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Aiming to provide highly-skilled and expert human resources, Dr. Ali Shariati Faculty of Letters and Humanities was founded in 1955. The Department of Persian Language and Literature was the first department founded in this Faculty. Other departments including the departments of English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, Geography, History, and Linguistics were founded shortly afterwards.
Prospective students were admitted to the M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Persian Language and Literature since 1970 and 1976, respectively. The first Ph.D. candidate in Persian Language and Literature program graduated in 1983.
Currently, the faculty comprises of nine independent departments and eight undergraduate programs.
At present, the following departments of the faculty offer programs to B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. students. More

Academic staff of the Dr. Ali Shariati Faculty of Letters and Humanities

DepartmentsProfessorAssociate Prof.Assistant Prof.Total
Social Sciences13711
Persian Language and Literature45918
Arabic Language and Literature16310
Department of French-246
Department of English44513
Department of Russian-134

Faculty Library

Research Centers & Centers of Excellence

Center of Excellence in Ferdowsi and Shah-Name

Research Center for Social and Cultural Issues of Central Asia

Rural Geography Research Centre

Urban and Regional Research Center of North East of Iran

Research Center for Social Studies

Current Journal

Language and Translation Studies (persian)
Journal of Linguistics & Khorasan Dialects (persian)
Journal of Literary Studies (Journal of Literature and Humanities) (persian)
Journal of Geography and Regional Development (Peer-reviewed) (persian)
Geography And Environmental Hazards (persian)
Geography and Urban Development (persian)
Journal of Research and Rural Planning (persian) 
Studies in applied linguistics
Journal of Social Sciences (Biannual) (persian)
Research literature of French (persian)
Journal of Arabic Language and Literature (Journal of Literature and Humanities) (Peer reviewed) (persian)
Political Geography Quarterly (persian)
Biannual journal of Social Studied in Tourism (persian)
Journal of Economy and Regional Development (persian)
History & Culture (persian)

Facilities of the Dr. Ali Shariati Faculty of Letters and Humanities

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Shahid Tehrani Gym

Dr. Fayyaz Library


Meeting Rooms

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