Earthquake Research Center (EQRC)

Earthquake Research Center founded in 1975 and focuses on monitoring and studying earthquakes in the North-East of Iran. The objectives of This research Center are as follows

  • To monitor Seismicity in the North-East of Iran
  • To develop acquisition systems for hydrocarbon exploration
  • To process Seismic data for hydrocarbon exploration
  • To do research on seismic-wave control systems


  • Broadband seismic network (11 permanent stations)
  • 12-channel digital seismograph for refraction/reflection surveys and tomography
  • Earthquake Laboratory (shaking table, wave simulation, base isolator, stick-slip fault modeling) More

Director of the Earthquake Research Center (EQRC) 
Sayyed Keivan Hosseini
Assistant Professor
Earthquake Research Center


Contact Information

Iran, Mashhad, Azadi Square, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Earthquake Research Center (EQRC)

Phone: +985138791195

Fax: +985138791191

Postal code: 9177948974