Department of Soil Science

The Department of Soil Science, established in 1994 at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. programs. The areas of study in this department are:

  • Identification of soil formation, classification and survey of agricultural soils
  • Identification of physical, chemical, and biological factors influencing plant growth
  • Management of soil fertility and plant nutrition
  • Identification of factors involved in soil erosion and soil conservation and management

The Department of Soil Science started its Masters’ program in 2000. The aim of this program is to train students to conduct research in the fields of soil system and the environment concerning the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the soil system and identification and management of environmental pollutants in soil and water resources. Students admitted to this program can choose to complete their studies in one of the following majors (i.e., areas of specializations):

  • Soil Chemistry and Fertility and Plant Nutrition
  • Soil Biology and Biotechnology
  • Soil Physics and Conservation
  • Soil Resources and Land Evaluation

The aim of the Ph.D. program in the Department of Soil Science which was started in 2009 is to handle and conduct scientific research programs that fall within the study of soil science. The emphasis of such research is on soil survey, soil physics, soil chemistry, soil biology and biotechnology, soil fertility, soil and water conservation, and soil pollution. Prospective Ph.D. students can choose one of the following areas of specializations:

  • Management Soil Fertility
  • Biotechnology or Management Soil Resources More

Head of the Department of Soil Science
Hojat Emami
Associate Professor
Department of Soil Science

Concentration areas offered by the Department of Soil Science
Areas Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
Soil Science and engineering correct_mark
Soil biology and biotechnology -
correct_mark -
Soil resources and land evaluation -
correct_mark -
Soil chemistry and fertility and plant nutrition -
correct_mark -
Soil physics and conservation -
Management soil fertility and biotechnology -
Management soil resources -

Academic staff

Ali Reza Astaraei
Associate Professor
Hojat Emami
Amir Fotovat
Akram Halajnia
Assistant Professor
Alireza Karimi
Reza Khorassani
Associate Professor
Amir Lakzian


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