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Research at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Vice-President for Research and Technology

Research and Technology developments are one of the most important objectives of this University. This office is responsible for providing suitable scientific and professional guidelines for the expansion and development of research and technology. Some of the duties of this department are policy making for research and technology, communicating with local and foreign universities, cooperating in providing scientific, cultural and social services by holding seminars and scientific conferences, publishing scientific findings and supervising all research affairs of the university, libraries and the university’s databases. The Vice-President for Research and Technology of the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad acts as the head of the University’s Research Council, the head of the Scientific Journals Council, the secretary of the University’s Scientific Poles Council, the head of the Policy Making Council for the University’s Research Centers, the secretary for the university network of deputies for research affairs and the country’s North-East research and technology associations.

Research Council

The Research Council is an association for preparing and developing research plans and regulations. This Council is also responsible for reviewing and approving of research proposals and the research activities of academic staff of the university. The members of this Council include: the Vice-President for Research and Technology, the Head for Research Affairs, the Head of Post-Graduate Studies, the Vice-President for Research, the  Research deputies of various facultys on campus and two members of academic staff having valuable research activities, recommended by the Vice-President for Research and Technology and approved by the University’s Research Council.

Publications Committee

The Publications Working Group has been established taking into consideration the development and implementation of plans and regulations of the University’s Press, approving the academic staffs’ books for publication and other book publishing advisors in the University’s publication series. This working group has been formed in the two permanent and faculty committee forms and the members of this working group are: the Vice-President for Research and Technology (as the committee head), the head of research affairs (the committee head), and the University’s head for the printing and publication association. The relevant faculty’s research deputy (based on the suggested publications), and two specialists in the related publication field (suggested by the secretary and the approval of the head of the committee).

Technology Development Center

The Technology Development Center of the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad was established in September 2004 by signing a partnership and with cooperation of the Khorasan Science and Technology Park. 28 companies are working in this complex at this time. This center is working in three places and under these titles:

  • Center for Entrepreneurial Development (next to the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment).
  • Center for Technology Development (next to the Faculty of Engineering) (Incubator).
  • Center for Comprehensive Technology Development (University east door – opposite to Kherad Park).