Department of Agricultural Economics

As an outstanding academic department and as an important part of the School of Agriculture at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, the Department of Agricultural Economics intends to
  • Hold on-the-job training courses in various fields of Agricultural Economics, aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of those employed in the agricultural sector.
  • Conduct and supervise research projects in various fields of Agricultural Economics
  • Offer consultation with regard to policy making and the planning of Agricultural Development projects
  • Help graduate students become outstanding researchers
The Department of Agricultural Economics started admitting BS students in 1995. Students who attend this program learn the principles and fundamentals of Microeconomic and Macroeconomics. Students are also taught how to apply the micro and macro methods to the problems of the environment and use of natural resources. The program takes a problem-solving approach to the common problems of agriculture and use of natural resources.
Our Master’s program which started its activities in 2005 trains students to become experts in the Agricultural Economics profession and to conduct innovative research in Agricultural and Environmental Economics. Students in this program can study in the different areas of Agricultural Marketing, Production Economics and Farm Management, Agricultural Development and Policy, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.
Several Ph.D. candidates have been accepted in the Department of Agricultural Economic since 2012. Our academic members work closely with PhD students to produce outstanding research studies in the following areas:
  • Development economics
  • Climate change
  • Economics of international trade
  • Natural resource economics
  • Environmental economics
  • Farm management and economics
  • Applied economics
Students registering in our PhD. program complete advanced courses of study in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics. In addition, they take some special courses in their specific field of study. The main goal of our PhD program is to train outstanding researchers and highly qualified teachers. PhD students can focus their studies and research on Agricultural Marketing, Production Economics and Farm Management, Agricultural Development and Policy, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.  More

Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics
Arash Dourandish
Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural Economics

Concentration areas offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics
Areas Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
Agricultural Marketing
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Production Economics and farm Management
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Agricultural Development and Policy
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Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
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Academic staff

Leili Abolhassani
Associate Professor
Mahmoud Daneshvar Kakhki
Arash Dourandish
Associate Professor
Mohammad Ghorbani
Ali Reza Karbasi
Mohammad Reza Kohansal
Hosein Mohammadi
Associate Professor
Mahmood Sabouhi Sabouni
Naser Shahnoushi  Froshani


Recent journal articles

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Recent research projects

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