Department of Agronomy

The outlook of the Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding on crop production is based on region-friendly production and environmentalism, while creating an all-around and consolidated attitude toward agricultural production. This Department established its Bachelor’s program in 1995. The aim of this program is to train students who are experts in the fields of Crop Production, Regional Planning and research, as well as being able to play roles as instructors in agricultural high schools, coordinators of agricultural research, or as directors of public and private agricultural production units.

The Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding started its Master’s program in 2008 with the aim of training specialists who are experts in planning and management of agricultural sectors and in teaching and conducting research in private and public sectors.

The doctoral program at the Department of Agronomy accepted candidates since 1994. The aim of this program is to train agronomy specialists to lead advanced research programs and teaching, coordinate the programs to deal with challenges, application and development of resources and improving efficiency in agronomy programs. Student in this program can study in Agro-Environment Studies (Agroecology). More

Head of the Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding
Mohammad Khajeh Hosseini
Associate Professor
Department of Education

Concentration areas offered by the Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding
Areas Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
Agronomy and Plant Breeding
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Agronomy-Crop Ecology -
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Agronomy-Crop Physiology -
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Identification and Weed Control -
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Agroecology -
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Academic staff

Ghorban Ali Asadi
Associate Professor
Mohammad Bannayan Aval
Ali Ghanbari
Associate Professor
Reza Ghorbani
Morteza Goldani
Associate Professor
Kamal Hajmohammadnia Ghalibaf
Assistant Professor
Ebrahim Izadi Darbandi
Associate Professor
Mohsen Jahan
Associate Professor
Mohammad Kafi
Mohammad Khajeh Hosseini
Associate Professor
Surur Khorramdel
Associate Professor
Alireza Koocheki
Mehdi Nassiri Mahallati
Ahmad Nezami
Mahdi Parsa
Associate Professor
Mehdi Rastgoo
Associate Professor
Parviz Rezvani Moghaddam
Reza Tavakkol Afshari


Recent journal articles

Mohammadi, M., Ghahraman, B., Davary, K., Ansari, H., Ali Shahidi, & Bannayan Aval, M. (2016). Nested validation of AquaCrop model for simulation of winter wheat grain yield, soil moisture and salinity profiles under simultaneous salinity and water stress. Irrigation and Drainage, 65 (1), 112-128.
Mousavi Bazaz, A., Tehranifar, A., Kafi, M., Ali Gazanchian, & Shoor, M. (2016). Screening of Eleven Festuca arundinaceaNative Populationsfor Nacl Tolerance In Order to Use in Green Space. Journal of Ornamental plants, 5 (3), 131-138.
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Kamyab, M., Kafi, M., Hossein Shahsavand, Goldani, M., & Shokouhifar, F. (2016). Exploring ion homeostasis and mechanism of salinity tolerance in primary tritipyrum lines (Wheat × Thinopyrum bessarabicum) in the presence of salinity. Australian Journal of Crop Science, 10 (7), 911-919.
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Recent research projects

Bannayan Aval, Mohammad,bardehji, Siavash,yaghoubi, Fatemeh,rashidi, Zahra (2016). The effect of nitrogen fertilizer on growth, yield, yield components and nitrogen productivity of two lentil rainfed varieties
Izadi Darbandi, Ebrahim,mehdikhani, Hadi (2016). The study of salinity effect on some of the morphophysiological traits of three plantago species (Plantago spp.)
Khorramdel, Surur,rezvani Moghaddam, Parviz,moalem, Fatemeh (2016). Evaluation of net primary production for major crops in Khorasan-Razavi Province
Koocheki, Alireza,khorramdel, Surur (2016). Evaluation of the effect of
Rezvani Moghaddam, Parviz,asadi, Ghorban Ali,bicharanloo, Bahareh (2016). Evaluation of resource use efficiency in replacement ratios of intercropping of maize and pumpkin
Izadi Darbandi, Ebrahim,nezami, Ahmad,porsa, Hassan,molaie, Elnaz (2016). Evaluation of chickpea (Cicer arentinum L.) genotypes tolerance to some herbicides
Kafi, Mohammad,nabati, Jafar,nezami, Ahmad (2016). Selection of salt tolerant genotypes of chickpeas (Cicer arientum Kabuli) in seedling stage
Nezami, Ahmad,nabati, Jafar,kafi, Mohammad,shabahang, Javad (2016). Early planting of potato in Mashhad conditions
Nezami, Ahmad,nabati, Jafar,kafi, Mohammad,talezadeh, Mobarakeh (2016). Screening for salt tolerance in lentil germplasm at seedling stage
Jahan, Mohsen,abbasi, Seddigheh (2016). Application of statistical multivariate technics for determining of effecting factors in water use efficiency (WUE) of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) and maize (Zea mays L.) under conditions of application of nitrogen, water super absorbent, humic acid and salicylic
Jahan, Mohsen,javadi, Maryam (2016). Evaluation of principal components in water use efficiency (WUE) of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) and maize (Zea mays L.) in response of the increased rates application of water super absorbent
Moalem Banhangi, Fatemeh,khorramdel, Surur,rezvani Moghaddam, Parviz,shabahang, Javad (2016). -
Oskoueian, Armin,kafi, Mohammad,nabati, Jafar,shabahang, Javad (2016). Evaluation of changes in dry matter and quality of potatoes by potassium and phosphorus solubilize and nitrogen fixation microorganisms
Koocheki, Alireza,nassiri Mahallati, Mehdi,hooshmand, Mina,hatefi Farajian, Mohammad Hassan (2016). Evaluation of yield, yield components, weeds population, density and diversity in sugar beet, chickpea and mung bean in relay tripple intercropping
Asadi, Ghorban Ali,khorramdel, Surur,hooshmand, Mina,bicharanloo, Bahareh (2016). Effect of row intercropping of cucumber with bean varieties on their yield and yield components
Asadi, Ghorban Ali,bagheri Shirvan, Milad,hooshmand, Mina (2016). Row intercropping of tomato varieties with cotton on possible assessing of its ecological characteristics
Koocheki, Alireza,khorramdel, Surur,hooshmand, Mina (2016). Evaluation of agronomic criteria, radiation use efficiency, yield, and density and diversity of weeds in sunflower, cucurbita and bean in triple intercropping
Koocheki, Alireza,khorramdel, Surur (2016). Evaluation of environmental impacts of important crops in Khorasan Province by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Khorramdel, Surur,latifi, Hoda (2016). Evaluating the potential of carbon sequestration and global warming potential for saffron fields
Kafi, Mohammad,nabati, Jafar,shabahang, Javad,saadatian, Bijan,oskoueian, Armin (2016). Evaluation of anti-stress compounds on physiological characteristics, yield and quality of potato under saline irrigation condition
Molaie, Elnaz,maghsudi, Arash,izadi Darbandi, Ebrahim (2016). Evaluation the effect of intercropping of balangu (Lallemantia royleana Benth) and chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) and weed competition period on yield ,ad land equation ratio
Nassiri Mahallati, Mehdi,hatefi Farajian, Mohammad Hassan,koocheki, Alireza (2016). Evaluation of agronomic criteria, yield, yield components and LER in green pepper and green bean in additive and replacement intercropping series
Hajmohammadnia Ghalibaf, Kamal,koocheki, Alireza,nassiri Mahallati, Mehdi (2016). Compare spring and autumn cultivation of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) in Mashhad
Jahan, Mohsen (2016). Effect of Planting Distance, Water Superabsorbent application into the soil and Salicylic Acid Spraying on Yield and Yield Components of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. in an Ecological Cropping System
Izadi Darbandi, Ebrahim,shooryabi, Maryam (2016). Study of some tomato (Lycopersicom esculentum L.) foreign genotypes and national landraces tolerance to Egyptian broomrape (Orobanche aegyptiaca)
Tavakkol Afshari, Reza (2016). The role of plant hormones in improvement of deteriorated seeds of wheat and canola
Kafi, Mohammad,saadatian, Bijan (2016). Investigation of nano and micro sodium silicate effects on physiology and growth of wheat, under salt stress in hydroponic condition

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