Earthquake Research Center (EQRC)

EQRC established on March 2001, is one the leading research institute in the field of earthquake seismology and a pioneer one in east of Iran. Finite fault and rupture processing modeling, study on earthquake hazards and Seismic tomography are some of the main interests at EQRC. An advanced permanent seismic broadband network (FUMSN) in Khorasan provinces installed and operated by EQRC, is one of the three important seismic networks in Iran. EQRC is planning to position itself in high end research and development in field of exploration geophysics as well adding two more research groups and rename itself to Institute of Geophysical Technology (IGT) in near future. Here are the long term targets of IGT:

  • Planned purchase of 800 TFlops super-computer,

IGT will support computing intensive processes such as reservoir simulation, geological modeling as well as heavy duty seismic imaging applications in near future.

  • Recruitment of talented faculties in the field of geophysics,

IGT has experienced faculty members with more than 10 years of experience in international Oil and Gas companies mainly in petroleum exploration.IGT is actively looking for team members to join us to better position itself in geophysical science in Iran.

  • Partnering up with geophysical contractors,

In addition of these, IGT is collaborating with seismic processing and interpretation companies as well as research institutes to secure some National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) projects.

  • Research on physics of the wave

IGT is branching a new group called physics of the wave to dig deeper in the concept and mechanisms of the wave propagation in complicated mediums such as poro-viscoelastic and plastic mediums.

Current Major Projects

  • Expansion of portable and permanent broad band seismic network
  • 800 Tflops GPU supercomputer, which can be used to perform heavy duty seismic processing applications and reservoir simulations
  • Infrasonic Passive Differential Spectroscopy (IPDS), to detect passively (without using controlled source), the possibility of existence of a hydrocarbon reservoir
  • Reverse time migration for better sub-surface imaging(approved by NIOC, waiting for contract)

Research Facilities

  • EQRC has a permanent broadband seismic network (FUMSN) in Khorasan provinces with 11 stations. This network provides high quality seismic data for all scientists who interested to study on earthquakes and earth sciences.
  • Also EQRC is equipped to advanced portable seismometers for researches on special events in different parts of Iran.
  • 12 channels surface seismic equipment (ABEM-MK8) is another facility at EQRC which make a good opportunity for graduate students to experience for near surface exploration.
  • You may find a laboratory with shaking table, seismic wave and stick-slip fault simulators and high performance computer at EQRC.
  • EQRC has 8 faculty members and is located in Ferdowsi university of Mashhad campus occupying around 1500 sqm of space.

Director of the Earthquake Research Center (EQRC) 
Shahram Abbassi
Earthquake Research Center

Contact Information

Contact Information

Iran, Mashhad, Azadi Square, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Earthquake Research Center (EQRC)

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