Department of Desert Arid Zones Management

The Department of Desert and Arid Zones Management (DAM) started its activities in 2005. The department has a mandate to carry out both teaching and research to address the problems of land degradation, with special emphasis on problems of wind erosion, desertification and proper management of natural resources of desert and arid regions of the country. The department offers high quality education to both undergraduate and postgraduate students with different courses which cover all aspects of arid zone management. The department’s mission is to train experts who have full knowledge about the limitations and potentials of deserts and can play significant roles in management of arid zones. Training these experts, therefore, helps prevent desertification, soil erosion and land degradation, exploit natural resources in arid and desert conditions, and control of people immigration from arid and semi-arid region.

Major Objectives of the Department

  • To impart higher education at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in the field of Desert and Arid Zones Management
  • To supervise post-graduate students in planning, conducting, and evaluating students’ theses as part of their degree programs
  • To develop closer link in line with departments and research organizations for mutual collaboration in research/development activities on natural resource conservation and improvements in deserts and arid zones of Iran
  • To promote awareness among students, researchers, policy makers and the society in general about natural resource conservation and management through publishing articles and organizing seminars/workshops on the subjects related to natural resource management More

    Head of the Department of Desert Arid Zones Management
    Omid_Safari Omid Safari
    Associate Prof.
    Department of Environmental Science

    Concentration areas offered by the Department of Desert Arid Zones Management
    Areas Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
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Academic staff

Morteza Akbari
Assistant Professor
Alireza Rashki
Associate Professor
Adel Sepehr
Associate Professor


Recent journal articles

Akbari, M., E. Neamatollahi, & P.neamatollahi (2019). Evaluating land suitability for spatial planning in arid regions of eastern Iran using fuzzy logic and multi-criteria analysis. Ecological Indicators, 98 (98), 587-598.
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Recent theses and dissertations

Gholami, A. (2019). Spatio-temporal variations of atmospheric dust and its relation to climate fluctuations and environmental parameters at some parts of the central and SW Asia. , (Master's thesis of ). Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad.
Khashtabeh, R. (2019). Evaluation and Zoning of the Impacts of Qualitative Degradation of Water and Soil Resources of Khaf Iron Ore Mines on Intensity of Desertification Risk. , (Master's thesis of ). Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad.

Contact Information

Iran, Mashhad, Azadi Square, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Desert Arid Zones Management

Phone: +985138805466