Library of Dr. Ali Shariati Faculty of Letters and Humanities


The library of Dr. Ali Shariati Faculty of Letters and Humanities was founded in 1956. The aim of this library is to identify, collect, organize, preserve and make the different types of library materials accessible. The library tries its best to support two important roles in the university namely research and education. The main mission of the library of Dr. Ali Shariati Faculty of Letters and Humanities is to support educational and research activities of all members of the university (i.e., students, teachers and staff). Currently, the library is stocked with approximately 75,000 volumes of books in Persian, 35,000 volumes in Latin languages (i.e., English and French) and 15,000 volumes in Arabic. This library holds several collections of donated books. These collections are donated by university professors namely Honorable Mahmood Farrokh, Dr. Ali Akbar Fayyaz, Siavash Parvaz, Dr. Mahmood Ramyar, Hassan Lahooti and Mohammad Ghahraman. A valuable collection of written cultural heritage is also preserved in the library. In the Manuscripts Section of the library there are 521 manuscripts, including Mahmood Farrokh, Ali Akbar Fayyaz and others distinguished persons’ collections. Over 800 exquisite and lithography volumes are also kept in this collection. The library is located in an area of over 1400 square meters in two floors with a team of 6 professional staff who provide services in two time shifts.

Library Services

    • Lending and renewal of books
    • Providing scans from manuscripts and reference sources for users at the national and international levels
    • Providing services to students and researchers from other universities
    • Library instructions including workshops and library tours for new undergraduate and post-graduate students
    • Providing information literacy workshops regarding instructions on the use of databases and software in related fields of studies.