Health and Safety

This center is on the university campus and is located beside the Student Affairs Administration building. It includes the following units: medical, dental, environmental health, nursing, trusted doctors, drugstore, and ER.

  • Medical Unit: This unit is responsible for the check-up and treatment of Ferdowsi University staff according to the schedule announced at the beginning of the new educational year.
  • Dental Unit: Based on the schedule announced at the beginning of the new educational year, this unit offers services to the students and staff of Ferdowsi University who make prior appointments. These services are provided with a 45% discount for students and a 40% discount for the staff.
  • Environmental Health Unit: The activities of this unit include inspection of the environmental health of cafeterias, dormitories, swimming pools, etc. This unit also offers educational materials and recruits active students and provides them with student jobs for the purpose of peer education.
  • Nursing Unit: At this unit, all vaccinations recommended by the health center of the province, including tetanus, hepatitis, and rapidity are administrated, as well as drug injections, prescribed infusions, and all kinds of a wound dressing.
  • Trusted Doctor: The examination and approval of medical certificates, medical exemptions, and the well-being of sports teams are this unit’s responsibility.
  • Drugstore: This unit accepts prescriptions based on the pharmacopeia of the province’s health center. The working hours of this unit are from 13 to 14:30 and from 18 to 21.
  • Ambulance: With one ambulance, this unit offers twenty-four seven services to patients and is ready to take them to medical centers across the city if necessary.
  • Health Protection Plan: All undergraduate and graduate students receive medical check-up upon entering the university. They will be informed of the results via the student portal.