Biometrical GeneticsPh.D
Biotechnology In Horticultural SciencePh.D
Botany (anatomy And Physiology) IB.Sc.
Breeding And Seed Production Of Flower And Vegetable CropsB.Sc.
Breeding And Seed Technology Of Horticultural CropsB.Sc.
Breeding Horticultural Plants For Resistance To Abiotic StressesPh.D
Breeding Of Cucurbit PlantsPh.D
Breeding Of OrnamentalsM.Sc.
Breeding Of Vegetable CropsM.Sc.
Building BulkB.Sc.
Cemetry Planning And Memorial MonumentsM.Sc.
Coastal Landscape Planning And DesignM.Sc.
Complementary Breeding Of Horticultural CropsM.Sc.
Complementary Fruit TreesM.Sc.
Complementary Postharvest PhysiologyM.Sc.
Computer Applications In LandscapeB.Sc.
Computr Usage In LandscapeB.Sc.
Construction Materials And Methods In Green SpaceB.Sc.
Control Of Pests And Important Diseases In The Green SpaceB.Sc.
Cost Estimation Of LandscapeB.Sc.
Cropping Systems Of Medicinal PlantsPh.D
Cultivation Of Edible MushroomsB.Sc.
Cultivation Systems And Industrial Aspect Of Medicinal, Spice And Aromatic PlantsPh.D
Effects Of Environmental Stress On Plants GrowthM.Sc.
English LanguageB.Sc.
Entomology And Pest ControlB.Sc.
Envirenmenttial PollutionB.Sc.
Environmental Stresses And Physiological Disorders In GreenhouseM.Sc.
Experimental Design And Agricalture -iiM.Sc.
Extraction Methods And Identification Of Medicinal PlantsM.Sc.
Floriculture Skills (1)B.Sc.
Floriculture Skills (2)B.Sc.
Flower And Vegetuble And Breeding And Seed ProductionB.Sc.
Flowering Bulbs Physiology And ForcingPh.D
Flowering PhysiologyPh.D
Flowers And Ornamental Plants BreedingPh.D
Flowers And Ornamental Plants PhysiologyPh.D
Flowers LayoutB.Sc.
Folwer ArrangingB.Sc.
Forest ParksB.Sc.
Forestry And Forest NiursryB.Sc.
Fruit BreedingM.Sc.
Fruit Trees BreedingM.Sc.
Fruit Trees PhysiologyM.Sc.
General Agriculture MachinesB.Sc.
General IrrigationB.Sc.
General OlericultureB.Sc.
Genetic And Breeding Of Medicinal, Spice And Aromatic PlantsPh.D
Geographical Information Systems For LandscapeM.Sc.
Golf Courses Design And ManagementM.Sc.
Greenhous And Nursort ManagementM.Sc.
Greenhouse And Nursery ManagementM.Sc.
Greenhouse ManagementB.Sc.
Greenhouse Management And AutomationM.Sc.
Greenhouse Ornamentals ProductionM.Sc.
Greenhouse Vegetable ProductionM.Sc.
Growing Fruit Trees In GreenhouseM.Sc.
Growth And Yield Physiology Of Greenhouse Vegetable CropsPh.D
Havvest Machines For Horticultural CropsB.Sc.
Historiy Of Arohirecture And LandscapingB.Sc.
History And Stylistics Of GardensB.Sc.
History Of Gaden And RanscapeB.Sc.
Honey Bcc HusbandaryB.Sc.
Humane And EnvironmentalB.Sc.
Hydroponic SystemsM.Sc.
Identification And Introducing Endemic Medicinal Plants Of IranM.Sc.
Identification And Management Of WeedsB.Sc.
Iinprorant Pests And Diseases In Ornanental Flowerand TreesB.Sc.
Important Diseases Of Fruit TreesB.Sc.
Important Pests And Diseases Of Ornamental And Vegetoble PlantsB.Sc.
Important Pests Of Fruit TreesB.Sc.
Indoor PlantsB.Sc.
Intercropping Sgstems In MapPh.D
Intercropping Systems In OlericulturePh.D
Interpenorship And Business RulesB.Sc.
Introducing Art In The History Of IranB.Sc.
Introduction Art In The History Of IranB.Sc.
Introduction To Landscape StructuresB.Sc.
Introduction To Medicinal PlantsB.Sc.
Irrigation Systems DesignB.Sc.
Irrigation Systems In Green SpaceB.Sc.
Lab. Methods In Plant PhysiologyPh.D
Laboratory ExpertsM.Sc.
Landscape Architectural ConstructionB.Sc.
Landscape Architectural ConstrustionB.Sc.
Landscape Construction And Project ManagementM.Sc.
Landscape Design For Roads And HighwaysM.Sc.
Landscape Design In Arid Areas (xeriscaping)M.Sc.
Landscape Design In Industrial AreasM.Sc.
Landscape DesigningB.Sc.
Landscape GraphicB.Sc.
Landscape LightingM.Sc.
Landscape MachineriesB.Sc.
Landscape MachinesB.Sc.
Landscape ManagementB.Sc.
Landscape Planting DesignB.Sc.
Landscape Research MethodsM.Sc.
Landscape Site EngineeringM.Sc.
Landscape Structure And DetailsM.Sc.
Landscape Theoretical PrinciplesM.Sc.
Landscqp DesignB.Sc.
Lawn And GroundB.Sc.
Lawn PlantingB.Sc.
Lawn Planting OperationB.Sc.
Major Diseases Of Horticultural CropsB.Sc.
Major Pests Of Horticultural CropsB.Sc.
Medicinal Plant BreedingM.Sc.
Medicinal Plants BreedingM.Sc.
Medicinal Plants PhysiologyM.Sc.
Medicinal Spice And Beverages PhysiologyM.Sc.
Meteorology And ClimatologyB.Sc.
Method Of InvestigationM.Sc.
Micropropogation And Plant Tissu CultureM.Sc.
Modern Disscussions In Mediciral Spice And Aromatic PlantsPh.D
Ne Disscussion In Mediciral And Aromatic PlantsPh.D
New Ideas In PomologyPh.D
New Topics In Physiology Of Fruit TreesPh.D
New Topics In Physiology Of OrnamentalsPh.D
New Topics In Physiology Of Medicinal PlantsPh.D
New Topics In Physiology Of Vegetable CropsPh.D
New Topics In OlericulturePh.D
New Topics In Ornamental PlantsPh.D
Nut FruitsB.Sc.
Organic Production Of Horticultural CropsPh.D
Ornamental Planting DesignB.Sc.
Ornamental Plants (1)B.Sc.
Ornamental Plants (2)B.Sc.
Ornamental Plants BreedingM.Sc.
Ornamental Trecs And ShrubsB.Sc.
Ornamental Trees And ShrubsB.Sc.
Ornamentals Plants And Flowers PhysiologyM.Sc.
Outdoor Recreations Design And PlanningM.Sc.
Paint Studio - IB.Sc.
Painting StudioB.Sc.
Park Design And ConstructionB.Sc.
Park Landscape DesignB.Sc.
Pets And Diseases Management In GreenhouseM.Sc.
Photography StudioB.Sc.
Physiology And Forcing Of Bulbous PlantsPh.D
Physiology Of Absorbtion And And TranslocationPh.D
Physiology Of Cucurbit PlantPh.D
Physiology Of FloweringPh.D
Physiology Of Fruit Growth And DevelopmentPh.D
Physiology Of Fruit Trees RootstocksPh.D
Physiology Of Growth And YieldPh.D
Physiology Of OrnamentalsM.Sc.
Physiology Of Tree Fruit RootstocksPh.D
Physiology Of Vegetable CropsM.Sc.
Physiolosy Of Growth And Devlopment Of Horfund CropsPh.D
Phytochemistry And PharmacognosyPh.D
Phytochemistry And Pharmacognosy Of Medicinal And Aromatic PlantsPh.D
Plant Breediny In HorticulturcM.Sc.
Plant Cell And Tissue CultureB.Sc.
Plant Morphology And SystematicsB.Sc.
Plant Nutrition And MetabolismM.Sc.
Plant Nutrition In HorticultureM.Sc.
Plant Nutrition In LandscapeM.Sc.
Plant Of Agricultural ExperimentsB.Sc.
Plant PropayationB.Sc.
Plant Tissue Culture And BiotechnologyB.Sc.
Planting Design For Spacial SpacesPh.D
Pollutants Of EnvironmentB.Sc.
Pomology Skills (1)B.Sc.
Pomology Skills (2)B.Sc.
Posrharvest Processing Of MapPh.D
Post - Harvest PhysiologyB.Sc.
Post Harvest PhysiologyB.Sc.
Postharvest Physiology And TechnologyB.Sc.
Practices Of FloricultureM.Sc.
Practices Of Fruit TreesM.Sc.
Practices Of Vegetable GrowingM.Sc.
Principlc Of HovticultureB.Sc.
Principles And Methods Of Plant PropagationB.Sc.
Principles Of Biotechnology And Tissue Culture PlantB.Sc.
Principles Of DesigningB.Sc.
Principles Of Horticultural Crop BreedingB.Sc.
Principles Of Horticultural Crops NutritionB.Sc.
Principles Of HorticultureB.Sc.
Principles Of Organic CropsB.Sc.
Principles Of Plant Brecding In Hortica HvreB.Sc.
Principles Of Plant Breeding In HorticultureB.Sc.
Principles Of Storage And Processing Of Agricultural ProductsB.Sc.
Principles Of Tissue Culture And BiotechnologyB.Sc.
Principles Of Vegetable GrowingB.Sc.
Prineciples Of DesignB.Sc.
Production And Exploitation Of Medicinal PlantsB.Sc.
Quality In Horticultural ProductsPh.D
Reconnaissance And Management WeedsB.Sc.
Research Methodology In Agricultural ScienceM.Sc.
Residential House Landscape DesignB.Sc.
Rock GardensB.Sc.
Seed Production In OrnamentalsM.Sc.
Seminar 1B.Sc.
Seminar 2B.Sc.
Smali FruitsB.Sc.
Small FruitsB.Sc.
Special Enclosure DesignB.Sc.
Special Enclosure DesignB.Sc.
Special Lots DesignB.Sc.
Special Methods In Vegetable ProductionM.Sc.
Special Methods Of Vegetable GrowingM.Sc.
Special Park DesignB.Sc.
Special Parks DesignB.Sc.
Special ProblcmM.Sc.
Sport TurfgrassM.Sc.
Statistical Designs In Fruit Tree ResearchesPh.D
Stress Physiology In Horticulture CropsM.Sc.
Stuff And Structural MethodB.Sc.
Tea And Tea CultivationB.Sc.
Tea Culture And TechnologyB.Sc.
Technical Drawing In LandscapeB.Sc.
Technical DrvingB.Sc.
Temperate Zone FruitsB.Sc.
Temperate Zone PomologyB.Sc.
The Physiology Of Flower Bulbs And Their ForeingPh.D
The Physiology Of Plants In Greenhouse ConditionM.Sc.
The Spice And Beverage Plants ProductionM.Sc.
Topography (1)B.Sc.
Tropical And Semi-tropical Zone FruitsB.Sc.
Tropical And Subtropical FruitsB.Sc.
Turf Grass And Ground - CoversB.Sc.
Turfgrass And Cover PlantsB.Sc.
Urban Planning And Design PrincipleM.Sc.
Urban Spaces DesignB.Sc.
Urban Spaxes DesignB.Sc.
Vegetable Growing Skills (1)B.Sc.
Vegetable BreedingM.Sc.
Vegetable Growing In GreenhouseB.Sc.
Vegetable Growing OrganicallyB.Sc.
Vegetable Growing Skills (2)B.Sc.
Vegetable Production And GrowingB.Sc.
Vegetables PhysiologyM.Sc.
Vertical Landscape And Green RoofsM.Sc.
Visual ExpressionB.Sc.
Visuatization TechniquesB.Sc.
Water GardensB.Sc.
Weed And Weed ControlB.Sc.


Explanation Of The Geopolitical Issuse Of The Islamic WorldPh.D
Geopolitical Foundations Of Iran,s Foreign Relations & PoliciesPh.D
Geopoliticss Of EnergyPh.D
Hydropolitics Of Iran And The Peripheral BasinsPh.D
Karst Geomorphology With Emphasis In IranPh.D
Political Spatial Structures (local, National, Regional And Global)Ph.D
Political Eeconomy Of Iran And The WorldPh.D
Application Of Physical Geography In Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Scientific Research Method In Urban GeographyPh.D
Active Remote SensingM.Sc.
Advance Research Methods In TM.Sc.
Advanced Reginal And Urban Development TheoriesPh.D
Advanced Remote Sensing And Gis In GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Advanced Spatial Analysis With An Emphasis On Geographic Information SyPh.D
Advanced Statistical Methods In ClimatologyM.Sc.
Advanced Theories And Research Methods In ClimatologyM.Sc.
Advanced (gis) Analysis In Tourism PlanningM.Sc.
Advanced GisM.Sc.
Advanced Human Resource ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced HydrologyM.Sc.
Advanced MathematicsB.Sc.
Advanced MicroclimatologyM.Sc.
Advanced Remote Sensing And Gis In Rural PlanningM.Sc.
Advanced Research Methods In Rural PlanningM.Sc.
Advanced Research Methods In Tourism StudiesM.Sc.
Advanced Satellite Image ProcessingM.Sc.
Advanced Statistics In ClimatologyM.Sc.
Advanced Theories Of Organizational BehaviorM.Sc.
Advanced Urban GeographyM.Sc.
Advances Programming In GisM.Sc.
Advances Programming In Remote SensingM.Sc.
Agricultural Planning With Concentration On IranM.Sc.
Air Pollution And Atmospheric ChemistryB.Sc.
Air Pollution And Heat IslandM.Sc.
Analysis Of Policy Making And Planning System In Rural DevelopmentPh.D
Analysis Of Air Pressure And Flows PatternsM.Sc.
Analysis Of Governance And Management System Of Rural AreasPh.D
Analysis And Methods Of Training And Transferring Entrepreneurial Technologies I
Analysis Of Urban Planning And Development Theories (smart Growth CreativePh.D
Analysis Of Governance And Policy-making System In Rural AreasPh.D
Analysis Of Idea System Of Spatial Plaming Of Envionment Galifg In Rural ArcaPh.D
Analysis Of Idea System Of Spatial Planning Of Environmental Quality In Rural AreaPh.D
Analysis Of Localization Process Of Rural Planning In IranPh.D
Analysis Of Planning System And National, Regional And Urban PlansPh.D
Analysis Of Regional Geography Of IranM.Sc.
Analysis Of Risk Management In Spatial Planning Of Environmental Quality In Rural AreasPh.D
Analysis Of Urban Planning TheoriesPh.D
Analytical Methods In GeomorphologyPh.D
Application Of Ict In Rural Development ManagementM.Sc.
Application Of Statistics And Probability In Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Application Of Air And Satellite Images In Urban StudiesM.Sc.
Application Of Air Photos And Sat Images In GeographyB.Sc.
Application Of Air Photos Of Remote Sensing SatelliteM.Sc.
Application Of Climatology In Rural PlanningB.Sc.
Application Of Geography Information System In Political GeographyM.Sc.
Application Of Geomorphology In Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Application Of Gis In GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Application Of Gis In Rural GeographyB.Sc.
Application Of Gis In Rural Planning IiM.Sc.
Application Of Gis In Urban GeographyB.Sc.
Application Of Physical Geography In Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Application Of Statistics And Geographical Information System In Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Applied ClimatologyM.Sc.
Applied Remote Sensing And Gis In Rural PlanningM.Sc.
Applied ClimatologyB.Sc.
Applied StatisticsM.Sc.
Applied Statistics Using Statistical Software'sM.Sc.
Applying Gis And Remote Sensing In Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Approaches And Methods Of Urban Housing PlanningM.Sc.
Approaches And Techniques Of Decision Making In Rural PlanningM.Sc.
Artificial Intelligence AlgorithmsM.Sc.
Assesment Of The Ecological Potential In Rural PlanningM.Sc.
Assessing The Sustainability Of Tourism DevelopmentM.Sc.
Assessing And Managing The Effects Of Tourism DevelopmentM.Sc.
Basic Rights And Administrating Local OrganizationsM.Sc.
Basics Of Politics ScienceM.Sc.
Beauty And Urban FurnitureB.Sc.
Benchmarking In Tourism SystemM.Sc.
Borders Of IranM.Sc.
Characteristics Of Human Geography In Arid Zones Of IranB.Sc.
Citizen Oriented GisM.Sc.
City Spatial Development ManagementM.Sc.
Civil ManagementM.Sc.
Climate Change Models And ScenariosM.Sc.
Climate ModelingB.Sc.
Climate And Environmental HazardsM.Sc.
Climate Change Impacts In IranM.Sc.
Climate Change: Impacts And ResponsesB.Sc.
Climate Data, Resources, And Weather MapsB.Sc.
Climate Design Of CitiesM.Sc.
Climate ModelingM.Sc.
Climatological Methods And Weather Maps AnalysisM.Sc.
Climatology Of Arid RegionsB.Sc.
Climatology In Environmental PlanningM.Sc.
Climatology In Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Climatology SoftwareB.Sc.
Coastal GeomorphologyPh.D
Commerce And TradingM.Sc.
Community Sustainable Development In Rural AreasPh.D
Comparison Laws Of City Administration Equal To ThesisB.Sc.
Computer In GeographyB.Sc.
Concepts And Theories Of GeographyM.Sc.
Concepts And Theories Of Geopolitics'M.Sc.
Cooperative Rural DevelopmentB.Sc.
Country Divisions Of IranM.Sc.
Crisis Management In Rural AreasB.Sc.
Crisis Management In TourismM.Sc.
Cultural GeographyB.Sc.
Culture And Identiy In Language EducationPh.D
Database ManagementM.Sc.
Decision Making And Futures Research Models In The Program Tourism PlanningM.Sc.
Designing Techniquse For Tourism ComplexesM.Sc.
Designing Of National Strategy And Vision PlanPh.D
Destination Image Branding And ManagementM.Sc.
Destination Planning And ManagementM.Sc.
Destination Planning WorkshopM.Sc.
Digital Terrain ModelsM.Sc.
Dissertation- OptionalB.Sc.
Doctrines And Theories Of GeopoliticsM.Sc.
Doctrines And Thoughts Of GeographyM.Sc.
Dominant Processes In Arid RegiansPh.D
Dynamic ClimatologyM.Sc.
Dynamic ClimatologyB.Sc.
Ecogeomorphic River RestorationM.Sc.
Economic GeographyB.Sc.
Economic And Social Sustainable Development Management In Rural AreasM.Sc.
Economic Development Of Rural AreasPh.D
Economic Geography O IranB.Sc.
Economic Geography Of Iran -ii Transportation IndustryB.Sc.
Economic Geography Of Iran 1 AgricultureB.Sc.
Economic Geography Of Iran VillagesM.Sc.
Economic Theories And Development EconomicB.Sc.
Economies Of Urban Land And HousingM.Sc.
Economy For Managers (micro And Macro)M.Sc.
Economy Of Development With Emphasis On IranPh.D
Economy Of Nomadisms Of IranB.Sc.
Electoral GeographyM.Sc.
Engineering GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Engineering MathematicsB.Sc.
English For The Students Of ClimatologyB.Sc.
English Paper Of Geography 3B.Sc.
English Papers In Human Geography - IB.Sc.
English Papers In Human Geography - IiB.Sc.
English Papers Of Rural GeographyM.Sc.
Entrepreneurial Management In Rural PlanningPh.D
Entrepreneurship Management In Development Planning Of Rural EconomyPh.D
Entrepreneurship And The Labor Marker Of Urban GeographyB.Sc.
Environment ChangesB.Sc.
Environment And Its RightB.Sc.
Environmental Potentials In Planning Of Tourism Development Of IranM.Sc.
Environmental HazardsB.Sc.
Environmental Applications Of GisM.Sc.
Environmental Capabilities In Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Environmental Crises And National Security Of IranM.Sc.
Environmental EcosystemsM.Sc.
Environmental Impacts Of Water Resource DevelopmentM.Sc.
Environmental Management And Rural PlanningPh.D
Environmental PlanningM.Sc.
Environmental Planning And ManagementM.Sc.
Environmental Planning And Project ManagementM.Sc.
Environmental Planning In Rural AreasM.Sc.
Environmental Studies In Rural PlanningM.Sc.
Environmental Sustainable Development Management In Rural AreasM.Sc.
Essentials Of Cultural GeographyB.Sc.
Evaluating The Policies And Impacts Of Housing And Urban RegenerationM.Sc.
Evaluating The Land, Housing And Regeneration Policies In IranM.Sc.
Evaluation Of Natural Resources In The Spatial Planning Of Rural AreasPh.D
Evaluation Of Rural Development PlansPh.D
Evaluation Of The Consequences Of Regeneration And Revitalization PlansM.Sc.
Evaluation Of Urban Betterment And Urban Renewal Plans' ImpactsM.Sc.
Existence Philosophy Of IranM.Sc.
Explain The Theories Of Geography And Rural PlanningPh.D
Explanation Of Ideas Theories And Approaches In Rural DevelopmentPh.D
Explanation Of Problem And Quantitative And Qualitative Analysis In Rural PlanningPh.D
Field And Laboratory Methods In GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Financial Management And Municipality BudgetM.Sc.
Fluvial Geomorphology With Emphasis On IranPh.D
Foundations Of Dynamic-geomorphology-iB.Sc.
Foundations Of Economic GeographyB.Sc.
Foundations Of Economic Geography-i AgricultureB.Sc.
Foundations Of Economic Geography-ii Transportation IndustryB.Sc.
Foundations Of EnvironmentB.Sc.
Foundations Of Geography Of TourismB.Sc.
Foundations Of Population GeographyB.Sc.
Foundations Of Rural GeographyB.Sc.
Foundations Of Urban GeographyB.Sc.
Foundations Of Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Foundations Population GeographyB.Sc.
Fundamental Of Ecology And BiogeographyB.Sc.
Fundamental Of MathematicsB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Geographic Information System(gis)B.Sc.
Futurest & Decision Making Models In Tourism PlanningM.Sc.
General GeologyB.Sc.
Geographic Information System And Remote Sensing In Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Geographic Technologies (rs & Gis) In Rural PlanningM.Sc.
Geographical Characteristics Of Islamic Countries Emphasizing On CitiesB.Sc.
Geographical Information System (gis)M.Sc.
Geographical School Of ThoughtM.Sc.
Geography And GlobalizationB.Sc.
Geography And National Development StrategyM.Sc.
Geography And National StrategyM.Sc.
Geography And Tourism IndustryB.Sc.
Geography Of BorderM.Sc.
Geography Of NomadismB.Sc.
Geography Of Small And Middle TownsB.Sc.
Geography Of SoilsB.Sc.
Geography Of War And PeaceM.Sc.
Geography, Environment And IdeologyPh.D
Geology For GeographyB.Sc.
Geomorphic Hazard ManagementM.Sc.
Geomorphic Landform ReclamationM.Sc.
Geomorphic Reclamation Techniques Of MinesM.Sc.
Geomorphological Hazard ManagementM.Sc.
Geomorphological Information System In Regional And Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Geomorphological Methods And Techniques In Environmental PlanningM.Sc.
Geomorphology And Soil Erosion ManagementM.Sc.
Geomorphology And Arid Zone ManagementPh.D
Geomorphology And Coastal ManagementPh.D
Geomorphology And Environmental Conservation StrategiesM.Sc.
Geomorphology And Hazards Of SlopesPh.D
Geomorphology And Management Of Arid And Desert AreasPh.D
Geomorphology And Management Of Coastal And Mountainous Areas (morphotectinic)Ph.D
Geomorphology And Management Of Tourist SitesPh.D
Geomorphology And Mangagment Of Karst RegionPh.D
Geomorphology And Soil ErosionM.Sc.
Geomorphology And Water Resources PlanningM.Sc.
Geomorphology IranB.Sc.
Geomorphology Of Iran(1)B.Sc.
Geomorphology, Environment ManagementPh.D
Geopolitical Factors Of Crisis In Islamic World And Future StrategiesPh.D
Geopolitical Foundations Of Iran's Foreign RelationsPh.D
Geopolitical Regions Of Iran's Peripheral RealmPh.D
Geopolitical Regions Of Irans PeripheryPh.D
Geopolitical Requirements Of Reconstruction And Economic DevelopmentPh.D
Geopolitical System Of WorldM.Sc.
Geopolitical SystemsM.Sc.
Geopolitics And Development (with An Emphasis On Iran And Peripheral Realms)Ph.D
Geopolitics Of Energy (oil And Gas)Ph.D
Geopolitics Of IranM.Sc.
Geopolitics Of ReligionsM.Sc.
Geopolitics Of Resources And EnvironmentM.Sc.
Ghallenges And Issues Of Urban Develppment In IranPh.D
Gis Applicaltion And Remote Sensing In Rural PlanningB.Sc.
Gis Modeling In Urban And Rural StudiesM.Sc.
Gis Modeling In Water And Soil StudiesM.Sc.
Gis Spatial Analysis In Locating Infrastructure And Tourism ComplexesM.Sc.
Global Cities And Urban ManegmentM.Sc.
Global ClimateB.Sc.
Global Geostrategy And IranM.Sc.
Golbalization And Restructuring Rural AreasPh.D
Governace And Urban Integrated ManagmentPh.D
Governance And Management Of Rural InstitutionsM.Sc.
Governance And Urban Development ManagementPh.D
Hazards Of Rural AreasB.Sc.
Hazards & Risk Management Planning In Rural AreasM.Sc.
Historic Geography Emphasizing On IranB.Sc.
Historic Geography Of Iranian CitiesB.Sc.
Historical Geography Of IranB.Sc.
History Of Development Principles And Concepts Of GeopoliticsM.Sc.
House And Informal SettlementB.Sc.
Housing PlanningB.Sc.
Housing Planning Of VillageB.Sc.
Human And EnvironmentM.Sc.
Human HazardsB.Sc.
Humanist Geopolitics And PeaceM.Sc.
Hydro Climatic ModelingM.Sc.
Hydrology FoundationsB.Sc.
Hydropolitics (iran And Peripheral Realms)Ph.D
Identification And Planning EnvironmentM.Sc.
Image Processing In GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Important Perspectives On The Evolution Of The Earth FacePh.D
Indigenous Khowledge In Rural DevelopmentB.Sc.
Industries Rural PlanningPh.D
Informal Aettlements In Seveloping CountriesM.Sc.
Information Bank & Tourism Spatial DataM.Sc.
Information Systems Of ManagementM.Sc.
Information Technology (it)B.Sc.
Integrated Urban Spatial ManagementPh.D
Integrated Flood ManagementM.Sc.
Interaction Among Cities,villages And NomadsPh.D
Internal Migrations In IranB.Sc.
Interpretation Of Thematic MapsB.Sc.
Introduction To ClimatologyB.Sc.
Introduction To Climatology IB.Sc.
Introduction To Climatology IiB.Sc.
Introduction To Geographical Information Systems GisB.Sc.
Introduction To Synoptic ClimatologyM.Sc.
Iran ClimateB.Sc.
Iran Climate: Environmental PotentialsM.Sc.
Iran GeomorphologyB.Sc.
Iran Geomorphology Units And Their Environmental PotentialsM.Sc.
Iran Geomorphology: Environmental PotentialsM.Sc.
Iran HydrogeomorphologyM.Sc.
Iran Water ResourcesB.Sc.
Iran's Rural EconomyB.Sc.
Irans River Bastns Hydro-climateM.Sc.
Karst Geomorphology With Emphasis On IranPh.D
Karst HydrologyM.Sc.
Land Surface HydrologyM.Sc.
Land Use PlanningM.Sc.
Land Use Planning In Rural AreasPh.D
Land, Housing And Urban Regeneration Policies In IranPh.D
Laws And Regulations Of UrbanityM.Sc.
Local Government And Urban ManagementM.Sc.
Location Of Infrastructure And Tourism FacilitiesM.Sc.
Location Planning Of Rural Settlement'sM.Sc.
Management Of Environmental Resources In Rural AreasPh.D
Management Of Environmental Sustainable Development In Rural AreasM.Sc.
Management Of Hazards And Physical ResilienceM.Sc.
Management Of Local Institutions In Rural AreasM.Sc.
Management And Planning In GeotourismPh.D
Management Of The Risk And Resilience In Rural AreasM.Sc.
Management Of Environmental Resources In Rural AreaPh.D
Management Of Rural Water ResourcesB.Sc.
Management Of Space Economy In Rural Entrepreneurship Of IranPh.D
Management Of Spatial Planning Project And Environmental Quality In Rural AreasPh.D
Management Of Sustainable Social And Economic Development Of Rural AreasM.Sc.
Map ReadingB.Sc.
Matemathics And ClimatologyB.Sc.
Mathematics For GeographyB.Sc.
Meso Scales Modeling Of ClimateM.Sc.
Methodology And Research Techniques With An Emphasis OnforesightPh.D
Methodology And Research TechniquesPh.D
Methodology In The Territory Of GeomorphologyPh.D
Methodology Of Scientific Research In Political GeographyPh.D
Methods And Models Of Future Research In Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Methods Of PaleoclimatologyM.Sc.
Methods Of Synoptic ClimatologyM.Sc.
Methods And Techniques Of Faciliation And Participatory DevelopmentM.Sc.
Methods And Fechifues Of Decision MakingM.Sc.
Methods And Models For Rural LocatingPh.D
Methods And Techniques In GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Methods And Techniques Of Decision MakingM.Sc.
Methods And Techniques Of Participatory Development And Rural FacilitationM.Sc.
Methods And Techniques Of Spatial And Environmental Quality Planning In Rural AreasPh.D
Methods Of Regional Planning And Spatial PlanningB.Sc.
Methods Of Analyzing PopulationB.Sc.
Modeil And Modeling In GeomorphologyPh.D
Modeling Landforms And ProcessesM.Sc.
Modeling Technology Of Decision Making And Policy In Rural Planning Of IranPh.D
Models And Techniques Of Decision Making In Rural PlanningPh.D
Models And Techniques Of Rural PlanningM.Sc.
Models And Techniques Of Decision Making In Urban Spatial OrganizationM.Sc.
Models And Decision-making Techniques In Housing PlanningM.Sc.
Models And Techniques Of Decision Making With Emphasizing On Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Models And Techniques Of Spatial PlanningPh.D
Models Of Urban Location Planning And StructuPh.D
Modern Technologies In Sustainable Rural DevelopmentM.Sc.
Natural Environment Of CityM.Sc.
Natural Disasters In Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Natural EcosystemsM.Sc.
Natural Hazard Enviroment Maluge MentM.Sc.
Natural Hazard And Environmental ManagementM.Sc.
Natural HazardsB.Sc.
Nature And City In The Practice Of Islamic CultureM.Sc.
Neighborhood And Community PlanningPh.D
New Theories And Viewpoints Of Urban Spatial OrganizationM.Sc.
New Cities And TownsB.Sc.
New Methodologies And Future Study In Political GeographyPh.D
New Town PlanningM.Sc.
Ntegration Management Of Flood HazardsPh.D
Paleoflood HydrogeomorphologyM.Sc.
Pathology Of Urban Development In IranPh.D
Philosophical Foundations Of Research MethodologyPh.D
Philosophy And Research Methodology In Rural Development PlanningPh.D
Philosophy Of Political GeographyM.Sc.
Philosophy And Critical Thought In Political GeographyPh.D
Philosophy And Evaluation Of Thought In Political GeographyPh.D
Philosophy And Evolution Of Geographical ScienceB.Sc.
Philosophy GeographyB.Sc.
Philosophy Of Geography And Applied GeographyB.Sc.
Philosophy Of Political GeographyM.Sc.
Physical Geography Of Urban (geomorphology And Climate)B.Sc.
Physical And Spatial Sustainable Development Of Rural AreasPh.D
Physical ClimatologyB.Sc.
Physical Development Of Cities Of IranB.Sc.
Physical Geography Of City - GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Physical Geography Of City-climate, HydrologyM.Sc.
Physical Planning And Design Of VillageB.Sc.
Physical Planning For Rural SettlementsM.Sc.
Planning And Enablement Of Urban Local CommunitiesM.Sc.
Planning For Human Settlements And New TownsM.Sc.
Planning In Iranian - Islamic CitiesPh.D
Planning And Empowerment Of Local Urban CommunitiesM.Sc.
Planning And Empowerment Of Urban Local CommunitiesM.Sc.
Planning And Organizing Nomads Ecosystem'sB.Sc.
Planning For Central Areas Of CitiesB.Sc.
Planning For Urban Green AreasB.Sc.
Policies For Urban Housing Development In IranM.Sc.
Political Economic (iran &word)Ph.D
Political Management Of Space (national And Local)M.Sc.
Political GeographyB.Sc.
Political Geography & Geopolitics Of CyberspacePh.D
Political Geography Of CyberspaceM.Sc.
Political Geography Of IranB.Sc.
Political Geography Of Islamic WorldM.Sc.
Political Geography Of The SeaPh.D
Political Management Of SpaceM.Sc.
Political Organization Of SpaceM.Sc.
Political Organization Of Urban SpaceM.Sc.
Political Philosophy Of Environment And GeographyPh.D
Political-spatial Structures (local, National, Regional And Global)Ph.D
Politics And SpaceB.Sc.
Population GeographyB.Sc.
Population Analysis In Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Population Geography Of IranB.Sc.
Practical Works Of Geomorphology (field And Lab.)M.Sc.
Preparation And Manegment Of Border AreasM.Sc.
Preparing And Interpreting Maps And Climatic ChartsB.Sc.
Principal Of Planning Of Cultural AffairsM.Sc.
Principle Of Geographical Information Systems-i-M.Sc.
Principle Of GeomorphologyB.Sc.
Principles Of State GoverningM.Sc.
Principles And Concepts Of GeopoliticsM.Sc.
Principles And Methodes Of Physical-spatial Planning Of Rural SettlementsM.Sc.
Principles And Methods In Regional PlanningB.Sc.
Principles And Methods Of Planning For Residential CommunitiesM.Sc.
Principles And Methods Of Regional PlanningB.Sc.
Principles And Methods Of Rural PlanningB.Sc.
Principles And Physics Of Remote SensingM.Sc.
Principles And Techniques In Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Principles Of Economic GeographyB.Sc.
Principles Of EconomicsB.Sc.
Principles Of Geographic Information Systems (gis)M.Sc.
Principles Of GisB.Sc.
Principles Of International RelationsM.Sc.
Principles Of International Relations, Diplomacy And Geopolitical Analysis TechnPh.D
Principles Of Regional PlanningM.Sc.
Principles Of Remote SensingB.Sc.
Principles Of Spatial PlanningB.Sc.
Principles Of Urban DesignB.Sc.
Problems And Planning Of Nomadism In IranM.Sc.
Problems Of Villages Of Third WorldB.Sc.
Programming And Climatology SoftwareB.Sc.
Programming And Climatology Software LaboratoryM.Sc.
Programming In Remote Sensing And GisM.Sc.
Project Assesment Of Rural Physical DevelopmentM.Sc.
Project Management Of Rural Entrepreneurship In IranPh.D
Projects For Rural Physical DevelopmentB.Sc.
Public RelationsM.Sc.
Public TransportationM.Sc.
Quaeernary Gomorphology Of IranPh.D
Quantitative Analyses In GeomorphologyPh.D
References Of Iran GeographyB.Sc.
Regional PlanningM.Sc.
Regional Planning For ManagersM.Sc.
Regional Planning TechniquesB.Sc.
Regional Techniques Of Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Relacions Of City And VilageB.Sc.
Relations Between City And Village In IranM.Sc.
Remote Sensing And Digital Analysis Techniques In GeomorphologyPh.D
Remote Sensing And Gis In ClimatologyM.Sc.
Remote Sensing And Radar Techniques In GeomorphologyPh.D
Remote Sensing And Techniques Of Radar Digit Analysis In Geomorphology And Environmental ManagementPh.D
Remote Sensing In ClimatologyB.Sc.
Remote Sensing In Geo- Science And HazardsM.Sc.
Remote Sensing Of Water, Soil And VegetationM.Sc.
Research Method In Rural PlanningB.Sc.
Research Methods In ClimatologyB.Sc.
Research Methods In GeographyB.Sc.
Research Methology In Political GeographyM.Sc.
Research MethodB.Sc.
Research Method In Geography And Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Research Method In GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Research Method In Political GeographyM.Sc.
Research Method In Urban And Regional StudiesM.Sc.
Research Method In Urban GeographyB.Sc.
Research Method In Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Research Method In Urban StudiesB.Sc.
Research Methodology And Future Study In Urban PlanningPh.D
Research Methods In ClimatologyM.Sc.
Research Methods In GeographyM.Sc.
Research Methods In GisM.Sc.
Research Methods In Political GeographyM.Sc.
Research Methods In Rural PlanningB.Sc.
Revienetscenhfictho Wghus Exmplere And Theorices Of Rural PlanningPh.D
Rights And Urban Planning RulesB.Sc.
Risk Management In Rural AreasPh.D
Risk Management Of Environmental Hazards In Rural AreasPh.D
Role Of Local Management And Planning In Urban Development And ParticipPh.D
Rural EntrepreneurshipB.Sc.
Rural Economic DevelopmentB.Sc.
Rural GeographyB.Sc.
Rural Land Use PlanningM.Sc.
Rural Law & Rules / RegulationM.Sc.
Rural Planning In IranB.Sc.
Rural Urban Linkages And Sustainability Of Rural AreasPh.D
Rural EconomyB.Sc.
Rural Geography Of IranB.Sc.
Rural Housing PlanningM.Sc.
Rural Laws And RegulationsM.Sc.
Rural ManagementB.Sc.
Rural Planning In Iran-equal To ThesisB.Sc.
Rural Planning In Particular Border AreasB.Sc.
Rural Planning Models And TechniquesM.Sc.
Rural Planning With Concentration On IranM.Sc.
Rural Planning Workshop (project)M.Sc.
Rural TourismB.Sc.
Rural Transportation PlanningM.Sc.
Rural-urban Links And Sustainability Of Rural AreasPh.D
Satellite ClimatologyB.Sc.
Satellite Climatology TechniquesM.Sc.
School Of Thought And Theoretical Foundations Of Development In Rural PlanningM.Sc.
School Of Thoughts And Theories Of GeographiesM.Sc.
Schools And Theroies In GeographyM.Sc.
Schools Of Regional PlanningPh.D
Scientific And Theoretical Foundation Of Climate ChangeM.Sc.
Seminar On Current Problems In Metropolitan AreasM.Sc.
Seminar On Disaster Management And Natural Hazards In CitiesM.Sc.
Sla StudiesPh.D
Social Theories And CityPh.D
Social Theories Of CityPh.D
Socio Economic Theories And The Patterns For Urban Develop0mentPh.D
Soil And Land ResourcesM.Sc.
Spatial Tourism Planning WorlshopM.Sc.
Spatial Analisis Of Climate Data Using GisM.Sc.
Spatial Analsis Of Public Policies Using GisM.Sc.
Spatial Analysis And Climatology ProcessesB.Sc.
Spatial Analysis Of Rural- Urban RelationM.Sc.
Spatial Organizing Of CityPh.D
Spatial Pathology Of Iran's Urban ProblemsPh.D
Spatial Planning - Time Tourism In IranM.Sc.
Spatial Physical Sustainable Development Of Rural SettlementPh.D
Spatial AnalysisB.Sc.
Spatial Analysis Of Rural Development ProblemsPh.D
Spatial Analysis Of Urban Rural RelationsM.Sc.
Spatial Analysis Of Urban-rural LinkagesM.Sc.
Spatial Approaches And Policies In Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Spatial Multi Criteria Decision AnalysisM.Sc.
Spatial Planning And Political Organization Of Border AreasM.Sc.
Spatial Planning And Political Organization Of SpaceM.Sc.
Spatial Policies In Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Specialized LanguageB.Sc.
Specialized Texts Of Political GeographyM.Sc.
State In IranM.Sc.
Statistic And Modeling In Geography And GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Statistical Analysis In Rural PlanningM.Sc.
Statistical Analysis In Rural PanningM.Sc.
Statistical ClimatologyB.Sc.
Statistical Methods In Geography -iB.Sc.
Statistical Methods In Geography -iiB.Sc.
Statistics And Probabilities For GeographyB.Sc.
Statistics And Probabilities(1)B.Sc.
Statistics And Introduction To Soft WaresM.Sc.
Statistics And Introduction To Software'sM.Sc.
Statistics For ManagersM.Sc.
Status Of Village In Regional PlanningB.Sc.
Strategic And Operational Planning Of CitiesPh.D
Strategic Analysis Of Marketing In Developing EntrepreneurshipPh.D
Strategic And Operational Planning Of CitiesPh.D
Strategic Management Of Rural DevelopmentM.Sc.
Strategies For Mitigation And Adaptation To Climate ChangeM.Sc.
Structural Geomorphology-1B.Sc.
Structures And Function Of Urban EnvironmentPh.D
Studies Of WorldB.Sc.
Supply And Interpretation Of Geomorphology MapsM.Sc.
Surface Water HydrclogyM.Sc.
Sustainable Development Management Of Spatial - Physical Ecologic In Rural AreasM.Sc.
Sustainable Development Of Local CommunitiesPh.D
Sustainable Rural DevelopmentB.Sc.
Synoptic Analysis Of Climate Of IranM.Sc.
Synoptic Analysis Of Climate Climatic HazardsM.Sc.
Synoptic Analysis Of Climate Of IranM.Sc.
Synoptic Analysis Of Climatic HazardsM.Sc.
Synoptic Climatology Of IranM.Sc.
Techniques And Models In GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Techniques For Analysis Of Urban Geomorphological HazardsPh.D
Teleconnection And Interaction Between Atmosphere And OceanM.Sc.
The Basics Of Computer ProgrammingB.Sc.
The Basics Of Remote SensingB.Sc.
The Earth In SpaceB.Sc.
The History Of Urban PlanningB.Sc.
The Methods Of Mitigation And Adaptation To Climate ChangeM.Sc.
The Problems Of Third World's CitiesB.Sc.
The Status Of Villages In Macro Level PlanningPh.D
The Techniques Of Forecasting In Regional And Urban PlanningM.Sc.
The Urban EnvironmentPh.D
Theoretical Ideas In Geography And GeomrphologyM.Sc.
Theoretical And Applied CartographyB.Sc.
Theoretical Foundations And Planning Of Iranian-islamic CitiesPh.D
Theoretical Foundations Of Policy And Spatial Planning Of Rural EntrepreneurshipPh.D
Theoretical Ideas In GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Theoretical Thoughts In Geography And GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Theoretical Thoughts On The Evolution Of The Earth FacePh.D
Theories Approaches And Experiences Of Urban Rehabilitation And RenewalM.Sc.
Theories And Approaches Of Rural And Tribal PlanningPh.D
Theories And Approaches Of Urban Rehabilitation, Renewal And RegenerationM.Sc.
Theories And Attitudes On The Evolution Of The EarthPh.D
Theories And Spatial Policies In Tourism PlanningM.Sc.
Theories In Rural DevelopmentM.Sc.
Theories In Rural Planning And DevelopmentM.Sc.
Theories Of Management And Organization Strategic PerspectiveM.Sc.
Theories Of Political GeographyM.Sc.
Theories Of Tourism PlanningM.Sc.
Theories' Approaches And Experiments Of Urban Regeneration And RevitalizationM.Sc.
Thermal Remote Sensing: Theories And AlgorithmsM.Sc.
Thories Experinces And Spatial Polices In Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Topics On Public RightsM.Sc.
Topographical Maps (hydrology)B.Sc.
Tourism GeographyB.Sc.
Tourism Statistical AnalysisM.Sc.
Tourism MarketingM.Sc.
Tourism PolicyM.Sc.
Tourism Product Planning And DevelopmentM.Sc.
Transitional Change Of Urban Development Policies In IranPh.D
Underground HydrologyM.Sc.
Urban Development PlansB.Sc.
Urban Environment PlanningPh.D
Urban GeographyB.Sc.
Urban Hazards ManagementPh.D
Urban Land Housing Policies Emphasizing On IranPh.D
Urban Land Use And Housing Policies In IranPh.D
Urban Management And Spatial DevelopmentM.Sc.
Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Urban Planning WorkshopB.Sc.
Urban Tourism PlanningPh.D
Urban And Regional Land UseB.Sc.
Urban And Regioual Laws And Rights In IranM.Sc.
Urban Climate HazardsM.Sc.
Urban DesignsB.Sc.
Urban Development Rules And Regulation In Developed Counteries And IranM.Sc.
Urban Development Rules And Regulations In IranM.Sc.
Urban EcologyB.Sc.
Urban EconomyB.Sc.
Urban Geography - AdvancedM.Sc.
Urban Geography Of IranB.Sc.
Urban GeomorphologyM.Sc.
Urban Geomorphology (with Emphasis On Iran)Ph.D
Urban Geomorphology With Emphasis On IranPh.D
Urban GeopoliticsM.Sc.
Urban Hydrology And ClimatologyM.Sc.
Urban Hydrology And Water SupplyB.Sc.
Urban Land Use PlanningM.Sc.
Urban Laws And Urbanity RegulationsM.Sc.
Urban ManagementB.Sc.
Urban Management Dissertation For Master StudentsM.Sc.
Urban MicroclimatologyM.Sc.
Urban PlanningM.Sc.
Urban Planning In IranB.Sc.
Urban Political GeographyPh.D
Urban Remote SensingM.Sc.
Urban RenovationB.Sc.
Urban Rules And Citizenship LawsM.Sc.
Urban SociologyB.Sc.
Urban Sociology And PathologyM.Sc.
Urban Space EconomyPh.D
Urban Spatial AnalysisPh.D
Urban Sustainable DevelopmentB.Sc.
Urban Transportation PlanningB.Sc.
Urbanism And Urban Planning In Third WorldPh.D
Urbanization And Transformation In Rural AreasB.Sc.
Urbanization And Urban Planning In IranM.Sc.
Water ProblemsB.Sc.
Water Resources Management In IranM.Sc.
Water Resources Of IranB.Sc.
Water Sources And Problems In IranB.Sc.
Weather Maps And ChartsM.Sc.
Weather Maps And ChartsB.Sc.
Weather Patterns Analysis LabM.Sc.
Workshop Of Housing Planning And Urban RegenerationM.Sc.
Workshop Of Physical -spatial Planning In Rural SettlementsM.Sc.
Workshop Of Urban And Regional Spatial OrganizationM.Sc.
Workshop On Sustainable Rural Development ManagementM.Sc.
Workshop Of Rural PlanningB.Sc.
Workshop Of Urban And Regional PlanningM.Sc.
Workshop Of Urban PlanningB.Sc.
Workshop Of Urban Planning (2)B.Sc.
Workshop On Housing PlanningM.Sc.
Workshop On Physical PlanningM.Sc.
Workshop On Rural Sustainable Development ManagementM.Sc.
Workshops Of Urban Betterment And Urban RenewalM.Sc.
Workshops On Urban Regeneration And RevitalizationM.Sc.
World Cities And Urban DiplomacyM.Sc.


T. Applied Structural Geology
Advanced GeochemistryM.Sc.
Magamatism And Metamorphy Of IranM.Sc.
Minerals SeperationM.Sc.
Advance Depositional EnvironmentsM.Sc.
Advance Economic GeologyPh.D
Advance MicrofaciesM.Sc.
Advance Microfacies - Lab.M.Sc.
Advance Microfossil - IM.Sc.
Advance Microfossil - I Lab.M.Sc.
Advance Microfossil - IiM.Sc.
Advance Microfossil - Ii Lab.M.Sc.
Advance SedimentologyM.Sc.
Advance Sedimentology - Lab.M.Sc.
Advanced Analysis MethodsM.Sc.
Advanced CrystallographyM.Sc.
Advanced Diffraction MethodsM.Sc.
Advanced Engineering Geology - Ii Lab.M.Sc.
Advanced Engineering Geology - IM.Sc.
Advanced Engineering Geology - IiM.Sc.
Advanced HydrogeologyM.Sc.
Advanced MicrofaciesM.Sc.
Advanced PhysicsB.Sc.
Advanced Sedimentary EnvironmentsM.Sc.
Advanced StratigraphyM.Sc.
Advanced Stratigraphy Of IranM.Sc.
Advanced Structural GeologyM.Sc.
Advanced Structural Geology IM.Sc.
Advanced Structural Geology IM.Sc.
Advanced Structural Geology( 1)M.Sc.
Advanced Stuctural Geology - IiM.Sc.
Advanced VolanologyM.Sc.
Application Of Genophysic In TectonicsM.Sc.
Application Of Isotopes In PetrologyM.Sc.
Application Of Rock Mechanics In TectonicsM.Sc.
Application Of Sequence Stratigraphy To SedimentologyPh.D
Applied And Advanced GeophysicsM.Sc.
Applied Engineering GeologyB.Sc.
Applied Engineering GeophysicsM.Sc.
Applied GeophysicsB.Sc.
Applied HydrogeologyM.Sc.
Applied SedimentologyM.Sc.
Applied Structural GeologyM.Sc.
Basic Issues Of StrinPh.D
Basin AnalysisM.Sc.
Benthic FaciesPh.D
Biozonafien And Biostratigraphic MadelsPh.D
Bosic Issuos Of StressPh.D
Carbonate FaciesPh.D
Chemical And Biochemical FaciesPh.D
Clay MineralsM.Sc.
Coal GeologyB.Sc.
Collisions TectonicsPh.D
Complementary MathematicsM.Sc.
Construction Of Engineering ProjectsM.Sc.
Constuction Of Engineering ProgectsB.Sc.
Crystalography - Lab.B.Sc.
Depositional EnvironmentsB.Sc.
Economic GeologyB.Sc.
Economic Geology - Lab.B.Sc.
Economic Geology Of Fossil FuelsM.Sc.
Engineering GeologyB.Sc.
Engineering GeophysicsM.Sc.
English For GeologistsB.Sc.
Enviroment Of GechsmistryM.Sc.
Environment GeologyB.Sc.
Environment MinerolgyM.Sc.
Environmental GeochemistryM.Sc.
Environmental GeologyB.Sc.
Environmental Geology And Engineering ProjectsM.Sc.
Environmental Management And Sustainable DevelopmentM.Sc.
Environmental MineralogyM.Sc.
Environmental StatisticsM.Sc.
Environmental UineralogyB.Sc.
Environmrntal Management And Sustainable DevelopmentM.Sc.
Estimation And Evaluation Of Are DepositsB.Sc.
Estimation And Evaluation Of Are Deposits - Lab.B.Sc.
Estimation And Evaluation Of Ore DepositsB.Sc.
Evaporite FaciesPh.D
Experimental PetrologyM.Sc.
Experimental TectonicsM.Sc.
Exploration Depositional ModelsM.Sc.
Exploration ProjectsM.Sc.
Explortion , Mining And Considaring Evironmental ControlsPh.D
Field GeologyB.Sc.
Field PetrologyM.Sc.
Field SedimentologyM.Sc.
Fornation EvaluatienPh.D
Fundamental Of G.i.sM.Sc.
Fundamental Of G.i.s - Lab.M.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Earth ChemistryB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of G.i.sB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of HydraulicsM.Sc.
Gem ExplorationM.Sc.
General Chemistry - Lab.B.Sc.
General PhysicsB.Sc.
Geochemical ThermodynamicsM.Sc.
Geochemistery And Tectonical Position Of Igneas RocksM.Sc.
Geochemistry Of Hydrothermal Ore DepositsM.Sc.
Geochemistry Of Igneous And MetamorphismM.Sc.
Geographic Tnformotion System - GisB.Sc.
Geological HazardsM.Sc.
Geology Of IranB.Sc.
Geology Of Iran - Field ExcursionB.Sc.
Geology In GeophysicsM.Sc.
Geology Of Hydrocarbon ReservoirsM.Sc.
Geology Of Iran And Its NeighboursM.Sc.
Geophysical Data ProcessingM.Sc.
Geotectonics IM.Sc.
Geotectonics IiM.Sc.
Gis And Remote Sensing For ExplorationM.Sc.
Global TectonicsM.Sc.
Groudwater Engineering GeologyM.Sc.
Groundwater And Geotechnical ProblemsM.Sc.
Groundwater ChemistryM.Sc.
Groundwater ContaminationM.Sc.
Groundwater ExploitationM.Sc.
Groundwater HydraulicsM.Sc.
Groundwater ModelingM.Sc.
Groundwater ModelsM.Sc.
Historical GeologyB.Sc.
Igneous And Metamorphic Ore DepositsM.Sc.
Igneous PetrologyB.Sc.
Igneous Petrology - Lab.B.Sc.
Igneous Petrology IM.Sc.
Igneous Petrology IiM.Sc.
Igneous, Metamorphic & Hydrothermal Ore DepositsM.Sc.
Igneous, Metamorphic & Hydrothermal Ore Deposits (lab)M.Sc.
Industrial Gem ApplicationsM.Sc.
Industrial Minerals And GemsM.Sc.
Industrial Minerals And RocksM.Sc.
Industrial Rocks & MineralsM.Sc.
Introduction StatisticsB.Sc.
Inverteberate PaleontologyM.Sc.
Inverteberate Paleontology Lab.M.Sc.
Invertebrate PalaeontologyM.Sc.
Invertebrate PalenthologyPh.D
Isotope GeologyM.Sc.
Karst GeomorphologyM.Sc.
L. Applied Structural GeologyM.Sc.
Macro Paleontology - IB.Sc.
Macro Paleontology - I Lab.B.Sc.
Magmatism And Plate TectonicsM.Sc.
Marine GeologyB.Sc.
Mathematics IiB.Sc.
Medical GeologyM.Sc.
Metamorphic PetrologyM.Sc.
Metamorphic PetrologyB.Sc.
Metamorphic Petrology - Lab.B.Sc.
Methods Of Exploration GeophysicsM.Sc.
Micro Paleontology IiB.Sc.
Micro Paleontology Ii Lab.B.Sc.
Micro Paleontology - IiB.Sc.
Microfossil ForaminiferaM.Sc.
Microfossil Non- ForaminiferaM.Sc.
Microstructures Of Igneous And Metamorphic RocksM.Sc.
Mineral Deposit & EnvironmentM.Sc.
Mineralization And Expboration Of SpecalPh.D
Mineralography - Lab.B.Sc.
Mineralogy - Lab.B.Sc.
Minerol Resources And The EnvironmentM.Sc.
Neotectonics And MorphotectonicsM.Sc.
Optical CrystalographyB.Sc.
Optical Crystalography - Lab.B.Sc.
Ore Analytical MethodsM.Sc.
Ore Analytical Methods - Lab.M.Sc.
Ore Deposit And EnvironmentM.Sc.
Ore Deposits Of Iran And Their OriginM.Sc.
Ore Deposits Of Iran And Their Origin - Lab.M.Sc.
Oredeposite Of Lgneas And Metamorphic - L.M.Sc.
Oredeposite Of Lgneas And Metamorphic - TM.Sc.
Organic GeochemistryM.Sc.
Paleo EcologyM.Sc.
Paleo Palynology (dinoflagellate )Ph.D
Paleobotany - Lab.B.Sc.
Palynology - Lab.M.Sc.
Petroleum GeologyB.Sc.
Photogeology - Lab.B.Sc.
Physical GeologyB.Sc.
Physical Geology - Lab.B.Sc.
Physics - Ii Lab.B.Sc.
Planktonic FaciesPh.D
Plate Tectonic And Metallogeny Of IranM.Sc.
Principal Of Geochemical ExplorationM.Sc.
Principal Of Geochemical Exploration (lab)M.Sc.
Principal Of Geophysical ExplorationM.Sc.
Principle Of Log InterpretationM.Sc.
Principles Of Environmental Sampling And AnalysisM.Sc.
Principles Of Geochemical ExplorationsM.Sc.
Principles Of Geochemical Explorations - Lab.M.Sc.
Principles Of Geophysical ExplorationM.Sc.
Principles Of Geophysical Exploration - Lab.M.Sc.
Principles Of Mineral ProcessingM.Sc.
Principles Of Ore DressingM.Sc.
Quaternary GeologyM.Sc.
Radiogenic & Stable Isotopes Petrogenesis & Tectonic Setting Of GranitoidsM.Sc.
Remote SensingB.Sc.
Rock MechanicsM.Sc.
Rock Mechanics - Lab.M.Sc.
Satelltc,s Data Processing And Providing Geological - Mining Maps (practical)Ph.D
Satelltc,s Data Processing And Providing Geological - Mining Maps (theory)Ph.D
Sedimentary & Sedimentary-hydrothermal Ore DepositsM.Sc.
Sedimentary GeochemistryM.Sc.
Sedimentary Ore DepositsM.Sc.
Sedimentary PetrologyB.Sc.
Sedimentary Petrology - I CarbonatesM.Sc.
Sedimentary Petrology - Ii SiliciclasticsM.Sc.
Sedimentary Petrology - Lab.B.Sc.
Sedimentary Petrology- I -carbonates Lab.M.Sc.
Sedimentary Petrology- Ii -siliciclastics Lab.M.Sc.
Sedimentology - Lab.B.Sc.
Seismo TectonicM.Sc.
Shear Zones In RoclesPh.D
Silicicclastic FaciesPh.D
Soil CoservationM.Sc.
Soil MechanicsB.Sc.
Soil Mechanics - Lab.M.Sc.
Soil PollutionM.Sc.
Special Topics In Environmental GeologyM.Sc.
Statics And Strength Of MaterialsM.Sc.
Stratigraphy Of IranM.Sc.
Structural GeologyB.Sc.
Structural Geology - Lab.B.Sc.
Strueraral Geology And Mineralization (pratical)Ph.D
Strueraral Geology And Mineralization (theory)Ph.D
Subsurface GeologyM.Sc.
Subsurface Geology - Lab.M.Sc.
Surveying - Lab.B.Sc.
Synthesis Of Gems And Industrial Minerals ProcessingM.Sc.
Tectonic And SeimentatimPh.D
Tectonic ModelingM.Sc.
Tectonics -iiiB.Sc.
Tectonics If IranM.Sc.
Tectonics Of IranM.Sc.
The Fundamental Of Crystal GrowthM.Sc.
The Principle Of GemoligyM.Sc.
Verteberate PaleontologyM.Sc.
Vertebrate PaleontologyM.Sc.
Waste Materials And EnvironmentM.Sc.
Water Resources ContaminationM.Sc.
Well Logs InterpretationM.Sc.
Zagros ForaminferaM.Sc.
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Religions Of Ancient IranPh.D
Advanced Research MothodsPh.D
An Introduction To The History Of Languages And Scripts In IranB.Sc.
An Introduction To The History Of The World's Major ReligionsB.Sc.
Analysis Of Historical TextsM.Sc.
Analytical History Of Shia Imams (as) BiographyB.Sc.
Ancirnt Iranian LanguagesM.Sc.
Applied HistoryM.Sc.
Arabic Language With Focus On Translation Of Historical Texts (1)M.Sc.
Arabic Language With Focus On Translation Of Historical Texts (2)M.Sc.
Archives, And Archival And Manuscript StudiesM.Sc.
Calendar And Methods Of ChronographyB.Sc.
Contemporary History Of The Islamic World 1B.Sc.
Contemporary History Of The Islamic World 2B.Sc.
Critic And Review Of Iranian History In The Foreign FextsM.Sc.
Critical Philosoohy Of HistoryM.Sc.
Critical Review Of Historical Texts (islamic Iran)M.Sc.
Criticizing The Historical TextsM.Sc.
Critique Of Texts In Historical StudiesB.Sc.
Cultural And Civilizational Relations Between Iran And Other Civilizations (fromB.Sc.
Development And Its Historical Evolutions In IranB.Sc.
Documental Research And Archival StudiesB.Sc.
Economic History Of Iran In Islamic EraM.Sc.
Foreign Language With Focus On Translation Of Historical Texts (1)M.Sc.
Foreign Language With Focus On Translation Of Historical Texts (2)M.Sc.
Foreign Language With Focus On Translation Of Historical Texts (3)M.Sc.
Foundations And Concepts Of PoliticsB.Sc.
Foundations Of Historical KnowledgeB.Sc.
Historial Socalogy Of IranPh.D
Historical Tourism And Museum GuidanceM.Sc.
Historio Graphy Of IranPh.D
Historiography And Its DevelopmentsB.Sc.
Historiography Based On Shiite HistoriographyM.Sc.
Historiography In IranPh.D
History And ArcheologyB.Sc.
History And Civilization Of Islam In Central AsiaB.Sc.
History And Civilization Of Islam In East AsiaB.Sc.
History And Civilization Of Islam In Egypt And The Syria (levant)B.Sc.
History And Civilization Of Islam In Morocco And AndalusiaB.Sc.
History And Civilization Of Islam In The CaucasusB.Sc.
History And Civilization Of Islam In The Indian SubcontinentB.Sc.
History And Civilization Of The Islamic World From 334 To 656 Ah.B.Sc.
History And Civilization Of The Islamic World From 61 To 334 Ah.B.Sc.
History And GeographyB.Sc.
History And Interdisciplinary StudiesB.Sc.
History And LiteratureB.Sc.
History And MediaB.Sc.
History In Digital World (sources Of Information & Research Tools)M.Sc.
History In Film, Cinema, And TvM.Sc.
History In The QuranB.Sc.
History Of Art And Architecture In IranB.Sc.
History Of Art And Architecture In Islamic IranM.Sc.
History Of Borders Of Iran From Sasanians To Contemporary EraM.Sc.
History Of Central Asia In The Islamic Era To The End Of 20th CenturyM.Sc.
History Of Civil Institutions And Organizations In The Contemporary History Of IB.Sc.
History Of Civilizations In The Land Of Iran Until The End Of The Elamite PeriodB.Sc.
History Of Constitutionalism & Constitutional Efforts In Iran 1285-1304/1906-192B.Sc.
History Of East AsiaB.Sc.
History Of Europe In AntiquityB.Sc.
History Of Europe In The Middle AgesB.Sc.
History Of Famous People And DynastiesB.Sc.
History Of Foreign Relations In Iran From Safavids To The Contemporary PeriodB.Sc.
History Of Iran From 1332-1357/1953-1979B.Sc.
History Of Iran From The Beginning Of The Pahlavids To The Coup Of 1332/1953B.Sc.
History Of Iran From The Fall Of The Sassanids To The Rise Of Semi-independent DB.Sc.
History Of Iran From The Russo-persian Wars To The Constitutional RevolutionB.Sc.
History Of Iran Under The Afsharids, Zandids Dynasties To The Rise Of QajarsB.Sc.
History Of Iran Under The Ghaznavids, Seljuks, Ghurids And KhawrazmshahidsB.Sc.
History Of Iran Under The Mongol And IlkhanidsB.Sc.
History Of Iran Under The SafavidsB.Sc.
History Of Iran Under The Taherids, Saffarids, Samanids And DeylamitesB.Sc.
History Of Iran Under The Timurids And TurkmenB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Revolution And The Islamic Republic Of IranB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Sects And ReligionsB.Sc.
History Of Khorasan In Islamic EraM.Sc.
History Of Mysticism And Sufism In IranB.Sc.
History Of Oil In Iran And The West AsiaB.Sc.
History Of Political Thoughts In Islam And IranB.Sc.
History Of Political Thoughts In The WestB.Sc.
History Of Press In IranB.Sc.
History Of Religions And Rituals Of Ancient IranB.Sc.
History Of Russia And Eastern EuropeB.Sc.
History Of Science And Technology In IranB.Sc.
History Of Shiism 1B.Sc.
History Of Shiism 2B.Sc.
History Of Social And Cultural-civilizational Developments Of Iran In Islamic ErM.Sc.
History Of Social, And Cultural-civilizational Developments In Iran From The MonM.Sc.
History Of Social, Cultural And Economic Development Of Iran In AntiquityB.Sc.
History Of The African ContinentB.Sc.
History Of The Early Islam 1 (era Of Prophet)B.Sc.
History Of The Early Islam 2 (after The Death Of Prophet To The Karbala UprisingB.Sc.
History Of The Ottoman Empire And The Republic Of TurkeyB.Sc.
History Of The Persian Gulf And Neighboring CountriesB.Sc.
History Of The West From The Renaissance To The French RevolutionB.Sc.
History Of The West In The Contemporary Period: From The French Revolution To ThB.Sc.
Introduction And Critique Of Shiite Historical SourcesM.Sc.
Introduction To Manuscripts And Methods Of Textual CriticismM.Sc.
Iran And Global Developments In The Qajar Era To The Constitutional RevolutionM.Sc.
Iran And The World From The Safavids To The QajarsM.Sc.
Iran In Pre-historyB.Sc.
Irans Relationships To Its Neighbors In Pre-islamic EraPh.D
Iranian Ancient Cultural; Social And Economic SystemsM.Sc.
Iranian History According To Natioal NarrativesM.Sc.
Iranian Myths And EpicsB.Sc.
Iranian Political Economic And Cultural Relations With Other CountriesM.Sc.
Islam And Iran History Studies In The WestB.Sc.
Islamic Revolution And Its Historical RootsB.Sc.
Methodology And Writing In HistoryB.Sc.
Methodology In Historical StudiesM.Sc.
Methods And Skills In Teaching And Learning HistoryB.Sc.
Museum Curatorial And Historical TourismB.Sc.
New Schools And Styles Of HistoriographyB.Sc.
Oral HistoryB.Sc.
Philosophy Of HistoryB.Sc.
Political And Social History Of Iran From 1332 (1953) To 1368 (1989)M.Sc.
Political And Social History Of Iran From The Constitutional Revolution To The CM.Sc.
Political History Of Iran Under The Medians And AchaemenidsB.Sc.
Political History Of Iran Under The SassanidsB.Sc.
Political History Of Iran Under The Seleucids And ParthiansB.Sc.
Political, Social, Administrative And Economic Developments Of Ancient IranPh.D
Principles Of Economic HistoryB.Sc.
Reading And Comprehension Of Historical Texts In ArabicB.Sc.
Reading And Comprehension Of Historical Texts In Arabic 2B.Sc.
Reading And Comprehension Of Historical Texts In EnglishB.Sc.
Reading And Comprehension Of Historical Texts In English 2B.Sc.
Reading And Comprehension Of Historical Texts In Persian LanguageB.Sc.
Reading And Understanding Of Historical Texts In Arabic (1)M.Sc.
Reading And Understanding Of Historical Texts In Arabic (2)M.Sc.
Reading And Understanding Of Historical Texts In English (1)M.Sc.
Reading And Understanding Of Historical Texts In English (2)M.Sc.
Reading Historic Texts In Foreign Languages (2)B.Sc.
Reading Historical Texts In Arabic (1)B.Sc.
Reading Historical Texts In English (1)M.Sc.
Reading Historical Texts In English (2)M.Sc.
Reading Historical Texts In Foreign Languages (1)B.Sc.
Reading Historical Texts In Persian (1)B.Sc.
Recognition And Criticism Of Sources And References Of Ancient History Of IranB.Sc.
Recognition And Criticism Of Sources And References Of Islamic Iran HistoryB.Sc.
Recognizing And Studing Documents And TabletsM.Sc.
Religians & Sects And Thery Influence Onsocial DevelepmentsPh.D
Schools Of Historiography With Emphasize On Islamic-iranian HistoriographyM.Sc.
Science And Education In The Shi Ite WorldM.Sc.
Shi Ism In The Works Of The OrientalistsM.Sc.
Shiism In CyberspaceM.Sc.
Shiism In Modern TimesM.Sc.
Social History Of Iran After The Adevnt Of IslamPh.D
Social Political Administrative Economic Devlopments After The Evet Of Islam InPh.D
Sociology HistoriesM.Sc.
Study And Research On Inscriptions Of Arsacid And Sasanid EraPh.D
Study Of Iranian Ancient ReligionsM.Sc.
Teaching History; Principals & TechniquesM.Sc.
The Shi Ite SectsM.Sc.
The Battle Of Karbala And Its Significance To Shiite MovementsB.Sc.
The Chronology And CalendarB.Sc.
The Concept And Hostory Of The Rise Of Shi IsmM.Sc.
The Conduct Of The Imams (on Whom Be Peace) - IM.Sc.
The Conduct Of The Imams (on Whom Be Peace) - IiM.Sc.
The Constitutional Revolution And Political, Social And Economic DevelopmentsB.Sc.
The Critical Study Of Historical Sources Of Islamic IranB.Sc.
The Critical Study Of Historical Sources Of Pre-islamic IranB.Sc.
The Critical Study Of Iran History From The Fall Of Sasanians To Abbasid CaliphateM.Sc.
The Critical Study Of Mongol And Timurid Era And Local Iranian GovernmentsM.Sc.
The Critical Study Of The History Of Iran From Establishment Of Abbasid Caliphate To The Fall Of BaghdadM.Sc.
The Culture And Civilization Of Iran During The Safavid EraB.Sc.
The English LanguageM.Sc.
The Fundamentals Of Formation And Developments Of World CivilizationB.Sc.
The Fundamentals Of Political ScienceB.Sc.
The Fundamentals Of SociologyB.Sc.
The General History Of Iran In Pre-islamic EraM.Sc.
The Geographical History Of Islamic LandsB.Sc.
The Historical Roots Of Iran's Non-developmentB.Sc.
The Historical SociologyB.Sc.
The Historiography And Its Developments In Iran And The WorldB.Sc.
The History Of AfricaB.Sc.
The History Of AmericaB.Sc.
The History Of ByzantiumB.Sc.
The History Of China And JapanB.Sc.
The History Of Culture And Civilization Of IranB.Sc.
The History Of Development Of Islam In Africa And Europe From Beginning To The Fall Of AndalusiaB.Sc.
The History Of Developments In The Muslim World From 227 A.h. To The Fall Of BaghdadB.Sc.
The History Of Developments In The Muslim World From 7th To 10th Century A.h.B.Sc.
The History Of Diplomacy In IranB.Sc.
The History Of Economic ThoughtsB.Sc.
The History Of Egyptian Fatimid Caliphs And HamdanidsB.Sc.
The History Of Europe During The Middle AgesB.Sc.
The History Of Europe From French Revolution To The World War IB.Sc.
The History Of Europe From The World War I To The PresentB.Sc.
The History Of Europe In The Last Few CenturiesB.Sc.
The History Of Greece & RomeB.Sc.
The History Of Imamiyya KalamM.Sc.
The History Of Indian Sub-continentB.Sc.
The History Of Infallible Imams Life (peace Be Upon Them)B.Sc.
The History Of Iran During SasaniansB.Sc.
The History Of Iran During Seleucids And ParthiansB.Sc.
The History Of Iran: From Elamites And Aryans To AchaemenidsB.Sc.
The History Of Irans Eastern Dynasties (kaya)B.Sc.
The History Of Islam From The Birth Of Mohammad (the Holy Messenger) Up To 41 A.h.B.Sc.
The History Of Islam In The Middle EastB.Sc.
The History Of Islamic Art And ArchitectureB.Sc.
The History Of Islamic Culture And CivilizationB.Sc.
The History Of Islamic Culture And Civilization Focusing On The Mutual Services Of Iran And IslamM.Sc.
The History Of Islamic World Movements In The Last Two CenturiesB.Sc.
The History Of Jurisprudence Development In ImamiyyaM.Sc.
The History Of Mysticism And Sufism In Iran And IslamB.Sc.
The History Of Oil In Iran And Middle EastB.Sc.
The History Of Oriental CivilizationsB.Sc.
The History Of Ottomans And The Middle EastB.Sc.
The History Of Palestine MovementB.Sc.
The History Of Parties And Newspapers In Iran During The Qajar EraB.Sc.
The History Of Persian Gulf And Neighboring CountriesB.Sc.
The History Of Political Developments In Iran During Ghurids & KharazmshahisB.Sc.
The History Of Political Developments In Iran During Samanids, Daylamids And QaznavidsB.Sc.
The History Of Political Developments In Iran During SeljuksB.Sc.
The History Of Political Developments In Iran During The Afsharids And ZandsB.Sc.
The History Of Political Developments In Iran During The SafavidsB.Sc.
The History Of Political Developments In Iran From Advent Of Islam To The End Of Alawid's Of TabarestanB.Sc.
The History Of Political Developments In Iran From The End Of Qajars To The Military Coup Of 28 Mordad 1332B.Sc.
The History Of Political Developments In Iran From The Establishment Of Qajar Dynasty To The Constitutional RevolutionB.Sc.
The History Of Political Developments Of Iran During Mongol Invasion And IlkhanidsB.Sc.
The History Of Political Developments Of Iran From Ilkhanids To SafavidsB.Sc.
The History Of Political Thoughts During The QajarsB.Sc.
The History Of Political Thoughts In Iran And IslamB.Sc.
The History Of Russia Up To The Collapse Of Soviet UnionB.Sc.
The History Of Shiite HadithM.Sc.
The History Of Shiism (1): From The Beginning To The 5th Century A.h.B.Sc.
The History Of Shiism (2): From The 5th To 10th Century A.h.B.Sc.
The History Of The Muslim World Developments From 40 To 227 A.h.B.Sc.
The History Of The Religions Of Ancient IranB.Sc.
The History Of Thought And Political Schools In The WestB.Sc.
The History Of West Colonialism And The Development Of CapitalismB.Sc.
The History Of Western Asia And Egypt In Ancient AgesB.Sc.
The Local HistoryB.Sc.
The Methodology Of Historical Research In HistoryM.Sc.
The Old Arabic TextsM.Sc.
The Philosophy Of HistoryB.Sc.
The Political History Of Shi A - IiM.Sc.
The Political History Of Shi A (i)M.Sc.
The Principal Of HistoryB.Sc.
The Principal Of Social History Of IranB.Sc.
The Principles Of Geography A Case Study Of IranB.Sc.
The Principles Of Government And Structure Of Power In The History Of IranB.Sc.
The Reading Of Historical Texts In Arabic LanguageM.Sc.
The Research Methodology In HistoryB.Sc.
The Schools Of Historiography In The Islamic CivilizationM.Sc.
The Social History Of Shi AM.Sc.
The Study Of Scripts And Languages Of Pre-islamic IranB.Sc.
Usage Of Computer And New Technologies In HistoryB.Sc.
Usage Of Statistics In HistoryB.Sc.

History And Civilization Of Muslim Nations

Acquaintance With The Foundations Of The Islamic Jurisprudence And LawB.Sc.
Acquaintance With The Generalities Of The Islamic Jurisprudence And LawB.Sc.
Acquaintance With The Great ReligionsB.Sc.
Acquaintance With The Holy QuranB.Sc.
Acquaintance With The Studies Of HadithB.Sc.
Basics Of Culture And CivikizationB.Sc.
Basics Of Islamic Culture And CivikizationB.Sc.
Basics Of Science Of HistoryB.Sc.
Bibliography Of Islamic History SourcesM.Sc.
Contemporary Socio-political History Of The Muslim WorldPh.D
Elementary Courses Of UrduB.Sc.
Elementary Courses Of Turkish Language Of IstanbulB.Sc.
English Language - General Course IM.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Social PsychologyB.Sc.
General Principles Of Islamic CultureB.Sc.
Generalities Of The Islamic Culture And CivilizationB.Sc.
Geographical TextsB.Sc.
Historical And Geographical Texts And InscriptionsM.Sc.
Historical And Geographical Texts In Arabic LanguageB.Sc.
Historical Geography Of Islam - IB.Sc.
Historical Geography Of Islam - IiB.Sc.
Historical Geography Of Muslim Wrold - IB.Sc.
Historical Geography Of Muslim Wrold - IiB.Sc.
Historical TextsB.Sc.
Historiography In IslamB.Sc.
Historiy Of Arabic Language And CiultureB.Sc.
History Education In Islam - IB.Sc.
History Education In Islam - IiB.Sc.
History Of Islam In Egypt And Syria - IB.Sc.
History Of Islam In Egypt And Syria - IiB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Arts - IB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Arts - IiB.Sc.
History Of SafavidsB.Sc.
History Of Art And Architecture In The Islamic CivilizationPh.D
History Of Education In IslamB.Sc.
History Of Islam - IB.Sc.
History Of Islam - IiB.Sc.
History Of Islam - IiiB.Sc.
History Of Islam - IvB.Sc.
History Of Islam (1)M.Sc.
History Of Islam (2)M.Sc.
History Of Islam (3)M.Sc.
History Of Islam (4)M.Sc.
History Of Islam From Abbasid Caliphate To The End Of BuyidB.Sc.
History Of Islam From Saljdukids To Baghdad OverthrowB.Sc.
History Of Islam From The Fall Of Baghdad Until The Establishing Of Safavid RuleB.Sc.
History Of Islam In Egypt And SyriaB.Sc.
History Of Islam In Maghrib And AndalusiaB.Sc.
History Of Islam In Ottoman And Safavid PeriodsB.Sc.
History Of Islamic The Indian SubcontinentB.Sc.
History Of Islamic The MaghribB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Adminstration - IB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Adminstration - IiB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Art - IB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Art - IiB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Art - IiiB.Sc.
History Of Islamic In SpainB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Insttutions - IB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Insttutions - IiB.Sc.
History Of Sciences In Islam - IB.Sc.
History Of Sciences In Islam - IiB.Sc.
History Of Sciences In Islam - IiiB.Sc.
History Of Sciences In Islam - IvB.Sc.
History Of Sciences In Islam - VB.Sc.
History Of Sciences In LslamM.Sc.
History Of SiismB.Sc.
History Of Tashayyu - IB.Sc.
History Of Tashayyu - IiB.Sc.
History Of The Contemprory Rules In East From The Beginning Until The Fall Of BaB.Sc.
History Of The Muslim Civilization In The Eastern Muslim WorldPh.D
History Of The Muslim Civilization In The Western Muslim WorldPh.D
History Of The OttomansB.Sc.
Islam And Iran: Cultural And Civilizational InteractionsPh.D
Islam In Encounter With The West And ColonialismB.Sc.
Islamic Art And ArchitectureM.Sc.
Islamic Culture And Civikization In KhorassanB.Sc.
Islamic History SourcesPh.D
Islamic Studies In The WestB.Sc.
Islamic Studies In ThewestM.Sc.
Islamic Studies In WestB.Sc.
Learning Arabic LanguageB.Sc.
Learning Arabic Language - IiB.Sc.
Learning Arabic Syntax - IB.Sc.
Learning Arabic Syntax - IiB.Sc.
Learning Of Arabic Language - IiB.Sc.
Manner Of LifeB.Sc.
Methodology - Methods Of ResearchB.Sc.
Methodology And Theoretical Issues In HistoryPh.D
Methods Of Research In Geographical History Of IslamM.Sc.
Muslim World In Its Encounter To West And ColonialismB.Sc.
Political And Social History Of Islam Form The Mamluk Period Unitl Ottoman EmpirM.Sc.
Political And Social History Of Islam From Itsunitl Umayyeds PeriodM.Sc.
Political And Social History Of Islam In Abbasid Period Unitl Baghdads FallM.Sc.
Political And Social History Of Islam In Ifriqiya Maghrib And AndalusM.Sc.
Present Situation Of Muslim World - IB.Sc.
Present Situation Of Muslim World - IiB.Sc.
Principals Of AnthropologyB.Sc.
Reading The Texts Of Arabic CultureB.Sc.
Research Methods In HistoryPh.D
Research ProjectB.Sc.
Scientific And Theoretical Philosophy Of HistoryM.Sc.
Socio-political Thought In The Muslim WorldPh.D
Specialized Course Of English Lanuage - IB.Sc.
Specialized Course Of English Lanuage - IiB.Sc.
Specialized Course Of English Lanuage - IiiB.Sc.
Specialized EnglishM.Sc.
The Political History Of Islam In Anatolia,balkans And EuropePh.D
The Cultural And Civilizational Interaction Of Islam And IranPh.D
The History Of Education In Islamic Civilization With An Emphasis On ContemporarPh.D
The History Of Jahiliyyah And IslamPh.D
The Khowledge Of The Sources Of The History Of Islamic Culture And CivlizationB.Sc.
The Litrary Lagacy Of The Islamic WorldPh.D
The Political And Social History Of Islamic World In Contemporary AgePh.D
The Present Status Of The Muslim World - IB.Sc.
The Present Status Of The Muslim World - IiB.Sc.
The Process Of Political And Social Thought In IslamPh.D
Trabslation From Arabic Into Persian - IB.Sc.
Trabslation From Arabic Into Persian - IiB.Sc.
Writings On Geography In IslamB.Sc.
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Islamic Philosophy

Ancient Logic (aristotelian)M.Sc.
Iiiuminative Philosophy - IM.Sc.
Iiiuminative Philosophy - IiM.Sc.
Mutazilite & Asharite & Imamite Kalam - IM.Sc.
Mutazilite & Asharite Kalam - IM.Sc.
Peripatetic Philosophy - IiM.Sc.
Peripatetic Philosophy - IiiM.Sc.
Philosophical Principles Of TheologyM.Sc.
Philosophiccal & Theological Inference From Quran & TraditionM.Sc.
Specialized English LanguageM.Sc.
Transcedental Philosophy - IM.Sc.
Transcedental Philosophy - IiM.Sc.
Transcedental Philosophy - IiiM.Sc.
Transcedental Philosophy - IvM.Sc.
An Introduction To HadithB.Sc.
An Introduction To The Holy QuranB.Sc.
An Introduction To Thefoundations Of Islamic LawB.Sc.
Analytic Theology 1M.Sc.
Analytic Theology 2M.Sc.
Analytic Theology3M.Sc.
Analytic Theology4M.Sc.
Analytics & Linguistic PhilosophiesM.Sc.
Ancient LogicM.Sc.
Anthropology In Transcendental TheosophyPh.D
Arabic Language Teaching 1B.Sc.
Arabic Language Training 2B.Sc.
Arabic Syntax Training 1B.Sc.
Aristotle PhilosophyM.Sc.
Categories And Unity And Multiplicty In Islamic PhilosophyB.Sc.
Comparative MysticismPh.D
Comparative PhilosophyM.Sc.
Comparative Theology 1M.Sc.
Comparative Theology 2M.Sc.
Computer And Its ApplicationsB.Sc.
Contemporary Theological Thoughts In The Islamic WorldM.Sc.
Descartes PhilosophyM.Sc.
England Empirical PhilosophyM.Sc.
English Language General CourseM.Sc.
Epistemology In Transcendental TheosophyPh.D
Ethicsl PhilosophyB.Sc.
Exitential PhilosophyM.Sc.
Foreign Language - General Course - IM.Sc.
Foreign Language - Specialized CourseM.Sc.
Formal LogicM.Sc.
Formal Logic IB.Sc.
Formal Logic IiB.Sc.
Formal Logic IiiB.Sc.
General Principles Of Islamic Branches Of KnowledgeB.Sc.
General Principles Of Jurisprudence And Principles Of JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Great ReligionsB.Sc.
Greec LanguageM.Sc.
Hegel PhilosophyM.Sc.
History Of Islamic Philosophy IB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Philosophy In Contemporary AgesB.Sc.
History Of Western Philosophy IB.Sc.
History Of Western Philosophy IiB.Sc.
History Of Western Philosophy IiiB.Sc.
History Of Honorable ProphetB.Sc.
History Of Infallibls ImamsB.Sc.
History Of Islamic PhilosophyB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Philosophy IiB.Sc.
History Of Islamic Philosophy IiiB.Sc.
History Of IslamictheologyM.Sc.
History Of Reigions (with Emphasis On Priciples Of Theology )M.Sc.
History Of Sufism And Mysticism MisticismM.Sc.
History Of TheologyB.Sc.
History Of Theology & Islamic HeresiographyM.Sc.
History Of Western PhilosophyM.Sc.
History Of Western Philosophy - IB.Sc.
History Of Western Philosophy - IiB.Sc.
Iiiuminative PhilosophyM.Sc.
Imamite Kalam - IM.Sc.
Imamite Kalam - IiM.Sc.
Interpertation Philosophical Texts - IM.Sc.
Interpertation Philosophical Texts - IiM.Sc.
Introduction To General Islamic Jurisprudence And LawB.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy - IB.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy - IiB.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy - IiiB.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy IB.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy IiB.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy IiiB.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy IiiiB.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy1B.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy3B.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy4B.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy5B.Sc.
Islamic Philosophy6B.Sc.
Islamic TheologyM.Sc.
Islamic Theology - IB.Sc.
Islamic Theology - IiB.Sc.
Islamic Theology - IiiB.Sc.
Islamic Theology IB.Sc.
Islamic Theology IiB.Sc.
Islamic Theology IiiB.Sc.
Islamic Wisdom Stexts (peripatic & Illuminative)M.Sc.
Islamic Wisdoms Texts (theology & Mysticism)M.Sc.
Kant PhilosophyM.Sc.
Latin LanguageM.Sc.
Leibniz PhilosophyM.Sc.
Life Philosophies (specifically Bergson)M.Sc.
Logic - IiiB.Sc.
Medieval PhilosophyM.Sc.
Metaphysics IB.Sc.
Metaphysics IiB.Sc.
Metaphysics In Its Particular Sense N Quran And Tradition IB.Sc.
Metaphysics In Its Particular Sense N Quran And Tradition IiB.Sc.
Methodology Of Research And Knowledge Of Philodophically SoursesB.Sc.
Modern LogicB.Sc.
Modern LogicB.Sc.
Modern Logic(symbolic Logic)M.Sc.
Modern Theological ProblemsM.Sc.
Moral PhilosophyM.Sc.
Morphology 1B.Sc.
Mysticism&peripatetic PhilosophyM.Sc.
Natural Theology And Transcendental TheosophyPh.D
New KalamB.Sc.
New Theological IssuesM.Sc.
New Theological Problems And Philosophy Of Religion 1M.Sc.
New Theological Problems And Philosophy Of Religion2M.Sc.
New Theology IB.Sc.
New Theology IiB.Sc.
Ontological Discussions In Islamic PhilosophyB.Sc.
Ontology In Teanscenfiental TheosophyPh.D
Peripatetic Philosophy - IM.Sc.
Perripatetic PhilosophyM.Sc.
Phikosophers On Political PhilosophyM.Sc.
Philosophical Iof Molla Sadra - IPh.D
Philosophical Initiatives Of Molla SadraPh.D
Philosophical Iof Molla Sadra - IiPh.D
Philosophical Iof Molla Sadra - IiiPh.D
Philosophical Texts In Foreign LanguageB.Sc.
Philosophy Before Plato ( Periods Before Socrates&socratic )M.Sc.
Philosophy For ChildrenB.Sc.
Philosophy Of ArtM.Sc.
Philosophy Of Ethics In Transcendental TheosophyPh.D
Philosophy Of History (society And History)B.Sc.
Philosophy Of Illumination - IM.Sc.
Philosophy Of Illumination - IiM.Sc.
Philosophy Of Mulla Sadra - IM.Sc.
Philosophy Of Mulla Sadra - IiM.Sc.
Philosophy Of Mulla Sadra - IiiM.Sc.
Philosophy Of Ploitics In Transcendental TheosophyPh.D
Philosophy Of ScienceB.Sc.
Philosophy Theology And MysticismM.Sc.
Philosphical Texts In Foreign Language IB.Sc.
Philosphical Texts In Foreign Language IiB.Sc.
Philosphical Texts In Foreign Language IiiB.Sc.
Physies In Transcendental TheosophyPh.D
Plato PhilosophyM.Sc.
Plotinus PhilosophyM.Sc.
Political & Legal PhilosophyM.Sc.
Potentiality, Actuality And Motion Discussions In Islamic PhilosophyB.Sc.
Practical MysticismB.Sc.
Practical PhilosophyB.Sc.
Practical Philosophy - IB.Sc.
Practical Philosophy - IiB.Sc.
Predicate LogicM.Sc.
Principles Of Interpretation And Methods Of Interpretation Of QuranB.Sc.
Pripatetic Philosophy - IM.Sc.
Pripatetic Philosophy - IiM.Sc.
Psychology And Its SchoolsB.Sc.
Reading Arabic TextsB.Sc.
Religious EpistemologyM.Sc.
Rhetoric And PoeticsB.Sc.
Shia StudiesM.Sc.
Specialized English Language 1M.Sc.
Specialized English Language 2M.Sc.
Specialized Foreign LanguageM.Sc.
Speculative Mysticism IB.Sc.
Speculative Mysticism IiB.Sc.
Speculative MysticismM.Sc.
Spinoza PhilosophyM.Sc.
Syllogism And DemonstrationB.Sc.
Syntax 1B.Sc.
Teaching2 Arabic SyntaxB.Sc.
The Avicennan LogicM.Sc.
The Avicennan Philosophy 1:(the Philosophy Of Avisenna 1)M.Sc.
The Avicennan Philosophy 2:(the Philosophy Of Avicenna 2)M.Sc.
The Branches Of Kalam In IslamB.Sc.
The History Of IslamB.Sc.
The Isiamic Mysticism3B.Sc.
The Logic Of AssertionB.Sc.
The Logic Of ConseptB.Sc.
The Philosophy And History Of KalamB.Sc.
The Philosophy Of Lllumination 1M.Sc.
The Philosophy Of Lllumination 2M.Sc.
The Philosophy Of LogicB.Sc.
The Philosophy Of Mulla Sadra:ontologyM.Sc.
The Philosophy Of Mulla Sadra:psycholigy And EschatologyM.Sc.
The Philosophy Of Mulla Sadra:theologyM.Sc.
The Philosophy Of ReligionB.Sc.
Theological Hadiths And Qur'anicM.Sc.
Theological Modern ProblemsM.Sc.
Theological Text StudyM.Sc.
Theologicical Rational TextsM.Sc.
Theologicical Transmitted TextsM.Sc.
Theology On The Basis Of Quran And HadithB.Sc.
Thinking In Southern Asia (china & India)M.Sc.
Three Implict Modes And Causality Discussiond In Islamic PhilosophyB.Sc.
Trancscedenta Philosophy(mullasadra)M.Sc.
Translation From Arabic To Persian1B.Sc.
Translation From Arabic To Persian2B.Sc.
Western PhilosophyM.Sc.
Western Philosophy - IM.Sc.
Western Philosophy - IiM.Sc.
Western Philosophy 1M.Sc.
Western Philosophy 2M.Sc.
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.j.(i) - Commercial Law In IslamPh.D
.j.(ii) Commercial Law In IslamPh.D
.j.(iii) Commercial Law In IslamPh.D
.j.(iv) Islamic Penal LawPh.D
.j.(v) Legal ProcedurePh.D
Acquaintance Of Interpretation Of The Holy QuranB.Sc.
Acquaintance With Islamic Philosophy And MysticismB.Sc.
An Introduction To Great Religions With Emphasis On Canonical DimensionsB.Sc.
Bacics Of JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Bibligraphy Of Jurisprudence And Jurisprudential Principles (osool)B.Sc.
Civil Jurisprudence (specific Contracts 1B.Sc.
Civil Jurisprudence (specific Contracts 2B.Sc.
Civil ProcedureB.Sc.
Commercial LawB.Sc.
Comparative JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Comparative Jurisprudence - IB.Sc.
Comparative Jurisprudence - IiB.Sc.
Comparative LawB.Sc.
Comparative Study Of Jurisprudential IssuesB.Sc.
Constitutional LawB.Sc.
Criminal JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Criminal ProcedureB.Sc.
Criticism And Study Of Kur'anic Legal VersesPh.D
Demonstrative Jurisprudence - IM.Sc.
Demonstrative Jurisprudence - IiM.Sc.
Demonstrative Jurisprudence - IiiM.Sc.
Demonstrative Jurisprudence -iM.Sc.
Demonstrative Jurisprudence -iiM.Sc.
Demonstrative Jurisprudence -iiiM.Sc.
Demonstrative Jurisprudence -ivM.Sc.
Demonstrative Jurisprudence -vM.Sc.
Dissertation - IPh.D
Dissertation - IiPh.D
English For Special Purposes 1B.Sc.
English For Special Purposes 2B.Sc.
English For Special Purposes IB.Sc.
English For Special Purposes IiB.Sc.
Family JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Family LawB.Sc.
Foreign Language - IM.Sc.
Fundamental Subjects Of JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Fundamental Subjects Of The Principles Of JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Deductions Emerging EdictsB.Sc.
General Criminal Law In IslamB.Sc.
General Criminal Law Of IslamB.Sc.
General Principles Of ContractsB.Sc.
General Principles Of LawB.Sc.
General Principles Of Quoranic SciencesB.Sc.
General Principles Of Tradition SciencesB.Sc.
Generalities Of Hadith StudiesB.Sc.
Generalities Of The Islamic Philosophy And TheosophyB.Sc.
Generalities Of The LawB.Sc.
Generalities Of The Quranic StudiesB.Sc.
History Of Jurisprudence And IjtihadB.Sc.
History Of Jurisprudence And Interpretive Reasoning In ShiismB.Sc.
History Of Jurisprudence And Interpretive Reasoning In SunniesB.Sc.
History Of Jurisprudence And Jurists - IB.Sc.
History Of Jurisprudence And Jurists - IiB.Sc.
Inference Principles Of New Religious LawsB.Sc.
International Law In IslamB.Sc.
International Law Of IslamB.Sc.
Islamic Theology And CreedsB.Sc.
Juridical JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Juridical NarrationsB.Sc.
Jurisprudence - Preliminary Course - IB.Sc.
Jurisprudence - Preliminary Course - IiB.Sc.
Jurisprudence - Specialized Course -B.Sc.
Jurisprudence - Specialized Course - IB.Sc.
Jurisprudence - Specialized Course - IiB.Sc.
Jurisprudence - Specialized Course - IiiB.Sc.
Jurisprudence - Specialized Course - IvB.Sc.
Jurisprudence Of Different Issues Of FriqainB.Sc.
Jurisprudence Of The Edicts: Will And InheritanceB.Sc.
Jurisprudence Of WorshipsB.Sc.
Kalam And Islamic BeliefsB.Sc.
Kur'anic Studies - IvM.Sc.
Labor LawB.Sc.
Law Of Persons And PropertiesB.Sc.
Legal ProcedureB.Sc.
Legal Quranic EdictsB.Sc.
Legal Verses Of Kur'anM.Sc.
Legal Verses Of Kur'an - IB.Sc.
Legal Verses Of Kur'an - IiB.Sc.
Legal Verses Of Kur'an - IB.Sc.
Legal Verses Of Kur'an - IiB.Sc.
Logic - IB.Sc.
Logic - IiB.Sc.
Morphology - IB.Sc.
Morphology - IiB.Sc.
Morphology 1B.Sc.
Morphology 2B.Sc.
Msc Thesis - IM.Sc.
Msc Thesis - IiM.Sc.
Noncontractual ObligationsB.Sc.
Philosophy Of LawB.Sc.
Principles O Criminal ProceduresB.Sc.
Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence - IB.Sc.
Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence IiB.Sc.
Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence IiiB.Sc.
Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence IiiiB.Sc.
Principles Of J. - IiPh.D
Principles Of J. - IiiPh.D
Principles Of J. - VPh.D
Principles Of J. -iPh.D
Principles Of J. -ivPh.D
Principles Of Jurisprudence - IB.Sc.
Principles Of Jurisprudence - IiB.Sc.
Principles Of Jurisprudence - IiiB.Sc.
Principles Of Jurisprudence 1 (topics In Terminology 1B.Sc.
Principles Of Jurisprudence 2(topics In Terminology 2B.Sc.
Principles Of Jurisprudence 3 (ostensives And Practical PrinciplesB.Sc.
Principles Of Jurisprudence 4 Practical Principles, Ijtihad And Emulation/taqlidB.Sc.
Principles Of Jurisprudence: The BasicsB.Sc.
Principles Of SciologyB.Sc.
Principles Of SociologyB.Sc.
Private Criminal Law Of IslamB.Sc.
Private Penal LawB.Sc.
Public Penal LawB.Sc.
Quranic Edicts On WorshipB.Sc.
Reading And Comprhension Of Contemporary TextsB.Sc.
Reading And Understanding Of The PressB.Sc.
Reading Comprehension In Modern Arabic TextsB.Sc.
Reasons In Proof Of ClaimsB.Sc.
Research Methods And Bibliography In JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Rights Of Family IB.Sc.
Rights Of Family IiB.Sc.
Rules Of Civil JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Rules Of Civil Jurisprudence 2B.Sc.
Rules Of Criminal JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Rules Of Judicial JurisprudenceB.Sc.
Rules Of Jurisprudence - IB.Sc.
Rules Of Jurisprudence - IiB.Sc.
Skills Of TranslationB.Sc.
Some Topics Of Civil Law - General Principles Of ContractsB.Sc.
Special Criminal LawB.Sc.
Subjects Of Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence - IM.Sc.
Subjects Of Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence - IiM.Sc.
Subjects Of Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence - IiiM.Sc.
Subjects Of Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence - IvM.Sc.
Subjects Of Principles Of Jurisprudence - IM.Sc.
Subjects Of Principles Of Jurisprudence - IiM.Sc.
Subjects Of Principles Of Jurisprudence - IiiM.Sc.
Syntax - IB.Sc.
Syntax - IiB.Sc.
Syntax - IiiB.Sc.
Syntax 1B.Sc.
Syntax 2B.Sc.
Syntax 3B.Sc.
Syntax Of Kur'an And HadithB.Sc.
Techniques In TranslationB.Sc.
Tge General Principles Of JurisprdenceB.Sc.
The Histroy And Biography Of The Holy ProphetB.Sc.
The Histroy And Biography Of The Infalibal ImamsB.Sc.
The Interpretation Of The Holy QuranB.Sc.
The Legal TrainingB.Sc.
The Private Principles Of JurisprudenceB.Sc.
The Sirah Of The Prophet And Infallible Imams P. B. T.B.Sc.
Thesis - IM.Sc.
Thesis - IiM.Sc.
Universals Of IawB.Sc.
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Koranic Studies

(esp) English For TheologyB.Sc.
A Review Of Nahju-albalaghah - IB.Sc.
A Survey Of Invocations,pilgrim And Sahiffa SajjadiaB.Sc.
A Survey Of The Nahj Al-balaqaB.Sc.
Acquaintance With Nahju-albalaghah - IB.Sc.
Acquaintance With Nahju-albalaghah - IiB.Sc.
An Outline Of The Quran And Hadith StudiesB.Sc.
An Introduction To Hadith TransmittersB.Sc.
Analytical History Of IslamB.Sc.
Applied Ilm Al-rijl With An Emphasis On DocumentologyB.Sc.
Aquantance With Great Religions(emphasis On Abrahamic Religions)B.Sc.
Arabic Conversation And Lecture -audio & Visual -iiB.Sc.
Arabic Conversation And Lecture -audio & Visual -iiiB.Sc.
Arabic Conversation And Lecture -audio-visual -iB.Sc.
Arabic Morphology IB.Sc.
Arabic Morphology IiB.Sc.
Arabic Practical Grammar - IB.Sc.
Arabic Practical Grammar - IiB.Sc.
Arabic Practical Grammar - IiiB.Sc.
Arabic Practical Grammar - IvB.Sc.
Arabic Syntax IB.Sc.
Arabic Syntax IiB.Sc.
Authentication And Weakening (tawthq And Tazf)B.Sc.
Bibliology Of The Quran And Hdith StudiesB.Sc.
Comprehension Of TraditionM.Sc.
Comprehension Of Tradition - IB.Sc.
Comprehension Of Tradition - IiB.Sc.
Computer And CyberspaceB.Sc.
Contemporary Trends In Hadith StudiesB.Sc.
Contemporary Trends In Quranic StudiesB.Sc.
Criticism And Study Of Forged TraditionsPh.D
Criticism And Study Of Schools And Methods Of Quran Interpretation (1)Ph.D
Criticism And Study Of Schools And Methods Of Quran Interpretation (2)Ph.D
Declension Of Kur'anB.Sc.
Diacritical Marke Of The Quran And HadiithB.Sc.
Digital LibrariesB.Sc.
Dirayat Al-hadithB.Sc.
Dirayat Al-hadith - IiB.Sc.
Eloquence Sciences - IB.Sc.
Eloquence Sciences - IiB.Sc.
Exegetical MethodsB.Sc.
Figh Al-hadith - IB.Sc.
Figh Al-hadith - IiB.Sc.
Figh Al-hadith - IiiB.Sc.
Fiqh Al-hadith IB.Sc.
Fiqh Al-hadith IiB.Sc.
Fiqh Al-hadith IiiB.Sc.
Fiqh Al-hadith IvB.Sc.
Foreign (english) Language - IM.Sc.
General Principles Of Jurisprudence And Islamic LawB.Sc.
Generalities Of Islamic Jurisprudence And Legal PrinciplesB.Sc.
Hadith Differences (ikhtilf Al-hadith)B.Sc.
Hadith Difficulties (mushkil Al-hadith)B.Sc.
Historiy Of Arabic Language And LiteratureB.Sc.
History Of Arabic Culture In PersianB.Sc.
History Of Arabic Language And CultureB.Sc.
History Of Hadith - IB.Sc.
History Of Hadith - IiB.Sc.
History Of Interpretation Of Holy Kur'an - IB.Sc.
History Of Interpretation Of Holy Kur'an - IiB.Sc.
History Of Interpretation Of Holy Kur'an - IiiB.Sc.
History Of Islamic SectsB.Sc.
History Of Kur'anM.Sc.
History Of Kur'an - IB.Sc.
History Of Kur'an - IiB.Sc.
History Of Orientalism And A Review On Quranic Studies In The WestB.Sc.
History Of Qur'an - IB.Sc.
History Of Qur'an - IiB.Sc.
History Of Quran ReadingsPh.D
History Of Scribing And Readings Of The Holy QuranB.Sc.
History Of Tafsir - IiB.Sc.
History Of Tafsir - IiiB.Sc.
History Of Tafsir (in Tepretaion) - IB.Sc.
History Of TraditionB.Sc.
History Of Tradition - IM.Sc.
Histroy Of The Infalibale Imams (a.s)B.Sc.
Holy Kur'an,s Inpact On The Appearence Of Literary BellesB.Sc.
Idioms Of Tradition SciencePh.D
Interpretation Of Kur'an - IM.Sc.
Interpretation Of Kur'an - IiM.Sc.
Interpretation Of Kur'an - IiiM.Sc.
Interpretation Of Holy Kur'an - IB.Sc.
Interpretation Of Holy Kur'an - IiB.Sc.
Interpretation Of Holy Kur'an - IiiB.Sc.
Introduction To A Bibliography Of Quranic ExegesisB.Sc.
Introduction To Hadith BibliographyB.Sc.
Introduction To Major Religions And ScripturesB.Sc.
Iranian And Global Centers For Quran And Hadith ResearchB.Sc.
Islamic RevolutionB.Sc.
Islamic Theology And Believes - IB.Sc.
Islamic Theology And Believes - IiB.Sc.
Islamic Theology(kalam)B.Sc.
Jurisprudential Interpretation - Acts Of DevotionB.Sc.
Jurisprudential Interpretation TransacitionsB.Sc.
Kur'an Interpretation - IB.Sc.
Kur'an Interpretation - IiB.Sc.
Kur'anic Studies - IB.Sc.
Kur'anic Studies - IiB.Sc.
Kur'anic Studies - IiiB.Sc.
Kur'anic Studies - IvM.Sc.
Learning Arabic Language - IB.Sc.
Legal TraditionsB.Sc.
Methodology Of Interdisciplinary Hadith StudiesB.Sc.
Methods Of Interpretation - IM.Sc.
Nahw - IiB.Sc.
Nahw - IiiB.Sc.
Ordinary Quranic Exegesis IB.Sc.
Ordinary Quranic Exegesis IiB.Sc.
Ordinary Quranic Exegesis IiiB.Sc.
Orientalists Studies On The Quran And HadithB.Sc.
Orthoepy (tajwid) And PhonologyB.Sc.
Phonoloyy And Correct Recitation At The QuranB.Sc.
Practical Morphology (sarf) IiB.Sc.
Practical Morphology (sarf) IB.Sc.
Practical Syntax (nahw) IB.Sc.
Practical Syntax (nahw) IiB.Sc.
Principles Of Academic EditingB.Sc.
Principles Of Academic WritingB.Sc.
Principles Of Figh (jurisprudence)B.Sc.
Principles Of UsulB.Sc.
Prophetical Stories In The Quran And TestamentsB.Sc.
Quranic TerminologyB.Sc.
Quranic Rhetoric And Aesthetics IB.Sc.
Quranic Rhetoric And Aesthetics IiB.Sc.
Quranic Sciences IB.Sc.
Quranic Sciences IiB.Sc.
Quranic Sciences IiiB.Sc.
Quranic Sciences IvB.Sc.
Qur'anic Sciences - IB.Sc.
Qur'anic Sciences - IiB.Sc.
Qur'anic Sciences - IiiB.Sc.
Quran Interpretation (1)Ph.D
Quran Interpretation (2)Ph.D
Quran MiraclesPh.D
Quran Tradition Science (1)Ph.D
Quran Tradition Science (2)Ph.D
Reading And Comprehension Of Contemporary Arabic TextsB.Sc.
Reading And Comprehension Of Juridical And Interprative TextB.Sc.
Reading And Comprehension Of Mystical TextsB.Sc.
Reading And Comprhension Of Earlier TextsB.Sc.
Reading And Translation Of Specialized Texts IB.Sc.
Reading And Translation Of Specialized Texts IiB.Sc.
Reading Of The Press And Listening To Radio And T.v.B.Sc.
Research Methodology In Qur'an And HadithB.Sc.
Research MethodologyB.Sc.
Rhetorical SciencesB.Sc.
Sarf - IiB.Sc.
Sciences Of Eloquence - IB.Sc.
Sciences Of Eloquence - IiB.Sc.
Semantics IB.Sc.
Semantics IiB.Sc.
Skills In Teaching And Propagating The QuranB.Sc.
Specialized Tafsir Of The Quran - IB.Sc.
Specialized Tafsir Of The Quran - IiB.Sc.
Specialized Tafsir Of The Quran - IiiB.Sc.
Structural Exegesis Of The QuranB.Sc.
Study Of TraditionB.Sc.
Study Of Kur'anic Words - IM.Sc.
Study Of Kur'anic Words - IiM.Sc.
Study Of Old And Recent Shiee Trdition CollectionsPh.D
Study Of Old And Recent Sunni Trdition CollectionsPh.D
Study Of Quran TranslationPh.D
Supplications (adiya) And Pilgrimage Prayes (ziyarat) Contents And SourcesB.Sc.
The Connection Between The Quran And SunnahB.Sc.
The History Of HadithB.Sc.
The Language Of The QuranB.Sc.
The Principles And Basics Of ExegesisB.Sc.
The Principles Of Hadith Studies From Sunni And Shii PerspectiveB.Sc.
Thematic Exegesis Of The Quran IB.Sc.
Thematic Exegesis Of The Quran IiB.Sc.
Thematic InterpretationB.Sc.
Thematic Research In The HadithB.Sc.
Translation From Arabic To Persian And Vise Versa - IB.Sc.
Translation From Arabic To Persian And Vise Versa - IiB.Sc.
Translation SkillsB.Sc.
Transmitters Of TraditionsPh.D
Ways And Methods Of Reflection Of The Holy QuranB.Sc.
Workshop On Quranic Reading And Translation IB.Sc.
Workshop On Quranic Reading And Translation IiB.Sc.
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Ad Hoc Criminal TrialB.Sc.
Administrative Law IB.Sc.
Administrative Law IiB.Sc.
Aerial LowB.Sc.
An Introduction To Criminal LawB.Sc.
An Introduction To LawB.Sc.
Applied CriminologyPh.D
Banking LawB.Sc.
Child And Juvenile Criminal LawB.Sc.
Child And Juvenile CriminologyB.Sc.
Civil Law - 5 (family Law)B.Sc.
Civil Law - Ii (property And Ownership)B.Sc.
Civil Law - Iii (juristic Acts-contracts - Unilateral Acts)B.Sc.
Civil Law - Iv (juridical Facts)B.Sc.
Civil Law - V (family Law)B.Sc.
Civil Law - Vi (adjutant Contracts - I)B.Sc.
Civil Law - Vii (adjutant Contracts - Ii)B.Sc.
Civil Law - Viii (inheritance - Right Of Preemption - Will)B.Sc.
Civil Law -8 (inheritance - Right Of Preemption - Will)B.Sc.
Civil Law -i (individuals And Protection Of Interdicted Persons)B.Sc.
Civil Law 1 (individuals And Protection Of Interdicted Persons)B.Sc.
Civil Procedure CommercialM.Sc.
Civil Procedure IB.Sc.
Civil Procedure IiB.Sc.
Civil Procedure IiiB.Sc.
Code Of Criminal ProcedureM.Sc.
Commercial Law - I (persons)B.Sc.
Commercial Law - Ii (corporation)B.Sc.
Commercial Law - Iii (negotiable Instruments)B.Sc.
Commercial Law - Iv (bankruptcy And Liquidation)B.Sc.
Communist Countries Criminal LawPh.D
Comparative Law IslamicM.Sc.
Comparative Constitution LawM.Sc.
Comparative Criminal ProcedurePh.D
Comparative Jurisprudence Of Islamic SchoolsPh.D
Comparative Labor LawPh.D
Conflict Of Laws In International TradePh.D
Constitutional Law -iB.Sc.
Constitutional Law IiB.Sc.
Constitutional Law-2B.Sc.
Constitutional Law-3B.Sc.
Crime PreventionB.Sc.
Criminal Law And DrugsM.Sc.
Criminal Procedure IB.Sc.
Criminal Procedure IiB.Sc.
Criminal PsychiatryM.Sc.
Criminal PsychologyM.Sc.
Criminal SociologyM.Sc.
Cyber LawB.Sc.
E-commerce LawB.Sc.
Enforcement Of Civil JudgmentsB.Sc.
Enforcement Of Criminal JudgmentsB.Sc.
Enforcement Of Judicial Decisions And Binding DecumentsM.Sc.
Environmental LawB.Sc.
Foreign Legal ToutsPh.D
Forensic LawM.Sc.
Forensic MedicineB.Sc.
History Of Criminal LawM.Sc.
History Of LawM.Sc.
Human Rights In IslamB.Sc.
International ArbitrationB.Sc.
International Commercial DocumentsPh.D
International Crminal LawM.Sc.
International Maritime LawPh.D
International Organizations LawB.Sc.
Islamic Civil Jurisprudence Rules-1B.Sc.
Islamic Countries Criminal LawPh.D
Islamic Criminal Jurisprudence Rules-2B.Sc.
Islamic Jurisprudcnce Penal TextsM.Sc.
Islamic Jurisprudence In QuranPh.D
Islamic Jurisprudence RulesB.Sc.
Islamic Jurisprudence Texts 4B.Sc.
Islamic Jurisprudence Texts IB.Sc.
Islamic Jurisprudence Texts IiB.Sc.
Islamic Jurisprudence Texts IiiB.Sc.
Islamic Jurisprudence Texts IvB.Sc.
Jurisprudcnce Pules Islamic RnationalM.Sc.
Juvenilcs Crimc IiB.Sc.
Juvenile DelinquencyPh.D
Juveniles Crimes IB.Sc.
Law And ComputerB.Sc.
Law And EconomyB.Sc.
Law And StandardB.Sc.
Law Of MedicineB.Sc.
Law Texts 1(international Law )B.Sc.
Law Texts 1(private Law )B.Sc.
Law Texts 1(public Law)B.Sc.
Law Texts 1(the Criminal Justice )B.Sc.
Law Texts IB.Sc.
Law Texts IiB.Sc.
Layul InternB.Sc.
Legal SociologyPh.D
Maritime LawB.Sc.
Media LawB.Sc.
Oil LawPh.D
Persian IiB.Sc.
Philosophy Of RightB.Sc.
Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence IB.Sc.
Private Criminal Law 1B.Sc.
Private Criminal Law 2M.Sc.
Private Criminal Law 4B.Sc.
Private Criminal Law IB.Sc.
Private Criminal Law IiB.Sc.
Private Criminal Law IiiB.Sc.
Private International Law IB.Sc.
Private International Law IiB.Sc.
Public Criminal Law -iB.Sc.
Public Criminal Law IB.Sc.
Public Criminal Law IiB.Sc.
Public Criminal Law IiiB.Sc.
Public International Law -1B.Sc.
Public International Law IB.Sc.
Public International Law IiB.Sc.
Public International Law-3B.Sc.
Quranic RulesB.Sc.
Reasoning Islamic Jurisprudence IiPh.D
Registration LawB.Sc.
Research Work IB.Sc.
Research Work IiB.Sc.
Rome-germanic Countries Criminal Law LawPh.D
Scientific PoliceB.Sc.
Scientisic Police Of Crim DetectionM.Sc.
Sociology Of LawB.Sc.
Special Civil LiabilitiesB.Sc.
Specific Criminal Law 2Ph.D
The Ethics Of Law And JudgmentB.Sc.
The Intellectual Property LawB.Sc.
The Law Of Modern TechnologiesB.Sc.
The Legal Aspects Of Sacred DefenceB.Sc.
The Logic Of LawB.Sc.
The Modern Contracts LawB.Sc.
The Principles And Techniques Of LawmakingB.Sc.
The Rules Of Islamic Jurisprudence IiB.Sc.
Transportation LawPh.D


Academic Libraries And Scientific DevelopmentB.Sc.
Analysis Of Big DataB.Sc.
Applied LinguisticsB.Sc.
Architcture And Equipments Of Libraries And Information CentersB.Sc.
Archive ManagementM.Sc.
Audio- Visual MaterialsB.Sc.
Basic Organization Of MaterialsM.Sc.
Basic Statistics And ProbalilitiesB.Sc.
Basics EconomicsB.Sc.
Basics Of Computer ScienceB.Sc.
Basics Of Computers And ApplicationsB.Sc.
Book IndexingB.Sc.
Building And Equipment Of Libraries And Information CentersB.Sc.
Collection DeuelopmentB.Sc.
Collection DevelopmentM.Sc.
Collection Development - IB.Sc.
Collection Development ManagementB.Sc.
Collection Development-ii AcquisitionsB.Sc.
Communication & CyberneticsPh.D
Computer Networks In Libraries And Information CentersB.Sc.
Computerezed Information OrganizationB.Sc.
Computerized CatalogingB.Sc.
Computerized Information OrganizationB.Sc.
Computing WorkshopB.Sc.
Conection Acquisition And DevelopmentB.Sc.
Cybernetics And CommunicationPh.D
Data Mining SoftwareB.Sc.
Data ProcessingM.Sc.
Data StructureB.Sc.
Database ArchitectureM.Sc.
Descriptive And Analytical CatalogingB.Sc.
Design And ManagementB.Sc.
Designing And Management Of Libraries And Information CentersB.Sc.
Designing Of Digital LibrariesB.Sc.
Document ManagementM.Sc.
Economics Of InformationB.Sc.
Electronic Publishing And Publishing Market ManagementB.Sc.
Electronic Reference SourcesB.Sc.
Electronic Resources ManagementM.Sc.
English Language - IiB.Sc.
Entrepreneurship And Creativity In Libraries And Information CentersB.Sc.
Entrepreneurship In Information ManagementM.Sc.
Evaluation Of Information Retrieval SystemsPh.D
Familiarity With Citation SoftwareB.Sc.
Familiarity With Programming LanguagesB.Sc.
Foundations Of Information EthicsM.Sc.
Foundations Of Social History Of IranB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Information ArchitectureB.Sc.
General History Of PhilosophyB.Sc.
General PsychlogyB.Sc.
General Reference SourcesB.Sc.
General Reference Sources - Farsi & ArabicB.Sc.
General Reference WorksB.Sc.
General Refernce MaterialsM.Sc.
General ServicesB.Sc.
Genral PsychologyB.Sc.
Geopolitics Of InformationPh.D
History Of CivilizationB.Sc.
History Of Iranian And World LiteratureB.Sc.
History Of Iranian LiteratureB.Sc.
History Of ReligionsB.Sc.
History Of ScienceB.Sc.
History Of SciencesB.Sc.
History Of World LiteratureB.Sc.
Human Information BehaviorPh.D
Human-computer InteractionB.Sc.
Independent StudyM.Sc.
Indexing & AbstractingM.Sc.
Indexing And AbstractingB.Sc.
Information AdvisingB.Sc.
Information And CommunicationB.Sc.
Information And Communication TechnologicsB.Sc.
Information And Communication Technology In LibrariesB.Sc.
Information And Knowledge For DevelopmentB.Sc.
Information And Media LiteracyB.Sc.
Information ArchitecturePh.D
Information Behavior Seeking And Information NeedsPh.D
Information Centers In The Information SocietyM.Sc.
Information Flow In OrganizationsB.Sc.
Information Flow OrganizationsB.Sc.
Information Literacy TeachingB.Sc.
Information MarketingM.Sc.
Information Organization 1 (descriptive And Analytical Cataloging)B.Sc.
Information Organization 2 (dewey Decimal Classification)B.Sc.
Information Organization 3 (l.c. Classification)B.Sc.
Information RepresentaionM.Sc.
Information RepresentationM.Sc.
Information Representationinformation EconomicsM.Sc.
Information Retrieval SystemsPh.D
Information Seeking BehaviorsPh.D
Information Services MarketingB.Sc.
Information Storage & RetrievalM.Sc.
Information Storage And RetrievalM.Sc.
Information Technolgy And SystemsB.Sc.
Information Technology & SystemsM.Sc.
Information VisualizationB.Sc.
Interdisciplinary Studies In Information SciencePh.D
International Library & Information SciencePh.D
Internship - IB.Sc.
Internship - IiB.Sc.
Internship -iiiB.Sc.
Internship -ivB.Sc.
Internship (1)B.Sc.
Internship (2)B.Sc.
Internship 1B.Sc.
Internship 2B.Sc.
Introduction To ArchivesB.Sc.
Introduction To CommunicationB.Sc.
Introduction To Computers & ProgrammingPh.D
Introduction To Computers And ProgramingB.Sc.
Introduction To Data Science:M.Sc.
Introduction To Databases:humanities And Social SciencesB.Sc.
Introduction To DetahasesB.Sc.
Introduction To EbrodingshipB.Sc.
Introduction To Editing &publishingB.Sc.
Introduction To Hardwares & Softwares For LibrariesB.Sc.
Introduction To Information And Knowledge ScienceB.Sc.
Introduction To Information BehaviorB.Sc.
Introduction To Knowledge ManagcmentB.Sc.
Introduction To Knowledge ManagementB.Sc.
Introduction To Knowledye ManagementB.Sc.
Introduction To LawB.Sc.
Introduction To LibrarianshipB.Sc.
Introduction To Library And Archive SoftwareB.Sc.
Introduction To Library ScienceB.Sc.
Introduction To Library Systems & SoftwaresM.Sc.
Introduction To Library Systems & SoftwaresB.Sc.
Introduction To Network And HardwareB.Sc.
Introduction To Organization And ManagementB.Sc.
Introduction To Piblic RelationsB.Sc.
Introduction To Press And Mass MediaB.Sc.
Introduction To ScicrtiomctricsB.Sc.
Introduction To ScientometricsB.Sc.
Introduction To SociologyB.Sc.
Introduction To Software And Operating SystemB.Sc.
Introductory Research Methods In Knowledge And Information ScienceB.Sc.
Introductory Statistics In Knowledge And Information ScienceB.Sc.
Islamic Reference SourcesB.Sc.
Islamic Reference WorksB.Sc.
Knowledge And Information Science FundamentalsM.Sc.
Libraray Material And Services For Children And YoungB.Sc.
Libraries And Information SocietyM.Sc.
Library AdministrationB.Sc.
Library And Information Centers ManagementB.Sc.
Library And Sustainable DevelopmentB.Sc.
Library Buildings & SuppliesB.Sc.
Library Material And Services For Children And Young AdultsB.Sc.
Library Material For Semi-illiterate AdultsB.Sc.
Library Materials & Services For Adults New LearnersB.Sc.
Library Resources & Services For Children And Young AdultsB.Sc.
Library SoftwaresB.Sc.
Management Informatin Systems (introductory)B.Sc.
Management Information Systems (introductory)B.Sc.
Management Of Libearies & Information CentersB.Sc.
Marketing Of Information Products And ServicesB.Sc.
Methodology Of ResearchM.Sc.
Methods And Techniques Of Indexing And AbstractingB.Sc.
Multimedia SystemsB.Sc.
Multimmedia SystemsB.Sc.
Natural Language ProcessingPh.D
Natural Language Processing In Information ScienceB.Sc.
Organization And Congress ClassificationB.Sc.
Organization And Dewey ClassificationB.Sc.
Organization Of Library Materalials - I CatalogingB.Sc.
Organization Of Library Materials-ii ClassificationB.Sc.
Organization Of Library Materials-iii CatalogingB.Sc.
Organization Of Library Materials-iv ClassificationB.Sc.
Organizational Knowledge ManagementM.Sc.
Outreach Services Of Library And Information CentersB.Sc.
Philosophy Of Information And Knowledge ScienceB.Sc.
Philosophy Of Information ManagementM.Sc.
Philosophy Of SciencPh.D
Planning For Libraries & Information ServicesPh.D
Preliminary Rescarch In Library And Informstion ScienceB.Sc.
Press And MediaB.Sc.
Principals Of Reference ServicesB.Sc.
Principles Of Library Software DesignB.Sc.
Principles Of Reference ServicesB.Sc.
Principles Of Reference WorkB.Sc.
Principles Of Scientific WritngB.Sc.
Printing And Publishing IndustryB.Sc.
Professional CthicsB.Sc.
Programming Language (1)B.Sc.
Programming Language (2)B.Sc.
Psychology Of The Child And Young AdultB.Sc.
Public Libraries And Cultural DevelopmentB.Sc.
Qualitative Research Methods In Information And Knowledge SciencePh.D
Quantitative Research Methods In Information And Knowledge SciencePh.D
Reading MethodsB.Sc.
Recognize The Types Of Libraries And Their ServicesB.Sc.
Reference Materials - Latin ResourcesB.Sc.
Research Methodology In Information And Knowledye RetrievalPh.D
Research Methods In Library And Information ScienceB.Sc.
Research SeminarM.Sc.
Research SeminarsM.Sc.
School Libraries And DevelopmentB.Sc.
Science Classification DevelopementPh.D
Scientific Writing And EditingB.Sc.
Semantic Web And OntologyPh.D
Seminar On Critical Issues In Information And Knowledge RetrievalPh.D
Seminar On Information ManagemcntPh.D
Seminar On Library & Information Science IssuesPh.D
Seminar On Research MethodologyPh.D
Serials ManagementB.Sc.
Serials Management In LibrariesB.Sc.
Services Outside The LibraryB.Sc.
Social Network AnalysisM.Sc.
Socialogy Of Reading And Leisure TimeB.Sc.
Socical PsychologyB.Sc.
Society And InformationB.Sc.
Special Electronic IndexesB.Sc.
Special Issues In Knowledge And Information ScienceM.Sc.
Special Language In English 1B.Sc.
Special Language In English 2B.Sc.
Special Libraries And Organizational DevelopmentB.Sc.
Special Reference WorksB.Sc.
Special Text In English (1)B.Sc.
Special Text In English (2)B.Sc.
Special Text In English (3)B.Sc.
Special Topics In Information And Knowledge Science (information Retrieval)Ph.D
Specialized English Language - IB.Sc.
Specialized English Language - IiB.Sc.
Specialized English Language - IiiB.Sc.
Specialized French Language - IB.Sc.
Specialized French Language - IiB.Sc.
Specialized Reference MaterialsB.Sc.
Specialized Reference SourcesM.Sc.
Specidllzed English LanguageM.Sc.
Statistics For LibrariansB.Sc.
Statistics In Knowledge And Information ScienceB.Sc.
Teaching Information LiteracyB.Sc.
Teaching UnitPh.D
Text Analysis And Knowledge MiningPh.D
The History Of Iran LitcratureB.Sc.
The History Of Wrorld LitcratureB.Sc.
Theoretical Foundation Of Information And Knowledge SciencePh.D
Theories And Theorizing In Information And Knowledge SciencePh.D
Theories Of Information And KnowledgePh.D
Urban Geography And Rural StudiesB.Sc.
User Studies And Needs AssessmentB.Sc.
Using Data Mining Software In Information And Knowledge ScienceB.Sc.
Web Programming Language (advanced)B.Sc.
Web Programming Language (introductory)B.Sc.
Web TechnologiesB.Sc.
Website Design And Management Of Libraries And Information CentersB.Sc.
Word Proccessing - Ii (english)B.Sc.
Word Proccessing - I (farsi)B.Sc.
Word Processing (english-persian)B.Sc.
Word Processing (farsi & English)B.Sc.
Word Processors - Farsi SoftwaresB.Sc.
Word Processors - Latin SoftwaresB.Sc.
World LiteratureB.Sc.


A Linguistic Approach To Persian LiteratureM.Sc.
Acoustic PhoneticsM.Sc.
Advanced Cognitive Linguistics: Theories And ModelsPh.D
Advanced PhonologyPh.D
Advanced SemanticsM.Sc.
Advanced SyntaxPh.D
An Introduction To LinguisticsM.Sc.
Aplied LinguisticsM.Sc.
Arabic Texts And GrammarB.Sc.
Assessment And Teaching Theories And Their Usage In Teaching PersianM.Sc.
Clinical LinguisticsM.Sc.
Cognitive LinguisticsM.Sc.
Cognitive Neuroscience Of LanguagePh.D
Comparative Study Of CulturesB.Sc.
Computational LinguisticsM.Sc.
Computational Lingvistics And Lexico GrophyM.Sc.
Contemporary Issues On Language And MindPh.D
Corpus LinguisticsM.Sc.
Critical Discourse AnalysisM.Sc.
Critical View To New Approaches To SemanticsPh.D
Cultural And Cross-cultural Topics In Teaching Language To ForeignersM.Sc.
Cultural LinguisticsPh.D
Culture LinguisticsPh.D
Designing Teaching Materials -iB.Sc.
Discourse AnalysisM.Sc.
Discourse Analysis And PragmaticsM.Sc.
Evaluation And Assessment Methods In Cognitive SciencePh.D
Forensic LinguisticsM.Sc.
Foundations Of Cognition In Islamic Philosophy And Philosophy Of MindPh.D
Free CoursePh.D
Functional GrammarM.Sc.
Functional LinguisticsM.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Cognitive LinguisticsPh.D
Fundemental Concepts In SyintaxB.Sc.
General PhoneticsM.Sc.
Generative GrammarPh.D
Historical And Comparative LinguisticsPh.D
Historical And Comparative Linguistics -iM.Sc.
History Of Iranian LanguagesM.Sc.
History Of LinguisticsM.Sc.
Instructional Material DevelopmentM.Sc.
Introduction To Contemporary Persian LiteratureB.Sc.
Introduction To LinguisticsM.Sc.
Introductory LinguisticsB.Sc.
Iranian DialectsM.Sc.
Islamic EducationPh.D
Issues In Persian Learning And AcquisitionM.Sc.
Issues On Cognitive SyntaxPh.D
Laboratory PhoneticsM.Sc.
Language And Cognitive DevelopmentPh.D
Language StylisticsM.Sc.
Language TypologyM.Sc.
Language Universals And Language TypologyPh.D
Language, Brain And CognitionPh.D
Language, Cognition And CulturePh.D
Langugge StylisticsB.Sc.
Linguistic Approach To LiteratureM.Sc.
Linguistics And TranslationM.Sc.
Linguistics In Islamic WorldPh.D
Linguistics Issues SeminarPh.D
Lnguage And LogicM.Sc.
Logic And LanguagePh.D
Management Information SystemM.Sc.
Metaphor, Blending And CognitionPh.D
Methods And Approaches In Second/foreign Language TeachingM.Sc.
Methods Of Syntactic ArgumetationM.Sc.
Modern Shools Of LinguisticsM.Sc.
New Approaches To MorphologyPh.D
New Schools Of LinguisticsM.Sc.
Pattern RecognitionPh.D
Persian Discourse Analysis And PragmaticsM.Sc.
Persian Languae And Linguistic SeminarM.Sc.
Persian Languege StructureM.Sc.
Persian Literature -iPh.D
Persian Literature -iiPh.D
Persian MorphologyB.Sc.
Persian Phonetics And PhonologyB.Sc.
Persian PhonologyM.Sc.
Persian SyntaxB.Sc.
Phonetics And PhonologyPh.D
Practical TeachingM.Sc.
Practical Teaching - IB.Sc.
Pragmatics And Advanced SemanticsM.Sc.
Preveguisite For MathematicsB.Sc.
Principles And Techniques Of Teaching Language SkillsM.Sc.
Principles And Theories Of Teaching Foreign Language -1M.Sc.
Principles And Theories Of Teaching Foreign Language -iB.Sc.
Principles And Theories Of Teaching Foreign Language -iiM.Sc.
Principles And Theories Of Teaching Second/foreign LanguageM.Sc.
Principles Of GrammarM.Sc.
Principles Of SemanticsM.Sc.
Principles Of SyntaxM.Sc.
Psycho LiguisticsPh.D
Psycho Linguistics -iM.Sc.
Quranic Discourse From Cognitive Linguistics PerspectivePh.D
Research In LinguisticsM.Sc.
Research Methods And Statistics In LinguisticsM.Sc.
Research Methods In Cognitive Science Of LanguagePh.D
Research Methods In Language TeachingM.Sc.
Research Methods In LinguisticsM.Sc.
Seminar In Syntax -semantics InterfacePh.D
Seminar On Contemporary Issues Of Cognitive Science Of LanguagePh.D
Seminar On Interdisiplinary Language IssuesPh.D
Seminar On New Trends In Linguistics And Language TeachingM.Sc.
Socio LinguisticsPh.D
Standard Spoken PersianM.Sc.
Statistics And Research MethodsM.Sc.
Survey Of An Iranian LanguageM.Sc.
Syllabus Design Approaches And Educational EvaluationM.Sc.
Teaching Persian LiteratureM.Sc.
The Contribution Of Iranian Scholars To LinguisticsB.Sc.
The History And Development Of Iranian LanguagesM.Sc.
The History Of Iranian And Islamic Linguistic StudiesM.Sc.
The History Of Iranian LanguagesM.Sc.
The History Of Persian LanguageB.Sc.
The Principles Of SemanticsM.Sc.
The Role Of Linguistics In TranslationM.Sc.
The Schools Of LinguisticsM.Sc.
The Structure Of Persian GrammerM.Sc.
The Study Of Literature From Linguistic Point Of ViewM.Sc.
The Study Of The Struch On Of Iranian AnjuagesM.Sc.
Theories Of Evaluation And Their Application In PersianB.Sc.
Theories Of First And Second Language Acquisition/learningPh.D
Transformational GrammerM.Sc.
Typology Of LanguageM.Sc.
Varieties Of Persian LanguageM.Sc.
Varieties Of The Contemporary PersianM.Sc.
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Aanlaysis Of Inventery Systems And Storage Of GoodsPh.D
Accounting For ManagersM.Sc.
Administrative LawB.Sc.
Advanced Organizatinal Behavior TheoriesM.Sc.
Advanced Human Recourse ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced International MarketingPh.D
Advanced Management Information SystemsM.Sc.
Advanced Management TheoriesM.Sc.
Advanced Marketing And Market ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced Marketing ResearchPh.D
Advanced MethodologyM.Sc.
Advanced Multi Criteria Decision MakingPh.D
Advanced Operation ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced Operation ResarchM.Sc.
Advanced Operation ResearchM.Sc.
Advanced Operational ResearchM.Sc.
Advanced Operration ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced Organization And Management TheoriesM.Sc.
Advanced Organization And Management TheoryM.Sc.
Advanced Organizational BehaviorM.Sc.
Advanced Organizational Behavior ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced Organizational Communication TheoriesPh.D
Advanced Production And Operations ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced Production ManagementM.Sc.
Advanced Programming In Operational ResearchPh.D
Advanced Programming LanguagePh.D
Advanced Public Administration TheoriesM.Sc.
Advanced Research MethodM.Sc.
Advanced Research MethodologyM.Sc.
Advanced Studies In Human Rouource MangmentPh.D
Advanced Studies In Organizational CommunicationPh.D
Advanced Theories In Public Management AffairsM.Sc.
Advances Soft Operation ResearchPh.D
Advertising And Brand ManagementM.Sc.
Advertising ManagementM.Sc.
Analysis Of Quantitative Mathoda In Manament Dccision MakingPh.D
Application Of Fuzzy Theory In Decision Making And ManagementPh.D
Application Of Statistical Analysis In ManagementM.Sc.
Applied Artificial Intelligence In ManagementPh.D
Applied Computer In ManagementB.Sc.
Applied Decision Making In ManagementM.Sc.
Applied Decision Making TheoryM.Sc.
Applied Mathematics In ManagementB.Sc.
Applied Statistics In Management (1)B.Sc.
Applied Statistics In Management (2)B.Sc.
Applies Decision MakingM.Sc.
Applysing Fuzzy Systems For Dcision Making Of PlanningPh.D
Artificial Intelligence And Metaheuristic AlgorithmsM.Sc.
Artificial Intelligence And Methaheuristic AlgorithmsM.Sc.
Banking & Bank PrinciplesB.Sc.
Basics Of Organizing And ManagementB.Sc.
Basics Of Public Management - IB.Sc.
Basics Of Public Management - IiB.Sc.
Basics Of Research MethodsB.Sc.
Behavioral And Human Resource Management AnalysisM.Sc.
Big Data: Basics, Techniques And ApplicationsPh.D
Business And CommerceM.Sc.
Business Ethics & RulesM.Sc.
Business Ethics &rulesM.Sc.
Business Ethics: Islamic ViewB.Sc.
Business IntelligencePh.D
Business Intelligence In OrganizationsPh.D
Business LawsB.Sc.
Business PlanningM.Sc.
Business Process ReengineeringM.Sc.
Business RegulationsB.Sc.
Business Research MethodsM.Sc.
Civil Service Management CodeB.Sc.
Clanige Management & Strategic Planing In PraclticeM.Sc.
Clanige Management & Strategic Planning In PracticeM.Sc.
Cognitive Theories And Systematic TheoriesPh.D
Cognitive Theory Anil Systems TheoryPh.D
Commrcial PolicyB.Sc.
Comparative ManagementB.Sc.
Constitutional Law Of Public OrganizationM.Sc.
Consumer BehaviorM.Sc.
Consumer Behavior ManagementM.Sc.
Cooperative ManagementB.Sc.
Cost Accounting 3B.Sc.
Cost Accounting (1)B.Sc.
Criticism Of Organization And Management TheoriesPh.D
Critique And Philosophical Analysis Of Organization And Management TheoriesPh.D
Current Issues In ManagementM.Sc.
Customer Relationship ManagementM.Sc.
Data Mining In ManagementPh.D
Datacemter Design PrinciplesPh.D
Decision Analysis In Urban ManagementM.Sc.
Decision And Policy MakingB.Sc.
Decision Making For ManagersM.Sc.
Decision Theories In ManagementM.Sc.
Developement ManagementB.Sc.
Development And Transformation Management Of Public Sector And MunicipalitiesM.Sc.
Development Management In Public OrganizationM.Sc.
E- CommerceB.Sc.
Economic Development And PlanningB.Sc.
Economices And Finace MagamenetM.Sc.
Economics For ManagersM.Sc.
Elecpublic Organization ReengineeringM.Sc.
Electronic Business Development StrategiesPh.D
Electronic CommerceM.Sc.
Electronic GovernanceM.Sc.
Elementary MathematicsB.Sc.
English For Management Students - I And IiB.Sc.
English For Management Students - Iii And IiiiB.Sc.
Entrepeneurship And Business Devlopment LM.Sc.
Entrepreneurship Based On Advanced TechnologiesPh.D
Entrepreneurship Management And Business DevelopmentM.Sc.
Export & Import ManagementM.Sc.
Feasibility Studies: Industrial ProjectsB.Sc.
Financial Management: Islamic ViewB.Sc.
Financial Managment - IB.Sc.
Fundamental Of Business CommerceB.Sc.
Fundamentals Of Islamic Management And Its PatternsB.Sc.
Fuzzy Management SciencePh.D
General PsychologyB.Sc.
General Skils Of ManagementM.Sc.
Governmental AccountingB.Sc.
History Of Political Thoughts And Public Organizational ChangeB.Sc.
Human Resource ManagementB.Sc.
Human Resource Compensation ManagementM.Sc.
Human Resource ManagementB.Sc.
Human Resource Management In Industrial OrganizationsM.Sc.
Human Resource PlanningM.Sc.
Human Resource Planning In Public SectorM.Sc.
Human Resource Training And DevelopmentM.Sc.
Idustroal PsychologyB.Sc.
Implementation & Control StrategyM.Sc.
Inanalisis Of Orgnizational Strategies StrrategieM.Sc.
Industrial Accounting (2)B.Sc.
Industrial And Work RelationsPh.D
Industrial PsychologyB.Sc.
Industrial Relation At WorkplacePh.D
Industrial RelationsB.Sc.
Industrial SecurityB.Sc.
Industrial Strategic ManagementM.Sc.
Industrial System DynamicPh.D
Information EconomyPh.D
Information ManagementM.Sc.
Information Systems Research MethodologyPh.D
Innovation & TechnologyM.Sc.
Innovation And Technology ManagementM.Sc.
Innovation ManagementM.Sc.
Intelligent BusinessPh.D
Intenational BusinessM.Sc.
Internatioal Business ManagementB.Sc.
Internatioal Business EconomicB.Sc.
International BusinessB.Sc.
International Bussiness LawsM.Sc.
International Commercial LawB.Sc.
International MarketingB.Sc.
International Monetary And Financial OrganizationsB.Sc.
Internntaional Marketing & PnpoutingM.Sc.
Introduction To Business LawsB.Sc.
Inventory Planning And ControlM.Sc.
Investment MenaementM.Sc.
Islamic & International Monetary & Financial OrganizationsB.Sc.
Islamic Business Law And EthicsM.Sc.
Islamic City And Cultural Planning In Urban ManagementM.Sc.
Jnlernation Human Resource NlanagementPh.D
Knowledge Based Systems ManagementPh.D
Knowledge Management StrategiesPh.D
Labor Relations In OrganizationsB.Sc.
Labour Relations In OrganizationB.Sc.
Labour Relations In OrganizationB.Sc.
Law And Regulations Of Work & EmploymentM.Sc.
Macketing RommunicationM.Sc.
Macketing Strategic ManagementM.Sc.
Macro EconomicsB.Sc.
Management And Development Of Information SystemsPh.D
Management Information SystemsB.Sc.
Management Of Information Systems And Smart CitiesM.Sc.
Management Of International Organizational BehaviorPh.D
Management Of Organizational BehaviorB.Sc.
Management Of Urban EnvironmentM.Sc.
Management Philosophy From The Perspective Of IslamPh.D
Management Philosophy: Islamic PerspectivePh.D
Management Research MethodsB.Sc.
Management Science MethodologyPh.D
Management SkillsB.Sc.
Management Theories And PrinciplesB.Sc.
Managing Complet Oerganiyation Staratogic ViewM.Sc.
Managing Complex OrganizationM.Sc.
Marketing And Consumer BehaviorPh.D
Marketing And Market ManagementB.Sc.
Marketing Et Management: Islamic ViewB.Sc.
Marketing ManagementM.Sc.
Marketing ResearchB.Sc.
Marketing Strategic ManagementM.Sc.
Marketing&advanced Market ManagementM.Sc.
Marketology And Issuses Of MarketM.Sc.
Mathematical Applications In Management - IB.Sc.
Mathematical Applications In Management - IiB.Sc.
Mathematical Modeling In Management And IndustryPh.D
Mathematical Models In Logistics Systems And Supply ChainPh.D
Micro EconomicsB.Sc.
Monetary And Financial PoliciesB.Sc.
Monetary And Funancial MarketsM.Sc.
Multiple Attribute Decision Making (madm)Ph.D
Negotiation ManagementM.Sc.
Negotioation ManagementM.Sc.
Networks Management And Security In Data TransferPh.D
Non-lincer ProgrammingPh.D
Oeganiztional Beheiord & Human Resource ManahentM.Sc.
Operation ManagementM.Sc.
Operations ResearchM.Sc.
Operations Research - IB.Sc.
Operations Research - IiB.Sc.
Operations Research -iiiB.Sc.
Operations Research (1)B.Sc.
Operations Research (2)B.Sc.
Operations Research (iii)B.Sc.
Operations StrategyM.Sc.
Organization & Management TheoriesM.Sc.
Organization And Management TheoriesM.Sc.
Organization And Management Theories: Strategic ApproachM.Sc.
Organization Change And Development ManagementM.Sc.
Organization Development Management Workshop In Public OrganizationM.Sc.
Organizational BehaviorB.Sc.
Organizational Behavior & Human Resource ManagementM.Sc.
Organizational Behavior ManagementB.Sc.
Organizational Change ManagementB.Sc.
Organizational Change And TransformationPh.D
Organizational Culture And RelationsPh.D
Organizational Productivity AnalysisB.Sc.
Organizational PsychologyB.Sc.
Organizational SociologyB.Sc.
Organizing And Structural And Process ImprovementB.Sc.
Organiztional Behavior & Human Resource ManagementM.Sc.
Organiztional Development And ChangeM.Sc.
Pay ManagementM.Sc.
Performance Evaluation Of Government And Governmental OrganizationsM.Sc.
Performance Management: Industrial OrganizationB.Sc.
Philosophical Analysis In Islamic MangePh.D
Philosophical Analysis Of Organization And Management TheoriesPh.D
Philosophy Analysis In IslamPh.D
Philosophy Foundations Of Organization And Management TheoriesPh.D
Philosophy Of Organization & Management TheoriesPh.D
Philosophy Of Science And Research Methodology In Business ManagementPh.D
Planning And MaintenanceB.Sc.
Plant ManagementB.Sc.
Principals Of Accounting (1)B.Sc.
Principals Of Accounting (2)B.Sc.
Principle Of Management: Islamic ViewB.Sc.
Principle Of Geographical Information Systems-i-M.Sc.
Principle Of Justice & Planning DevelopmentB.Sc.
Principles Of EntrepreneurshipB.Sc.
Principles Of Commercial ManagementB.Sc.
Principles Of Entrepreneurship & Business DevelopmentM.Sc.
Principles Of Public AdministrationsB.Sc.
Principles Of Queuing And SimulationM.Sc.
Problem Solving MethodsB.Sc.
Process Engineering And Information SystemsM.Sc.
Production And Operations ManagementB.Sc.
Productivity And Analysis In OrganizationsB.Sc.
Productivity And Quality ManagementM.Sc.
Productivity And Quality ManagementB.Sc.
Programming In Operational ResearchM.Sc.
Project ManagementB.Sc.
Psychology Of WorkB.Sc.
Public AccountingB.Sc.
Public Affair Administration In IslamM.Sc.
Public Finance And Financial PolicyB.Sc.
Public Finance And PolicyB.Sc.
Public Policy & Decision MakingB.Sc.
Public Policy In Urban ManagementM.Sc.
Public Policy Making AnalysisM.Sc.
Purchasing Systems And Warehousing And DistributionB.Sc.
Purchasing Warehousing And Distribution SystemsB.Sc.
Qualitative And Mixed Research Methodologies In ManagementM.Sc.
Quantitative Methods In Managers Decision MakingPh.D
Quantitative Modeling In ManagementPh.D
Queuing Principles And Simulated Discrete EventsM.Sc.
Regulating Process And Budgeting ControlB.Sc.
Reseach Methods Organizational BehavioaurM.Sc.
Research Methodology In ManagementB.Sc.