Department of Clinical Sciences

The academic members in the Department of Clinical Science are actively involved in research and education in the following areas: Large and Small Animal Internal Medicine, Veterinary Surgery, Radiology, Theriogenology and Reproductive Diseases, Poultry Diseases, and Clinical Pathology. The educational and research activities as well as the services provided by this department are performed in the clinic. The clinic is equipped with advanced facilities designed for large and small domestic animals medicine, theriogenology and reproductive diseases, surgery and anesthesiology, radiology and sonography, poultry diseases and clinical pathology.
Currently, the clinic in the Department acts as a reference center for diagnosis and treatment of diseases in domestic animals and poultry. To develop research and educational programs, over the past 4 years, a D.V.Sc. degree in Large Animal Internal Medicine has been offered by the department, and since then several students have been admitted. Also, the D.V.Sc. degree for Surgery and Anesthesiology, Theriogenology and Reproductive Diseases, and Clinical Pathology is under ratification and approval by the Department, Faculty and FUM.


Academic Members of the Department of Clinical Science

Name Rank E-mail Address
Aslani M. Professor mraslani[at]um.ac.ir
Mohri M. Professor mohri[at]um.ac.ir
Emami M. Associate Professor emami[at]um.ac.ir
Farzaneh N. (current head) Associate Professor farzaneh[at]um.ac.ir
Seifi H. Associate Professor haseifi[at]um.ac.ir
Sardari K. Associate Professor sardari[at]um.ac.ir
Kalidari G. Assistant Professor Kalidari[at]um.ac.ir
Mohamadi G. Associate Professor gmohamad[at]um.ac.ir
Bassami M. Assistant Professor mrbassami[at]um.ac.ir
Falah Rad A. H. Assistant Professor umfallah[at]um.ac.ir
Sharifi K. Assistant Professor Shariffp[at]um.ac.ir
Talebkhan Garoussi M. Assistant Professor garoussi[at]um.ac.ir
Kamrani G. Assistant Professor Kamrani[at]um.ac.ir
Sadighi M. Assistant Professor -
Karimi K. - -