Research Center for Ore Deposit of Eastern Iran (CODEI)

The Research Center for Ore Deposits of Eastern Iran (CODEI) was established in 2004 at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. In terms of geological features, the Eastern regions of Iran possess valuable mineral potentials. Having common borders with Central Asian countries, i.e., Afghanistan and Pakistan, this area is of particular importance regarding access to global markets. CODEI has played a significant role in establishing cooperation between academia and specialists in industry and mine sectors of the country. In this regard, CODEI has succeeded in providing necessary background for accurate identification, exploration and exploitation of the mineral resources of ore deposit in Eastern Iran.


  • To employ knowledge and new technologies in the exploration of `mineral resources and based on the condition and features of the area in order to prepare the groundwork for the development of these technologies
  • To conduct applied research in order to identify and introduce the areas with mineral potential in Eastern Iran
  • To study the application of mineral resources and the development of mineral industries
  • To hold short-term courses in line with the objectives of the center
  • To participate in the implementation of Masters' and Ph.D. projects.
  • To conduct long-term developmental and basic research projects associated with the ore deposits of Eastern Iran


      • To hold several two-day national conferences jointly with the Association of Economic Geology of Iran
      • To hold several professional workshops and lectures in cooperation with the Economic Geological Society of Iran


          • Geometrics Magnetometer G-859 MagnetometerSYNTREX-ENVI Magnetometer
          • ABEM Terrameter LS (IP & Resistivity)
          • THMSG600 Geology Heating and Freezing Stage
          • Linkam Scientific Precision Temperature Controlled Microscope Stages
          • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) (Shimatso)
          • Preparation of thin section, Polished thin section, Polished block, and Wafers
          • Polarized Microscope, Reflected Microscope, Binocular Microscope (Zeiss and Olympus) More

            Director of the Research Center for Ore Deposit of Eastern Iran (CODEI)
            Mohammad Hassan Karimpour
            Department of Geology

            Contact Information

            Iran, Mashhad, Azadi Square, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

            Research Center for Ore Deposit of Eastern Iran (CODEI)

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