Department of Basic Sciences

The Department of Basic Sciences at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences benefits from a large number of academics who are active in teaching and productive in research in different fields such as Biochemistry Physiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Genetics and Toxicology. The Fundamentals of structure and function of animals and human beings are comparatively studied in these fields from different perspectives such as microscopic and macroscopic, molecular, and cellular, histologic, and organismal biology. These courses provide theoretical and experimental foundations for learning physiology, different diseases, clinical and experimental courses. The Department of Basic Sciences has a number of laboratories for Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Anatomy. These labs are used for teaching and research projects. Various types of research techniques are used in these labs.

Based on its teaching and research capacities this department has started offering various postgraduate programs including the Ph.D. program for Comparative Histology since 2009, the Master’s program for Physiology since 2010, the Ph.D. program for Physiology, the Master’s program for Clinical Biochemistry since 2012, and the Master’s program for Histology since 2013. More

Head of the Department of Basic Sciences
Abbas Parham
Associate Professor
Department of Basic Sciences

Concentration areas offered by the Department of Basic Sciences
Areas Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
Physiology  - correct_mark correct_mark
Histology  - correct_mark  -
Clinical Biochemistry  - correct_mark  -
Comparative Histology  -  - correct_mark

Academic staff

Amir Afkhami Goli
Associate Professor
Hasan Baghishani
Associate Professor
Hesam Dehghani
Behrooz Fathi Hafshejani
Associate Professor
Mohammad Mahdi Ghahramani Seno
Assistant Professor
Farshid Hamidi
Assistant Professor
Hamid Reza Kazerani
Associate Professor
Amir Moghadam Jafari
Assistant Professor
Ahmadali Mohammadpour
Abolghasem Nabipour
Abbas Parham
Associate Professor
Ahmad Reza Raji
Associate Professor


Recent journal articles

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Yousefvand, S., Hamidi, F., , & Parham, A. (2018). Hypophagic effects of insulin is mediated via NPY1/NPY2 receptors in broiler cockerels. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 96 (12), 1301-1307.
Zare, K., Shademan, M., Ghahramani Seno, M., & Dehghani, H. (2018). CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout Strategies to Ablate CCAT1 lncRNA Gene in Cancer Cells. Biological Procedures Online, 20 (21), 1-12.
Yousefvand, S., Hamidi, F., M. Zendehdel, & Parham, A. (2018). Interaction of neuropeptide Y receptors (NPY1, NPY2 and NPY5) with somatostatin on somatostatin- induced feeding behaviour in neonatal chicken. British Poultry Science, 0 (0), 0-0.
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