Director of FUM President’s Office and Public Relations

The Director of FUM President’s Office and Public Relations operates basically on behalf of the university president to arrange his schedule and meetings. The director is also responsible for issuing and following up the President’s directives. Other responsibilities of this office include

  • Taking into consideration and dealing with the issues related to the academics
  • Holding and monitoring ceremonies and public events at the FUM
  • Inviting local and foreign authorities and scientists and going through formalities
  • Broadcasting FUM news both inside and outside the university
  • Managing FUM advertisements to be announced
  • Communicating and disseminating FUM information through media, FUM Website, and the information center
  • Managing all issues related to the press and media
  • Conducting inner-university and social surveys and reporting the results
  • Managing the FUM Website and monitoring other sites affiliated to the university

Director of FUM President’s Office and Public Relations
Dr. Sayyed Hossain Sayyed Mosavi

Associate Professor
Department of Theology
First name: Sayyed Hossain 
Last name: 
Sayyed Mosavi
Email: shmosavi (at) um (dot) ac (dot) ir

Direct Phone: +985138802429