Department of Linguistics

The M.A. program in General Linguistics was established in 1985 in Dr. Ali Shariati Faculty of Letters and Humanities at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in order to provide all candidates with a common set of core courses that offer them an excellent preparation for a professional degree or for subsequent specialization at the doctorate level. The program's aim is to instruct the students in the major areas of linguistics theories and methods of linguistics analysis.

Founded in 1997, the Master’s program in Teaching Persian Language to Non-Persian was designed to train students who will play an active role in theory and practice in such areas as teaching Persian as a second or foreign language, and developing curriculums and educational materials. Another aim of the program is to train Persian-language teachers. Students will acquire extensive knowledge of Persian-language education, psychology of teaching and applied linguistics and also improve their research abilities by refining their expertise in this field of study.

The PhD program started admitting students in 1998 in Linguistics with the aim of training professionals with close relation to a certain language and area by cultivating practical language abilities. The program is also planned to enhance students’ professional capabilities through critical analysis and also give them the opportunity to access international learning communities through research groups.

The major subjects covered in this program are: Morphology and Syntax, General Linguistics, Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics, Teaching Persian Language to Non-Persian Speakers, Phonetics and Phonology, and Semantics. More

Head of the Department of Linguistics 
Ali Alizadeh
Associate Professor
Department of Linguistics

Concentration areas offered by the Department of Linguistics 
Areas Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
Teaching Persian Language to Non-Persian Speakers
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General Linguistics
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Academic staff

Ali Alizadeh
Associate Professor
Azam Estaji
Associate Professor
Ali Izanloo
Assistant Professor
Atiyeh Kamyabi Gol
Assistant Professor
Mohammad Reza Pahlavannezhad
Associate Professor
Shahla Sharifi
Associate Professor


Recent journal articles

Asgarian, E., Kahani, M., & Sharifi, S. (2018). The Impact of Sentiment Features on the Sentiment Polarity Classification in Persian Reviews. Cognitive Computation, 10 (1), 117-135.
S. Montazeri, A. Afkhami, & Kamyabi Gol, A. (2018). Semantic Comprehension of Persian Endocentric and Exocentric Compounds in non-Persian Speakers. Journal of Advances in Lingustics, 9 (1), 1358-1370.
Yazdani, S., & Kamyabi Gol, A. (2018). Topics and Transitivity Choices in Iranian Learners English Writings. Journal of Asia TEFL, 15 (2), 516-529.
Fazaeli, S., Amin Yazdi, S., Sharifi, S., Davood Sobhani-rad, & Mohammad Reza Ehsaei (2018). Theory of Mind in Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury. Trauma Monthly, 23 (4), 1-7.
Kamyabi Gol, A., & Nahid Royaei (2018). Home Cultural Attachment and Self-regulated Strategies among Iranian EFL learners. Iranian Journal of Applied Language Studies, 10 (1), 125-144.

Recent theses and dissertations

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