Faculty of Theology

Founded in 1958, Shahid Motahari's Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies has 48 faculty members and comprises 5 departments: Dept. of History and Civilization of Islam, Dept. of Islamic Philosophy, Dept. of Islamic Jurisprudence, Dept. of Koranic Studies, and Dept. of Religion and Comparative Mysticism. Currently, the departments offer programs at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. levels.

Majors and programs offered in the Faculty of Theology

Major Program
Religious Jurisprudence and the Basics of Islamic Law B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Islamic Nations History and Civilizations B.A., M.A.
Koran and Hadith Sciences B.A., M.A.
Religions and Mysticism B.A.
Islamic Philosophy and Notion B.A., M.A.
Introduction to Islamic Sources M.A., Ph.D.
Introduction to Islamic Ideological Sources M.A., Ph.D.


Academic Board

Department Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Lecturer
Figh and Basics of Islamic Law - 3 7 -
History and Civilization of Islam 1 - 2 3
Religion and Comparative Mysticism - - 4 2
Islamic Philosophy - - 7 1
Koranic Studies 1 1 7 2
Dept. of Islamic Studies - - 5 4
Total 2 4 32 12

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Fields and Courses

Field and Major كارداني BS MS phD