Department of Water Science and Engineering

The Department of Water Science and Engineering was established in 1988. Programs of undergraduate studies offer a series of basic and applied courses in the area of Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, Hydrology, Soil-Water-Plant Relationship, Agricultural Meteorology, Irrigation and Drainage Systems Design, Soil and Water Conservation, Geology, Ground Waters, Hydro-Informatics, Water Supply and Wastewater Systems, and River Hydraulics. In addition, this program also offers a broad general engineering education including elements of Geo-Mechanical, Water Conveyance Structures and Pumping Systems Engineering.

The Water Science and Engineering Master's degree program in which students have been admitted since 1996, provides an in-depth study of the skills and tools demanded by the rigors of the water profession. The two-year program helps students build their technical competencies in different areas such as Irrigation and Drainage, Agricultural Meteorology, Water Resources, and Water Structures Engineering. They will be ready to be employed by consulting engineering companies in government or regulatory agencies looking to augment their skills in the water profession.

Currently Master’s students are accepted in academic areas of specializations such as Irrigation and Drainage, Agricultural Meteorology, Water Resources, and Water Structures Engineering.

Ph.D. candidates started their studies in the Department of Water Science and Engineering at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2007. They should conduct research at levels that contribute new knowledge to the field of water science and engineering; considering the fact that the purpose of doctoral research is in constant evolution.

The doctoral programs in the Department of Water Science and Engineering aim to prepare researchers for employment in universities as well as scientific private sectors and government institutions. Doctoral candidates are admitted to programs only if they can convincingly demonstrate that their research proposals will significantly contribute to the existing knowledge in the field they have applied for. The doctoral degree qualifies them to apply for a university professorship position or conduct research in an academic setting. At the Ph.D. level, doctoral research gives students the needed skills to excel in academia, develop hypotheses, test those theories by studying, observing or conducting experiments, and modify those assumptions based on the data collected. Upon completion of the research, doctoral candidates present their conclusions to experts in the field and orally defend their findings before a panel of scholars. Currently, Ph.D. candidates are accepted in Irrigation and Drainage, Agricultural Meteorology, and Water Structures engineering branches of the department. More

Head of the Department of Water Science and Engineering
Kazem Esmaili
Associate Professor
Department of Water Science and Engineering

Concentration areas offered by the Department of Water Science and Engineering
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Irrigation And Drainage -
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Water Structures -
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Water Resource Engineering -
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Agricultural Meteorology -
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Academic staff

Hossein Ansari
Hossein Banejad
Associate Professor
Kamran Davary
Kazem Esmaili
Associate Professor
Alireza Faridhosseini
Associate Professor
Bijan Ghahraman
Seyed Majid Hasheminia
Saeed Reza Khodashenas
Mohammad Mousavi  Baygi
Seyed Hossein Sanaei Nejad
Associate Professor
Ali Naghi Ziaei
Associate Professor


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Recent research projects

Khodashenas, Saeed Reza,maaref Doust, Reza (2016). Simulation of shear stress by shear in elastic solid plate
Faridhosseini, Alireza,zarrin, Azar,hasheminia, Seyed Majid,salehnia, Nasrin,hosseini, S.fateme (2016). The assessment of dynamical and statistical downscaled models capabilities for monitoring and predicting precipitation patterns in cold seasons

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