Department of  Urbanism

The growth of cities and urbanization in this century increasingly adds new dimensions to urban issues. Today the management of urban developments and suburban areas of the city deserves particular attention. The number of cities in Iran has quadrupled during 1950 – 2010 and it is predicted that this trend will be doubled by the year 2021. The continuation of this trend is an important future agenda for the country.  That is, urban development, design and planning need particular attention. This issue also emphasizes the demand for training of knowledgeable and competent human resources. Therefore, studying in the Bachelor’s program of Urbanism prepares a suitable ground for the management and preservation as well as exploitation of the available and potential environmental resources.
The syllabus offered for the Bachelor of Urbanism program covers basic courses in the first three semesters and continues (from semester 4) with theoretical, practical and analytical courses in urbanism contexts.
This program mainly focuses on: Urbanization, Urban Development, Urban Design and Planning, Urban Management.

Head of the Department of Urbanism
Hossein Maroufi
Assistant Professor
Department of Urbanism 

Academic staff


Hooman Ghahremani
Assistant Professor
Iman Ghalandarian
Assistant Professor
Sara Mahdizadeh
Assistant Professor
Hossein Maroufi
Assistant Professor

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