Department of Food Science and Technology

The aim of the Department of Food Science and Technology is to train professionals who can maintain industrial facilities in food manufacturing with their scientific knowledge, and to support the development of these industries in agricultural-industrial regions in addition to participating in academic and research activities of this program.
The educational mission of the Food Science in the undergraduate program is to provide students with scientific information on the nature, properties, and characteristics of foods based on Biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics, Mathematics and other sciences. The curriculum is designed to offer a broad undergraduate program in the basic sciences on which to build technical competence in Food Science and Technology. Graduates will be able to apply science and engineering principles to better anticipate and describe the changes occurring during food processing and storage, as well as preserve and ensure the safety and microbial stability of food products. They will also be able to adapt and develop methods to analyze and conduct experiments on foodstuffs through competency in the following core knowledge areas:

  • Food microbiology
  • Food engineering
  • Applied food science

The Master’s program in Food Science and Technology provides graduate students with multidisciplinary and specialized professional education and considerable research opportunities, ranging from Food Fermentation to Chemical Analysis, from Food Safety to Dairy Sciences, and from Food Technology to Food Engineering. Additionally, the program enables students to be engaged in discovery and application of their knowledge in order to face the challenges in food processing and innovation-from raw material production to product utilization by the consumer. We also help promote interactions with other related areas of expertise, as well as encourage development of written and oral communication skills through course work, seminars and group meeting presentations. Graduates get prepared for scientific activities and are able to make a valuable contribution to industrial, healthcare, governmental agencies, and educational institutions.
Educational areas of specialization in the M.S. program are:

  • Food Technology
  • Food Engineering
  • Food Chemistry
  • Food Microbiology (Food Biotechnology)

The Ph.D. program in Food Science intends to devise a comprehensive scheme for instructing professionals in various fields of research related to food science and technology. This training qualifies the PhD students to carry out projects in order to advance food processes and products. We also try to empower academics by both applied and theoretical methods in teaching and research. This strategy helps graduates be equipped with suitable skills for research and production. Graduates are capable of providing effective human resources for food industry, government institutions, other universities, research and development organizations and other teaching and technical agencies.
Educational areas of specialization in the Ph.D. program are:

  • Food Technology
  • Food Engineering
  • Food Biotechnology    More

Head of the Department of Food Science and Technology
Mostafa Mazaheri Tehrani
Associate Professor
Department of Food Science and Technology

Concentration areas offered by the Department of Food Science and Technology
Areas Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
Food Science and Technology
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Food Engineering -
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Food Biotechnology
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Food Science -
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Academic staff

Mohammad Reza Edalatian  Dovom
Associate Professor
Reza Farhoosh
Arash Koocheki
Mostafa Mazaheri Tehrani
Marzieh Moeenfard
Assistant Professor
Mohebbat Mohebbi
Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi
Nasser Sedaghat
Fakhri Shahidi
Farideh Tabatabaei Yazdi
Masoud Taghizadeh
Associate Professor
Mohammad Javad Varidi
Mehdi Varidi
Associate Professor
Masoud Yavarmanesh
Associate Professor


Recent books

Razavi, S., & Irani, M. (2019). Food Applications of Nanotechnology-Chapter 13: Green Polymers Nanocomposites Applied In Food Packag.
Razavi, S. (2019). Emerging natural hydrocolloids: rheology and functions.
Koocheki, A., & محمدعلی حصاری نژاد (2019). Emerging Natural Hydrocolloids Rheology and Functions- Chapter 8: Qodume Shirazi Seed Gum.
Koocheki, A., & محمدعلی حصاری نژاد (2019). Emerging Natural Hydrocolloids Rheology and Functions- Chapter 10: Qodume Shahri Seed Gum.
Koocheki, A., Razavi, S., & Mousavi, S. (2019). Emerging Natural Hydrocolloids Rheology and Functions- Chapter 16: Marshmallow Flower Gum.

Recent journal articles

Habibi Najafi, M., Fatemi, S., & Tavakkoli Fadiheh, M. (2019). Release of Proteolysis Products with ACE-Inhibitory and Antioxidant Activities in Probiotic Yogurt Containing Different Levels of Fat and Prebiotics. International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics, 25 (1), 367-377.
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Recent research projects

Shahidi, Fakhri,,pirkhezranian, Zana,roshanak, Sahar,maleki, Mohammad (2019). The effect of different cold plasma treatments on increasing the shelf-life of hamburger
Shahidi, Fakhri,,roshanak, Sahar,, (2019). Feasibility of preparation gelatin-based biocomposite film containing nanoemulsion of Rosemary Essential Oil and Root Extract of Chubak Plant and evaluation of its physicomechanical, antioxidant properties.
Mortazavi, Sayed Ali,afsharian, Shahnaz,vasiee, Alireza,fallah, Fereshteh,tabatabaei Yazdi, Farideh (2019). Evaluation of Gamma Aminobutyric Acid Production by Lactococcus lactis NZ1330 in a specific culture medium and optimizing the fermentation process in dairy sludge base medium
Tabatabaei Yazdi, Farideh,,,fallah, Fereshteh (2019). Determination of chemical composition, antimicrobial effect, cytotoxicity and interaction of cinnamon essential oil with chloramphenicol, gentamicin and nalidixic acid antibiotics on a number of pathogenic microorganisms in vitro
Shahidi, Fakhri,sekhavati, Mohammad Hadi,pirkhezranian, Zana,soradeghi Toopkanloo, Atefeh,roshanak, Sahar (2019). Evaluation of synergistic effects of cLFchimera-antibiotics against some foodborne pathogens
Sedaghat, Nasser,roshanak, Sahar,entezari, Asma (2019). Application of Zein Based Coatings and Hydro-Alcoholic Extract of Pegamum harmala to Preserve Internal Quality and Destroy Salmonella enteritidis in Eggshell
Mohebbi, Mohebbat,koocheki, Arash,ghaitaranpour, Arash (2019). Application of Multi-Agent Systems in Modeling of Baking Process
Razavi, Seyed Mohammad Ali,kashaninejad, Morteza (2019). The optimization of ultrasonic homogenization conditions of camel milk cream using multiple objective particle swarm optimization
Tabatabaei Yazdi, Farideh,mortazavi, Sayed Ali,vasiee, Alireza,falah, Fereshteh (2019). Production of probiotic ice cream by Lactobacillus brevis PML1 with different levels of inulin and its effect on physicochemical and microbial properties
Razavi, Seyed Mohammad Ali,, (2019). Characterization of biodegradable active film containing polycaprolactone-polylactic acid containing green tea extract for cocktail sausage packaging

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