Faculty of Education and Psychology

The Faculty of Education and Psychology was established in 1973. It currently has 29 faculty members and 368 students. The Faculty offers programs in Education, Librarianship, and Psychology at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. levels.

Areas of specialization offered in the Faculty

Area of Specialization Program
Educational Management & Curriculum Studies B.A.
Educational Management M.A.
Curriculum Studies M.A.
Philosophy of Education Ph.D.
Exceptional Children's Education B.A.
Preschool Education B.A.
Clinical Psychology B.A. & M.A.
Public Psychology B.A.
Exceptional Children's Psychology B.A.
Library & Information Science M.A. & Ph.D.
Library Science (Concentration in Humanities & Social Sciences) B.A.

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Fields and Courses

Field and Major كارداني BS MS phD