Sun-Air Research Institute (SARI)

Sun Air Research Institute (SARI) was established in October 2010. SARI is a market driven research institute in the field of renewable energies set to move towards creativity, innovation and marketplace. The vision of the institute is to become a leader in the field of renewable energies, whose portfolio, research agenda and research based educational model align with the shifting needs of a developed country. The mission of the institute involves research, design, manufacturing of prototypes and commercialization as well as empowering enthusiastic graduates and graduate students for entering into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

SARI consists of three departments of wind energy, solar energy and energy storage. Current activities are mostly focused on the wind turbine design and related research projects. Improvement of organic polymer solar cells, ion lithium batteries and redox flow batteries are some of main research areas of the institute at the time.

Other Aims and objectives

  • Designing, construction and testing of prototype and commercial wind turbines according to international standards
  • Designing, installation and commissioning of various types of photovoltaic panels
  • Conducting research into the construction of photovoltaic panels
  • Founding a standard laboratory for solar panels and power electronic converters
  • Commercializing the sustainable energies technology
  • Designing, construction, test and localization of small and middle-size wind turbines (short–term objective)
  • Designing, construction, installation, testing and finding the proper location for 2 MW wind turbines (long–term objective)
  • High efficiency photovoltaic cell construction including organic, silicon and thin layer cells
  • Founding the photovoltaic systems and wind turbine standard laboratory
  • Development of the sustainable energies technology


Organizing and holding a variety of workshop, courses, congresses and conferences in the area of sun-air technologies.

Research Facilities

  • Mechanical properties of materials testing facilities including 250 kN universal testing machine, 25kN universal fatigue testing machine, facilities for full scale blade static and fatigue tests
  • Nacelle simulation test stands for 1, 3, 100 and 250 kW turbines. 
  • Field testing site with facilities for small, medium and large scale wind turbines inside a class II wind tunnel.
  • Laboratory and field testing site for solar cells, inverters and small size off-grid and on-grid photovoltaic systems. 

Current Major Projects

  • Design and development of 250 kW PMSG Wind Turbine,
  • Optimization and commercialization of 100 kW  PMSG Wind Turbine,
  • Design of 2MW Wind Turbine,
  • Commercialization of Small Wind Turbines (1 and 3 kW),
  • Improvement of organic polymer solar cells,
  • Optimization of advanced battery (Ion lithium batteries),
  • Development of redox flow batteries.


This research institute benefits from a range of advanced electrical, mechanical and metallurgy laboratories and /workrooms including

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering Laboratories

    • Digital & Analog Electronic Lab
    • Simulation Lab
    • Power Electronic Lab
    • Photovoltaic Lab

  • Mechanical Engineering Laboratories

    • Modal Analysis Lab
    • Field Tests Lab

  • Metallurgy Laboratories

    • Mechanical Properties Lab
    • Electrochemical Lab
    • Composite Lab

  • Workroom

    • Composite
    • Metal More

Director of the Sun-Air Research Institute
Ahad Zabet
Assistant Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Map of the Sun-Air Research Institute


Contact Information

Iran, Mashhad, Azadi Square, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Sun-Air Research Institute

Phone: +985138804402


Fax: +985138804419

Postal code: 917794974