Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry established its Bachelor’s program in 1965. At present it offers two undergraduate programs, i.e., Pure Chemistry and Applied Chemistry. The Department of Chemistry founded its Master’s program in 1997. In designing this program several factors such as deepening students’ understanding of chemical issues and their applications in fulfilling societal needs, developing students’ confidence and creativity in research, promoting their skills to enable them to act as an expert in the field to accomplish occupational tasks were taken into consideration. Currently, the students in the Masters’ program can study in one of the following areas of specialization: Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Polymer Chemistry. The Ph.D. Program, established in 2003, aims at training specialists in new and advanced research methods to solve scientific problems of the society and educating specialists. The department also tries its best to train graduates who will be productive academic staff at universities and institutes of higher education. This program offers five year programs in the following program: Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Biochemistry. More

Head of the Department of Chemistry
Ali Shiri
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry

Concentration areas offered by the Department of Chemistry
Areas Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
Pure Chemistry
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Applied Chemistry
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Physical Chemistry
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Inorganic Chemistry
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Organic Chemistry
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Analytical Chemistry
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Polymer -
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Inorganic Chemistry (course base)
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Academic staff

Hossein Ahmadzadeh
Associate Professor
Batool Akhlaghinia
Narjes Ashraf
Associate Professor
Ahmad Asoodeh
Mohammad Hassan Entezari
Hossein Eshghi
Abbas Ali Esmaeili
Mostafa Gholizadeh
Taherh Heidari
Assistant Professor
Mohammad Reza Housaindokht
Mohammad Izadyar
Razieh Jalal
Associate Professor
Elaheh Kafshdare Goharshadi
Azadeh Meshkini
Assistant Professor
Masoud Mirzaei Shahrabi
Fatemeh Moosavi
Associate Professor
Ali Nakhaei Pour
Associate Professor
Saeed Ostad Movahed
Associate Professor
Mehrdad Pourayoubi
Associate Professor
Navid Ramezanian
Assistant Professor
Alireza Salimi
Assistant Professor
Ali Shiri
Associate Professor
Amir Shokooh Saljooghi
Associate Professor
Reza Takjoo
Associate Professor
Mohamad Vakili
Associate Professor
Gholamhossein Zohuri


Recent books

Recent journal articles

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