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Ferdowsi University of Mashhad’s Department of English was founded in 1956 when it set out to offer an undergraduate program in English Language and Literature. Based at Dr. Ali Shariati Faculty of Letters and Humanities, it is one of the oldest departments at the faculty and the university.

The department is home to sixteen full-time faculty members and over twenty part-time lecturers in three fields of English Literature, English Language Teaching, and Translation Studies. In addition to the initial BA in English Language and Literature, the department offers various graduate programs including three MA programs in English Literature, English Language Teaching, and English and Persian Translation as well as two Ph.D. programs in English Language Teaching and Translation Studies. Several of the said programs are also offered online in distance mode.

Such various programs as well as the international exchanges the department promotes attract both Iranian students and an increasing number of applicants from the neighboring countries to study undergraduate and graduate programs at the Department of English at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.  More

Head of the Department of English
no image Masood Khoshsaligheh
Associate Professor
Department of English

Programs currently offered by the Department of English
Bachelor's Master's Ph.D
English language and Literature correct_mark correct_mark -
English Language Teaching -
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Translation Studies -
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Academic staff


Rajabali Askarzadeh Torghabeh
Associate Professor
Zargham Ghabanchi
Associate Professor
Azra Ghandeharion
Associate Professor
Mohammad Ghazanfari
Associate Professor
Khalil Ghazizadeh
Associate Professor
Behzad Ghonsooly
Mahmood Reza Ghorban Sabbagh
Assistant Professor
Mohammad Reza Hashemi
Sara Khazaee
Assistant Professor
Masood Khoshsaligheh
Associate Professor
Reza Pishghadam
Vahideh Sayedi
Hesamoddin Shahriari
Assistant Professor
Zohreh Taebi Noghondari
Assistant Professor


Recent books

Recent journal articles

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