Department of Architecture 

The aim of the Bachelor of Architecture program is to train creative students with professional skills and to foster future architects with basic and professional capabilities. This program, which was established in 2005, covers subjects and skills such as Conceptual Framework, Construction, Graphical Presentation, Architectural Design and Construction Technology. Fostering graduates with creative ideas and visualization skills is the main purpose of the Bachelor of Architecture degree program at the School of Architecture, Urbanism and Islamic Art.

This program typically takes four years to accomplish, of which the first three semesters of the Bachelor of Architecture program covers basic subjects. From the third semester onwards there is an architectural design workshop in each semester. Students will receive the Bachelor of Architecture degree upon submitting and defending their project.

This program focuses on subjects such as: Construction, Architectural Design, Conceptual Framework, Building Design, and Studio.

Head of the Department of Architecture
Hossein Maroufi
Assistant Professor
Department of Architecture 

Academic staff

Akram Hosseini
Assistant Professor
Hamed Kamelnia
Associate Professor
Parsa Pahlavan
Assistant Professor
Jafar Taheri
Assistant Professor


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