Center of Excellence in Special Crops (CESC)


The Department of Agricultural Engineering at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences was founded in 2000 as the Center for Excellence in Special Crops. This Center provided suitable opportunities for its members to gain scientific and practical experience as well as in-depth and comprehensive knowledge about the current issues pertaining to the production and processing of special crops. In the second course, the Center for Excellence in Special Crops has continued its activities since 2005.

Major Aims

  • Collecting and organizing research on special plants and planning to introduce Iran and the Khorasan Province to other countries as an appropriate production site benefitting from a research center on special crops
  • Collaborating with national and international institutes which are active in the field of research and production of special crops
  • Conducting studies on the effects of climate change and its effects on crop production
  • Conducting research on domestication and adaptation of valuable special crops needed by the society in agricultural ecosystems
  • Identifying and developing indigenous knowledge related to special plant production
  • Guiding theses toward studies on special crops
  • Training specialists in the field of special crops
  • Determining and optimizing the use of agricultural inputs in the production of special crops
  • Exploiting non-conventional water resources for special crop production regarding severe water shortages
  • Modeling the growth of special crops and their response to environmental factors and inputs

    Minor aims

    • Agroecological zoning of special crops in Khorasan to recommend specialized guidelines for each climatic zone
    • Determining the status of new special crops in cropping pattern of different regions
    • Producing organic medicinal plants to maintain their property and avoid the penetration of harmful substances into the tissues
    • Publishing the research findings of the Center for Excellence in Special Crops in journals
    • Optimizing water consumption patterns in special crops
    • Producing the seeds of special crops for research and production purposes
    • Holding workshops and specialized conferences to disseminate the research findings of the Center for Excellence in Special CropsMore

    Director of the Center of Excellence for Special Crops (CESC)
    Ahmad Nezami
    Department of Agronomy

    Contact Information

    Iran, Mashhad, Azadi Square, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

    Faculty of Agriculture, Center of Excellence for Special Crops

    Phone: +985138802401

    Fax: +985138802401