Department of Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering started its academic activities in 1992 at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. The M.S. program is offered since 2000. Students could concentrate their studies on areas such as: Polymers, Food industries, Gas Processing and Transportation, Separation Processes, Biotechnology, Process Design, Nanotechnology, Modeling and Simulation. In the doctoral program, which is offered since 2008, candidates can study on Separation Processes and Transport Phenomena. More

Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering
Ali Ahmadpour
Department of Chemical Engineering

Concentration areas offered by the Department of Chemical Engineering
Areas Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
Chemical Engineering
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Polymers -
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Food industries
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Gas Production and Transportation
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Separation Processes
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Process Designing
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Modeling, Simulation and Control
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Transport Phenomena & Separation Processes

Academic staff

Ali Ahmadpour
Mahmood Akhavan Mahdavi
Assistant Professor
Hossein Ali Akhlaghi Amiri
Assistant Professor
Babak Aminshahidy
Associate Professor
Reza Arefinia
Assistant Professor
Majid Baniadam
Associate Professor
Ali Dashti
Associate Professor
Mohammad Ali Fanaei Shykholeslami
Associate Professor
Nafishe Farhadian
Associate Professor
Reza Gheshlaghi
Associate Professor
Mohammad Taghi Hamed Mosavian
Bijan Hejazi
Assistant Professor
Hamed Janani
Assistant Professor
Mehdi Karimi
Assistant Professor
Hamed Karkhanechi
Assistant Professor
Morteza Maghrebi
Associate Professor
Zahra Maghsoud
Assistant Professor
Seyed Hossein Mazloumi
Assistant Professor
Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi
Seyed Mostafa Nowee Baghban
Associate Professor
Majid Pakizeh
Mehdi Panahi
Assistant Professor
Mahdi Pourafshari Chenar
Ehsan Saljoughi
Associate Professor
Javad Sargolzaei
Akbar Shahsavand
Associate Professor
Elham Yasari
Assistant Professor


Recent journal articles

Babakhani, B., Ostad Movahed, S., Ghazi, S., & Ahmadpour, A. (2018). A new formulation for polymeric separator gels for potential use in blood serum separator tubes. Progress in Rubber, Plastics and Recycling Technology, 34 (1), 35-53.
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Imanifar, M., Ostad Movahed, S., & Ahmadpour, A. (2018). The effects of peroxide and phenolic cure systems on characteristics of the filled ethylene-propylene-diene monomer rubber (EPDM). Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 135 (20), 0-0.
Imani Mofrad, P., Zeinali Heris, S., & Shanbedi, M. (2018). Experimental investigation of the effect of different nanofluids on the thermal performance of a wet cooling tower using a new method for equalization of ambient conditions. Energy Conversion and Management, 158 (4), 23-35.
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Nezhadmoghadam, E., Pourafshari Chenar, M., M.r. Omidkhah, Nezhadmoghaddam, A., & Reza Abedini (2018). Aminosilane grafted Matrimid 5218/nano-silica mixed matrix membrane for CO2/light gases separation. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 35 (2), 526-534.
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