Research Center for Plant Sciences

The Herbarium of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUMH) was established in 1981, with the aim of studying the Khorassan Flora. It was extended to a Botany Research Department after a decade of activity, in 1991. In 2000, due to the research objectives of the University, the plan of developing department into a Research Center for Plant Sciences was ratified and the Center preceded its activities as an independent center with three research departments namely Botany, Legumes and Ornamental plants. Eventually, the establishment of the Research Center for Plant Sciences was approved in February 2005.

This Center collaborates closely with several institutes and organizations on research and training such as Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Environment, Iran Meteorological Organization, Science and Technology Parks, Faculties of Sciences, Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources of FUM, Medical University of Mashhad, Islamic Azad University, Tehran University, Tarbiat Moallem and Payame Noor Universities, University of Applied Science and Technology, Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR, Jehad Daneshgahi), Ministry of Education and some other private companies.

Aims and objectives

  • Survey of plant biodiversity in Khorassan (Northeast and East of Iran) (Botany)
    • Collection and identification of vascular flora of Khorassan
    • Biosystematic survey of the plants in Khorassan
    • Analysis of vegetation in Khorassan
    • Phytogeographical analysis of Khorassan
    • Collection and identification of Bryophytes, Fungi and Lichen flora of Khorassan
  • Conservation of plant biodiversity of Khorassan (Botany)
    • Identification and conservation of plant diversity hot spots in Khorassan
    • Conservation assessment of endemic and threatened plants
    • Seed banking of endemic and threatened plants
    • Establishment of botanical garden
  • Application of different aspects for plant biodiversity of Khorassan (Botany)
    • Ethnobotanic studies in Khorassan
    • Assessment of Crop Wild Relatives
    • Diversity and ecology of invasive and alien plants
  • Investigation of agronomic, echo-physiologic and genetic characteristics of legumes in order to improve and sustain the yield (Legumes)
  • Investigation of different aspects for nitrogen fixation by legumes (Legumes)
  • Applying biotechnology to improve the quantitative and qualitative traits in legumes (Legumes)
  • Studying the effect of biotic and abiotic stresses on the yield and production of legumes, and breeding the stresses tolerate varieties (Legumes)
  • Cooperation with other research and executive organizations in order to introduce proper legume varieties, adapted to the environmental conditions of the region (Legumes)
  • Collaboration with other Academic centers such as Faculties of Sciences and Agriculture to train the postgraduate students (Legumes)
  • Plant domestication, adaptation and introduction of new ornamental plant species through taking advantage of huge genetic resources, available in the country (Legumes)
  • Investigation of plant quality improvement in ornamental plants (ornamental plants)
  • Improving and optimizing the ornamental plants production methods (ornamental plants)
  • Investigation of the probability of reproducing implants for crossbred ornamental plants through developing new combinations (ornamental plants)
  • Taking advantage of biotechnological methods in ornamental plants improvement (ornamental plants)
  • Designing and establishment an ornamental plants garden within the Botanical Garden of FUM (ornamental plants)


  • Collection, identification, classification of about 60000 plant specimens in the Herbarium of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad recorded as ‘FUMH’ in Index Herbariorum (Botany)
  • Foundation of a special library for botanical literature in the herbarium (Botany)
  • Creating a database for the flora of Khorassan (Botany)
  • More than 20 research projects on the flora and vegetation of Khorassan (Botany)
  • Publication of 130 research papers (Botany)
  • Publication of 7 books on botany and plant taxonomy (Botany)
  • Recording 549 new plant species for the flora of Khorassan and 84 new ones for Iran (Botany)
  • Discovery and description of 48 new plant taxa for the world (Botany)
  • Preliminary planning for the establishment of the botanical garden in the university campus (Botany)
  • Strategic planning for botanical research in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Botany)
  • Establishment of the pulses seed bank with over 1000 chickpea and 500 lentil seed samples (Legumes)
  • Performing the First National Pulse Crops Symposium in Iran; 2005 (Legumes)
  • Establishment of the first scientific journal of pulses entitled : Iranian Journal of Pulses Research (Legumes)
  • Collaboration in organizing the 1st international and 2nd national ornamental plant congress, Mashhad, Iran 2016 (ornamental plants) More

Director of the Research Center for Plant Sciences
Ahmad Nezami_1
Ahmad Nezami
Department of Agronomy

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Research Center for Plant Sciences

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