Department of Biosystems Engineering

Since 1994, the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Agricultural Machinery has been a provider of engineering education and solutions to agricultural problems in the Eastern part of Iran. In 2013, the Department was renamed to Biosystems Engineering. Now this department has its scientific and research activities in two major related fields of "Biosystems Mechanics" and "Agricultural Mechanization". The Department offers 3 programs, undergraduate and post graduate (Master’s and Ph.D.)

The undergraduate program, established in 1994, concentrates on Biosystems Mechanics. It serves the people of the Eastern part of Iran and beyond through learning, discovery and engagement in engineering for food, energy, agricultural, biological, and environmental systems.

The Master’s program, founded in 2005, is designed for individuals desiring an advanced degree with an emphasis on the practice of engineering. The areas of specialization of this program include Biosystems Mechanics - Design and Construction, Biosystems Mechanics - Renewable Energies, Biosystems Mechanic-Postharvest Technologies, Agricultural Mechanization-Recycling and Waste Management, Agricultural Mechanization - Management and Systems Analysis.

In the Ph.D. program, doctoral candidates have been admitted since 2011 to create, preserve, communicate and apply knowledge, contributing to the cultural, social and economic of the province, Iran and the world. It is expected that students will be able to complete their Doctor of Philosophy degree in four years. This program concentrates on Biosystems Mechanics, Design of Agricultural Machinery and Agricultural Mechanization. More

Head of the Department of Biosystems Engineering
Mohammad Hossein Aghkhani
Department of Biosystems Engineering

Concentration areas offered by the Department of Biosystems Engineering
Areas Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
Biosystems Engineering
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Biosystems Mechanic-Design and Construction
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Biosystems Mechanic -Renewable Energies
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Biosystems Mechanic - Postharvest Technologies
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Agricultural Mechanization -Recycling and Waste Management
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Agricultural Mechanization - Management and Systems Analysis
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Biosystems Mechanic-Design of Agricultural Machinery
Agricultural Mechanization

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