Institute of Applied Zoology

Institute of Applied Zoology Established in 2013. Animal species are of great importance for interdisciplinary studies. Indeed, these species provide the possibility of several common research projects among different branches of biological science, fundamental science, Veterinary medicine, experimental medicine and agricultural science. Animal kingdom, as the largest and the most complex category of organisms, includes an important part of the genetic resources and biological diversity.  Consequently, animals have always played an important role in benchmarking and entrepreneurship. Iran, with its high climatic variation and different terrestrial and aquatic environments, has valuable genetic resources which can lead us to develop zoological-based technologies, and to elaborate innovations in bioproduction.

Institute of Applied Zoology Including two departments:

  • Rodentology Research Department
  • Zoological Innovation Research Department

Mission: To better recognize the animal species and providing the possibilities for interdisciplinary studies

Current Major Projects

Studying the keystone animal species and their genetic diversity in Iran
Designing and producing field-work and laboratory tools
Breading the wild animal species in order to provide local animal models for research centers in Iran
Bioproduction from animals and studying the animal species in order to produce anti-cancer compounds from sponges, corals, mole crickets, fishes, rodents and so on
Studying the animal toxins and making laboratory animal strains for the research centers in Iran
Recognizing the animal species and providing the possibilities for interdisciplinary studies

Research Facilities

  • Library: 30 m2, with 480 Book in Persian and English.
  • Laboratories: Animal Biosystematics lab, Molecular studies lab, Ecology and aquatics lab, Research zoological lab, Image digitizing and morphometrics lab, Terrarium
  • Zoological museum: 400 m2, including stuffed specimens, skeletons and skulls, with a big collection of Iranian Rodents
  • Journals: 20 titles

Contact Information

Iran, Mashhad, Azadi Square, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Institute of Applied Zoology
Phone: +98513 8804046