Sun-Air Research Institute

The most significant aim of the Sun-Air Research Institute is to design, manufacture, develop and commercialize the sustainable energies technology such as wind turbines and solar power stations.

The Sun-Air Research Institute benefits from a range of human resources including experienced industrial experts, university professors, graduate students and researchers.

Other Aims and objectives

  • Designing, construction and testing of prototype and commercial wind turbines according to international standards
  • Designing, installation and commissioning of various types of photovoltaic panels
  • Conducting research into the construction of photovoltaic panels
  • Founding a standard laboratory for solar panels and power electronic converters
  • Commercializing the sustainable energies technology
  • Designing, construction, test and localization of small and middle-size wind turbines (short–term objective)
  • Designing, construction, installation, testing and finding the proper location for 2 MW wind turbines (long–term objective)
  • High efficiency photovoltaic cell construction including organic, silicon and thin layer cells
  • Founding the photovoltaic systems and wind turbine standard laboratory
  • Development of the sustainable energies technology


Organizing and holding a variety of workshop, courses, congresses and conferences in the area of sun-air technologies.


This research institute benefits from a range of advanced electrical, mechanical and metallurgy laboratories and /workrooms including

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering Laboratories

    • Digital & Analog Electronic Lab
    • Simulation Lab
    • Power Electronic Lab
    • Photovoltaic Lab

  • Mechanical Engineering Laboratories

    • Modal Analysis Lab
    • Field Tests Lab

  • Metallurgy Laboratories

    • Mechanical Properties Lab
    • Electrochemical Lab
    • Composite Lab

  • Workroom

    • Composite
    • Metal More

Director of the Sun-Air Research Institute
Ahad Zabet
Assistant Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Map of the Sun-Air Research Institute


Contact Information

Iran, Mashhad, Azadi Square, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Sun-Air Research Institute

Phone: +985138804402

Fax: +985138804419

Postal code: 917794974