Consulting Center for Cultural and Social Empowerment

The Consulting Center for Cultural and Social Empowerment at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad has started working since 1994. This center is a subdivision of the Office of the Vice-President of Socio-Cultural and Student Affairs and is supervised by the main counseling center at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. In response to students’ needs, there is a wide range of different specialized services which pursue the following objectives

  • To diagnose and alleviate students’ psychological problems
  • To prevent students’ probable psychological and educational problems in future by holding workshops
  • To reduce students’ problems by providing financial and remedial help
  • To help students make the informed decision about their education, job, and marriage
  • To improve students’ life skills

Center’s Responsibilities 

  • Providing individual and group counseling
  • Providing consultations on family conflicts
  • Providing consultations for academic perspectives and occupational concerns
  • Providing consultations on marriage
  • Introducing students in-need to different organizations and people who can support them financially
  • Providing counseling services for failed and dropped students to improve their educational status
  • Holding regular meetings with some students’ families- the ones for whom the necessity of communication is felt
  • Holding life skills workshops and other issues related to students’ psychological health
  • Monitoring students' mental health and identifying their potential psychological disorders

Center’s Activities

The Consulting Center for Cultural and Social Empowerment is active regarding its psychological services as well as social services for clients. In addition, it is also active in instruction, research and preventive care. Other activities include organizing workshops, therapy groups, etc.

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Center’s Facilities

The Consulting Center for Cultural and Social Empowerment benefits from a range of facilities such as rooms for reading and research, rooms for individual counseling, room for group counseling, and a room for holding seminars and workshops.

Map of the Consulting Center for Cultural and Social Empowerment